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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Elaborate Tag...

So I've been tagged by a new blog homie :) Trenting (Check the spot to the left to the left)

THE RULES: Elaborate on the words below kids!

Accent – I'm from VA so some folks say I sound Kuntry LOL...personally I like being a country gal

I Don't Drink – Pepsi or dark sodas..I just dont like em

Chore I Hate – Cleaning the bathroom..ewwww but when I get in that mood watch out cause I will clean the whole house (I cleaned 2 bathrooms at Huns house this weekend gross I tell ya just gross..why do men leave hair on the counter then say well I'm usually here you wanna see that everytime you go to the sink..nasty I tell ya)

Pets – I had a dog named Gizmo that I have to give away cause he got too big...hopefully Hun will get me another one for Christmas lol

Essential Electronic – my MP3

Perfume/Cologne- D&G Light Blue and my newest addition Escada

Gold or silver – Silver..hopefully Hun is looking at that platinum ;)

Insomnia – never I love sleep I could go to sleep at work if I could

Job Title – Legal Assistant (Slave)

Most Admired Trait – Folks say I have a insane sense of humor...I say stuff and I dont even try to be funny

Kids – I want lots of em. Hun wants 2 I want 4 LOL...maybe we'll compromise at 3.

Religion – Baptist...I stayssss in church all day lol (when I go, I know I know I'm gonna do better)

Siblings – 3 (2 sisters and one brother)

Time I wake up – 7:10am unless I gotta be to work early then it's 630.

Unusual talent/skill – I can act like I care (when I really dont) LOL

Vegetable I refuse to eat –'s slimy and reminds me of snails

Worst habit – I tend to overtalk I need to get my point across. It's not that I'm not listening to you I just want you to hear me...great

X-rays – Haven't had to have any other than on my teeth

My favorite meal – String beans, yellow rice and this chicken my mom cooks called grandmas chicken..sometimes I ask for mac and cheese but I hear that you shouldn't have that much startch LOL (If I'm cooking I like chicken, broccoli and shrimp alfredo)

Hmm I'm not tagging anyone cause ya'll some lazy bumms if you do it just tell me so I can stopy by and read it or pick a few and post em in the comments...great

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Nice elaborations.

I like people to hear me too...great, LOL!!!

August 28, 2007  

Good Mornin Ms. Honey!! I like this one, I'll probably jack it for tomorrow :-)

I do that overtalk thing too. D just looks at me like I have an extra head when I start overexplaining things to him. I gotta make sure people understand, lol.

August 28, 2007  

Nic...Thanks I do what I can LOL...clearly we would get along great haha

Tasha...Morning! Do what you do lady lol...WHYY does Hun do the same thing he be like there you go overtalking LOL...all that's extra so just stop..great

August 28, 2007  

Hey Honey, I was getiting ready to say it was a libra thing again but I guess not. I too overtalk to be heard, maybe we talk to people who talk too much? lol
4 kids huh?

August 28, 2007  

imma actually do this because...well...seems like you and the hun are on good terms that's GREAT!

August 28, 2007  

MisUnderstood...LOL I think so

TC...LOL yes we are and I'm glad it aint all peaches and cream I tell ya that

August 28, 2007  

LMAO @ Job Title - Legal Assistant (Slave). Girl arent we all???

I totally feel you on the sleep. YAWN...In fact, I could use a few hours worth right about now :-)

Glad to know that you and Hun are trying to work things out.

**BTW, I'm diggin the profile pic.**

August 28, 2007  

MsB..LOL yes and it's so sad cause I thought slavery was over LOL...Man if I could hit up the bathroom now to get a couple of minutes in I might not be back at my desk LOL..yes we are so we'll see....aww thanks I'm digging it too I'm thinking of ordering it from this website I look at art on.

August 28, 2007  

Wow!! Everyone tags you...LOL!!

August 28, 2007  

lmao@y'all some lazy bums!

And you DEFINITELY have an insane sense of easily comes through in your posts!

August 28, 2007  

Bmore..I have no clue why LOL..I guess cause I'm weird and they wanna know where it comes from LOL

OD...LOL I know cause I can be one when someone tags me but I didnt have nothing to talk about so I did it :) That's what I hear LOL

August 28, 2007  

Mmmm...FRIED OKRA!! Gurl, its delicious!

August 28, 2007  

My man leaves his hair in the sink when he cuts his hair. That burns me up. Then when I complain about it he says "I was going to clean it up". But why is it so hard to clean it up then instead of waiting. Men you can't live with them and you can't shoot their ass!

4 kids..umm I thought I wanted 3 but after having one I changed my mind. lol

August 28, 2007  

Thanks for participating, I didn't realize you got hit up like that. I guess you can say it has to do with your humor. I figured your answers would be interesting... :)
Okra makes my skin crawl!

August 28, 2007  

LOL @ unusual skill! Sometimes that's really hard to do!

And yes, your sense of humor is insane! :o)

Glad things are looking up for you, Miss Honey.

August 28, 2007  

Feels like I know a little more about you. You "slave" you! Stop napping and get back to work. Hun's bringing home okra and tomato for dinner tonight. *laffs*

August 28, 2007  

Sha...EWWWW LOL my mom loves that stuff that country girl her LOL

TSG..yea I figure I'll live in the moment cause once the first one comes he might only get one more out of me LOL...yea he be like I didnt have time I was gonna get to it..ya sure that's the story so I guess your sticking to it LOL

Real...Me either LOL. Perhaps it does hmmm so I guess that's a good thing :)

MsLee..I know face will have you thinking dang she really cares and I'll be thinkin about insane you sound or look or staring with my side eye at something else

Pro..I was like EWWWW not my Hun LOL sooo nasty LOL

August 28, 2007  

Hey lady!

Thanks for playin' :o)

August 28, 2007  

yellow wow

and you sleeping on okra....oooh give me some fried on boiled and its on!!


August 28, 2007  

Trenting...No Problemo

Yaz...LOL it's yummy what can I say its the country in me. EWWW okra is nasty

August 28, 2007  

I've never even had Okra because the name alone sounds disgusting.

August 28, 2007  

Mistress...You aint missing nothing LOL...I only know what it takes like cause they got me when I was younger..NEVA AGAIN!!!

August 29, 2007  

okra is good if it's blanched and cooked with bacon (granted I've only ever had it with turkey or vegetarian bacon). It's only slimy when it's overcooked.

August 29, 2007  

GC..hmm interesting I didnt know that, however I dont even like the way it looks like a bee hive or something.

August 30, 2007  

Very Interesting. Girl I have missed reading you, But hey I am back.

I want alot of kids too. I must do a post on prespective names.

August 30, 2007  

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