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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its Monday....I mean Tuesday

Well I was out on Friday and out on Monday...which makes today my monday and not my tuesday.....which means I wish I were at home in bed or at least not here hahaha

The weekend was aight. I had to get four new tires so that pretty much sucked leaving funds a lil low and me trying to decide if I'm gonna go the distance of getting my hair done for my bday or do it myself and I might just do it myself and save myself $40.....great.

Friday I woke up pretty late in the morning and was flying around to get the tires put on my car. The plan was to only get two..well once I got to the tire place he informed me that one of my tires had a crack in it and could blow out later on....great....$100 now turns into $200. After that I went to my doctors appointment. Everything is cool just a 6 month check up.....nothing special. But I am down 14pds since I was there 2 months ago so I'm excited about that. Called Hun (hard not to call him that) to see if I could stop by and pick up my mail and what not but he was busy at work and by the time we spoke I was already back in MD. In between all that I got a wonderful comforter set from Linens and Things

I'm going back in a couple of weeks to get the bathroom set that I liked. I could get lost in that store I tell ya. I had a coupon so i was really excited to have found my comforter set...I love those color together have even contemplated having those as my wedding colors....we'll see of course I have to have the input of the groom but he aint around yet so for now it's whatever I want it to be lol.

So Saturday I couldn't sleep late had a chapter meeting and I couldnt miss it cause I had to present a report on our Spring Luncheon to which I am the chair..well there is another chair but I had to present the report since my big sister couldn't be there. So anyway went to the meeting was suppose to stay for our domestic violence seminar but being that I have gotten NO SLEEP lately I took myself home and laid out on the couch and woke up around 5pm to the sound of my phone ringing and folks trying to talk to me. Now unless I like you I dont do the wake me up in the middle of my sleep to talk to me, I will tell you I will call you back....if you dont get a call back then oh well dont call me back lol.

Some dude that I think is trying to talk to me called and I told him I was watching a movie and I was...I was watching Iron Man. I told him I was gonna call him back and have sorry. He annoys me, talking about he can tell getting to know me is gonna be a slow process...ok and. Calling me babe and all that you dont know me that well thanks...I'm not mean its just that when I'm not into you like that I dont let anything slide if you annoy me....I will not go out of my way to talk to you.

So anywho I finally get my wits about me take another shower and G comes over so that we can double date with his lil brother. We go to Capitol Blvd to the movies and to this Wing place that's nearby......the movie wasn't all that good...Quarintine....kinda stupid but oh well. Went back home and oh boy decided that he wanted to take a bath. I'm like are you kidding me LOL. Trying to spoil me I tell ya. So we took a bath....with some candles and then I got oiled down and I was out like a light LOL.......woke up and made some breakfast. Laid around a lil bit till he had to leave around 6 to get ready to go see the What Band and someone else play at Fur.....the man is seriously trying to spoil me. I've told him that I wanna enjoy being single for right now and if he can't handle that then he might wanna go on and roll...dont wanna lead homie on. I'm sure my parents would love him though hahha....

Sunday night made some food then hung out with R watching the games and what not and decided I needed to do laundry. So I took my laundry over his house and did it while watching Joy Ride 2 which was heck a gory ewwwwww. He surprises me cause just when I think I have him all figured out..BOOM he does something and I'm like wow dude lol.....just the fact that he calls me his sunshine makes me smile. He hinted at taking Monday off....I will believe it when I see it cause like any hard working man this fool dont take days off dad is the same way. We're watching tv and he leans over and rubs my face and Im like what and he's like oh nothing just looking at my sunshine.....roomie says I'm wearing him down hahaha...she has us engaged next year lol great..which leads me to another of my girls told me she got engaged her boo is in the military so he'll do the real on the knee when he comes home in Dec but she then proceeded to tell me how much the ring cost....umm WHY...I'd just be happy that God blessed me with a man you do not need to know how much the ring cost...great...some folks I tell ya

I had Monday off so I pretty much slept the whole day which was rather nice and will probably occur next monday at least until time for my bday dinner lol

So I had a pretty nice weekend....came back to some crap on my desk...I hate when folks need to look for something on my desk and they leave stuff behind or mess it up. I'm bout to send an email around when I'm gone. If you need to locate something on my desk please leave it like you found it. Thanks

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Ohhh co-workers have come to know that I do NOT like them on my desk - let 'em know!

Your friend...women can be so trifling about the ring. It's gotta be this cut...gotta cost this much...blah blah blah...makes you wonder if they're getting married for the right reasons.

October 14, 2008  

OD...I came back to my desk like what the piss who left this cup of water on my desk...and I'm slowly wondering if she is my friend lol

October 14, 2008  

Ok, bragging about how much your engagement ring cost is not the business.

You and ol' boy taking candlelit baths? Girl, I'd be spoiled too but at least your letting them know where you stand about wanting to do the single thing for a while.

FYI: today is Tuesday whether you like it or not, Boo! LOL

October 14, 2008  

Girl, you do not have a shortage of dates around. I'm jealous! lol

October 14, 2008  

maybe i need to catch up on this R fellow,lol

thanks for stopping by. i was reading some older post but i didnt get a chance to get that far.

but i will definitely be adding you to the blog mami. your place i can vibe with,lol

October 14, 2008  

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