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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm Thinking....

...I can't wait for ER tonight..please don't let the lil baby die

...I missed Grey's Anatomy that's my new favorite show

.....One Tree Hill is my soap opera and I missed it last night

...I want some Girl scout cookies (tagalongs)

...Young one has me doing stuff I didn't think I'd do....umm no not like that nasties LOL

...I drove all the way there so he could come home for the weekend....

....I'm sleepy...I came right in took a shower, changed and went to work....

...Flava Flav..yeaaaboiiii (He is sooo nasty looking)

....He is a sweetie... no I'm not talking about Flava Flav LOL

.....ummm are you really gay cause I need to know why you still trying to get in the honey pot LOL

....I can't help ya with that buddy sorry

...why is everyone around me getting engaged...where is my man at!!! I need him ASAP LOL

....I can't see the fam till November hopefully I dont' go through withdrawals

.....we fell asleep on the phone the other night was funny

.....last night while he was driving back he said the person that he is usually on the phone with at this time of night was right beside him sleep..that made me laugh (cause I'm the one he's usually on the phone with and I was knocked out)

.....I wish I could tell when people were lying (like angela's eyes on lifetime)

.....My godsister is gonna be 13 WOW I remember when she was born....dang on it she's getting old

...I love MUNCHIES....and I mean LOVE them! dog is gross he ate his own poop and got sick....I tell ya

....he thinks he's playing me little does he know that he will get what's coming to him and it will be worse than anything I could think of

......Young one said I looked like a school teacher/student today with my lil vest and button up on LOL

......I'm happy that I could be there for him

.......Perhaps I'll go out with that cutie tomorrow hmmmm

.....did someone say company picnic..cause you know that equals free food LOL I really on the phone with him too much

....I finally told his boy who use to want to talk to me that I now converse with him....he was "shocked" and "appalled" (his words not mine)

.....I can't believe everything people say cause ummm you're gay remember oopps sorry was I not suppose to know that.

......I can't wait till saturday when I can see him again (he's spending today and tomorrow with the fam)

.....hearing light bright makes me smile......

....when I eat gummiebears I think of him....

.......he plays in my hair it makes me sleepy

........I'm suppose to be in chill mode stop liking him LOL

....I'm not playing cool I am cool LOL

By the way ladies I'm counting down till we hook up next month WOOOOHOOOOO...too many fine women in one place is against the law...

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Get it Together

Ok first let me say to BK I know you mad but I had a hang over and you can thank TTD for that ummm yea I wouldn't have looked right in class falling over and laughing at everythign you would have been mad plus when I woke up I had a headache that made flushing the toilet sound like niagra falls...anywho sooo I will do my best to make it another sat class and make sure not to drink the night before.

Me, the rommie and another friend of mine went to TTD's house (her blog is on the side..I try not to care) and helped her celebrate her bday...I finally got to meet her, GTL and Kween. Let me tell you those folks are toooooo hilarious I also met another blogger she's on TTD's blog under bloggers I know and I will call her T. First we had to come from VA so you know we were in for the long haul, we stopped off to get her a lil gift cause it wouldn't be right to come to a house party without a lil after we did that we got on the road would have made good time if they hadn't shut off half a lane and some truck tried to bully me into getting behind him...booo hit me I want a new car LOL...matter fact just go buy me the new camry in silver..thank you very much. SO we get there and as soon as I walk up GTL was like you're Honey-Libra LOL..I was like yes I am so he leads us inside I meet TTD she shows us where the food was at after that it was a wrap. That girl put her foot in that pasta salad..anyone who knows me knows I love i mean LOVE me some pasta so I was good for the rest of the night. Got some some Gin and Juice, then some 99 Bananas mixed with OJ and I was aight for the rest of the night. Kween came in and DIVA is jazzzzyyy LOL...she was killin em with the heels...told her to email me so I can come to her next play as long as it ain't $30 cuase if it's $30 I'm gonna expect a meal to be included LOL...anywho....The party was cool, I look forward to seeing those girls again and I had a boat load of fun that night. Roomie drove my car home cause I was knocked out..didn't wake up till she was parking LOL

Saturday went to return some shoes that I got that were too big..I mean when I put them on they fit LOL..what happened..ahh well guess I have to find some more brown pumps....after that headed out to the mall with roomie and my buddy to find something to wear to the bday dinner we were going to. Why the whole time we thinking the party started at 730 and we get a call at 455 talking about are ya'll on the way...umm what LOL...great so I hate to be rushed therefore I took my time and we got there around 615. Had dinner at the chophouse in DC on 7th street...I tell ya people always take forever with the bill...all I got to say is please make sure you bring more than $15 if you know we are eating in DC. After that we went to Lucky Strike...from what I hear Gilbert Arenas was I care but others did...I had a blast and then was passed out when I got home.

Sunday slept a lil late, walked the dog, was on the phone off and on with Young one all day and then around 4 he called..he was in GA this weekend so he called when he got back home and we were on the phone till about 5 this morning (talking, joking reading poetry) yea a sista is hurt LOL. I'm going down there on Thurs to get him so he can spend the weekend up here and then I'm spending the weekend down there the last Friday in October...wooohoo road trip!

Ok now on to the drama you know it wouldn't be As the Honey Pot turns unless there was some all know about Constant and how he cheated on me with some chic I went to elementary school with (he didn't know we's a small world that's all I know) after that occurred I told myself and everyone around me I was done, if he wanted to be my friend ok, but it would take God himself coming down to tell me that I had to give him another chance. I get a note on BP saying that I'm cute and if I'msingle and what not...I was like yea I just stopped dealing with someone so I'm in chill mode..this person goes on to ask me what happened and lots of other questions like what ship is he on and what not...I didn't tell them just kept sayin thanks and what not. Finally this person is like I'm sorry to lie to you, I'm not a guy I'm a girl on my brothers account name is your ex's name Constant.....I'm like oh lord what now. I give the chic my screen name and we have a conversation.

Come to find out that her and Constant were supposedly engaged and have been engaged since right before he left (since June) they have been "together" since March of this year. I busted out laughing....then homegirl told me that she had been crying and she didn't know what to do, they hadn't picked out rings but were gonna do that when he got back in Dec. I later talked to her on the phone (I had no problem talking to her I ain't got beef with you, it's not that deep) and she was like I'm soo mad, I've been crying. I asked him about you and he kept telling me not to worry about the past and blah blah blah. I was like girl he ain't worried about you or me, he can move someone in your place he doesn't care. On top of that this chic hasn't seen him since last who in their right mind would get engaged to someone that they haven't seen in almost a year...not I said Honey LOL. I forward her emails from him so she knows that I could care less what he told her and could care less what she does. She can be with him, but she should know that everything that comes out of his mouth is a LIE. He sent me an email saying he talked to her..not that he was engaged to her..she was upset cause he picked out a dress and what not, she said she gave up stuff for him, I was like how was he gonna pay for the ring LOL...she brought up examples of when she was suppose to see him, I told her that he was with most of those times. I made her laugh cause I brought up stuff about him that I don't like and that helps me remember just how stupid he is. He sent her some poetry that I wrote...she was mad about in short Constant is a bamma...I can't believe that after 4 years someone would all of a sudden change because they are around others who find this behavior normal. Ok he might have been like when I first met him and it was subdued but the navy gave it a breeding ground. Hope this chic don't get too clingly and try to become my best buddy LOL. I mean she's cool folks don't get me wrong but umm yea that's about as far as it's gonna go. I don't want to talk to you all the time about Constant. He doesn't deserve the energy that it would even take to think up what to say about I'm DONE.

I just can't believe that after I gave you the opportunity to come clean and still "redeem" yourself you can't even respect me enough as a friend, someone you've known for 4 years to tell me the truth....that's bad business, real bad business. I hate when people think I'm so stupid and naive just because I don't call them on their nonsense...I don't call you on it cause I want you to hang yourself why should I do that for'll do it eventually and he has done it. Sent home girl an email sayin me and him were over we were the past I said ok boo he's right we are done but what you don't see is that that same day he sent me an email saying I wanna work things out with you when I come home in you tell me what you think about that....then he sends me an email saying I'll explain everything I know you won't understand (TRY ME)...and that out of everyone he dealt with I was the one he never wanted to hurt and he'll spend the rest of his life showing me that...ok, boo you do that, but while you doing that I'm gonna go over here and be happy while you live a life of regret cause you suck monkey balls and you find out that they aren't as good as you thought they were.

Nurse dude sent me a text last night at 1:40am (I only remember this cause I was on the phone with young one and I told him about it we laughed) talking about come over....I ignored it and kept I am not and will not be your booty call thank you very much, there are rules and you can't even abide by those think you got it like that NOT.....but if he was closer (young one, lol) he would :) we both agree that we like what's occurring but we both just got out of relationships and don't want to rush into another hurried whatever happens happens but I'm enjoying the ride :)

Going to the gym tonight to start my trial membership (Bally's) hopefully I like it, if not I'll try another gym down the street I have till the end of this year to meet my goal and I have 25pds to let's hope this helps LOL. After that a friend that I met through roomie..who also happens to be a cutie is suppose to come over to chill since I haven't seen him in a while..he called last night to apologize about not keeping in contact (I told him it's not that deep, if you call you call, if you don't you don't) and he said that he really had a nice time, I was surprised to hear from him, I have stopped hunting and chasing people down unless you rob me LOL...cause you know how to use a phone, if he ever lost my number he could get it from his boy who talks to my roomie..there are ways...sooo great. I'm just glad that I've come to my senses about Constant..yes it took a second but eventually everyone shows who they really are and I'm glad I found out before we got married or even had a kid together. I have distractions...LOL..getting over him will not be a problem.

By the way: Check out Lupe Fiasco's's hot and Fergie...I'm loving number 4 on her CD....bout to go listen to Janet and Luda's album on AOL music...

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

First Born

I decided to do something a lil different today.

As I look into eyes that remind me of my own I smile

I never thought I could be so blessed

You have the nose of your father and the smile of your grandmother.....their strength will give you strength you glance at me I see an innocence that I pray will not be stolen away before you realize just how special you this world......

In your eyes I see a future so bright that at times I wonder will you even be able to grasp just how great you will become

As I hug you to me I pray...

that God gives me strength to be the mother to you that he needs me to be, that he allows me to allow you to grow into your own, that he molds you into something bigger than you could ever imagine

As I kiss you I pray...

that the blood running through your veins ignites a fire in you that will never die, creating such a force of nature that others will wonder just who you are

You are are

...have helped me realize the meaning of true love and that love deserves and needs to be nurtured.

You are the beginning of a something beautiful.....your siblings will look up to you...they will need you just as you need me at this very moment and I .....need you

At this moment nothing in this world could feel better than knowing that you are forever a part of me

You are an extension of my heart, outside of my body......a seed that was planted by God...he has given you to me to nurture you

A creation so beautiful that as I stare down into your eyes I wonder how God could ever bless me with such a huge responsibility

I will love you and will nurture you..helping you to understand that no matter what occurs I am here for you assure you, to comfort you, to cast away the doubt that will be placed when you feel like you can't make it hold you, to keep you warm and to provide for you

as I hold you in my arms I thank God for you and all the memories that we will create

I thank him for first born
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Monday, September 18, 2006

You can do it!!

So as you know I went to SC to visit Young One this past weekend. I got off of work at a decent time, went home made sure that everything was packed and put my lil self in the bed to make sure that I was well rested for the drive I was about to make.

Couldn't go right to sleep so I talked to him, he told me to turn off all the lights, turn over and close my eyes LOL..he is too funny he said that since I called him and said that I couldn't sleep that it was a cry for help...NOT...anywho he called a lil later and said that he wanted to hear my voice but knew that I had to drive so I could go back to up around 2(yes a.m.)..showered, dressed went to the store to grab some dog food for Giz, came back and packed the car and took off...I was on the road by quarter to 3. The ride was uneventful..I didn't even know that 301 went all the way down there..I didn't take it all the way down but now I know....I also know that the cops are out on 301 and 95 at 4am LOL..I saw folks getting pulled over right and left.

So anyway I made it down there before 12 probably would have made it there by 11 but I stopped at the Walmart and got distracted..I love Wally World LOL. Anywho I go to pick him up and he drives us to the hotel..we can't check in till 4, so we go to the place where he wanted us to have a picnic at...a botanical gardens of some was soo nice and pretty out there. We talked, laughes and joked around it was very nice. Got some food and checked into the hotel and just chilled for the rest of the night until it was time to go to the movies..we went to go see Gridiron Gang....I must say that i loved this movie. It was sooo good, and it's a must have when it comes out on DVD. He said I was crying and what not, ok so I was but I had a reason to cry. After the movie we went back to the hotel and just crashed...I was tired from driving and I guess once I went to sleep he had no choice but to follow LOL....of course he got a complimentary hug and kiss but you know how that goes LOL...

Saturday we did breakfast, the mall and another movie (The Black Dahlia) I was a tad bit upset cause it didn't get good till the end. We laughed because we saw a good movie and an alright movie. We ordered pizza and got some drinks and just talked and watched the tube some more, cuddled,it was really nice. To be honest if it doesn't go any further than that weekend I had sooo much fun and he helped bring a smile to my face and for that I am thankful.

We talked about school and what he wants to do, he has a son so we talked about that and how we talk everyday. I drove back on Sunday and only stopped twice..I was so proud that I did all by myself and wasnt even tired till I got home of course LOL Today was actually the first time that we haven't talked all day....more than once that is LOL..he called a lil while ago to say that he would call me after he got out of practice.

In between all that....Constant has been emailing me, apologizing and saying that he is sorry. I told him that he probably wouldn't be apologizing if he hadn't gotten caught and he said that he would have eventually came to his senses and would have told me what was going on...yea right. Does he think I'm really that dense..if it didn't come out why would it need to come out in the open? So I told him that I didn't want to talk about it anymore, beating a dead horse cause that's what it's become now.....and there is no point in talking about what he did cause he's there and I here and I would only be carrying this on to pass time and I ain't doing that. He keeps saying I'm the best thing that happened to him and he put me through hell and what not but in his book we were only re-evaluating..I was like why didn't you tell me that LOL...I mean shouldn't we have talked together about that. You wake up one morning at 845 am and say oh I wanna sleep with this chic so I'm gonna reevaluate my relationship with my girl, but not tell her. Great. WHo freakin does that and on top of that why did this negro send me a letter right and I open it and I'm thinking that its some long drawn out apology and what not....and it's the story that he sent don't send me that crap, you sent it to some other chic, and why you write a one paragraph note on the back of it..who does that..apparently he does. Great..I tell ya he just don't get it....just don't get it....

Nurse Dude (also known as D) called and was like did i have a back yard or a porch of some sort, he has a baby pit and he needs to keep him somewhere for a week. Boo you knew you couldn't have a dog, why get him and on top of that why get a pit..come on. So I was like nope sorry hope you find something LOL..once I guess he figured I didn't care he was like I'll talk to you later, umm no you won't great. I hate people that think you're stupid enough not to notice that they only call you when they want or need something...he's gonna make me get rude...I hate being rude but sometimes it feels so nice to be rude LOL

So young one is cool, I like him, we'll see but of course I ain't counting my chickens before they hatch LOL
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

It's raining outside and I want to go to sleep

Why was I on the phone with him till 1am and then again at 5am

Today is my work tomorrow!!!!!

He calls me Rainbow makes me smile

He makes me smile

Calm down, things are always nice in the beginning lol

I miss my nephew

I am sooo loving Justin Timberlake's CD

I heart him LOL

We talk alllllll day...and yes I mean all day (via text, IM, or phone)

My hair is getting longer..wooohooo

That drive tomorrow should be interesting

I wonder what he has up his sleeve

Why the heck would you send me a text at ain't got it like that...but he does (smile)'s like that..that's how you going dog....WOW

Never would have expected to learn that about you

I'm letting go of you and it hurts...but it's what i have to do

I can't make you love me or feel remorse

Stop acting like everything is fine when it's NOT

I have a 7 hour drive ahead of me......I will be singing all the way down there

Have you even thought about what you did and how you hurt me.....


We're going on a picnic (that's so sweet)

We played truth or dare for two days lol

I want you to hurt like I hurt....even if it's only for a second

I want my bluetooth...NOW

I need a serious vacation these one days off got to go

I can't wait to get my new furniture

Funny how I'm telling you not to worry about me and you still do...did you worry about me when you were kissing her.....

I wonder if she knows that I admire her.....

He's quickly helping me to forget about you...what does that mean

Now why you wanna go and do that....

He says he misses me when he doesn't hear my voice....I blush

It's raining outside
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday Tag

Haven't done a meme in a minute and technically I didn't get tagged by anyone I just saw this on a few of the blogs that I read and decided to do take a break from my drama and learn a lil bit more about me...the real me....LOL..why am I trying to sound all MTV real lifeish LOL

1) Full Name: Danielle F. (I will not tell you my middle name LOL)

2) Name Backwards: .F elleinaD

3) Were you named after anyone? Yes my middle name if for my biological grandmother

4) Does your name mean anything? God is my judge

5) Nick Name(s): Dannie, Dannibear, Yelle, Honey, D

6) How old are you: 23

7) Date Of Birth: 10/20

8) Place of Birth: VA

9) Nationality: Black..enough said lol

10) Current Location: work...washington, dc

11) Sign: Libra

12) Religion: Christian

13) Height: 5 ' 2...the nurse last week tried to say 5'1 yea right give me my inch woman!

14) Skin color: I've just learned that I am hazel nut LOL

15) Shoe Size: 8.5 or 9

16) Hair Color: cinnamon brown/dark blonde

17) Eye colour: dark brown i'm assuming

18) What do you look like? Ok look at the pics

19) Innie or Outie? Innie

20) Right, Lefty, or Ambidextrous? Right-handed

21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other? Straight but i love me and I'm a woman LOL..sike let me stop

22) Best friend(s): Toya and the Crew

23) Best friend you trust the most: My mommie

24) Best friends {your sex}: I'm confused LOL

25) Best friends of the opposite sex: Delance

26) Best Bud(s): The Crew

27) Boyfriend / Girlfriend: Don't want a boyfriend want a MAN!

28) Crush: giggling...yes I do lol

29) Parent(s): I love them to pieces..think the world of them

30) Worst Enemy: sometimes me

31) Favorite on-line Guy(s): T. Cas and epsilonicus (i always spell his name wrong lol), sarcastik when he's blogging

32) Favorite on-line Girl(s): To say it easy the people to the left LOL

33) Funniest friend: My roomie (the one i live with now)...she is crazy

34) Craziest friend: My roomie....

35) Advice Friend: Ween and Kish

36) Loudest Friend: My roomie

37) Person you cry with: The crew and Toya

38) Any sisters: 2 younger....

39) Any brothers: 1 older

40) Any pets: my crazy dog Gizmo....who everyone says I talk to like he's my kid LOL

41) A Disease: ewww no unless dandruff is one haah

42) A Pager: who has one of those anymore

43) A Personal phone line: just gone one LOL

44) A Cell phone: it's always in my pocket..i have attacks if i can't find it

46) A Pool or hot tub: hmm a hot tub..will be in one this weekend lol yea right

47) A Car: Yes

48) Personality: funny, opinionated, shy, loud, patient, wonderful person

49) Driving: fast i have a speed problem

50) Car or one you want: a paid off one LOL

51) Room: mismatch furniture that kinda matched getting a new set for my bday in Oct

52) What’s missing? From my life?? Nothing everything is going as God has planned it to go..I just have to get with the program LOL

53) School: Yep hopefully grad school next fall

54) Bed: Full getting a queen in a month..wooohooo

55) Relationship with your parent(s): Couldn’t ask for a better one

56) Believe in yourself: Need to do that more

57) Do you believe in love at first sight? I do

58) Consider yourself a good listener: absolutely

59) Sleep in PJs: Depends

60) Get Along with your parents: WOW...who does these

61) Save your e-mail conversations: Yep just in case

62) Pray: all the time

63) Believe in reincarnation: Not if i'm coming back as a roach LOL..sike nope I dont believe in it

64) Like to make fun of people: I like to laugh at people…only if necessary LOL and sometimes it's oh so necessary

65) Like to talk on the phone: Yes I do..I love to talk period

66) Like to eat: Hmm eat to live of course and I love snack food haha

67) Like to drive: Semi feeling on this..sometimes yea sometimes no

68) Get motion sickness: Nope

69) Eat the stems of broccoli: with cheese emmm

70) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: depends

71) Dream in colour: Yes

72) Type with your fingers on home row: Most of the time I do

73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: sometimes

74) Right next to you: phone, client files, water, postit notes

75) On the walls of your room: Nothing just moved and will be fixing that next week

76) On your mouse pad: No mouse pad

77) Your dream car: 745 (Quarter to 8)

78) Your dream date: One where I enjoy the person as much as I enjoy them

79) Your dream honeymoon spot: Trinidad

80) Your dream husband/wife: A fine black man who is focused on bettering himself...

81) Your bedtime: lately when I finish talkin to young one

82) Under your bed: nothing..give me a few weeks though LOL

83) The single most important question: Could this be it....

84) Your bad time of the day: M-F between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm (ugh!)

85) Your worst fear(s): not knowing true love again

86) The weather you like: august/october

87) The time? 11:20am

88) The date? September 12, 2006

89) The best trick you ever played on someone: Don't play tricks now pranks on the other hand LOL

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: weird I don't know but i have to have ranch on everything

91) Theme Song: Take me as I am ...mary J

92) The hardest thing about growing up: Learning to let go

93) Your funniest experience: Mannn too many to count with the gang

94) Your scariest moment: thinking i was going to be kidnapped

95) The silliest thing you've done: Yelling at people on the strip after a night of drinking

96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex? Nothing…other than after a few drinks i might just go over and tell him i find him attractive..yea me the person who is soo shy when talking to guys LOL

97) The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s): My roomie had a bad ashtma attack I thought she was a gonner

98) The best feeling in the world: Knowing love

99) The worst feeling in the world: Loving someone who can’t love you back (I concur with R's daughter)

100) 3 people you tag: None do it if you like
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Friday, September 08, 2006


It's Friday and I'm at work, listening to the Tony Rich Project (Pictures) that BK put me on to about a week or so ago and I must say that I'm feeling it anywho me being at work on a Friday and it's not a payday....what does that tell you about my mood? I'm ready to go out and pop some bottles that is cause a sista is sitting on E until next week and everyone knows how that to pay bills...wooohoo oh the joy of seeing a pair of shoes to match my jamaican tank top and not being able to buy them cause I'm trying to focus on getting my furniture out by my bday. The most expensive thing I have ever bought next to my car on my own..I'm soo happy. So it's in layaway and hopefully if I can stop myself from shopping for a month I'll have it out by the end of Oct.

Nothing much new with me...surprise, surprise. Yea I know oh yea Nurse Dude decided he wanted to pop back in the picture....he called wanted to see me and apologize for how things went down. I'm not sure if you know the story but I let him use the ride one day and he got it towed...called me at work and let me know what was going down...he had the money and couldn't get it out cause he wasn't the owner so he came and got me from work to pick my car up. I wasn't mad..cause I let him use it, I should have known people ain't gonna take care of your stuff like you take care of it. If I see somewhere that says no over night parking even if it's a grocery store do you think I'm gonna leave my car and on top of that he was within 10 min of where I use to live at so he could have called me to come get him from whereever he was (he says he was too drunk to drive home) let me say that I'm not stupid cause when I finally got my car back the clothes that he wore when he saw me that day before were in there so unless he brought all new clothes to wear he was at some chics house...anywho that's neither here nor there....we were picking up my car, I was on the phone with roomie and he proceeds to grab my arm and I yanked it away..he gets mad cause his boy was there with us and he thinks that I'm showing off (for what?!) and gets in his he told me he was mad and I was like aight why, we talked about it and I thought it was over and this negro was still mad even after we talked about I've been moving on not callin him although he has left stuff at my house that I am in the process of gettin rid of if he doesn't come get it....and BAMN he calls talking about he has been thinking about me, stuff has been going on, one of his patients died and some other stuff...I tell ya it's always something. Life is always so complicated or overbearing that people forget to pick up the phone...sure. Technology is so vast that you can send an email or a text just sayin I'm aight just haven't had a chance to call...but no. Anywho he wanted me to come over at like 11 or something the other night and I was like ummm no sorry boo I ain't tryin to be your booty call unless we both agree that's how we carrying it and of course if we do there are certain rules that we have to abide by. If I call you then you need to be on your way, no spending the night, no using my car, no getting mad if I don't answer your calls and the same goes for getting in the feelings...cause we've been there done that and apparently you cant get it together.

Young One (the newbie) has been occupying all my conversation time. We talk all during the day via text and then when I get off work we're either on the phone or still's great cause it's all free we both have Verizon. He is sooo funny. I laugh during most of the conversation, we send pics back and forth and yesterday we played truth or dare and we wrote all the dares down and when I go down to SC next weekend we have to do them. Man he got me good that's all I got to say....I'm a shy person when it comes to it and he got me....I look forward to visiting him. This is my first long road trip driving alone in the car. I've driven to Myrtle Beach but each time someone was in the car with me. So I've been trying to get directions and determine the best way to get down there. I've heard I can take 301 down there but of course the websites all tell me to get on 95 then get on 301 I'm trying to get down there as fast as possible. I'm leaving at like 5:30am so I can get down there in the afternoon right when he gets out of class..yep he's in his last year of college. He's so focused and I find that attractive, funny cause he finds that attractive in me as well. Of course I'm not prediciting the future but he very cool to talk to and since I love talking on the phone that's enough to me :)

We're just gonna play it by ear when I get down there but I do know that I want to go see the Black Dahlia..the movie about the most notorious murder in LA....of course it's not gonna be as gruesome as the real story but a girl can hope for blood and gore haha. It's funny cause we both crack one another up that I'm anxious to see how we vibe when we're around each other for more than a couple of hours. He calls me Light Bright...partly because of my light complexion (i'm not that light) and he says I make him smile....he has a way with words I tell ya that. The other night we spent an hour or so reading one another poetry that we had written. I'm kinda shy when it comes to that so the fact that I read him more than one poem surprised me. Poetry is so personal and it lets those into a side of me that I'm afraid to share sometimes (appear vulnerable) that only a few have heard stuff that I've written..unlike now since I've posted something up here LOL...perhaps I'll post something else soon. So all in all I'm looking forward to my weekend with him.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hurricane Rain

It's Tuesday...the first day of the work week for those of us who were blessed to have monday off and here in DC it's raining, and I don't mean a drizzle rain I mean a freaking downpour hurricane/tornado rain. I was walking to work from the metro and water was all inside my shoes and my pants legs were drenched. It looked like someone had released all the water mains and was trying to flood the city. Do you think that lead anyone to say ohhh stay home today we don't want you to drown coming to work...HECK NO! So here I sit.

I had a wonderful weekend...let me repeat WONDERFUL!! I went home to the 757 area of VA and chilled with the fam. Went shopping and bought some cute shoes with the sis and best friend, brought my god daughter and nephew some shoes..they grow up so fast. Was suppose to go to the beach that night but my lil sis had to be to work at 6am and the best friends mom was watching the lil one and wouldn't keep her after 12 so I stayed at home and chilled with the fam. Was suppose to mean up with No1 and left my dang on phone at home so I couldn't call her to let her know what was going down...I'm def gonna have to call her up so we can do lunch one day this weekend or something I have to take the roomie to BK's jazzercise class since I've been raving about how much fun it was.

Went to the strip on Sunday night...chilled with the roomie, her sister, the roomies friend and an ex boyfriend from when I was younger who is now like a brother to me..funny how that occurs LOL. Me and him were talking about how when we were younger my parents hated the fact that I liked him and now when I chill with him they're like oh ok hha but I think his mom is still trying to hope..when I went to pick him up she was like ok, ya'll have babies now. SILENCE....who the heck she think I am..I haven't kissed her son since High school and I don't plan on doing it now LOL. So we rode out to the stip..catching up while I wsa driving and just laughing about old trying to encourage him to get himself together. Him saying how proud he was of me doing big things (i guess lol). We get to the strip and just hang out go to the bar get some drinks. I had a vodka and pineapple.....which I had to ask oh girl at the bar to add some more vodka to cause it tasted like pineapple juice....I then asked her did she know how to make a tom collins I think she got mad cause she looked at me like b(*%$ please of course I do..LOL, she proceeded to make my tom collins and I promise if I had one more of those I would not have been able to drive home.

I played with my nephew when I was home for the most part. I sang old mcdonald like 50 times and we have a big'll have to hear it, it's sooo cute. I say old mcdonald had a faaarrrmmmm....ehhh iiii eeeee iiiiii and he says oohohohohhoho in like this high squeky voice with his head to the ceiling LOL...I was cracking up.

An ex called on thursday and we got into an argument cause he asked me if I had slept with anyone since the last time we slept together (2 years ago) and I told him heck yea aint my man why shouldn't I. So he wanted to have a screaming match about me doing that and why was I concerned about him calling me if I'm doing "me" as he calls it. I dont' scream if you annoy me I say good bye and hangup...I will discuss the issue but that's it dont' think I'm gonna let you yell at me in the phone and things are gonna be cool. So I said if we were friends he would call so how you gonna talk to me about being with you if you can't even communicate on a friend level..get a life, find some other chich to infect with that drama cause I'm over and done. He's been dragging and dragging with excuse after excuse and last year I finally told him that if stuff didn't change I was out and he didn't believe me. I remember a month went by without me talking to him and he called talking about hey boo how are you I miss you blah blah blah and I was like I'm busy I'm out doing something and he asked all these questions and got his feelings hurt. I don't PLAY, I told you what needed to be done and you didn't do it so BYE. I proceeded to hang up on him and I don't do that too often but he annoys the heck out of me. Talkin about how he is gonna change and what it's a day late and 5 cents short. I'm over you and we will never be together ever again unless God himself comes down and tells me that and even then I'd be like umm are you sure abotu this..can we negotiate LOL. I mean dang......

In between all that I was on the phone with a new friend who I just started talking to again. I met him earlier this year he sent me an IM I found out that he was actually roomies with another old friend who likes me but I don't like them and he gave me some interesting tidbits of info on this person. He didn't want to fully expound on what he knew cause he said that would ruin how I looked at the person but the way I see it is that I have to come to that decision on my own and if I choose not to deal with that person then I don't. I remember reading princess dominique's page about converstaion and staying on the phone..why was I on the phone with him the other night past midnight and we both feel was nice I haven't done that in a while....we text all day, talk all day since we both have verizon it's all free which is an added bonus...he's younger than me which at first I was like ohhh no LOL..but through conversation and his words you can't dare guess that's he 21. So I'm suppose to take a lil road trip down to SC in a couple of weeks to visit him....can't have too many positive people in your life and he is truly one of them :)

Off to see how your holiday weekend's were......if you're in this area try to stay dry!!!!

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