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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you see one

So yesterday was toooo funny and for some odd reason I'm extra happy today. Could it be because last night me and the roomie along with some friends went to happy hour and had a blast?! Then again it might be I'm giddy because I get to be in a photo shoot for my homegirl who does makeup whooo hooo or could it be because I provided a local DC crackhead with a laugh..I don't know LOL. All I have to say is on Wed, if you have nothing to do you should try happy hour at K Street lounge and while you're there getting your free drink on from 6-8 try a Hypnotic Long Island that aint nothing but the TRUTH

I got off work yesterday and we (me and roomie) decided to head by Mirrors down the street because that's where one of our other friends wanted to go first since K Street was free for ladies all night. We get down New York Ave and why does the place look like it's closed and I mean closed by the lock was on the door...I was like ummm ain't no happy hour going on here boo LOL. So we wait for her to come up the street and turn around to head to K Street, Raheem DeVaughn was suppose to be there...and no I dont know if he got there we left at 9 (what can I say I had to pee and on top of that be to work today lol) We find K Street Lounge finally, head in and post up at the bar..well not post up stand a ways back until folks cleared cause you know when they say free drinks they have like 2 people working one end of the bar and they gotta go back and forth so umm yea it was a lil wait till we got to the front...but I saw this girl drinking this pretty colored drink and I'm all for pretty colored drinks I had my homie ask her what it was she told me what it was so we all ordered that and to say that i've found my new drink is an understatement MAN that was some kind of good LOL. By the end of the night I had two of them and the drunk dialing began. Like Tenacious (HEY GURL) I wonder why I drunk dial and on top of that I've come to know and have heard that I talk ALOT when I'm drunk. Now if you've met me in person you know that I talk alot period so can you imagine that magnified because of liquor? Umm yea so you see my point. I have also heard that I become very sexual LOL....I told Young One this and he said yes I do I said well a drunk mans words are a sober mans heart so maybe deep down inside I wanna be a porn star LOL....and no Freaky I haven't been in one and you can't a copy LOL

Why I saw this dude in there that we see EVERYTIME that me and roomie go out and we don't go out as often as we use to. And everytime we see him he has on almost the same getup. Khaki pants, either a cream, white or black shirt. And it's never different shirts it the same one just one of those colors and the same colored pants and either some wallys (walla bees...who knows how to spell that and who even wears those anymore lol) or some other similar looking shoes. We see him last night and I'm crackin up cause I'm tryin so hard not to talk about folks but his ear piece was HUGE. That junk looked like an out of date hearing aide or the first bluetooth that ever came out. And if he was talking to anyone on that thing I'd be suprised cause he looked like a modern day urkel...sad part is I just thought about it and he might be an aight guy...but if I'm gonna date someone please be attractive to at least ME lol. I was crackin up at his getup I went from one thing to the other on him..I couldn't help it...finally I just looked at something else LOL. The Durty Wine came on and roomie went at it and some guy was tryin to dance with her..umm no on this song boo, on top of that his belly reached her before he did and he had his shirt tucked in LOL AHAHAHAHAH...ok let me stop LOL

After we left K street we were SOOOOOO hungry and they did have food there and I don't mean appetizers I mean real food (collard greens, mac and cheese, chicken, etc) but the line was so long and the plates were so small I would have just had to eat in the line LOL SO we decide to head to Ohhhs and Aaahs (don't know how to spell it) on U street. I'm somewhat done and my feet are beginning to hurt and my bladder has started the slow process of explosion meaning I had to pee. We're in line trying decide what to eat, I want some fries they stop serving them after 430 (what kind of stuff is that) and on the homies only had her card and you couldn't use it there so great. I'mlaughing and jokin with her and her boyfriend about how cute they look together and some other stuff I was saying and this woman who looked like a crackhead is having a laughing fit and me and roomie. Talking about how funny we are (boo you the one on crack) so she asks (the crackhead that is) to use my homegirls phone. Her crazy tail talking about you ain't bout to make no drug deal are better not be using my phone for no illegal activity LOL....why this insane woman once again the crackhead apparently thinks that we are soo confused that we don't know what she is doing and asks some dude that she knows who has already ordered his food what his number is and she calls it from my homegirls phone. Talking about I'm gonna call yall later as we're leaving cause we decided that we didn't want food from there. Boo don't be calling me later I don't even want you breathing on me later looking like you got the monkey on your back..I tell ya

Roomie is fussing some dude out on the phone while we're walking down the street and she falls LOL...I liked to died. I don't know why stuff is extra funny when I've had some drinks but that mess was HILARIOUS. Apparently her heel got stuck in the sidewalk crack and down she went LOL. Man I had to stop walking cause I was laughing so hard. My homies boyfriend was like she said she needs to go to the ER...I was like no she don't she need to pay attention to where she walking LOL. And of course back to fussing she goes while she's trying to revive her baby toe LOL

I'm drunk dialing and leaving messages LOL. I call the hun he asks what I've been drinking and I say that I miss him and told him that it wasn't the alcohol talking LOL. Of course he says LOL but I know that he meant it sarcastically. I told him that we should do drinks tomorrow for his bday since we've never really been out to a lounge together great. Being the already sensative one that I am, I ask if he's missed me and he says he has.....he has to work tonight so he was gonna come over last night but he didn't want to be tired while at work so he opted to stay home and just come over on Friday after I get off of work.

We stop at checkers (also known as Rallys) and get some burger and fries...I seriously doomed by food before we got home and I dont' normally do that.....and when I got in the house I was OUT. 650am came tooo fast so I opted to stay in the bed till about 657 on up and got ready for work.

Tomorrow is Friday and it's suppose to be aight this weekend as far as weather goes. I saw a lady on the train bobbin her head and body to Busta Rhymes (she was white and about 300pds) let me find out he's breaking barriers LOL...let me stop. A crackhead decided that he would act like the cars passing him were in the Indy 500 and flag them with a nasty looking towel he had (I tell ya only in DC LOL). The sun is shining and I've already begun to see flip flops.....great just great LOL

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Reminder you still have about another week before you can break out the open toes!

Shame on you for laughing at your homegirl falling! Shame! LOL

I likes me some Raheem Devaughn! (sp)

March 22, 2007  

Lady...I know and I'm trying LOL it's sooo hard though cause I bought some cute ones and I want to wear them NOW...hey it was funny and she was laughing too so that made it ok and I didn't even see him and who knows if he was there I heard he does that though LOL...doesn't show up least I didn't pay to see him

March 22, 2007  

your post title is hilarious...

uhm, are we not supposed to wear open toed shoes yet? 'cause i had some on earlier this week. guess i didn't get the memo. :-)

ppl who become Chatty Cathys after liquor are interesting to me. when i drink, i become nearly mute. i'm already quiet, so drinking certainly doesn't help me out socially.

March 22, 2007  

Blk...LOL I didn't know what else to title it, I am just tryin to wear them until there is a consistent week of warm temp not 70 one day and 40 the down there in the nice warm weather LOL you can wear them now :) I don't know why I talk so much, it just becomes magnified when I drink from one thing to the other LOL

March 22, 2007  

I would have still been in bed!

I'ma have to try that Hypnotic Long Island. Sounds tasty.

March 22, 2007  

LMAO!!! YES Only in DC on NY Ave or Penn Ave Or ANY Ave can you find a crakhead cleaning the streets, cars, flagging stuff...MAN I LOVE my AREA!!!!
Man, nothing like it...
Glad ya'll had a blast...I dont'know what it is, but I am such an old out and about for me during the week....

March 22, 2007  

sc got some characters in the club.. and that's why i dont party there often!!! but when i do... i always stop at checkers!! it tastes like 100 times better when im drunk.. lol

i dont drunk dial.. drunk text maybe.. lol

March 22, 2007  

You are a hoot.

Why the crackhead call her homie from yall phone.
That drink sounds tasty. I am going to mention that to my sister.

I remember back in the day we used to be some drunk dialing clowns.

March 22, 2007  

honey!!! i am over here hollerin' once again!! how come you always gotta be so damn stoopid!! (in a good way, of course! i mean you ARE my sister and my neice! LMAO)

i'm jus sitting here picturing ole boys headset and the crackhead laughin' at y'all.

how come you ain't mention the fact that you thought about me when you was gettin' your drink on? and stop tellin' us you gotta pee, dammit!! (LOL)

i'm gonna visit this post again when i need a laugh!

peace, hugs & it's all love!

March 22, 2007  

oh, and whats wrong with flip flops right now.

March 22, 2007  

man I miss DC so bad!!! is Mr. K's still there on K street..and I remember L&N Seafood, bests biscuits in town!!!.....thanks for making me remember!

March 22, 2007  

Girl, I'm writing down the name of that drink right now!! I need to see what that's all about.

Why your girl gonna fall. OMG!! That is always funny when someone takes a tumble, as long as they are not hurt.

I also didn't get the memo about the open toe shoes because when it is nice I definitley have on my flip-flops. My dam sister wears them all years round (she got issues)

March 22, 2007  

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