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Thursday, March 15, 2007


AHHHH gotcha!! I bet you thought I was about to say me..heck no. It just seems like next year is going to be the year of weddings for many of the people I know. There have been a total of 3 folks that recently got engaged since Feb of this year, and that doesnt' count the folks that I know who have gotten married this year or the end of last year on top of that folks that got engaged last year are getting married this year....WONDERFUL. If they are already married or dating then they are having babies...great. I love love, I especially love when folks take the time out to recognize the wonderment of it LOL...must be the meds I'm on. I just came from the dentist (got a deep cleaning) and the left side of my mouth is beyond numb. It feels like someone hit me with a truck and a tree. Ok maybe not a tree but a truck. I can't really open it too wide and talking is out of the question well I can talk but not too loudly I don't have to answer the phones for a while LOL...GREAT

Me and the hun have talked about what it would be like if we got married and how many kids we would have but with that being said I'm not trying to rush marriage or kids...cause that comes with lots of responsibility. Talking about our kids would be short LOL...I mean he's like 5'11 so that should be aight LOL...they might be wearing glasses as babies though cause both of us wear glasses, me more so than him so lets hope they don't have to wear baby bifocals LOL..I can see them now eyes as big as a deer in headlights, always looking surprised cause their frames are so big. I think our kids would be cute though...I know they better not be bad though I will leave them suckas with him LOL...and run away..sike let me stop.

I can only laugh at african americans who work in office positions. I think when they see another black person they get over eager. The dental assistant just randomly started talking to me. I mean I don't have a problem talking to her, but she was like ohhh I like your shoes (zebra print flats) and I was like thank you then she went on to say how its gonna rain tomorrow and she wants to go to the circus (the black one) and how she has to take the medical assistant test. I'm like oh lord this lady ain't even certified..she quickly shut that down when she said I graduated I just have to take the D*^% test.....umm slow your roll Shaniqua I don't know, how do you know that I want you cursing in my presence lol...let me stop. All I could do was laugh. Then when she was helping the dentist she was smacking her gum and saying cool...I was like umm great LOL..I'm not knocking her but there is a time and a place for everything.

I'm ready for Friday....not sure if it's because it's pay day or because next weekend is my babys bday but I'm excited. I'm taking him to breakfast first, then to get a massage and then dinner with some of his and my friends at the cheesecake factory, after dinner he's going out with his boys. His dad wanted to come by that day but he told him that his "shorty" was taking him out LOL....great. I found out that his mom wants to meet me....wonderful, I hope she's nice you know how come moms are about their sons, just like dads are about their daughters LOL...anal, sike let me stop.

I can't wait till my nephew gets here, Toot will always be my number one but I know lil JJ is gonna be sooo cute. On top of that he's due Easter weekend (this is a surprise because we didn't think she was due till june or july) so hopefully he will come fri or sat LOL....but babies make their own schedule, so we'll see. She is going to name him Jeremiah, which I think is a nice name. I don't know her thought process for it but hey it's her baby

I saw the babe last night, he came over and brought some dinner (I forgot to take the chicken out this morning, I took it out last night for tonight instead)...I cooked this time and we ate..hamburger helper to be was good. We watched a lil tv, he worked on some music then we went to sleep. His room mate is having this how to buy a house seminar and he invited me to come on Friday, so I might try to come in early and get off a lil earlier so I can beat traffic (it starts at 7 and anyone that lives in this area should know how traffic is)

So spring has shoes and love are in the air......and the lady in my office who is always annoying me was out for a part of last week and the first part of this week (her father died) she's back in the office today and has already started to blow her nose....great. I think when she found out that he passes she cried for show..cause a lil while after she was laughing..I mean folks deal with grief differently..I'm just saying. I overheard her talking about how much money each of the kids get when he umm all I have to say is you are only blessed once in life with true with that if you want's gonna come back to you.

Have a wonderful day and I'm out!!

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I know what you mean about all the engagements. I'm not complaining. It's always great to see people happy in love. That's one reason I love this time of year.

Girl, I don't know about all that spring has sprung...I heard it's supposed to be cold around here next week.

Me and my hunny got to talking about how our kids would be the other day. Those poor babies, lol. It's always fun to have that conversation.

March 15, 2007  

ewwwwwwwwwww. Thats all I can say. This is just beautiful to read about you and the hun.

March 15, 2007  

Not to sound bitter but a lot of those weddings will be divorces in less than 10 years...what?

You just made me remember that I didn't take my meat out for dinner tonight! DARNIT! UGH!

Lil JJ, awwww he got a nickname already :-P

March 15, 2007  

My best friend just got engaged too. It is definitely in the air.

Lol @ ladynay.

Lil'JJ has the same nickname as me!!

March 15, 2007  

i already have 2 weddings to go to next year. i have a feeling there will be more. lmao @the baby bifocals! but i shouldn't b/c my baby could have some tow up eyes too. PLEASE NO LORD!! lol.

March 15, 2007  

Tasha..I'm trying to make myself believe in spring LOL..keeping hope alive are crazy LOL

Lady...umm I think that was bitter, yea I know ain't that cute I am soo ready for him to be here LOL

MizzJJ...yes it's in the air haha know there will be more maybe yours LOL...let me stop before you reach through the comp :) hahaha hopefully our kids won't be in the same class then again if they were they could help one another fend off the bullies LOL

March 15, 2007  

baby bifocals..LOL I saw a little boy who look to be around 3 with some glasses on. He looked too cute with them on.

March 15, 2007  

Well, spring hasn't gotten the memo around here. I had to brush snow off of my truck this morning. LOL

When a bunch of people get engaged I supposed it would be mean to take bets on how many actually make it to the alter, huh? Oh well, I'm okay with being mean. It suits me.

Have a wonderful day too.

March 15, 2007  

ummm ok....why does it seem like Honey has already had his bday???? I remember you talking about what to get him several months ago...heck I think it was last year. lol.

This weather has been so nice. Too bad its going down hill into the weekend. Not to mention I'm actually off this weekend. GREAT.

I know all about that deep cleaning. I hope you didn't do like I did and attempt to eat afterwards. I bite my tongue so hard, but didn't notice cause it was numb. My tongue was swollen for 3 days after the fact. So I was talking like my mouth was numb for nearly a week. LOL.

March 15, 2007  

TSG...They look so cute but I feel so bad for them

Freaky...Hopefully spring comes and stays...yes that is mean but it does suit you LOL

Someone..umm I was but it's next weekend I can't help it if i like to plan...on top of that I'm soo heated that its suppose to be cold. That deep cleaning girl my mouth was soo numb I couldn't even talk for real for real...I couldn't really swallow hard at first and then my gums were hurting but I have yet to bite my tongue lol so I should be aight

March 15, 2007  

heyyyy honey!!!

first... i'm LMAO @ baby bifocals!

next... i been missin' you and your foolishness!! you are hilarious sometimes lil sis. oh and do you know you almost gave me a heartattack when i saw "engaged" as the subject for this post??!! that WAS NOT funny, missy!! LOL)

anotha nephew, huh? this must be baby boy season! i think blu's new godbaby is gonna be a boy too and you already know about my new man! (LOL)

i'm jus stoppin' thru to show you some much deserved butterfli love! :D


March 15, 2007  

Dang - let me get low up in this joint - darts being thrown everywhere.

Though it's getting a bit cooler - I feel spring, I can smell it. The trees to my subdivision have started blooming.

Also there are some bellies starting to show at the job.

I love spring!

Well let me take my found love and got married ass up out the crossfire, lol lol

March 15, 2007  

spring is not here just yet.. it's supposed to snow tonight! YUCK!!!!

but i cant wait until it's REALLY here... i want to go shoe shopping! lol

March 16, 2007  

JB....HEY GURL!!!! I know I got lots of folks with that hahahha...not yet you know there will be writing in the sky when that pops off LOL..yes another nephew I'm excited but I will admit I wanted her to have a girl LOL

Pam...LOL, I ain't tryin to drink the water

TTD...It's here to me...I will not admit that I heard about the snow I will be out with my flip flops on LOL (I wanna shoe shop too..we should do that one sat I know MD got some HOT shoe places lol)

March 16, 2007  

so much going! YES shoes and love ARE in the air!

March 16, 2007  

TC...LOL yea a bit much have a wonderful weekend chica!!!

March 16, 2007  

You and that annoying lady. If you ever leave u should punch her!! Hahahahaha!!!!

March 16, 2007  

epsilonicus...I know I wish LOL...but I felt kinda sorry for her when I found out that her dad died..then I remembered that she annoys me and I just felt sorry for her mother...pray for me LOL

March 16, 2007  

Although I have no desire what-so-ever to get married and have any more kids, I do still love seeing people in love. I think it is a wonderful thing. BUT like ladynay said...they are defintely headed for divorce. I know that's horrible to say. hahaha

Jeremiah is a really cute name. I love it.

And one more thing before I you think you could do me a big favor and send a new pair of shoes and some springtime weather my way. I would really appreciate it. :-)

March 17, 2007  

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