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Thursday, March 01, 2007

What's going on in my Honeycomb (Brain)

It's starting to stay lighter outside longer..woohooo, spring will be here before I know it and I can wear my spring shoes...yes I am only thinking of shoes right now, that's sad

Last night the Hon got a call from on of his boys and he said I'm at my shorty's house...awww I'm his shorty LOL..I know I'm corny

I told Nurse Dude..who seemed to get it in his head that we were "special friends" (although he couldn't get with the rules) that I had a man now..he asked me if he put it down like he did....what makes you think that you put it down LOL...breathing is a terrible drug when you're stupid LOL

My boss isn't here today, so I guess I can file the stuff that's on my desk away since I'll have nothing much of else to do

I can't wait for this weekend...I don't have anything planned other than hit the gym with my babe but I just love spending time with him....once again I'm corny I know lol

I think we might go look at some condos that he is thinking about moving into not too sure yet...and no I'm not moving in ASAP, can we please be together for more than 6 months first LOL (we've known each other for almost 6 months but haven't been a "we" for even a month)

One of my closest friends who I call my Buddy, cause usually whereever I was she was too or whereever she was so was I, told me that now I get to keep up with the anniversary date...great know men usually don't remember the day that you all stated that you all are now a "we", but we women do.....she said she no longer does the month thing she just waits till the year anniversary rolls around then says something LOL....yea if I did that (the month thing) he'd be like listen woman LOL...

He complains about my mattress..says it makes his back hurt...I told him it does me just fine I've agreed to let him go with me to pick out my next mattress when I get my new bed.

He keeps sayin he needs a massage (although that should only be if he wins our bet which ends at the end of this month) but I think I'm gonna be nice and get him one for his bday on the 24th. Yep, that means that I'm older than him cause I'll be 25 this year....not that much older and on top of that I'm so much shorter than him that you wouldn't even know it lol

We've decided that we might go to GA sometime this summer...I kinda wanna go to Miami but we'll see

Poor baby he's been sick since last weekend and he looks so sad when he's sick

What is up with folks wearing golashes (?) when there is no snow on the ground

Top Model was hilarious last night why did Ms. Jay have those shorts on...and I'm sorry but that Russian girl would annoy me with her accent (bout those SIGMAS that were on there last night..excuse me)

Tomorrow is Friday, why do I just love that day, next to wednesday that is :)

I love Like A Star by Corrine Bailey, gotta love her voice

On top of that Glenn Lewis has a new song out, Storm and I have that on my mp3 as well...

Funny how I can't wait to cook dinner for him or decide what we're doing on the we're married or something LOL...I'm always asking him is he hungry (he says I'm trying to make him fat) NOT TRUE!

In fact he was gonna go to the gym this morning at 4am (I know yea right) I told him he wasn't going and that he should just let me win the bet..I deserve dinner and a massage :)

Why this girl at the gym was hitting on roomie the other day.....I told her we should go in there next time with our arms around one another LOL..I'd do some crazy crap like that LOL

This lady was on the stairmaster (I was on there for 30 min and almost burned 300 calories) looking like it was killin her to be on just get should not look like you riding a horse on the stairmaster...I tell ya

Why work out in jeans...what does that do?

Why are you making faces while you're working out on the STATIONARY BIKE!!!!!! Boo it's not that hard and it's not even the real stationary bike it's the one that really looks like you're sitting down and you have a TV in front of you...come on!

Ummm the make up that you have on...why is that we are at a gym not Church Anniversary....

I tell ya...........

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Ight shorty (literally) LOL. You need to leave the folks getting their workout on alone! It took a lot for them even to show up and use the money they put in to the membership! LOL!

Ummmm when you get a bed it should feel good to you! Hun spends a few nights on it but you going to be on it everyday!

Wow it has been less than 6 months? Feels like I've been reading about yall for awhile now...hmph!

PLLLLLLLEASE don't tell me you asked Nurse Dude what made him think he put it down! HAHAHAHAHA

March 01, 2007  

Lady...yes I am a shorty...I know I know which is why I was trying so hard not to focus on the workout gear but good gracious we are not in the 60's working out with Jane Fonda...I know but he does sleep on it as well so he can help me narrow it down LOL...we've only known one another since late Oct early Nov so almost 6 months but we haven't been a "we" for even a month yet I didn't i just ignored his texts..I should have though LOL...cause I'd do something like that

March 01, 2007  

awww u iz him shorty...LOL
that's so cool...OK so I am finally out of my little funky mood...LOL
what was about to say, oh YES how about you two are together for at least 6 months and THEN decide what to do about the living space...GA in the summer sounds like a plan...and how about I didn't know that I was 2 years older than you...LOL...

I must say its GREAT to come here everyday and see how you two are evolving and making things grow together...its a beautiful thing, seriously!!! growing into love is GREAT to see...

March 01, 2007  

oh, and WHY IN D HELL did homeboi just KNOW that he put it down...BOI BYE!!!

March 01, 2007  

TC....yea I'm a shorty (5'2) and his shorty LOL...great just great I'm glad I'm not offended LOL. GIRL who you telling I'm just going to help him look..he's getting a condo with or without me you aint' got to worry about me moving in with him just yet LOL..I ain't even trying to have that right now I love my space too're older than me why did I think we were right around the same age LOL...I guess we both are mature LOL....awww thanks gurl, he makes me smile..and yes he thought he put it down I quickly shut that down by not even responding...BOIIII STOP!!! LOL

March 01, 2007  

LOL @ this is not a church anniversary. why did visions of those long ass church anniversary services pop into my mind?

you shoulda said, Boy, stop! (in your best Big Boi voice) to Nurse Dude's question...

when i was in NY, i noticed that galoshes thing too. i mean, it was wet out, but it wasn't raining hard. but, whatever. to each his/her own...

March 01, 2007  

hey honey-libra... thanks for stopping by my page. your post got me visualizing folks in the gym and I'm cracking

bless always =:O)

March 01, 2007  

Blk....girl that's all I could think of when I saw her eye makeup LOL...I wish I had said that I should text that back then again it will just keep it going I need to not communicate with him at all....I don't get the galoshes thing I mean cute when the weather calls for it but umm BOIII STOP LOL

GIGI....hey girl!! I was cracking up and I was there come back ya hear lol

March 01, 2007  

Can you take some of picture of you and your roomie with your arms around each other? Yeah, that would be dandy.

You know you called Nurse Dude the Head Nurse to your friends. LOL

Corrine does have a nice voice. I had a friend that kept mentioning her name so much so that I finally downloaded her album. Can't wait for her next one.

March 01, 2007  

Freaky...You would ask that LOL. Umm he didn't even deserve title of Nurse hahah...and it would be nice if you could just send me the files so I wont have to download them LOL.....

March 01, 2007  

Awww... gotta luv women... y'all just really know how to get emotional about the oddest shyt... ya' have to excuse us gay chirren... we always look at y'all like the child versions of ourselves - emotionally that is. LOL

March 01, 2007  

Cocoa...LOL...why one of my gay friends said the same thing when I told him that LOL...what can I say I'm an emotional being :)

March 01, 2007  

*in my sing song voice*
you're somebody's shorty! you're somebody's shorty!

working out in jeans? uh, hell naw. all that chafing will irritate the "coo-cha-ra!"

full makeup while working out? maybe she thinks that billy blanks is gonna walk in and start filming his next tae-bo video and she doesn't want to miss out on her chance!

March 01, 2007  

Fallen....LOL that's what I was thinking, while the lil Honey on the inside of me was jumping up and down...crazy I know LOL...umm yea it was some dude though I was like dang I know he got sweaty balls AHHHH LOL....and she had on fake eyelashes...A MESS...A HOT MESS!!!

March 01, 2007  

Booooooooooo.....the makings of being in

March 01, 2007  

Awwww, you and your boo are too cute!!

I love cooking dinner for my hunny too.

Watching the crazies in the gym is half the reason why I go in the first place!

March 01, 2007  

it always takes me some time to get used to a different mattress. Some people are royalty at heart. I think if he hangs in there a bit longer he'll totally love your mattress.

March 02, 2007  

so u ready to admit u have a man now how cute....

March 02, 2007  

Work out in jeans. Ew.

Men always complain about our beds. Meh. Unless you want to buy me a new one I am not taking that on. At all.

I hate people who put on perfume they go work out. That shit sweats out and is so rank. Ick. Make-up and jeans? I need to check out your gym. Lol.

Glad things are going well with you and your babe.

March 02, 2007  

what does working out in jeans do? give u a yeast infections! LOL

somebody is really boo'd up! that's what's up..

March 02, 2007  

thank god, honey is still off the market. Maybe I can get a boo

Me and bree always get the fake lesbo thing going on in the club when we want a guy to leave us alone. wait....i just reread, it was a girl who tried to hit on her oh god. you would just give her hope, then she'll think she really gets down like that.

4 in the morn....wishful thinking. I cna't even get my self to get up that early to go to my basement and get on a threadmill much less leave the house at that hour.

March 02, 2007  

hey there stranger, this whole post is funny. from Miss Jay to wearin Jeans at the gym, i mean.... come on now ! i have to admit i never saw that in my life.
The mattress, now thats a huge step ! Havin somebody's name and mental picture attached to the thing you're restin on every night, thats HUGE, thats very close to gettin married. lol
Hope u doin good and wish u and ur boo tons of other cute moments like the ones you're living now !

March 03, 2007  

Hi lady,
I was going over old posts labeling thiem and ran across a comment by you. I am so happy to know you are in a relatinship and happy! God is able. Anyway.Just wanted to say HEY!

March 04, 2007  

Girl, why do all men ASSUME they are "putting it down" so perfectly? they crack me up with that shit. they don't even have to be TOLD, they just assume it's the case.


And working out in a pair of jeans is just about the most asinine thing I have ever heard.

Bitch needs slapped for that.

March 04, 2007  

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