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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When your smiling....

the whole world smiles with you....

I'm thankful.....

for being able to make it back home safely after a nice weekend with the fam

for the time I spent with Hun on Friday although date night didn't start off like we thought it would, it was still nice

that the horrible experience that I spent in that dang on ER lead to me leaving nice and normal LOL..more on that later :)

for realizing that I seriously need to listen to my body more..homegirl can't eat like she use to

that my toot's first day of school went rather well although he did put on a show when we were leaving (I didn't cry)

today being WEDNESDAY!!!!! Half the week down, the other half to (you know how much I love my sleep)

Friday: Got off work a lil in 5pm early which is nice I had to finish up some stuff so instead of me leaving at 430 I was there till 5..oh well early is early LOL. Headed to the store to try and decide what I was going to wear for date night. I try to look nice when we hang out, matter fact I try to look somewhat put together all the time..even if I'm just in never know where you might have to after or who you might see...not saying you arent gonna catch me slippin but if you do, know that something is wrong lol. So anyway I found a shirt and some flats..headed home to shower and change. Now mind you the whole week we've been saying that we're going to Dave and Busters in MD. He had to go to his boss' wedding at 7pm but it was only lasting an hour so he was coming over after that. After a few phone calls I was just like well we can just hang out on Saturday or whatever..I was getting frustrated...and I was trying to be calm and nice as my roomie says. I kept remembering that everything can't be my way, but I was like allll week we've been saying this and now you wanna change up plans cause you want to go to the reception now when at first you weren't going to go. Great. I didn't say a word, I told him to go ahead and make up his mind..let me know what he was going to do. He thought about it, called me back and told me he was headed over (see what happens when you let them hang themselves lol) So we're heading to MD when he's like do you really wanna go all the way up there and I'm like why do you not want to do that and he's like well I'm not feeling real gamey and I'm like well I just suggested it, we dont have to do that the focus of tonight is for us to hang out and spend time together. So we headed to Fuddruckers down the street from my house...ate dinner there, then came home and watched a movie or rather let the movie watch us.

Saturday: He had to go to work so he got up and went to work and I headed to a photo shoot with one of the girls. Grabbed some food and headed with the girls to get one of their belly buttons pierced and I got another tattoo. I'll post pics later this week once I put them on my comp. I dont like pain so of course I over did it LOL..ah well. Headed home to lay it down then went to a cookout.

Sunday: Aight so I was all set on going to meet up with BK on Sunday...going to her class first (which by the way is a good way to begin the day if your in the area) and then hang out with her for the day. Sometime between me leaving the cookout and me sleeping apparently my body was like we bout to turn this into a war cause clearly she aint listening to us when we tell her not to eat certain things....I woke up nauseous and my first thought was ohhh LORD I'm pregnant..racking my brain to remember when I had my last cycle and if Hun had used a condom (he always does but I panicked) it seemed like I could smell I'm calling the toilet bowl momma and crying asking how the heck am I gonna take care of Justice and go to school at the same time..I can't do it, what the heck is my momma gonna think..what is Hun gonna say...finally I saw well might as well head to the hospital cause it seemed like my heart was gonna come out my if that aint the worst of it I had diarrehea and indigestion as well...yea I was all torn up. To make a long story know I was in there forever.....and tired as all get out....I'm not pregnant and apparently I just had a lil bug (or a big bug from where i was lookin at it)....great. All of that for all of that...wonderful. So after I got some sleep I headed down to the parents house to chill.

I didn't tell Hun about the horrible story LOL..cause he'd be like why you didnt call need to call if it wasn't if it had been I would have called him. But anywho..I was fine and this weekend begins my new workout cause apparently my body is gonna make me lose this weight one way or another and I'd prefer not to be sitting on the toilet when I lose it.

My toot looked so cute in his uniform, he's growing up so fast. My JJ his baby brother is too cute..of course I'm biased but hey what can I say.

Now I gotta catch up with you all and what's been going on....

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Don't ya hate when they change your plans?

You had a very interesting weekend to say the least.

Glad your ok.

Have a good day!

September 05, 2007  

Ok I'm glad you are OK.. but now I'm LAUGHING MY ASS OFF AT YOU!!!

I was telling Seanna she done text me.. I hope all is ok.. My momma all worried about you LOL

We ate your plate :)

September 05, 2007  

well i am glad you are aiight...and YES you need to listen to your body, we can't eat whatever we want anymore...its just not possible...

and yes we don't have to fight every battle you know...we really don't

I am glad you had a good weekend and toot had a good first day of school

September 05, 2007  

No you were not hugging the toilet visualizing your yet to arrive daughter going to school already. Trust me, when "Justice" does get here, you'll be ready. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

September 05, 2007 I ever, but I just let him make his own mind up..glad he choose to hang with me lol I was too mad but I was like I DO NOT wanna go over there and blow her joint up LOL..I'll be over to eat some food sooner or later LOL

TC..I'm glad I'm aight as well..I decided to let it go he knew I wanted to hang out and I left that up to him

Organized..see how extra I am LOL I was like oh lord I can't afford her yet LOL..then again who can afford a kid when they have one LOL...glad I'm better too.

September 05, 2007  

Glad to hear it wasn't nothing major wrong with you. But I'ma ask you not to be so extra next time. lol

September 05, 2007  

TSG...I KNOW...I am sooo extra..that's one thing I will admit, sometimes I'm surprised at how Hun deals with it LOL..I see where my nephew gets it from LOL

September 05, 2007  

WHAT did you eat?!!

September 05, 2007  

GC..oh just the regular cookout food LOL you know hot dog hamburger all that LOL..but my body has been on some other ish LOL...

September 05, 2007  

Good to hear that you're okay....even admist you own personal ER experience. lol

September 05, 2007  

hey girl! just checking in to let you know i'm still here and doing okay. lots going on, but i'm holding it down.

wishing you blessings and well wishes.

September 06, 2007  

I to am glad my honeylibra is fine and ok...
interesting time you had

September 06, 2007  

first Freaky and now you... with these hospital visits. glad that everything's ok and we're not having to throw you a baby shower! :-)

September 07, 2007  

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