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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Maybe we're not supposed to be happy. Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy. Maybe being grateful means recognizing what you have for what it is. Appreciating small victories. Admiring the struggle it takes to simply be human. Maybe, we're thankful for the familiar things we know. And maybe we're thankful for the things we'll never know. At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate" (Quote from Greys Anatomy- Dr. Meredith Grey....I love that show)

I'm grateful for.....

God allowing me to wake up this morning and for the wonderful weather outside (no more SNOW!)

the overtime that he is allowing me to recieve..he knows that I've been trying to save and pay off things and I won't complain about how the extra money is coming in :)

the moments that I talk with my nephew..I love how he rambles on (sometimes I don't understand him), but he's growing up so fast and I cherish each time I hear him say I wuv you too auntie.

today being hump day...Lord knows I'm ready for the weekend....nothing serious planned other than folding laundry (no LadyNay I haven't done it yet lol..why was I gonna call you the other day lol) and going to the movies with my suga

each of you...leaving comments and helping me see that I'm not buggin, I am allowed to think but I shouldn't overthink. You dont' know how much that meant to me, if I could give each of you a hug I I'll just give you this thank you instead.

recognizing that God has blessed me with someone special and I'm allowed to be happy, I'm allowed to wonder but I shouldn't punish him becuase of what others have done...I prayed for someone attentive and caring and that's what God has given me :)

my little sister having another baby boy...she's due in April and I pray that he comes out healthy as his big brother

my excitment at being an auntie again..not like it stopped but you get my drift lol

my parents who are resilent, weaker people would crush under the everyday pressure that they go through. They dont' know how special they are to me, I pray that I'm just like them when I grow up :)

going to the BEAN in April to see one of my blogger buds MISSY!!!!! WHOOOHOOO I can't wait

my middle sister who wants to be my twin LOL, she is a character, but I love that she loves me so much..lots of folks can't say that about their siblings

my brother and niece who is getting so big, I can't wait to see her and attack her with kisses and a photo shoot

my baby....who makes me smile even when he's not around. Who makes me look forward to waking up with him beside me, who makes me want to come home and cook dinner when I know he's coming over, who makes me realize just how wonderful I've got it. We are growing into something wonderful and as someone commented I just need to enjoy the ride :)

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i cant wait to go to boston either!!! we should have a LOT of fun!!!

March 14, 2007  

I CANT WAIT NEITHER MA!!!!!!!!! ITs gonna be on and poppin..and hopefully warm get your party and planning hats on and lets do this....pull something together....i wanna celebrate my sweet 28th in style......

March 14, 2007  

I am thankful for lemonades girl scout cookies...

Oh wait, this is your spot!

Ummmm yeah, go fold them clothes...then come to my house and fold my bed linen! LOL

How many nieces and nephews will you have in total when all the ones in the womb are out?

March 14, 2007  

TTD..I have to get my ticket next week hopefully it wont' go up LOL

NEGRO..I can't wait to see ya chica!!!! We are gonna do it BIG!!!

Lady..umm I love Tagalongs :) and yes this is my spot but you are welcome to put your feet up lol....I don't fold pee linen lol sike let me stop..I'll be folding all day messing with Pooka and I will have 2 nephews and 2 nieces (including my goddaughter)

March 14, 2007  

When yall coming down south? LOL

Girl I know you really really like your man b/c you want to rush home and cook for him. I know that feeling!

March 14, 2007  

Awwwwww. nice post. Isn't is nice to be an auntie.

I hope yall have a blast in Boston..

I am with Southern, when yall coming down south. lol

March 14, 2007  

TSG...when we are invited LOL, yes I do love cooking for him I don't know why I just do LOL

Deep...It is grand to be an auntie, I can't wait till he gets here, I hope we have a blast too, and we'll come when we're invited LOL

March 14, 2007  

Get it crackin ladies!!!! I'm always grateful for overtime too. Comes right on time doesn't it?

March 14, 2007  

Aww, what a nice post. Hope you have a great time in the Bean!

March 14, 2007  

I wish i had somebody to come home too....then again I don't ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

March 14, 2007  

First, love the quote at the top...
its really nice to see you being happy...that's what life is really all about...just allowing yourself to be happy...

It is truly one of the most precious emotions-happiness!

I am grateful for yet another day to get up and start life all over again...

March 14, 2007  

I like the quote too.

If I had someone she'd be bored cooking for me because my taste is simple and I hate so many types of food. LOL!

Congratulations to your sister and you becoming an auntie again.

March 14, 2007  

Mis...we do what can :)

Tasha...Thank you, I'm sure we will

Negro...You are hilarious you could have someone to come home to, I'll get you a doggie :0 or a stripper which one would you prefer

TC...thanks I love that show...being happy is wonderful and it's a shame that we aren't so use to being happy and we try to deny it when we are finally able to experience it...and that's something in itself to be thankful for some folks didn't have that chance today

Freaky...Thank you :) LOL I'll keep that in mind if I decide to bake you some cookies in my new bathing suit LOL and thank you for the congrats I can't wait till he gets here

March 14, 2007  

Going to Boston?! I am sooo jealous right now...pour out a lil Henny for me ok?

Ur list always makes me smile.

And you are a fool....honey I want the breasts not the baby...LOL...havent stuffed my bra since....ummmm...last week maybe? was all good until i spilled juice on myself

March 14, 2007  

*singing: grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful...
grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful..
gratefullnessssssssss, is flowing from my heart**

Be grateful!

March 14, 2007  

as USUAL, lovin' the gratefulness!! isn't it a wonderful feeling when you sit down to write these lists and realize just how much you have to be thankful for?

i'm thankful for YOU and for the way you share yourself with us thru these posts!! you're the BESTEST!! :D


March 15, 2007  


March 21, 2007  

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