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Monday, March 05, 2007


I've been sick all weekend.

I just got some benedryl yesterday, I should have gotten that when I first started feeling like this on Friday but I thought Robutussion would didn't.

Although I was sick on Friday I still proceeded to take my lil self to LOVE lol. I was aight till about 130 when my body started to ache like I had been hit by a mack 10.

It felt weird saying I have a boyfriend when a few guys asked for my number (not weird in the sense that I wanted their number just weird cause I'm so stuck on wondering if his breathe stinks lol..sike let me stop)

I saw B...this guy I use to chill with. I met him at DC live which then turned into VIP which is now a whole different club in a different location...H20. B is cool we've hung out off and on since I was a sophmore..we usually chill then don't talk for a couple of months and then we see one another again and the cycle I saw him we hugged, exchanged numbers (it's not like that lol) and kept it moving.

I also so Bmore (who strange enough has the same first name as hun) he now lives in GA and asked could we hang out....I had to quickly say no a brotha like that could get me in some trouble LOL. Plus he lives in GA so great.

The hun came over after I got in from LOVE and I felt HORRIBLE..I was burning up and he got me some juice...told me to put some clothes on lol (i sleep in undies) and get under the covers...I was knocked out....woke up feeling somewhat better but still a lil tired, he had some stuff to do so he left and i got up to do some laundry...

Now I've always been honest on my blog cause I mean this is my world and who gives a hoot what anyone with that being said I'll make it known that I went to see R after I did some laundry. In case you don't know who R is....take a look back at the post where I explained all of "them"...or rather the guys that I have or used to talk to. Nothing occurred we just grabbed some dinner and movies..we were going to go bowling with some of his friends but I ended up coughing and hacking so much that we figured that wasn't a good idea. I think he knows that I have someone and NO i haven't come out and said it...yes I'm horrible but I mean we've known each other 3 years and I don't know how to tell him that I've found someone. I know we're not together and I should have no problem telling him but we also had a convo where I said I would be happy for him if he found someone and he said he wouldn't cause it's been 3 years and he does care for me and he'd be hurt...but I mean hey I can't do nothing about you not wanting to be with me..I've moved on and in my mind all we are is I told him that we could only be friends..nothing else....he was like aight. We'll see how long that lasts.

I got home the next morning...showered..took some meds and got back in the bed. Stayed there till hun came over and went to go get me some more meds and tissue (toilet paper hurts my nose) came back cooked and ate dinner (turkey burgers, string beans and rice) I love me some turkey burgers LOL....watched some tv then laid down cause he worked a night shift starting at 1130 comes around the alarm goes off and I walk him downstairs, hug him and take my lil butt back to bed.

At my desk haven't taken my meds yet and I don't even feel hungry. I didn't even eat all my oatmeal and I feel like I should have but I mean I didn't even know it was oatmeal cause of the taste that's how bad I feel..I can't taste anything my mouth is dry cause I'm breathing through it...great. I had a weird dream last night that I was pregnant by Constant..what is up with me and babies...perhaps it was the meds.

I wanna go home and get back in my bed. The hun said he has a horrible dream about me the other night....he said that I died I was like least you find that horrible LOL

I hope no one talks to me today cause when I'm sick I get rather fiesty.

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Just stopping by to wish you well. Hope you feel better!

March 05, 2007  

princess..hey girl, I hope I do too :)

March 05, 2007  

I hope you feel better. He took care of you. awwwwwwwww. Now I must stop cause I feel the hate rising. lol.

March 05, 2007  

Deep...I hope I do too I need spring to hurry up LOL...yes he somewhat did LOL while running from me as I went into coughing fits LOL...hate oh no not you Ms. Deep LOL

March 05, 2007  

u sound like me last week (being sick!) im a lil better... hope u get well soon...

March 05, 2007  

Awwwww you should be in the bed till your 100%

Glad folks where looking out for you.

Really shouldn't have been at the club lady ma'am! *pointing my finger*

What else is there to sleep in? ROFL *wink*

March 05, 2007  

awwwww...i hope you didnt get it from my blog!!!! i'm a meanie when i'm sick too honey! thank goodness for "hun" trying to take care of you a little bit. but um, you better take your ass to the doctor if you're still not feeling better in a couple of days...mess around and have something serious like i did... :-(

March 05, 2007  

Feel better chica.

I did laugh at you going to the club with a cold.

I know you and R are just friends now, but try not to play with anyone's feelings if you can help it. Even if you lay down the law you need to realize they may be trying to keep hope alive.

March 05, 2007  

TTD...thanks girl let's hope I get over it soon

Lady...I was gonna go to the gym after work but I think I'm going to hit the bed

Fallen...I think I DID!!! LOL yes he was a good lil man lol..I will if it doesn't pass

MizzJJ...Lets hope so...I can't help it I still felt the need to party...i know, I know that's why I feel bad...

March 05, 2007  

you need to call the doctor with your symptoms...could be a virus, could be the flu...get you some Theraflu sever cold & flu! Nighttime and daytime...that stuff WORKS! Fo real!

March 05, 2007  

it's funny how even when we're sick, we manage to drag ourselves to fun places (i.e. Love)... you're funny.

i do hope you get better soon!

March 05, 2007  

[Sprays Lysol all over you and your blog, while in Hazmat suit.]

I hope you get well soon.

Thanks for the info about what you sleep in. Check and noted.

Well let me bounce before this Lysol wears off.

March 05, 2007  

lol you clubbing with a cold.. don't know where you get the energy from!! i hope get well real soon.

i enjoyed reading your posts.


March 05, 2007  

I hope you feel better sweetie. Take it easy.

March 05, 2007  

LOL@ "when i'm sick i get rather fiesty"

you're rather fiesty whether your ass is sick or not!! (hahaha) but i digress... :)

i hope you're feelin' better ladybug!! body-aches?? sounds like the flu. maybe you should take it easy. & you've got to eat and drink lots of fluids whether you can taste them or not!! you hear me??!!

anyway... i jus had to stop thru to show you some love before i start doin' massah's work AND my own blog entry! (LOL) thank you for constantly coming to see about me, lil sis! i appreciate you! MUCH-LY!! :D

have a great day!

March 06, 2007  

i hope you're feeling much better now. i know i've been out of loop for a while (got a lot going on), but i needed to swing through, catch up and let you know i was thinking boutcha

March 06, 2007  

hope you're feeling better today.

? is did you tell hun you were out with R.......

March 06, 2007  

I hope you feel better today.

You should not be going to the club when sick!! That is bad for business! You contagious! Hahahaha lol

I hope you told the bf you hung out with someone else.

March 06, 2007  

Hope you feel better.

March 06, 2007  

that sounds like flu!

March 06, 2007  

Girl he was lyinbg through his teeth when he said he would be okay with just a "friendship" with you.

I heard similar words from Mr. G about two months ago and look at his ass now!!!!

You better get some Sudafed for that shitty cold!!! Hope ya feel better! :-)

March 06, 2007  

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