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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder

I'm thankful for.......

being able to awake this morning and see the snow that is falling on the ground. I got on the metro and saw a blind man getting off, sometimes we take the little things for granted.

my sister sending me a picture of my toot in the hat (that's too small) that I made for him. I didn't realize his head was so big LOL

today being hump day.....2 small steps toward the end of the week left

being able to talk to Constant the other day and not feel guilty anymore about being happy with someone else. I think he knows that I have someone I haven't told him, it's none of his business, however he has another thought coming if he thinks I'm gonna go out of my way to be his sir ree bob

talking to my guy best friend yesterday (Mr. Caine)....he knows me so well, said that I have a good man and I need to stop over analyzing things :) I know he loves me in fact he even liked me when we first met but we're better as friends and I'm glad he respects that.

how things are working out for Mr. Caine, he moved to Ohio to open up a massage business, I miss him being so far away but he has to do what he has to do. He just bought a bike and is gonna ride it down here to see me when the weather is nice (I told him yea right lol)

getting some wonderful sleep these last few days, I don't know if it's been me having a cold or what but my tail has been knocked out with no crazy dreams or nothing to stop me from getting some much needed sleep.

even having someone in my life who cares for me and I don't have to second guess that. What I do have to stop doing is looking for things to go wrong....he's a wonderful man and that's that

realizing that it's not just words that show you how others feel but actions.....

the breakfast I had emmm emmm man I needed that lol

the conversations that we have each day and how you mention little things that show me you do think about us being together forever :)
my locs, they are coming along so nicely don't you think lol (yes I was tired in this pic, I mean I've been on meds all weekend, forgive me lol)

my parents.....I know they are praying for me and just when I think that my life is in shambles I feel their embrace

each and every moment of my life that I have lived and will live...sometimes it does get hard but how can I know true happiness if I've never experienced sadness

each of you, as you read this...I hope and pray you have a blessed week....

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yippie number 1......

another great wed. post.

March 07, 2007  

someone...I do what I can :)

March 07, 2007  

It is truly the little things that matter most...the small things

March 07, 2007  

Great Picture and good stuff. I really need to begin to verbalize what I am thankful for. You humble me with this ability.

March 07, 2007  

I love the pic and the locs are looking lovely.

March 07, 2007  

yeahhhhhh. the locs are nice and purty.... as always tis post was nice. (no hate today).

March 07, 2007  

ummmm did you edit and add that pic, i didn't see it earlier. Nice pic. Is that today at work? your locs are coming along. :)

March 07, 2007  

Cute pic.

Thanks for the blessings. Right back at ya.

Ew...Constant. Lol.

March 07, 2007  

TC....most def :)'s funny cause even though I have a horrible day or week as soon as I do this post I feel better cause I realize it's not all that bad LOL

Lady...aww thanks :)

Deep...whooo no hate LOL thank you mayum

Someone..yea I did and yep it's today I felt photogenic LOL

Mizjj...thanks and your welcome...I know ewww but I'm good so it don't even matter now LOL

March 07, 2007  

awww that was sweet :-)

March 07, 2007  

Aww look at you sittin pretty, love ur hump day posts. See you're posting pics

March 07, 2007  

LMAO @ "no sir ree bob" I'ma have to steal that one!

I didn't know you were loc'ing...they look beautiful Momma!!! I need maintenance something awful but can't get an appointment until next week DRATS!!!

Glad to see you and your Boo are still hanging in there...and I know I told you before to stop over analzing things and just BE...but clearly you ain't listening to your older blogger buddy over here...will you stop it girl and just let that man love you. Some of us dream about what your building...exhale and praise guy for these moments with him. *wink*

March 07, 2007  

That was an excellent post...

March 08, 2007  

Paula...thank you, love the new pic chica :)

Mis...I try lol, I've posted pics before lol

Royce....girl he got another thought coming lol, I'm over him, yep been locing for a year..thank my maintenance to my live in stylist lol (the roomie), I know, I know I'm trying...I will try harder lol

Luvin...thank you mayum, I do what I can :)

March 08, 2007  

im thankful that my class was cancelled yesterday b/c of the snow :-)

March 08, 2007  

I am thankful that I had some really good mid eastern food yesterday. It wasn't too spicy. I am also thankful that I won't catch a charge for killing this cow next to me cause it's her last day at work.

March 08, 2007  

Nice post and pic. Thanks for sharing.

March 08, 2007  

It is so nice to see you take time out to give thanks for the small things. Your locs look great!

March 08, 2007  

TTD...BOOOO to you LOL

Stilt..where the ham have you been did you hit Maine yet? Killin cows now huh lol

Freaky...thanks and your welcome

Tasha...I try it's the only way not to focus on the negative, and thank you mayum I kinda like em lol

March 08, 2007  

i've said it a million times already, so what's one more? (LOL) i love your gratitude lists! i always leave your page with a smile!

oh yeah... i'm grateful for you ms missy! you ALWAYS show me love and that means everything!

keep bein' phenomenal... tomorrow's FRIDAY, bay-bee!! (LOL)

peace & hugs!

p.s. did you get that sunshine i sent since it WAS 74 degrees here today! (hehehe)

March 08, 2007  

I am so jealous of the good sleep you've been getting!

I guess I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we've been having and for the fact that my dad will be here on the 28th!!!!

March 08, 2007  

your locs are BEAUTIFUL honey!!! and that's something to ReALLY be grateful for! ;-)

March 09, 2007  

beautiful picture!!! I see ur dreads are much longer

as with Angel, I love ur thankful posts

March 10, 2007  

hey honey..good post as usual. i was having such a jacked up week, but still feeling bless in so many ways cuz there are others in a worst off situation than me whining (but you know how it goes just had to get that angst out of the

bless always =:O)

March 10, 2007  

The pic of you reminds me of the the MC from the group Floetry. That is what I thought when I first saw the picture.

March 10, 2007  

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