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Monday, February 19, 2007

Presidents Day

I'm off today and yes I'm up before 10am LOL. I was suppose to have a dental appointment but I cancelled it cause I didn't feel like going through the snow meaning getting on the metro and the bus so great. I'll reschedule it tomorrow and if they can't get me in I'll find another dentist.

This weekend was nice, got lots of sleep and chilled with some alum from Mason. Friday night was Happy Hour at the place called Fat Tuesdays, I was done. LOL had three drinks and some bomb cheese fries. Music was suppose to come over but he was tired so before I went home me and some of the girls went to go see Daddys Little Girls. It was a cute family movie, I didn't like the way it ended but then again I don't like the way most movies end LOL. I like to have all the loose ends tied up, like did someone go to jail, did they die or get married you know all that. Mix together drinks and movies and you get us talking all loud about how the mother in the movie was ghetto looking LOL. Good thing there weren't lots of people in there I think there were 5 people in there. One of my homies went to sleep in the bathroom LOL, it was hilarious.

Saturday we slept a lil late and woke up to go to the game. Got dressed and headed out, when we got there of course parking was ridiculous so we see this open space with some snow in it...what do we do, park on top of it LOL. I told roomie to try backing up and trying again and what do you know we were stuck. So we get out the car and decide to leave it there and tackle it when we leave the game, Mason lost and we left before we found out they lost so we could get the car out. We enlist the help of one of the homies and me and homie are pushing and what not and we finally get the car out the snow with the snow hitting me in the face and one of my pants legs covered in snow LOL. Me and roomie hit the grocery store since we are almost on e for food. I cook some spagetti and meatballs(turkey) and it was SOOOO good. Music came over and we watched the rest of the allstar stuff that was on. Poor lil thing he's been on pins and needles trying to find out what is wrong with his car. He found out that it's his timing belt and he needs a new water pump. However, the guy said that he might have engine damage which would mean that he might need a new car. Great, he was just talking about getting a new keyboard and now he might have to get a new car. Isn't that always how it is, you want to buy something and then BAMN your car breaks down or you realize that another emergency has birthed it's ugly head. So he came over and was knocked out before the whole thing is over, he's been working 8 and 4 hour shifts on his night job.

Sunday we got up and cooked breakfast..we had pancakes, sausage and I had eggs since he doesn't like them. In the midst of cooking we realize that we have no syrup so we get in the car and head to Giant to get some and on the way home he says that he wants to move down south, but he doesn't know how others will feel about that. I say who others and he says well you. I'm like what....he says well we've been spending time together and I wanted to know how you felt about me moving down south and I said well if we're together when you decide to move I guess we'll talk about it then. Which moves the convo over to him buying a condo this summer. Of course the next thing out my mouth was that I could help him decorate LOL...his next thing was why don't you move in with me........SILENCE.....CRICKETS.....I'm thinking what the piss.......

So he says well you know we've been chilling and talking and what not I think you should move in with me. I'm like huh, my first thought was like is he trying to use me to get a place....NOPE not the case, then I was like I am not trying to have 3 of his babies and not have no ring LOL....then I informed him that I wouldn't leave my roomie in the cold, our lease is up in Aug and from there we can go month to month...which means that I'm not making a decision until me and him have spent more time together and I know for sure where his head is at. I mean we could get a condo, stay in it for 2 years, sell it then move down south and buy something better but the reality is alot can happen in those 2 years, I could not love him anymore we could break up, we could have kids and I need to know what I'm getting my self into. I of course ask where does he see this whole thing going and he says well I mean I'm not saying I'm going ask you to marry me tomorrow and i say I didn't say you had to do that cause I need time to find the bomb dress but my Bestest brought up a good point it doesn't take 2 or 3 years to determine if you love someone and want to be with them, but at the same token I'm not gonna have some man making promises to me and I'm left with a rack of kids and nothing to my name...meaning since I'm not his wife I have no say in anything.

I mean for all the bloggers that read my blog and you live with your significant other...what made you want to live with them, what are some pros and do you feel about getting the milk without buying the cow...all that jazz. Cause I've always said that I would never live with a man until I got married but the reality I just told my buddy like 3 weeks ago before I even knew he was thinking this that I could see myself living with him. But on the other hand I want to know if this is a business venture or are we working towards something bigger. In case you're wondering.....yes we're together LOL....sometime this weekend it was established...who knos when it happened I guess it just occurred LOL

I just don't want to make a life changing decision and regret it. The good part is that I have time to make my decision cause even if he does get a condo he'll be in it before me but the decision would be if he gets a two or one...I told him to get a one and if I decided to move in then ok we'd find something to do with my stuff but oh well. After we had this convo we decided that we would head to his house...since I never get to go over his place we figured it would be a good idea. So while we're going to his place, we go look at some condos and I must admit I like some of them and could see myself in them, but could I see myself in them with him LOL..sike let me stop...I dont' know.

I called the bestest this morning and talked to her about it. She of course knows what living with a guy who makes broken promises can do to you. She said some of the same stuff I was thinking or saying...that I should wait a second see where things go. Cause right now we're in the nice phase but we'll see during the summer where things go. I mean what if we move in together and I ask him where he's been or what not I mean do I have a right to know....then again if this is totally not about that then I shouldn't care....but you get what I'm saying.....bottom line is we need to have a couple more convos about this...such as would we ever get married (cause there is no point in me living with you), finances, kids and all that other stuff. Poor lil thing his roomies are a mess though so I can see why he wants to move out.

In other news: I get an email from Constant stating that he's sorry he didn't get to talk to me while he was out to sea but he thinks about me and I'm his life and he loves me and all this jazz HOWEVER I haven't heard hair or tail from him since he was here for new years...actions speak louder than words and his actions are just saying that hes trying to keep me around. Why keep emailing me while your out to sea and you never call talking about you have to work when I come home (how did you even remember that i was going to be home) but you think about me and all that jazz....I tell ya, will he ever quit.

Why did Major (this guy in the army) email me and ask if he could see me when he came to MD while on leave from Iraq for two you gonna tell me that you don't wanna talk to me and now you wanna see realize that you're stupid...sorry your time has come and gone.

As you can see I have lots going on in my Honeycomb (my brain)...I'm off to cook some breakfast and watch Maury LOL perhaps I'll have some clarity later on today after a nap LOL..enjoy your day off if you have it off.

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My man and I moved in together...on the path to marriage. It was only after we knew that we would be together in the future that we decided to make that step. But everyone is different. I think it depends on the individuals.

February 19, 2007  

Honey, why you lookin at the bad side of it? Have you weighed in the pros? Follow your heart..its okay to take risks...just be smart about it.

February 19, 2007  

Madam's thoughts: I'm not a fan of "shacking". I've ssen it do more bad than good for more than 75 percent of relationships. But if ur comfortable living with someone with no guarentees, than over thinking it isn't necessary, just do it and make emergency "just in case" plans, lol. I think its fine when a couple has plans of marriage though.

Girl, we're all off (in the DC/VA area) and up early as hell. I was sitting at the kitchen table studying at 7am because I couldn't go back to sleep!

February 19, 2007  

Okay, I am so goofy. Why was I sitting here and reading and when I got to the part of yall being together I was like, WAHOOOO. YIPPEEEE. YEAHHHHHHH. YAYYYYYYYYY.

It was funny, people looking at me like is she cookoo.

Any way, I am like, this, if you care for him, take the steps and carefully consider what your needs and desires.

I think it is sweet that he was all coy with you, but I want you to be cautious and only do what is right for you.

I would hate to have to travel up there with a bat and hurt music. LOL only kidding.

What part of the south is he considering?

February 19, 2007  

Luvin...EXACTLY! Which is why I was asking so many questions and having concerns I want to see where his head is at for the future...but we're gonna have more convos about this so we'll see

Mis..I'm trying not too but I've seen the bad and I'm not trying to go there if I can help it...I would take a risk just don't want the risk to ruin my life..ya know

Madam...I'm not a fan of it either which is why I was analyzing everything and I want a guarantee LOL so that's why I was asking what I was asking and I haven't been back to sleep yet LOL silly kinda just happened. I do care about him and I'm willing to work on things but moving in with him when I haven't even known him for a year lets me know that I need to take my time on this which is what I'm gonna do...and I'm being VERY Cautious and he's not pressuring me which is very nice...he's thinking or rather we're LOL....NC or GA I mentioned SC but he was like they are racist LOL

February 19, 2007  

I am so glad I'm home today so I can watch what? 4 episodes of Maury, lol lol

February 19, 2007  

Pam...girl who you telling I'm on episode 2 LOL

February 19, 2007  

I can not see myself moving in with a dude unless we had an agreement that we were getting married...soon. However, different strokes for different folks.

February 19, 2007  

GTL & i have been together for 2.5 years and I do NOT live w/ him.. we plan on getting married.. but we still haven't "shacked up" im there a lot (as music is at ur's) but i think ya'll definitely should wait a lil longer...

marriage should definitely be in the future if u plan on living w/ anyone.. if not, what's the point?

February 19, 2007  

Mizjj...That's what I think and you're right it's different strokes but I need some assurance

TTD...when we talked about this I thought about you and GTL LOL...I know exactly what you mean and we (me and him) have lots to talk about so this isn't a yes yet

February 19, 2007  

why was i floored by the moving in question, as if it's my life? i tell you, your life is better than the stories! anyway, in all seriousness, i agree with some of the others. i couldn't see myself moving in w/ someone else it was leading to marriage, and it's not so much because of the shacking thing, but i think that when in a relationship, each one needs his/her space.

also, since the condo will be his, if things go south (and i hope they don't), the situation could get sticky. then again, you're smart, so i'm sure you'll have a Plan B. if not a Plan C and D, as well!

"cause I need time to find the bomb dress"--- this had me cracking up! esp. because i could imagine myself thinking the same thing!

February 19, 2007  

Blkbutterfly...LOL you are crazy. I was floored as well cause I was not expecting it AT ALL!!! I can't see myself moving in with someone unless I have there is a guarantee that we are working towards marriage. The funny part is if we get a condo he says my name can be on the papers as well so it'd be both of ours and your right I have a plan a thru z LOL...and you know I was for real about finding the bomb dress LOL

February 19, 2007  

I've been with my guy for almost four years and I have no plans to shack up.

I like having my own space and even though sometimes I think it would be nice I wouldn't do it.

February 19, 2007  

damn girl if this wasn't the longest post!!! (LOL)

oh 'scuse me. where are my manners? HEYYYYYY HONEY!!! my favorite libra-chick!! :D

now, i say don't shack up! take it from me. DO NOT DO IT!! not unless you're engaged or some shit like that... with the wedding date coming up in like... a couple of days. (LOL) seriously and ultimately, you have to do what you think is best for YOU!

umm... i jus want to say for the record, I HATE ALL PEOPLE WHO WERE OFF WORK TODAY!! (LOL)

peace momma!

your favorite butterfli :)

February 19, 2007  

Shackin? Been there done that got the want it? LOL

Why I do it? Well I was pregnant and I didn't feel right living with my aunt that way.

Trust your gut.

February 19, 2007  

In depth...nice blog.

February 19, 2007  

i was NOT off work today! even after taking that damn bus load of kids to nebraska and back! hope you enjoyed your time off.

February 19, 2007  

ok, not a fan of the "shaking up" thing...I think its just a matter of taking it one day at a time, one step at a time and seeing what happens...but I totally agree with the bestest...its doens't take 2-3 years to KNOW, you KNOW what you KNOW when you KNOW...don't fight it...

February 20, 2007  

three weeks ago you were like, "No I don't have a boyfriend". Whoa.
Now this. Yeah, I see your logic about the ring and I would feel the same way in the sitch I think. But I was glad too to hear he's been thinking about you with all his plans and stuff. That's a big step. He's not emotionally constipated.

February 20, 2007  

congrats on being together together....

as for living together b4 marriage. i did it. we got married. as you know it didn't work. but those are the breaks. sometimes you have to step out on faith. I think its a good idea to find out if yall can stand each other in cohabitation b4 marriage. But thats just me. Its easy to be lovey dovey, when yall can go to yall separate places. cause you just wanna enjoy the time you are together. But being under the same roof. Thats just different. all the politeness and pleasentries go out the window after while. The veil is lifted. thats when you see who you really dealing with.

February 20, 2007  

and by no means do i mean rush into the home. this is definitely a decision that takes some serious thought.

February 20, 2007  

I have never been asked this and I know I am young. I would say no shacking up. Here are my reasons:

1. If the person gets on your nerves and you need a break from them, you cant put the person out bc their name is on the lease.
2. I need my space.
3. The finances of it could get ugly if people do not share the costs properly.
4.It has been shown that shacking up is bad for relationships.

February 20, 2007  

Who cares what other bloggers are doing, youre the one living your life, not us! So do whats right for you, in all things!


March 03, 2007  

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