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Thursday, June 26, 2008

What to do, what to do

When you wanna leave but you wanna stay

When you know that what you think is good for you is really bad for you

When things just suck but you realize it could be worse

When some folks just feel the need to tell you what they think you should or shouldn't do

When you wanna drop kick folks in the knee and then kick em in the chin while they are down

When you wanna laugh at the stupidity that comes out of folks mouths, but you wanna cry cause it just dont make nosense

When you love someone so much that you wanna give em the world

When you sometimes feel like you can't see the forest for the trees

When you realize you gotta make moves and that you werent expecting to have to do it anymore
When you're scared but you know that once you get it crackin you'll be fine

When you think you know what you gotta do but you honestly dont have a clue

When you wanna just lay down and not get up

When you realize that the person you love really aint who you thought they were

When you realize that you gotta suck it up and make some moves, moves that you thought you wouldn't be making ever again

When the person you love and I mean really love realizes that they love you too but the both of you are scared as a kid crossing the street for the first time alone.

When what you know you gotta do scares you so much that you would just rather not do it at all

What do you do....when you dont know what to do.....
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Friday, June 20, 2008


When it come to remaining calm while my insides are being ripped apart, I think I do a pretty darn good job of holding my emotions in tact...but right now I just wanna curl up and drip myself into a drunk coma.

I'll return and speak on it when I feel like it.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TMI Tuesday

Havent done one of these in a while. Figured if I did one it would take my mind off the heat LOL

1. What lines have you used to let someone down gently.

I can love you and not be with you, I just think I'm the problem and I dont want to mess your life up. Now that was to put it nicely I've also called men A-holes and wack A bammas among other things LOL

2. If I gave you $10K to waste, what would you buy.

I'd actually pay my bills off.

3. If I gave you $10K, but you had to spend it all on someone else, what would you buy.

I'd pay my parents bills off.

4. If your partner brought a double dildo to bed, you'd be ____________?

Laughing and wondering who this strange man is.

5. What sounds to you make during sex.

That depends I tend to moan and ohhh and ahhh. I've also been know to talk LOL and I do tend to favor the S and F words lol

Bonus (as in optional): Tell your worst break up story.

Honestly all of them are considered bad breakups to me, but I think the one that takes the cake would be Z. I fell in love with him during college and we broke up on good terms but I cried and wouldn't eat for weeks....he was truly someone I wanted to be with. We still talk on occassion and sometimes I wish that time and space were available for us to be together but things happen for a reason so I've moved on.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Haven't really been doing good with these....and it's funny cause when I did it I seemed to feel a lil better about things so here goes...

I'm thankful for being able to wake up this morning

For having usage of my limbs

For just being able to see through these eyes of mine..whether it be through contacts or glasses some folks woke up to darkness

For all my family being safe and sound amid the horrible weather yesterday

For R, who is bombarding his way into my a good way

For realizing that life is about living and learning, I can't be mad that I'm learning lessons the way I am, hopefully my children wont be as hard headed as me lol

For understanding how beautiful I am, even in the mornings with funky breath

For being important to someone

For dreaming of kissing him.....that Total song is playing now and I can't help but smile

For just being able to be me :)

For my new godson Gavin being born healthy and strong and the anticipation of the 2 additional babies that will be born in the next two months..WOOHOOO

For all of you......I might not stop by all the time but believe that when I see or hear something that reminds me of you....I think of you :)

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Monday, June 02, 2008

She's BACK!!

A mid the wonderful weather and getting sick I'm back from vacation.

Wish I were still laying on the beach

I didn't go to Va beach with hun...long story and honestly it might make me upset all over again so I ended up in Myrtle Beach

Let's just say now that I realized that what I thought I felt isn't what I felt at all

I realized that things might not change and I need to change them

I miss him....

If this world were mine and Angel by Anita Baker are my new favorite songs :)

My fam came up for my presentation which went rather well....I've been a Zeta for 3 months now but now I can relish in it :)

I can somewhat get my nights back lol

Joined weight watchers and so far it's aight, I just have to get in the habit of tracking everything I eat....we'll see how this goes

HEYYY REESIE!!!! I just had to do that, that's my homie lol

I'm ready for the weekend!
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