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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"At twenty we worry about what others think of us; at forty we don't care about what others think of us; at sixty we discover they haven't been thinking about us at all"

Approaching birthdays always have you reflecting on life and what you've made of it so far.

I was reading a blog the other day (I forgot her name..went back and found out it was Blk Butterfly...hey girl!!) and she said that for once in her life she was really happy and it didn't revolve around a man. I couldn't stop cheesing because that's me right now. Yes finances haven't changed too much, I didn't hit the lotto, I didn't get married over night, but I'm happy. I wake up each morning wondering what the day will bring, excited that I've stepped into this new phase of my life and how I've embraced it even though at first I was a tad bit scared.

I mean yes I hang out with much now that it's normal for me to no longer sleep at home but at his house. It's funny how time and space work themselves out and you just fall into "something" with someone. I say something because one of my friends asked me what was going on with that and I was like umm I have no idea hard to put a title on something when you have no idea what to call it other than a deeper friendship that is sorta like a relationship but we're not yet wanting to call it that hahaha

Anywho so I'm thinking about how I was even 10 years ago and I'm like man I was in such a hurry to grow up and move away from momma and if it weren't for that dang on gas then I would be there every other weekend lol. I call home about 2 times a week even if it's just to hear my nephews gabber on the phone. Fat Fat is no longer a fatty he's slimming down rather nicely but he'll always be aunties fat fat. Toot is getting so big that everytime I see him I wanna bust out crying. I honestly wish he were mine...that's how much I love him, and want to see him have everything he needs to make his mark on the world. However, he loves his daddy and is doing well there....maybe I'll call him this weekend and see if I can get him one weekend this month take him to the zoo or something. JayDee or Jailyn is sooo cute, looking like my sister when she was a baby and on a diet LOL...Doc says he is eating too much poor lil thing haha. 2 months old and on a diet.

I'm thinking about getting a new bed....maybe for an early Christmas present to myself. Upgrade to a queen..yes I'm sleeping in a's nice and cozy when you got someone else in there hahah. But I def need to step the bed game up so I'm gonna start looking into those. I think I found one I like though at Value City so we'll see.

Gotta get new tires this weekend..that should be a boat load of fun....errrr. But I can't complain, God has blessed me with having a wonderful car that didn't fall apart after I hit the 50,000 mark hahaha.

I mean I can't help it if I wanted to watch Noah's Arc and not talk to you, I'm sorry.

YAHHH Brunch with some of the blog homies that have been become real friends and not just computer friends....if you live in MD and wanna come email me so I can give you the details we dont want no strangers showing up lol :)

I can't believe you said she might be a stripper lol just cause she changed her clothes before she went you're funny

Ummmm a weekend getaway sounds rather nice.....when can we leave :)

Hey TC!!! I see ya girl, we'll have to arrange lunch now that we have bumped into each other accidently.....I must know where you got that coat from. I was knocked out on the train or I would have talked your head off hahah

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It's so easy to fall into something comfortable with someone, and it's usually best not to worry about the title. Just enjoy it.

Brunch sounds like fun. I'm right up the street, so could you send me some info?

October 08, 2008  

loving your life without having a man, and just being totally happy with who you are is the KEY!

we shall do lunch and soon, as soon as i force myself through this 5 day cleanse...this sucks! LOL

i got the sweater from victoria's secret...

October 08, 2008  

Tasha....I know right, trying not to label and just enjoy is key...YAHHHH more folks for brunch!!

TC...I know right man I am loving life right now, no stress!! Eww let me know how that goes...I'm always scared to order clothes online need to get over that

October 08, 2008  

Girl, one day you just wake up and realize the bs isn't worth it after all and you're just fine. Do you, boo!

October 08, 2008  

That birthday thing is true. At times you are super excited about getting older, growing, maturing and other times it just turns into one of those mid life crisis moments.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

October 08, 2008  

Yeah I think I've got to the point where I feel okay without anyone...and I know that feeling and it does feel good to be free.

I did plan on moving to DC area next year around I will look forward to meeting a few bloggers.

October 11, 2008  

hey, girl!

well, i didn't say the without a man part. (i mean, my happiness doesn't revolve around a man, but i can't recall a time that it ever has.) but, i did say it was the first time i'd been happy in a long while. but, i suspect even if i wasn't in a relationship, i'd be equally happy.

lol @ stepping up your "bed game." i have a full size bed, which is actually a downgrade from the queen i had in ATL. i think i got the full b/c it's just right for me and means i don't have to share. lol...

October 11, 2008  

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