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Thursday, August 30, 2007

ABC..easy as 123

Alphabet Soup (JACKED from Blog Caffeine LOL):

A- Attached or Single? attached to Hun :) (we have our moments but doesn't every one lol)

B- Best Friend: Yep she's like my twin (I miss her)

C- Cake or Pie: pie perferably apple with vanilla ice cream or rather an apple crisp emmm ok i need to stop

D- Drink of Choice: juice I know I go out so much you would think I got that monkey on my back but I just keep him in my purse pull em out when i need em lol

E- Essential Item: mp3 player and digital camera

F- Favorite Color: blue (all shades I dont discriminate)

G- Gummi Bears or Worms? gummi bears (they just taste better lol)

H- Hometown: Hampton

I- Indulgence: Ice cream (Moose tracks or something with caramel in it)

J- January or February: Feb I love valentines day even when I didnt' have a boyfriend (my dad always gets me candy)

K- Kids: I'd love some one day (I have their names picked out already lol)

L- Life is incomplete without: God and experiencing a form of love

M- Marriage Date: only God knows

N- Number of Siblings:3 (by relation) a billion play play lol

O- Oranges or Apples? hmm depends

P- Phobias/Fears: snails ewww I'm not scared of them i just dont like em

Q- Favorite Quote: I do what I can..cause that's all I can do

R- Reasons to smile: I'm awake and looking rather jazzy

S- Season: hmm fall cause of my bday, summer cause I can wear open toe shoes :) (and not be stared at strange)

T- Tag Three: you, her and umm you too lol (you know ya'll some lazy bums haha)

U- Unknown Fact About Me: My biggest fear is that I wont be able to birth children..weird I know

V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Umm I eat what I want

W- Worst Habit: saying clearly too much, making faces at stuff folks say and umm scratching my hair and then cleaning my fingernails by flicking it roomie says this is gross

X – X-rays or Ultrasounds? Xray for teeth

Y- Your Favorite Foods: salads (ruby tuesday), rice, pasta, shrimp and now broccoli (Hun cooks it and its good lol)

Z- Zodiac: LIBRA LADY!!!!


Random: Did anyone listen to the Russ Parr morning show this those horoscopes had me crackin up I was dying when Mai Ling was like she got 72 inch paper heels on LOL WOW
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this was cool. I may do this.

August 30, 2007  

I have to jack this.

August 30, 2007  

Deep...I thought this was neat too

TSG...I jacked it so feel free to do the same lol

August 30, 2007  

I like this, consider it jacked!

August 30, 2007  

I'ma CLEARLY hafta call your ass out (a la Kidd from Biker Boyz). How you gone hi-jack and NOT give credit? Tis tis. You can't be all over the blogshpere picking up random memesque post and not give "creative" credit to whence it came...

And, "Thanks" Tasha, it's free for the hi-jacking. *wink*

August 30, 2007  

Pro...LOL DANG how you gonna call me out LOL I forgot I'm sorry you crazy woman you lol

August 30, 2007  

I'm petrified that I won't be able to have children too. And of course since I have no intentions of trying any time soon, I have no way of knowing if I'm just being paranoid and crazy or not. I thought I was the only one.

Stealing this by the way... lol

August 30, 2007  

I listen to Russ Par also, I heard Marcel's parodies and they had me cracking up on my way to work. He remade J. Holiday - Bed/ Marcel- Your tooth is dead. LOL, too funny!!

August 30, 2007  

La..I'm glad I'm not the only one.

She...YES!! I heard that this morning as well lol too hilarious.

August 30, 2007  

i don't know why but i love these things

August 30, 2007  

Yo...pass that!!! [LOL]
Okay so...I'm diggin the alphabet soup meme.

I just gotta ask ummm...mind if I snatch this up??

August 30, 2007  

I used to be a big Russ Parr listener but goddamn it, he isn't syndicated here in Phoenix.


Oh and I'm with you on the ice cream with caramel mied in....mmmm.

But then again I haven't had ice cream since May. Too many calories. :-(

August 30, 2007  

Moose tracks is my new favorite ice cream too.

August 31, 2007  

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