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Monday, August 27, 2007

Got lots of rest this weekend. Can't wait to have Monday off

Today begins my first full week of class and work we'll see how this goes, come Friday I might be passed out.

Ok I understand that whole street preaching thing, but umm why is the homeless lady cosigning and she wasn't speaking in English

Why am I obsessed with notebooks LOL..I mean I can't help it..I bout three subject notebooks for each of my classes (I have 3 classes) and I'mlike hmm do I need a three subject or should I get a 2 subject one...I can't help it.

I don't understand how folks can have an ailment and still be living an unhealthy I AM NOT trying to be funny..I saw this man with one leg on those arm crutches and he was smoking a cigarrette...umm come on man you got one foot in the grave or rather on a banana peel

I'm love I AM NOT MY HAIR!! I do what I want with my head as long as it doesn't look a hot crappy mess and if it does so what cause apparently some folks find hot and crappy SEXXYYY :)

Spent the weekend with HUN, talked, ate dinner, watched movies. It was nice, I've missed him, but I can tell that my thoughts on him have coworker said that some of the spark died...maybe, maybe not. I just feel like he didn't understand then again maybe he feels the same way about me

Went out Friday with the girls and danced it up at LOVE. Umm why was I dancing to my own hearts content and this big boy came up behind with his leg up in the air trying to grind on me..UMMMM NOT!! Booo what in the blue sams nation are you doing?! Keep your pork fat to yourself trying to give me a back hernia leaning up against me. On top of that when I walk past you dont try to pry my fingernails off by holding my hand thinking that's gonna make me dance with you. AND ANOTHER THING......if you're gonna stare just dance with me..then again good thing you stared and didnt' try to dance with me cause I would have walked away stare first to try and gage the situation then move in :)

WHYYYY did those dudes feel the need to cut us in line and it was wayy before 11 and then when my homegirl moved in front of him he says F you darling F you..umm boo you still gonna get in free, you aint all that and boooo you could have waited for 5 min WOW...cause we walked right in behind you. Why was your shirt so small in the back making you look like the hunchback of Notre I tell ya

I love wearing flats to the club...I can dance ALLLLL night but then sometimes my feet still hurt..great can't win for losing.

I wish I could find my icon pic as a larger painting I am soo in love with it.

I've been seeing LOTS of pregnant women...what is that alll about. No I dont' have anything to tell you guys, I dont have anything to freakin to tell myself lol

Party this weekend....with some nice naked men..emmm LOL.

So last week I locked my keys in my car and got my car towed cause I forgot to put the tag in the window....last night I locked my keys in my car again LOL great. I have Triple A so I was good but Hun was like where you at (I was at my girls house) and then he says well call me if you need me...great LOL...I dont necessarily need you just wanted to chat..something he does not do, on top of that he was moving his equipment upstairs cause the basement floor had water on it.

My locs are getting LONGER WOOHOOO. I can now wear some what of a ponytail. I was looking at pics the other day of when I first started face was fat LOL..great.

This cute security guard was talking to me on Friday he was a dark sexxy chocolate thing...asked if I had a man I said I wish you had asked me that a week ago LOL..I told Hun he started laughing...but he got numbers for that one lil week we were apart so great. I said dang at least I waited LOL

I can't wait to sleep late on Monday......

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Firssssssstttt! Ok there is ALOT to comment on. #1 You funny as hell to me. #2 You kilt me with "Keep your pork fat to yourself trying to give me a back hernia leaning up against me." Geezuz!!!

I know four pregnant women. I'm like Satan get thee behind cuz ain't no way! No way I say!

I want locs or something like it dangonit! Right now I'mma rock this curly weave until it mats up!

It's Monday and you wishing on next Monday! LOL! Hilarious!

I am so glad to see that you're in better spirits!

August 27, 2007  

Durty...LOL Girl I almost fell down when that fat leg was on my back LOL...Pregnant women stay back!!! I love my locs their my babies...not necessarily Monday just not today could be Wed and I'd be happy..yes I'm doing rather well might I say so myself.

August 27, 2007  

so glad that you are in a good mood and things are looking up for you...i can totally say that i am still in a sucky mood and i am sick! but such is life, i know that it will all work out

August 27, 2007  

they are the women who got pregnant in the winter. They are mostly due in October. New Year's babies.

re I saw this man with one leg on those arm crutches and he was smoking a cigarrette
he's just trying to get some enjoyment out of life. It must suck having those crutches and it must be real hard to get a nice lady to look at him twice.

August 27, 2007  

Glad to see you enjoying life and making the best of everything. Good luck with school!! Ummm, I keep seeing these pregnant chicks too, and then I get people telling me "you'd look cute pregnant". Nah son, don't jinx me like that, LOL!

August 27, 2007  

TC...Hoping you feel better..your right it will all work out :)

GC...Your correct but good lord folks LOL I guess we all know what they were doing in the winter haha

Tasha...Gotta do what you gotta do, life aint perfect....I heard that too I told them they could keep that to themselves LOL

August 27, 2007  

When will dudes get a clue that we don't like for them to come up behind us dancing. Ask me to dance first. Or grabbing our hand about to pull it off when we walk by.

August 27, 2007  

tooooo funny.

August 27, 2007  

Honey you always make me laugh, love your sense of humor.

The reason for seeing alot of pregnant woman?
Especially around this time....from all those cold winter nights. The winter seeded babies are due.

When I leave the house with the wetngo look I always get compliments even when it looks like I got electrocuted. Go figure.

August 27, 2007  

Don't even get me started on street preaching. There is this guy who preaches outside of the New York stock exchange each and every Friday. He sweats through his suit every week regardless of the weather. I actually look forward to it.

August 27, 2007  

LMAO You are CWAZEE!!! Glad to see you and Hun and not at odds...sososososo is the move a definite No or are you still mulling it over?

I love my locs until they get now! Hair dresser appt. tomorrow though...YEAH!

August 27, 2007  

TSG...girl I sooo over did it I was like AHHHHH LOL..but hey dont jump on my back dang know how I do :)

MisUnderstood...Girl I gotta make my ownself laugh sometimes..I guess I know what I wont be doing during the winter with Hun LOL...making babies that's for sure LOL

ON...LOL all I could make out from him was that the end of the world was coming my friend lol

RD...LOL sometimes I'm a weird one LOL. Hmmm I might dont know yet I'm glad we talked though :) YES I got my done last week and I'm tryin to ride it out by wearing my cap at night roomie does mine so I love it, just be like you gonna be home tonight can you do em no fighting with no one else LOL

August 27, 2007  

The best street preaching I ever heard was on the train when the 'preacher' said the Lord was the alflafa and the Omega! LMAO. I looked over the top of my book, like, He's the who? LOL.

At the one legged dude, the grave & the banana peel: *DEAD*

Reba is hilarious.

Funny post, Honey Libra!

August 27, 2007  

I loved this post. I needed a good laugh today and you've given me that. Pork Fat! LOL

August 27, 2007  

I love me some notebooks too, Honey-chile-Libra! Sad part about it is that I just wanna look at them all pretty, pristine and stuff. Don't want to really write in them. My kids be steady tryna jack me for 'em too. "Mommy, I sure wish I had me a writing notebook. You got any EXTRA ones you not using?"

"No. Un-un."

Pointing to the place I keep them stored and stacked ever-so-showy, "What's those up there?"

"Oh. Un-un. Buy your own."

*Love from an only child*

Can't wait to hear about the college class chronicles. If you can stay awake nights or days on the job for that matter! Them notebooks might be the sleep deprivation of you.

August 27, 2007  

Umm lady!

Just thought I would stop by to tell ya, that you've been TAGGED!

August 28, 2007  

I'm glad you and HUN are talking again.

August 28, 2007  

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