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Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Mumbo Jumbo

Just came from the other half of my dental appointment. Now the right side of my mouth is numb. (I just took some advil cause my gums hurt and I wanna go home)

I'm so hungry and I'm about to eat this oatmeal but Ill have to eat it like a baby since my mouth is numb I don't wanna be drooling on myself.

Why my other boss called my main boss's line and I told him she wasnt in and he said no she's in she just must not be in her office...umm alrighty..I have nothing to say to

My baby isn't feeling well...he's calling the doc to go in for a checkup which means that dinner is cancelled for tomorrow. We opted to just eat in he wants seafood so I'm trying to find a carry out spot (you know one of those joints in the hood LOL) and well probably get movies and I'm going to get him an ice cream cake. Keep him in your prayers and thoughts so that he feels better..I don't want him to go anywhere I just got him :)

I'm an official member of Ballys as of yesterday. Now I can really get my workout on, me and the roomie have a meeting with a personal trainer on tuesday after work..WOOHOOO he's kinda cute too, but too big for my liking LOL

I'm glad it's finally Friday, I don't know what it is about it but I get a extra pep.

Some strange man stopped me and said that I was one fine sista, and then asked me why did I look so mean he said ohh you're not a morning person huh and I said no. I wasn't mean, he actually made me smile cause I have a huge pimple on my face (it's that time of month lol) so he made my day lol so thank you Brian that I just met walking down the street

Speaking on that time of the month I just got an email about a woman that died using that new birth control that only gives you a period 3 times a year....WOW. I'm not saying that I love getting it every month but I wouldn't want to change the course of nature that much. I mean making it last 5 days instead of 7 or 8 is one thing but missing months at a time has got to be major. Thats just me so don't go flooding my comments lol cause you'll be preaching to a wall LOL

Don't know what I'm doing tonight, maybe hang with the babe but I have to head to Richmond in the morning to get my birth certificate so I might not see him till I get back in town tomorrow around 930 or so. Which is fine cause you can't be bunned up all the time LOL..i have to miss him sometime

Kinda disappointed about not going to dinner, I wanted my other girls to meet him. But his health is wayyy more important and they can meet him anytime.

My roomies aunt came over yesterday..she telecommutes from norfolk and comes up here sometimes once a month sometimes once every couple of months and stays with us. We had a nice long talk about roomies sister, who is living with a guy that no one likes (and we've all tried to give him a chance). Their grandmother is getting married and this chic sent an email asking them if they could help her and her boo with the wedding and getting a house if they got married. Boo you the one that wanted to move in with him and acting like he did all this so that you all could save money (she says he has two jobs)....I'm sure if you called folks or they liked him they wouldn't mind helping but all her lies are catching up to her and I feel so sorry for her. He's gone most of the time and all she has to keep her company are her pets (dog, 2 turtles and I think she has a lizard). Mind you when we wanted to get a dog she won't really feeling it LOL. He gotta keep her occupied and give her a reason to stay home so she wont' notice that he's alienating her. He's pretty good I'll give him that.

So as you know here in the DC area spring is in the air and it was really nice yesterday I mean nice. But nice enough to have on a spring skirt, with a tank top and some flip flops. Now if you're in an area that gets wear all year round then more power to you...shoot me an email with a job opening and I'm there LOL. But here in this area it's 40 one day and 70 with rain the next. I was about to put on a pair of open toe shoes today and I remembered that it was suppose to rain so opted out LOL. Don't wanna be running in the rain with no shoes on later, cause I tend to just take them bad boys off (if they are open toes), no point in wearing shoes when your feet are getting wet, might as well just take em off.

One of my coworkers that passed away walked down the street with me in the rain one summer evening on our way home from work, we were laughing and jokin with our shoes in our hands. It was so much fun, I miss her however I'm glad she's no longer in pain and she's where she needs to be.

I'm ready to go home already so you know that means it's gonna be a long day.

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re I'm an official member of Ballys as of yesterday

dang I wish you lived around here 'cause I need a gym buddy. I think I would totally go if somebody was going with me.

March 23, 2007  

How about I am a memeber at Gold's and haven't been once...terrible...but I am about to get it right get it tight...HELLO!

yea you know folks be off the hook around here when it gets hot...LOL

I will kep his health up lifted and glad that he wants to do at least somtin for his b-day I know that's gotta suck being sick...

well have a good weekend, and how about you do nothing tonight for a might like it...LOL

March 23, 2007  

I will keep him in my prayers. I hope he feels better. And I hope you have a good time celebrating his b-day

Girl, I threw on some open toed shoes today forgetting it's supposed to rain. I hope it waits until I get to someplace dry!

I'm an official member of Bally's too, but it seems like I keep finding excuse after excuse. But I can't seem to find excuses NOT to eat, so I guess I need to hit that gym soon.

March 23, 2007  

i hate the dentist..but i have to go soon.
so i'll be numb too..
and btw, GREAT pic!!

March 23, 2007  

I got that email about the woman dying b/c of her birth control pills. I don't know if it's true or not. What about the shot where you don't have a period at all? That has to be just as dangerous than having a period 3 or 4 times a year.

Spring has been here for about 3 weeks and I'm loving it. I finally retired my boots back in the box and put them at the top of my closet.

March 23, 2007  

Hope your mouth had complete feeling by now.

Sorry the boyfriend is sick. Hope he gets well soon.

Stick with Bally's, they are banking on you quitting so don't!

I need the day to be over as well.

March 23, 2007  

hope your mouth feels better and the hun is in my prayers.

I am a flip flop wearer. I like open toe shoes. I am happy with Georgia so far.

March 23, 2007  

GC....I am def glad that me and roomie go together we keep each other focused as well as cracked up lol

TC..Thank you so much your right I probably just need to do nothing. I can't help but worry but he's not so I guess I shouldn't lol

Tasha...LOL I see I wasn't the only that almost forgot about the weather, thank you for thinking of him :) Have a wonderful weekend

Feels..thanks, I haven't seen you in a MINUTE LOL. My mouth is wayy better now lol thanks for the thoughts

TSG...I heard about that one too...I might not love it but hey it's a necessary evil LOL..I am retiring mine as we speak

Lady...thanks mayum, I know I hope he does too, I aint neva scurred LOL, it's almost over :)

Deep...I hope so too it's getting there, thank you for praying for him, I soo want to wear open toe shoes maybe next week i will LOL

March 23, 2007  

heyyyyy honey!!!

happy friday sweetie-pie!! :D

i am so glad to be off work. now i gotta get ready to head to my mommy's house for a fish-fry. not that you wanted to know ANY of that. but i told you anyway! (LOL)

tell hun i said feel better soon! but don't forget to give him my other message too... the one i left as a reply to your comment on my blog. :)

have a spectacular week-end!!

peace, love and great big hugs!!

March 23, 2007  

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March 23, 2007  

lol @ shoot me an e-mail w/ a job. description. it's warm enough here to wear flip flops, but i don't feel right doing it just yet.

i need to go to the dentist and get that same cleaning. i'll go at some point. i have to find a new dentist, though. the last one rubbed me the wrong way.

as for the pill thing, i used to take my birth control pills continuosly, w/o that one week on placebo. i thought i was cool since i'd read women didn't need to have a period at all. but, i started noticing i was super emotional. once i stopped taking the pill that way, i felt sooo much better. hmmm... that's probably TMI, but i say all of that to say i agree w/ you on the pill thing... lol... i guess i coulda said i just agreed and kept it moving.

have a good weekend!

March 23, 2007  

my fri was a long day too.. glad it's over!!!

what do u feel about the peep-toe shoe? i dont think i like them (yet) and what seasoned shoes are they supposed to be? are they like pumps that u can wear basically whenever??

March 24, 2007  

I am just hoping that you had a great weekend. I hope the bf feels better.

March 25, 2007  

JB...LOL, you are crazy

BK..I'm serious about the job thing I need some sun in my life now LOL

TTD...I'm just glad it's over. I kinda like the peep toe I have a couple of pairs I usually save them for spring days just to be sure LOL

Epsilonicus...Lets hope so

March 25, 2007  

Bally's...go head girl...get ur sexy back or as I liek to say, keep ur sexy on

Hope the boo feels better.

I hate this DC metro weather keep me sick during the season changing times (winter to spring...fall(which is actually an extended "indian" summer) to winter.

I think the weather in Dc is this way to purposely take people outta commission, lol

March 25, 2007  

you're a better woman than me, cause I'm yet to complete a gym membership. I'm better off walking and doing shit at home. Last year I was very successful in losing 12lbs just by walking an hour a day up to five days a week. '

hate dental work that leaves your mouth numb...*ugh*

can you send up some of your weather? i'm tired of this back n forth crap we're getting in NJ

March 26, 2007  

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