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Monday, March 19, 2007


Yes I've called myself a weirdo numerous times and my babe has even glanced at me as if I've grown a third head. This weekend he asked me if it was that time of the month because I was just acting weird....what can I say yea it is that time of the month. I don't know why I get all extra antsy or emotional..I just do. I get touchy feely, I wanna cry more, I wanna argue more...I mean I would leave me alone for like a week during that time of the month LOL

This weekend was rather chill....Friday night I hung out with one of my homies. We went to Tyson's Corner, I got a shirt and some shoes she got a shirt...we grabbed dinner and went back to my house and watched tv. The funny thing about me and her is we talk everyday on the phone and I mean everyday sometimes for 10 min sometimes for an hour...but we only see one another like once a month maybe more depending what's going on in our lives. So we've decided to make it a point to hang out once a month just to catch up face to face. I told her that the next time we go out through remind me that when I'm going back and forth about buying something...DONT GET IT!!! I bought these wedge shoes from Bakers...I walked around the store in them, asked her what I should do....asked her what would she do...finally got them...went home tried them on again, looked at them....and the next day returned them LOL. I hate returning things cause it takes so much time but I just couldnt' sit well with the shoe..and anyone who knows me knows that I love me some shoes LOL so that was hard.

Saturday morning I got up at 430am so that I could be at the babes house by 530 so we could drive down to somewhere near Danville to get his engine for his car. We went with his moms boyfriend and I slept most of the way down there..somewhat uncomfortable because we were in a 2 door coupe and the back seat had so much crap in it I thought the man lived in his car LOL. His moms boyfriend is hilarious...I couldn't understand much of what he was saying cause he reminds me of bernie know with the mumbling and what not, and if I'm not mistaken he was missing some teeth LOL, but I didn't want to stare or ask so I left it alone. I told babe that if I had thrown up in the back of the car no one would have been able to tell cause it was just that dirty LOL. So we get down there, chill and watch a lil tv with his moms boyfriends family...waiting for them to return with some pizza. Eat a lil watch some more tv and then head back up this way, of course I was sleep most of the way back. We stopped back by his moms boyfriends house cause his mom was there and I got a chance to meet her, she's nice I see where he gets some of his characteristics from LOL, but all in all for a first meet up it was nice. Once we got back to his house we decided to do dinner and a movie, he has some running around to do so I went on home and changed and returned the shoes, then he came over. We were going to Ruby Tuesdays since it's right beside the theater and there was no one in there so I was like cool it shouldn't be that long, why that fool of a lady talking about 25-35 min wait....I was like errrr there is NO ONE in here. The babe was looking at me like calm down, don't turn what is suppose to be a fun night out into something stressful...but I wanted a salad booooo. So I huffed and puffed and vented and we decided to grab some food at the other restaurant that was near by. Turns out the food was pretty good and he made me laugh which in turn eased my tension....talking about I get crazy around that time of the month I need to lay off the pills LOL. We went to see Premontion. I liked it, he didn't...I was kinda upset at the ending and he said I can't pick any more movies out LOL....lies he got another thought coming. We might go see Shooter next weekend, he wants to see that movie and Spiderman 3..I love me some SpiderMan...I told him he should see 300, but who knows....I wanna be a Spartan LOL

Came back home, ate some ice cream and cake well he ate some cake and ice cream I just had ice cream, and then we cuddled up and watched some thing I know I'm getting knocked in the face...I jumped up and he's having a bad dream I was like Lord man LOL. He was like Ohhh I'm sorry, did I hurt you, I was like no but you scared the black out of me LOL. I don't even think he remembered cause when I told him he was like I did, I was like umm yea, great. I told him what my dream was about, I had a baby and at the beginning of the dream it wasn't was between two guys I was dealing with then half way through the dream it was his baby and on top of that I left the baby alone for like a day...I was crying in my dream..woke up and my face was wet LOL....great. I'm gonna be a horrible mother when I have children...wonderful thing to look forward to. We bumed around, ate some breakfast, watched some tv...took a nap, he had some stuff to do so he went on home.

It's funny cause while he's around me or maybe it was just that whole time of the month thing, I realize just how special he is. Of course being the sensitive person I am we were laying down watching tv and I was laying on his chest (I love that lol..I know I'm corny oh well) and I said you are so cute, then I said I like everything about you and he was like that's impossible and I said no, I don't agree with everything that you say or do but I like that it makes you apart of who you make me laugh and smile, you just make me happy and then he stares at me and we both bust out laughing....great. But seriously it's like I know that what we're creating is so right and so many times this weekend I wanted to bust out and say I love you and I didn't. Not because I wanted him to say it, but becuase I'm making myself take things slowly. If we're meant to be then things will continue to work out like they have and I'm in no rush.

This weekend is his birthday...finally..I know I've been talking about it forever LOL. I love surprises but I don't think he necessarily does LOL. But the plan is to do brunch or breakfast whatever time he wakes up (he doesn't really like breakfast food so I'm fixing breakfast..brunch was too expensive where I wanted to go) and then do a movie and then dinner with the gang (my girls finally get to meet him). One of my girls said I haven't even met him and I like him already..she says we are always doing something LOL. Great. Might take him to get a massage I'm not too sure yet. But I'm getting him a git card to his favorite music store, might go pick that up great.

Have a wonderful's cold here in DC and I'm wishing I was still under my covers!

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Im a Spartan. Norfolk State int he house. :) Heard 300 was like that.

I took ma to the spa this weekend for her BDAY. She loved it.

March 19, 2007  

Someone....booo not those Spartans LOL, but yea it is LIKE THAT LOL. yea we'll see how the funds go if he can have that this weekend LOL

March 19, 2007  

AWWWWWWW. You are such a special soul. Beautiful and full of awesomeness. Just thought I would say that. I hope you have a good week. I am glad you enjoyed your weekend.

March 19, 2007  

I am the queen of returning stuff. I never feel bad. I like to try stuff on at home with my stuff.

March 19, 2007  

Deep...aww you are so spwecial LOL. You made my day by saying that, I did enjoy my weekend.

Mizjj...I don't like returning stuff it annoys me, but when I got home I was like errr I'm returning these LOL

March 19, 2007  

You two are so cute! I'm happy to see how happy he makes you.

Girl, I return stuff all the time without remorse. I'm just like MizJJ, I need to see how the item(s) look with my stuff at home, lol.

March 19, 2007  

Tasha...LOL, you and him are cute as well, it's just funny how he just makes me happy, sometimes I'm like where have you been hiding LOL...well now I don't feel so bad LOL about returning stuff..there is a whole gang of you return people LOL

March 19, 2007  

I wanna be a Spartan too! All tough and whatnot. Spartan women kick ass!

Anyway, good idea returning those shoes. Don't encourage your inner Imelda.

March 19, 2007  

i think i've had the most break-ups during my monthly emotional periods. it's when i'm the most (brutally) honest with myself and others. i've never regreted any of those breakups either.

lol@ the bernie mac almost
thats funny to me.

seems like you had a pretty decent weekend. Happy his bday! Sounds like fun.

March 19, 2007  

I seen 300 Saturday. It was pretty good and the men was nice to look at too.

Awww...I love how you talk about him. I want to meet him too! LOL

March 19, 2007  

You love him you love him you love him! Okay now that I got that out...

Him hitting you while sleep was funny, sorry!

He survived you during your monthly and STILL let you meet the peeps, that's pretty cool right there! ROFL!

March 19, 2007  

Was it a jab, hook, uppercut, or back hand slap? LOL! Curious people want to know.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday as well.

March 19, 2007  

weirdo huh...well they say I am complex...I think I will write a deep in depth post bout that one of these days...

anywho..I too "like" two are always doing something and you two get a long very well...its such an sweet relationship!!!

being woke up to a slap in the face is OFF the HOOK though...I am sure that his birthday weekend will be special

March 19, 2007  

GC...Spartan women give birth to real MEN!! I know I'm glad I returned them

4ever..hey girl!! Yea I know and I'm like that as well..I am always honest with myself then and folks who get on my nerves during that time don't last very long and he doesn't get on my nerves go figure LOL

TSG...Can you say I wanna be a Spartan woman LOL..they were HOT. I'll post a pic of him soon LOL

Lady..ummmm WOW LOL you are crazy and I must admit I did laugh when he hit me I was like what the heck LOL...are we being robbed

Freaky..umm it was just a slap with the arm are crazy..only you would want to know

TC...Complex I can dig but what others call complex others call weird (gotta help those who don't understand us..understand us LOL)...that's my baby :) and yes I'm cheesing LOL, tell me about it I thought someone was beating then I remembered I don't live with my parents anymore LOL..lets hope so :)

March 19, 2007  

sooooo... we've met the mother-in-law, huh? cool!! (LMAO) your week-end re-cap posts are so damn long, but i find i jus can't stop reading!! (LOL) sounds like you and hun are doing GREAT... despite the fact you're a wierdo! (LOL) that's the kind of shit a big sister likes to hear! ;)

have a wonder-full and spectacular week, momma!

p.s. i saw your boy-friend today (my nephew) and he faked me out and wouldn't open his lil eyes even after i spent my hard earned money on two new outfits and some expensive ass formula!! MEN!! (LMAO)

March 19, 2007  

I am with miz jj when it comes to returning stuff. I never feel bad either. You know all the mirrors in the stores are trick mirrors.

You two are so cute together. This is definitely the start of something good. You are doing the right thing by taking your time.

I think a massage is always a good idea for a gift. I know I love going to get massages.

March 20, 2007  

i couldn't help but laugh when i read this. i felt like i was right there with you during your weekend. you're one funny lady.

March 20, 2007  

Cute pic

Ur not weird IM weird. *sigh* I can hear the cuteness in ur make me sick *lol*

March 20, 2007  

You gotta see 300!! That movie was gangsta! WE ARE SPARTA!!! I was screaming that ish during calisthetics during boxing practice.

March 20, 2007  

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