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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yo Son......

Lady I think it's safe to say that you are in need of a new pair of Spanx. Linty spanx are not what's poppin and neither are faded ones. Now this wouldn't be an issue if I hadn't seen them but I mean when you bend over (with a tail that is wider than the train doors) and I see them it becomes my business. I mean you could have put on a longer shirt under your hospital garb...but oh well you're fly can't no one tell you nothing.

D, please stop acting like the phone only works one way. Or that you're trying to figure out if I like you or're starting to slowly annoy me and the only reason I called you last night was cause I was bored lol sad I know but oh well. Once the debate came on I was no longer to you later. And why did you send me a pic via text...a pic that I've already seen of that aint cute.

Man on the train with the locs you are one fly brotha em em em. I just wanted to walk up to you and run my hand over your locs. Ask what you put in them, ask could I sit you down between my legs and oil them for you.....ahhhhh lol

SOB's at work and yea it stands for what you think lol.....I'm outta here snitches. I aint coming back till Tuesday.....wait I cant leave yet it aint even lunch time...darn

Boo why are you taping so hard on your luggage. I mean whatever you cranking I wanna listen to it too, then again I was listening to Bad Girl by Ursher so I'm good :)

Your kids are sooo cute. Wait you got three of em, how old are you. WOW......cute kids :)

Hmmm I dont even think I could handle 3 kids right now....I mean when I have the JSquad yea but that's not too often that I have all three of em since Toot lives in Richmond so at the most I have 2 unless I get my goddaughter even then they tire me out. Once they hit the sack I'm out as well

I think I wanna name my son Harrison lol. Very distinguished and how many other kids would have his name......yea he might be 3 with a 40 year old name but hey when he grows up it will fit him lol
Bladder why are you acting like I've drunk a whole gallon of water and not just 16oz I promise I feel like I might as well work in the bathroom or put a bathroom behind my desk or better yet wear some depends...then again that might get messy lol
Ummm lady I hope and pray that the bug that was on the toilet at least it looked like a bug did not come outta your pants or your butt....gross just gross....I had to go into another stall lol

I started my WW point counting again. I was slacking but I've lost 14 pds since I went to the dr two months ago and when I got back in Dec for my gardasil shot I want to have lost at least 10 to get where I wanna be by new years

I'm gonna take pics of the apt once I get the bathroom like I want it and post it for you guys

Well the celebration for my bday starts as soon as I get off work. Wont be too much tonight though, go home make dinner, wait for Greys and ER...head over to hang with R, drink and stay up late....maybe go to breakfast tomorrow then hang out with the roomie.

If you're in the area on Sunday around 11am email me and I'll tell ya where to come so we can hang out :)

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Faded spank..ummm ok. LOL

I thought I wanted 3 kids. At least 3 yrs apart. After having one, I realized 3 is too many for me.

Harrison isn't a bad name. At least he will be called for an interview before Dequan.

October 16, 2008  

TSG...Man when I saw it I was like is that her undies then I realized that maybe it was too far up to be draws so I concluded it was spanx...I want 4 as of right now lol that might change after Harrison lol...see that's my logic his name will be like hmmm he must be educated LOL

October 16, 2008  

I like Harrison. Frank Ski (radio personality in Atlanta) has a son with that name.

Ok, I want to see the brother with the locs. Take a picture with your phone and post it.

I can't wait for Gray's tonight! Enjoy the pre-bday kickoff.

October 16, 2008  

Couldn't read after talking about dude with the locs! LOL!

October 18, 2008  

You are absolutely crazy as hell and i luv it!!!!

i can totally picture everything you said...especially the brotha with the locs...on a daily basis i "have a little" something for someone on the train...HA!

October 20, 2008  

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