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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday Randomness

So my 4 day weekend was great......can't wait for this weekend cause I have Monday off as well..WOOHOOO. I'll be in the 757 for more than 1 day...that hasn't occurred in a while

First weekend away from the hun (lol) but he'll be with the fellas celebrating a bday so I'm sure he won't even notice that I'm gone

Yesterday as I was walking through the mall we had another convo about the whole move in together thing and I told him my concerns and he understood. I also understood that we aren't getting married next week we're good. I might move in...not this year but perhaps in the future and even if I don't move in when it comes time to move in 2 years we'll move down south.....

I'm not in a rush....if it's meant to be all things will work out. There is no need for me to make plans to move in with someone right away..I love not living with him LOL...I can blast the TV (he doesn't like that too much) I can cook what I want (he doesn't eat white creamy no more alfredo LOL), so the time that we spend apart will be great.

Funny how this all occurred when I kept saying I don't have a man LOL

Guess it all worked out when I wasn't looking

I told one of my guy friends that I'm not unavailable..he told me he'd wait for me...umm no thanks

Mind you this is confused (you know the one that I heard was gay) yea ain't no need to wait for me, cause I can't do nothing for you

Talking about I wont' be happy cause women are never satisfied...I said why would I want to go from someone who wants to be around me, is consistent, calls when he says he will, makes me someone who won't even admit to me that they like men can't even be on friend status with that right there so please stop trying to make it seem like you are some great catch.

He's going to look at cars today after he gets off work turns out his car has engine damage but he doesn't want car payments....said that he should take me with him but he gets off work at 430 and I don't get off till 530 plus he'd have to come into DC and traffic is beyond insane.....

Funny cause it was just sort of implied that we are together this weekend but yesterday he came out and said it and I was like hmmm WOW we really are together just a week ago I was like nah he ain't my man LOL and now BAMN he all must have occurred while I was sleep...or perhaps i was in denial....

I guess it would be rude to change my number so all the other fools can't reach me....why waste time telling them then again that would be mean....oh well LOL...I can be mean in fact sometimes I like being mean.

The snow is melting...yes!!!

I brought some cute Kenneth Cole wedges and I'm wearing them now...that's my problem when I get new shoes I wanna wear them right away LOL..when I was little I use to wear them out the store :)

Them suckas was on sale though....originally 89 and I got them for about a sale! I love me some Macy's

He sent me a friend request on myspace and I said I guess I'll respond LOL..he asked me would he be number 100 I said I guess I'll be 150 ahahah....he is quite hilarious

The woman at my job that I'm always talking about keeps staring at me while I walk by the copier that she is at...I mean dang you know what I look like why keep staring....she is ANNOYING...I wanna say something so bad but she's older than me

I had a nice little break from the gym this it's time to be back on the grind!!!!

I'm bout to win the bet that me and the hun made (see how his name has changed lol) so I'm looking forward to my dinner and massage..I'm trying to talk him into a lil dance but umm that aint' working LOL

back to the grind.........

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It is quite funny how things work out...I am extremely happy for you...its GREAT that you two can openly communicate about how you feel and there are no hard feelings...I too like living alone, learning someon else's habits and sharing space and compromising is just keep moving forward in a positive direction...I truly think the decision is a good one...

February 20, 2007  

TC..yea I'm glad he listened and understood where I was coming from and it is funny how things work out LOL...I didn't want him not knowing how I felt and then we regret it later. I love living with my roomie and doing what I want LOL...I can do it for longer plus we can get to know each other more before we make a HUGE commitment like I'll be there alot but not living there till I know for sure what is going on with us...I need my space right now LOL

February 20, 2007  

didnt i tell u, u had a boyfriend? i think me & missy both did! lol

i emailed you...

just stop answering the phone when they call.. they will eventually get the point.. that's what i did when i first got a "boyfriend" :-)

February 20, 2007  

TTD...I know I know LOL...I got it thanks for the info...I'm gonna have to do that LOL but then again I love the phone LOL

February 20, 2007  

Aw@ you having a boo. That's great and I'm glad you both are going to just take everything in stride and see what happens. I have never lived with a guy but the way I was brought up.. I never considered it.. I always said I would be married before I had kids and moved in with anyone.

Then again in my sociology class.. it said when people cohabitate then marry they stay together moreso then people that have never lived together and get married.

All in all.. do what you feel is necessary and not what others expect of you. It's your life and no one else's -- life is full of experiences.

Good luck mama!


February 20, 2007  

Thee...I was brought up the same way that you were. I want to be married before I move in with someone and I can't even think of having a kid without being married..but times are different and things happen...I'd rather wait than regret it later so I'm gonna wait are correct I gotta do what I think is best for me but umm waiting is lookin pretty good right now LOL

February 20, 2007  

I love me some macy's sales. Awwwwwwww. the "hun" now aint that cute.

February 20, 2007  

Oooooooooooooooooo get that dance from your hun! Right in his boxers...or not! *wink*

February 20, 2007  

Damn, so that means I don't get a pic of that swimsuit with the sides and back out? [cries softly] Um yeah, congratulations on the boyfriend thing. You seem happy. [wails]

Maybe the older lady wants a taste of the honey pot. I'm just saying.

February 20, 2007  

Mimicking the lady from Poltergist:

All are welcome! Step to the other side! All are welcome! Congrats on the 'hun' thing, lol I've seen it develop in your words as if you were sneaking it up on us, lol

I was in Macy's Sunday and just had to leave - I need some spending money!

February 20, 2007  

Aww, happy to see you finally get yourselves 'established', lol.
Looks like your decision about living together was the right one, you've got plenty of time to re-evaluate that decision as necessary.

I need to have my Macy's card revoked! I always manage to be in there when there are some good sales.

February 20, 2007  

Deep..I had a ball in there LOL and yes he's my hun now :)

Lady....I'm trying he ain't with it though LOL

Freaky...umm I'll see what I can do on the sneak LOL and EWWW that's all I can say

Pam..LOL you're funny I think I was sneaking it up on myself LOL

Tasha...yes we are and it's nice we're still chill though so although it hasn't been long nothing much has changed...I'm glad I do have a card cause yesterday it would have been run up LOL

February 20, 2007  

I'd say hold on with the number change. You might 'need' to be

Anyways, why hell you ain't my friend on myspace dammit?

February 20, 2007  

yeah, i peeped how "his" named had been changed to "hun." mmmmmm hmmmmm. you aint slick! dinner and a massage for winning a bet? that's the kind of gambling i need in MY damn life!

February 20, 2007  

Stilt..I don't know your name on myspace LOL

Fallen....ummmm you peeped that huh lol...yes I can't wait till the end of march half of the reason I've been killin myself in the gym LOL

February 20, 2007  

heyyyyy honey!!

hahaha... you and "HUN" are so cute!! (LOL) but i see you have a plan with that whole "move in" thing. that's good! a smart girl ALWAYS has a plan!! ;)

ummm... i always find myself dyin' laughin' when you talk about that co-worker who stares at you all the time. you sure she ain't got a thing for you? (LOL)

okay. i'm out! hold it down momma!

February 20, 2007  

I LOVE stories about new love. Congrats on being a couple!


February 20, 2007  

It's funny how things happen when we least expect them...

February 21, 2007  

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