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Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Finatics

1. What is the best relationship advice you've ever received? If he was that perfect wouldnt' you still find something to complain about? Love dont come easy so understand that first and you dont have to be with him to love him, if you let him go and opportunity comes again for you two to share time and space then accept it, but do what you gotta do to take care of you and if he's for you...he'll be around (Gotta love moms and the friends)

2. How many people have you dated at once? How many people do you think it is acceptable to date at once? Hmm when I'm dating I tend to date 2 or 3 folks depending on how the dates go and how close I am to the person. I think it all depends on what your defintion of dating is, I mean you can date 10 folks and there be nothing wrong with that, now if you sleeping with all 10 (first I know your private area is tired lol) you might wanna talk to someone about solving your deeper problems lol

3. What made your worst kiss so bad? He didnt have any lips and he was over doing it....I can't stand someone trying to kiss me with no lips know I get all caught up in kissing Hun that I sometimes dont wanna do anything else LOL, he got them nice juicy lips especially that bottom one man..umm sorry lol

4. Can a relationship last if the sex is bad? Personally I think that if both folks talk about what making the sex bad then yes but if the party that is causing the bad sex still aint getting with the program hopefully they are bringing something more to the table so that the bad sex doesn't sour the relationship.

5. What one thing would you like your partner to do every time you have sex with them? Well he does it and each time he does it I love him more :)

Bonus (as in optional): What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? Wearing a thong soon as Hun notices I have one on...he's like ummmm and I know where it's going from there LOL


If I'm such a sexy lady why you gotta move on....great

For some odd reason I am sooo feeling this song on Carl Thomas' old cd called Work it Out (man I be jammin)

I think I'm gonna start running, in order to get to my goal by next May I need to step it up

The Step Expo last night was nice, I never do understand why some folks are so extra's not that deep lol

Hearing compliments from folks who haven't seen me, saying that I lost weight and look good was nice but I was like dang was I 500 pds LOL

Nothing much this night tonight with Hun, chill with the girls tomorrow and run errands, Sunday hang out with BK DIVAAAA LOL (HEYY CHIC), Monday hang out with the babe then head home to see my Toot off for his first day at school.

WHOOHOOO after today I dont have to show my face in this place till Wed. Get your lean on shawty bring it back...COME ONE!!!!

Cause I'm on Wipe Me Down....why one of my godsisters got me saying Jesus Wipe me Down LOL....before I was saying Jesus take the wheel LOL

Russ Parr said some man got plastic surgery and he looks like a cat...umm WOW

Umm about Paula Zahn getting a divorce cause her husband wont laying that pipe (LOL I always laugh when I hear someone call it I want some steel up in me then again hmmmmm lol)

For some odd reason I wanna go outside and do a fake photo shoot with my digital LOl..hun laughs when i say that..calls me a camera whore LOL....great

Its funny when I think about how Hun has changed when it comes to hugging me and what not...I can remember when he'd be kinda distant when I'd try to hug he reaches for me.

OHHH yes the horoscopes are coming up on Russ can listen to it on the internet if you dont get the radio station ( I'm promoting like I work for them LOL

I am tryin to decide what I'm wearing tonight for date night..I think I'm gonna wear this cute lil dress with these canvas shoes that i saw the other day and didn't get (trying to be good in that dept since I already have so many shoes) However I dont have black and white shoes so ummm see I can get em lol

I am liking class so far. For some odd reason I love reading my books and taking notes, writing on the paper and highlighting I can go insane with that. Speaking of that I need to go on to see if they got one of my books.

Have a wonderful holiday...I'll be back on Wed....HOOOLLAAAAAA

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I swear you are like me when it comes to random thoughts! It cracks me up man, dang! Hun realizes that he better step up before you walk on by for real for real *sigh*. LOL@ u and that highlightin what in da wurl? You are funny to me. Have a fantastic weekend!

August 31, 2007  

Durty...What's good in the hood shawty LOL..aight anywho...I can't help the higlighting I go insane sometimes haha..he better realize that or he's gonna be all alone.

August 31, 2007  

"I know the private area is tired" *laffin hard* I told you your commentary is so innocent one can't help but be drawn to you. I love the mama-nem advice. Ain't it the truth, Ruth? We gone always find 'sunchin' wrong. Never satisfied. You are spot on with the lips thing. *Sigh* My husband is lacking in the lip department. I might have him to suck out from other areas and inject that into them. *double sigh* There I go again... Unhealthy comparison. I have worn thong panties since I was 17; almost 34 now. No special excitement for me, but the "men all pause," is all I'd like to add.


August 31, 2007  

Pro...LOL the men all pause haha I like that I will admit that I'm jackin it :) Yes you love him just the way he is thin lips and all lol..have a wonderful weekend!!!!

August 31, 2007  

you are too much! i love how you did the ???s and then did your everyday posting....good look...
date night sounds nice, well i will be entertaining and busy with the ladies all'll be good for me...and i'll make sure to hit you up...and have fun watching toot on his first day! that's a memory...i still remember mines, plaid uniform and my pink my little pony backpack...

August 31, 2007  

lmao@Jesus wipe me down

I had to laugh out loud at that.. have a great weekend Honey!

August 31, 2007 just wouldnt be a Friday if I didnt throw a lil Honey on it LOL aawww I had on a plaid dress with ABC's on the collar :) have a wonderful weekend too!!!

Thee...Man I say that alot now..someone last night was like WHAT LOL and they busted out laughing haha have a great weekend

August 31, 2007  

LMAO. Honey you are too much. T.G.I.F. Girl...
Hope you have a safe and happy holiday. :-)

August 31, 2007  

MsBehaving...YOU TOO CHICA!!! Kiss that tummy for me (You know the baby lol) :)

August 31, 2007  

i about died when i read Jesus wipe me down! you're crazy. i might start saying that, though.

have a great weekend!

August 31, 2007  

Better late than never. Thought you forgot. Hope your weekend is as good as it sounds.

August 31, 2007  

ok.. .my feelings are a lil hurt that i didnt get an evite to come to pg county =(

have a good weekend.. and as long as u have an outfit to match each pair of shoes.. u NEVER can have too many shoes :-)

September 01, 2007  

I hope date night goes well!!

September 01, 2007  

Love #1.

Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!

September 02, 2007  

sounds like your enjoying life...cheers!

September 03, 2007  

You are too funny. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and enjoyed your date with hun.

September 03, 2007  

I know your private area is tired.


Jesus Wipe Me Down.



September 04, 2007  

oooh I have had some relationships.....not enough typing space honey

September 06, 2007  

"Cause I'm on Wipe Me Down....why one of my godsisters got me saying Jesus Wipe me Down LOL....before I was saying Jesus take the wheel LOL"


September 13, 2007  

lmao @ your answer to no.5


September 17, 2007  

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