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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So things have been pretty hectic the last couple of days and I haven't been able to post like I would like to.

I'm pretty is aight

My fat fat got his first haircut and he is TOOOOO CUTE!!! Man I promise you if I didnt' have to go through nine months of fatness and then labor and on top of that have to deal with how much money it takes to raise and have a baby I would do it ASAP LOL

Gotta register for class, I'm trying to decide between taking a class this summer or just waiting till the fall and it's looking like I might just wait till Aug. I want to do some traveling this summer and I can't do that and go to school.

I'm working on presentation that occurs tomorrow. I need to time it. In case I havent' mentioned it I turned in a final project in my legal research class that consisted of creating a case memo and a case brief. Apparently I got a 100 on it...on of the few that my teachers has ever given out so he selected me to submit an application to present my project at the student spring conference. This is a great opportunity for me to network and what yahhhh for me.

Hopefully I can meet some pretty cool folks tomorrow and get a leg up in this industry.

Man gas is INSANE. Everytime I get in my car I cringe...never have I put some many "Can I get 5 on 2"'s in my car LOL....or I'm scrappin up change out of the house and car to make $10 LOL....RECESSION SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

The funny thing is I keep saying it.....someone was like lets do something this weekend I was like is it free cause we're in recession boss wasted some paper I was like you're killin trees..we might need those for fuel since we're in recession LOL....I might be over doing it a tad bit.

On top of that my Sundays have been filled with practice for spring 08's presentation (that's me and my linesisters). We have to create songs and greetings all that jazz...kinda like a probate but since we're not in college anymore a lil more sophisticated. Not only do we have practice for that on Sunday but we have practice on Mondays yea I'm pretty much tired come thurs or fri.

This weekend I have community service at 6am with the NPHC and then Sunday is March for Babies in DC at practice till Tues so I should be able to do laundry and clean the house a lil.

Have a great day!!!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday...My Fat Fat!!!

I remember coming to the hospital to see you come into the world and today your 1. I can't believe how fast you've grown. Your beginning to mumble words and I can almost make them out :)

I'm so thankful that you came into this world with everything in tact and seemingly perfect (then again I might just be biased). You are a joy to watch and I love you more each time I think, talk, or see you. I love holding and playing with you. You are one of the reasons I look forward to having children.

I'm so thankful that you have my mommy and daddy to look after you and make sure that your ok (cause sometimes your mommie needs a lil extra help).
I'm thankful that you have come into my world even if it was by surprise....
I'm thankful that God provided you with a big brother who loves you to pieces and will always look out for you or you after him lol
Stay out of the toilet water, I know you like splashing in it but that's nasty man lol
I pray that as you get older you know that auntie loves you and will always be there for matter what.

I love you JJ.....and Happy Birthday FAT FAT!!!!! (maybe once you get a lil older I'll stop calling you that lol)


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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm aight....

I hate the fact that you weren't upset about me leaving the house and now all of a sudden you are...ERRR

If you did stuff with me you wouldn't have to worry about me hanging out

Sometimes the things you love about a person can also cause you to dislike them

I'm ready for a vacation

I know money is important but what are you gonna do sit on it all day

Perhaps I'm over reacting

It seems like just when I try to create peace you wanna keep the drama coming

Your pushing me further and further away

You just dont get you

I wish I could just run away....see if I feel better than that

Boo why are you talking to me now that all the white folks have gotten off the elevator....with your sweatpants leg rolled one does that anymore...get outta here

Why does your face look like you got smacked in it with the branches from the ugly tree

I dont know if I'm gonna go on vacation come Memorial Day I might register for prioritize.

Might just wait for Vegas in June.....I am sooo excited about that. Getting my plane ticket sometime next week

I thought it was gonna be more expensive...not too bad. I'll be there from Fri to Thurs

You are on my list that's all I got to say and it aint the good one.

No more ms. nice lady you get what you get and no more than that

I am hooked on the French Vanilla cappachino at 7-Eleven and the toquitos I dont even know if I spelled that right.

Dont try and fuss me out then try to be my friend....that's why you got no love this morning...meditate on that

I can be just as mean as I wanna be

I'm gonna get you.....AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Friday, April 04, 2008


The Pastor would like to thank all of you who paid your tithes last week. With the high price of gas -- every little bit helps.
And, he wanted us to mention that if you write a check, please make sure that it does not bounce. He said that you are still encouraged to pay your tithes and God only wants 10%, but if your check bounces we gone take 25%.>
From the health ministry: The usher board has asked those frequent shouters who routinely pass out on the altar to please wear clean underwear. Let your praise be holy, not your draws. Amen.
The deacon board has brought this to our attention also if you are one of the people that got tapped on your shoulder Sunday morning, make sure you pick up your Altoids at the hospitality desk before entering the sanctuary. Saints, lets not let our breath hinder our neighbor'spraise.
Special Note: We would like to apologize for those who came out to the Youth Explosion conference last night. The youth choir's remix ofShake that Laffy Taffy was totally unexpected. The youth director has been reprimanded and will issue a formal apology Sunday morning. Also, for those who witnessed Mother Green getting up and doing the Laffy Taffy dance, and are concerned, she is doing fine. She is in Methodist North recovering well.
Saints, don't forget about the Chitlin dinner this evening. If you haven't already placed your order, call the church office. And for those who are a little skeptical after the last Chitlin dinner, please feel at ease knowing that Pastor Happy has prayed over the Chitlins and no one from the Drug Rehab Ministry was involved in the preparation this time.
Pastor has requested that all "dark-skinned" members sit in the light during night service. Last Wednesday he heard voices in the dark and thought they were demons.
Please govern yourselves. AMEN
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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is it Friday yet.....

Locked my keys in the car this morning......they were in my trunk

Wallet got stolen, still has yet to be found..had to call and cancel everything and get new cards for EVERYTHING...even Blockbuster....great

I think I'm noticing the weight loss then again maybe not.....

I'm hungry but I know I'm not really hungry

I'm in dire need of a vacation......May can't come soon enough....South Carolina here I come.

I'm going to Vegas for Boule....buying my plane ticket first....maybe in the next two weeks.

Me and Hun had a convo about finances...gotta get use to sharing that info with him.....on top of that he called me childish I didnt like that......

I've stopped asking him to do stuff like go out of town....tired of thinking up everything....

Was talking to a guy friend and he asked me was I really happy...blank stare....

It's raining outside...well drizzling

The shoe store closed early in MD errrrrrrrrr I didn't even have time to try the shoes on...BASTARDS

I'm thinking about seriously going to Law School now......gonna take the LSAT prep course.

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