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Friday, September 07, 2007

You Son....That's maddd random

It's Friday...I'm ready to go and it's only 935am

I am so ready for Alicia Key's album

KeKe Wyatt is a truly confused person..i would call her sister but she claims she isn't black.

I was going to do a post talking about her interview in Essense but ummm why should I give her a whole page..cause you know I can go on and on

Probably hit up the black family reunion this weekend on the national mall

I wanna hit up the movies but I will probably finish laundry which I started yesterday...mine you I think I have like 2 loads left

I bought Eve's Bayou the other day from walmart I love that movie

Class is going rather well....the only class that I think is going to require a lil more umph is my research class

Tomorrow I'm hitting the pavement..I hate running so we'll begin with walking..that seemed to work when I first started losing weight so we'll see how far it gets I'll have my mp3 player which always makes me forget about what I'm doing

Why do the folks of New Orleans still not have the money that was allocated to them but Bush wants to spend money on the war....umm great

I wonder if there is going to a riot when the election goes down.

I might just hit the bed some movies, eat some cereal...then again I'm saying that now but we all know what happens once we hit that home front.

I love 100 calorie packs..these are about to be my best friends :)

Aight I probably have more to say but because I'm trying to get out of here on time I have to begin my work....

Great just great (I guess you can figure out that great is kinda one of my favorite words lol)


1. What did you eat for dinner yesterday? Some hamburger helper with ground turkey

2. How much cash is in your purse/wallet right now? I think $25 holding on to that as hard as I can lol

3. What have you done to avoid being flirted with by someone you didn't like? Act like I didnt' hear it and keep it moving. From what I've heard I do this rather well haha

4. Do you believe the theory "Once a cheater always a cheater"? No I dont but I think actions should change if you were once a cheater.

5. Describe your sex life in two words. I'm trying to go home NOW!! LOL (then again he's not there so oh well)

Bonus (as in optional): Would you/have you ever paid money for sex? That would be rather sad if I had to pay for sex..I'm sure some man would help me out for free lol...And no I wouldn't pay for sex I'd just entertain myself lol

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There is something about KeKe alright!

100 calorie packs are my best friend.

Have a good weekend lady!

September 07, 2007  

Gurl...yea she needs to be medicated...I love those I had the snack mix TOOOO!!!

September 07, 2007  

i read that mess about Ke Ke, dag on shame, but ehh well, she needs help...

its NOTHING for me this weekend, I need some ALONE time with my heart, mind and spirit that's what I need....

glad classes are going well...keep it up...

September 07, 2007  

what happened? What did I miss?
And you know what, sometimes people have to go ahead and say they are not (insert whatever) because some folk forever telling them they just don't fit. Just like how I tell people I am NOT Jamaican just so they leave me the hell alone.

September 07, 2007  

Based on her first single, Alicia needs to go back to the studio.

September 07, 2007  

Wait....what did KiKi say?

I'm always the last to know everything......

I think your use of the word "great" is hilarious.

These are my favorite post. Lots of short, random, funny stuff.

Bush........Remember when presidents used to get assassinated?

Why isn't there a spell-heck in comment sections?


September 07, 2007  

TC..I know what you mean but sometimes you know there is no rest for the weary :0 have a great weekend

GC..LOL you are crazy...she had a lot to say about her not being black and all that jazz

ON..I kinda like it, it's growing on me lol

Nic...that she isnt black and she choose her children to be black they could have been white all this other nonsese...I use great so much hun is like umm please lol..yea I do..I guess no one wants touch that LOL...I have no idea why there isn't a spell check :)

September 07, 2007  

I read that KeKe Wyatt interview. That interview was so not necessary. And I'm gonna need her mother to stop using the N-word like it's right.

I like those 100 calorie packs too. They have flavor.

September 07, 2007  

I love the 100 calorie packs, but my total is about 500 b/c I can't just have one. I need 2 Oreo, 2 Chips Ahoy, and 1 Short Bread and I'm good! LOL

September 07, 2007  

I had NO idea the black family reunion was this weekend :) I am so glad I read your blog today, otherwise I would have missed it!


September 07, 2007  

[SMH] @ KeKe!!!
[Since my mama told me that if I ain't got nuffin' nice to say--that I shouldn't say anything at all, I'mma leave that one alone.]

I too can't wait until the day's end, to get my hands on Alicia Keys' album and I love--love--love EVE'S BAYOU!!

LMAO @ your response to the bonus question!!! Girl...ain't that the truth!!!???


September 07, 2007  

That Keke Wyatt needs some help of some sort. Even I'm not that confused and I'm one of the most mixed chicks on earth, lol

September 07, 2007  

Always entertaining my friend. Yeah, that pay for sex question is kinda crazy, especially asked of a woman...

September 08, 2007  

Its a shame that she (keke) doesnt have a clue... because her voice is sooo pure. I saw her at the TVT soul session with Teedra Moses back in May and she can blow. Must we remind her that when she was being charged for domestic violence they didnt seem to care whether or not she was only $25% black.

September 08, 2007  

I read that KeKe interview a few days ago and was very puzzled by her. The whole "I'm not Black" thing and her hating on Beyonce...I mean I don't like Beyonce's music but sheesh. I think she's talented...what the hell did she do to KeKe's ass?

What a hater.

You run? How is it? I hear it's so hard on your joints so I always use the elliptical cause it's no impact. The runners I know are always hurt and their toenails turn black sometimes!

September 09, 2007  

HOW WAS your weekend? or do i need to ask :)

i haven't heard the new alicia cd and who is keke wyatt? ok nevermind :)

September 09, 2007  

"Describe your sex life in two words. I'm trying to go home NOW!! LOL"


September 13, 2007  

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