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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I take nothing for granted. I now have only good days or great days. --Lance Armstrong

A wonderful blogger big sis reminded me how it feels to think on the good things that are in our lives and not the bad (Thanks Blu Jewel!!)

With that being said thank you....

for coming over yesterday, I've missed you my friend.

for checking up on me even when I think I'm ok

for just being who you this day and age it means alot

for loving your big sister even when she says stuff that you dont wanna hear

for loving your daughter even when she disappoints you (and makes you question if she is insane lol)

P.Diddy/Poppa Diddy/Diddy for allowing me to witness the realness or fakeness (lol young one) that is Que and Dawn...I'm a sucka for love as well

G for showing me just a glimpse of what happiness could be whenever I'm ready to settle down again

roomie for just being the best friend/sister from another mother a girl could ever as for (have fun with the boo on vacation)

love for just being able love and all that you entail even if its not between a man and woman love is a beautiful thing

HoneyLibra for embracing this whole living alone thing and making things are so wonderful, you amaze me each time I catch ya lookin at me inthe mirror and I must say that you're looking a lil smaller these days...good job girlie...I love you

for the traffic this morning, I got a chance to listen to the Russ Parr horoscopes!!

for listening to my jabber all day everyday, every once in a while God gives you a friend who knows when to say I know and I understand and when to shut the hell up lol and let you talk

for coming back into my life after disappearing after a year...I've missed you man but what do I do now knowing that you love me enough to be with me...... each of you, for still coming by, for sending emails, for talking to me on IM even when I dont stop by your lil piece of world (It doesn't mean that you're not in my thoughts)

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Monday, September 29, 2008


I use to do these and then I slacked seemed like a good day to do's Monday I need a lil pick me up :)

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever inserted or seen inserted (in a sexual manner) in person?

Ok so one of my insane guy friends had me watch some horrible film with him and the lady was doing it to a horse...enough said LOL

2. Have you ever had sex anyone whose name started with a J?

Hmmm actually I haven't lol

3. Have you ever been outside completely naked?

Are we talking completed naked or naked with a robe on lol

4. Do you prefer music, tv, or other noise in the background when you have sex?

I love listening to music in the dark, the TV will do if I dont feel like music though.

5. Have you ever used ice for sexual purposes?

Someone has used ice on me and bOYYYYYYYY was it HOT!!!!

Bonus: Have you ever been propositioned for group sex?

BWAHHHH yes. My ex who lives in TX has been wanting me to have a threesome with him and his girl for the longest....ummm NOOO BOO wow. Asking to buy me a ticket wont if you offer to pay my car off we'll talk LOL

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Friday, September 26, 2008


Dr. Pratt is dead.....I'm in mourning

Why do they kill off all the good people on shows....and why do I act like its more than a show lol

Thank you sir for saying that I caught your eye....however you caught mine about 5 months ago when you stopped me at the subway shop near my job and I told you I had a I dont but you're still not attractive. I'm pretty sure you didnt even know that it was me, however if you were watching me like you said you were you would have noticed that I was trying to catch some Zzzzz's before I headed off to work. So you got the I have a man answer and I proceeded to look back out the window...and catch my Zzzzzz...thanks

I wanna sleep in......a full Saturday. I have yet to do that and I miss it. Not sure when I'll be able to get that sleep I want but I'm crossing my fingers.

I have indigestion really bad at bad that it keeps me up and sometimes makes me cry...guess its time to go to the doctor....ewwwwww

He's counting down the days till he's back home...cute. I'm not even gonna say I miss talking to him cause he will take that a whole diff way :)

Once again I didnt sleep at home hahhaa....I like sleeping at your house...what can I say.

I need to get this head done I can't stand to have it lookin like Mr. Shuttlesworth

I like smoothies.....especially the Odwalla superfood one..its green but tastey

I admit that I love laying on my couch watching the tube...ahhhhh such a refreshing feeling.

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Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm ready to go tummy dont feel too good

I dont wanna be on this conference call tonight but I have to....

I wish it were Friday already

Then again I have a packed weekend so maybe today is just fine

You are such a loser

You're my sister and right now I feel like slappin the crap out of you

I like you yes...but dont try to wife me yet dang lol can we chill for a second

I miss ya man.....yea you....not you haha

I'm your sunshine......awwwww just typing that makes me smile

I wish I could take your pain away.....but if I could then I'd take mine away too

I like the new place, and no I dont want you to come visit just cause you live 10 min away

Dont invite yourself over

You lickin your lips while you talk to me is suppose to do what.............

Yes I'm losing weight, but I dont look like I'm starving wow

On top of that did I look bad before hahaha

Man in less than a month I'll be 26. And just to think when I was in HS I wanted to be married by now with a kid hahahah..can ya imagine

I can see next year shaping up to be the year though...not for a baby lol but for something big :)

I know you miss me...I dont miss saying that you're gonna be moving to Bmore aint gonna make you look no better to me....

You are insane if you think I'm going out of the state with you I wont even let you come to my house you cause me to be mean to you

I think I secretly like it though

I need to give some more shoes away....I just dont know how they are gonna fit in my closet

I miss you Toot, Fat Fat and JayD....auntie can't wait to see you again :)

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Monday, September 15, 2008

New Start....

My name is HoneyLibra and a packrat :(

I didn't realize I had so much stuff....I've packed away two bags of clothes and a bag and a half of shoes and I still gotta get stuff from the other house and move it to my apt. So tonight after class that's what I'm gonna be doing.

However all the big stuff is moved which is great so that was a blessing. Dad and my sisters boyfriend got there around 2 on Fri, I was already at my new apt waiting for the cable guy (a whole nother story in itself) so I left the key for them and they loaded up the truck and came to the new spot.

My dad likes it, wonders why I moved so far away lol..told him I needed to step out and do something diff but he did say the area was nice and it seemed quiet..told me not to be standing outside all late at ok Daddy.

Anywho we got done with the big stuff around 8 and I followed them back into VA cause I wanted to get some more stuff that would last me at least till I could get back to VA to get the rest of my shoeboxes and clothes.

I realized after finally getting back to my new spot that I had left the shower curtain rings in the what did I do...fold the shower curtain over and stand next to the wall hoping no water was on the floor when I got out lol and it worked..yesterday I used earrings to hold it up hey what can I say I'm creative.

This weekend was pretty chill, I hung out on the I did not unpack my clothes LOL that will occur gradually :) what can I say when it comes to unpacking I'm a slacker...but the kitchen is unpacked and so is the bathroom minus of course the shower curtain rings. I LOVE my closet space being that I have so many clothes...there is a closet in my room, a coat closet and a storage closet (with racks) so I should have more than enough room for all my stuff.

I need to get a new comforter set and some curtains for the bedroom and mini window in the living room. But other than that I'm def lovin the has the bomb ceiling fan in the bedroom someone asked me if I bought it I was like heck no lol

My dad was in love with the lights in the bathroom and the new appliances which are black...wooohooo

Aight so here is the funniest part of my weekend other than me getting locked out which was not funny at the time but is a tad hilarious now.

So the cable guy was to come between 2-5. I left with my sisters boyfriend to get some more stuff from VA so my dad stayed at my place. Cable guy comes, installs the stuff and my dad calls me tellign me that he needs my comp to do the internet. I tell him to just leave it and I'll do it myself. He informs me that it might be difficult and that he didnt' want to get in trouble with Comcast by not doing his job...I said ok sweetie i'm not in VA and I dont want to hold you up just because you need to install my internet...leave it I'll call comcast and request you if i have trouble. So he says aight I'm gonna leave you my number so you can call me directly...aight works for me I love personal service....i asked him his name...Julio apparently I said it funny cause he was like what and I was like nothing you just dont sound umm.....LOL and he says I'm Dominican and I open my big mouth and say Ohhh you must be a cutie..he laughs we hang up and I go bout my business.

Sidebar: We get to the house in the bridge and my dad had my key so we had to wait for Hun...he came helped load up some stuff and I noticed he had a spot on his chest I'm like what happened to you did you hurt yourself.....ohhhh is that a hickey...nah it's not..laugh and all that and finally I'm like dont he's like yea it is...I'm like dang dude have you not learned not to lie to just proved that you aint changed one bit. Yea it was strange living together and not being together but you already sleeping with chics did you use protection wow cause you sure were sleeping with me at the same time....talking about why he gotta explain himself I'm like dont even worry about it dude....great...moving right along

Call my dad to tell him we're on the way back and the cable dude is STILL there...WOW I know this dude aint waiting around to see what I look like (in my dirty white tee, sweaty locs, and velour pants lol and I'm smelling like a field slave), but we pull up and there he is..WOW. I have NEVER seen an ugly Dominican man...that day was the day.....glasses that covered eyes that were either too big, or cross eyed, or lazy I couldn't tell....a mouth that was missing some teeth and the ones that were there some were bigger than the others WOW....why my sisters bf was like he got a nice smile dont he I was like WOW..dang next time I even gonna say nothing hahah..a hot mess and this fool still messed me a regular cable box when I asked for DVR so great.

I locked myself out on Sat night waiting for G to come over needlesstosay I need to give my keys to someone who lives close enough to come help in case I get locked out and there is only one person that comes to mind LOL....R. He actually has a key to my car cause I've locked myself out numerous times either leaving his house or near his house or whatever. Plus even if he's not home he's still close enough to bring me my keys...cause he's never that far from home...even for work.....

So that was my first weekend in my's always an adventure hahah

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lord Have Mercy!!! Kelly Clarkson...Eddie Murphy!!!! (B. Scott)

Man I love B. Scott hahaha I sooo wanna call some folks nasty gutterbutt trollops hahah

I packed up the kitchen last night....I was nice enough to leave him some silverware since I have more than enough and some glass I just made sure I took my favorites and the can opener haha..he can buy another one, it's only a dollar.

I wanted to take the dishrack but I decided that I could find a way better one :)

I def have to get a nonstick pan I wanted his but didn't wanna be mean plus I saw this blue one I want...yes it's my fav color back off

Everything is a go, I'm going in the morning and my dad should be in town by 11. Cable folks are coming between 2-5 so I'm gonna try to put some stuff in my car tonight so I can stay in MD tonight and be there right when they open so I can be back at the house by the time my dad gets here.

Man I must say I love my parents....I didn't have a dresser..yea I know so my mom gave me my nephews since he doesn't live there anymore so whooohooo. I want a new bed but that will all come with time..I'm sticking with what I got it works just fine :)

Lots of my friends and I will call these folks friends have said that if I need them to call them or even that they will come by and help me unpack. I dont mind at all cause at first I was like I aint gonna need no help. However I can see just from the boxes that I packed up that I can't do it alone lol

My clothes will prob be the last to be unpacked cause there are so many of them. I am even giving stuff away so far one bag of clothes and one bag of shoes....and I haven't even touched two other bins upstairs..those will get tackled tonight.

By the time my daddy comes tomorrow I should have everything in the living room ready to be loaded up.....we shall see if this happens cause I have a tendency to be packign and moving at the same time LOL. I can't help it I never know when I'm gonna need something.

Ok so why was I walking to the Springfield Mall parking garage from the Metro (it's free and not that far) and this guy in a military fatigue uniform walks beside and says I can be nice so I say hi and keep walking..he says you like nice in strips..I'm thinking aight so I respond thanks....he goes on to say yea I like my women nice and must be a southern girl...and I'm like is this old man serious, you're old enough to be my I didn't wanna over do it and run screaming perv perv so I'm like thank you and I keep walking...he then says yea you know I was just thinking that you'll give me something to think about when I get home...skkkuuuurrttttt...EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you nasty gutterbutt trollop.......get the F^%& outta here.....i just did this nervous laugh and proceeded to let him walk in front of me. I mean did he feel the need to keep talking and not pay attention to what he was saying...WOW..buddy you should have stopped while you're ahead...I got my eye on you!!!

So I'll be busy packing tonight, moving tomorrow, hopefully catch a movie in between all that and a chapter meeting on Saturday and then lunch with the sorors after the I prob wont get back home till mid afternoon.

G has offered to come over and help. I'm not trying to lead him on, so I was like aight but I'm pretty sure I'll be fine. Dont want him to try to bust his way into my life...just chill dude....breathe a lil stop trying to wife me LOL....I'm living the single life man hahaha

See you guys Monday! Hopefully I'll have some excitment to report on :)

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Monday, September 08, 2008


Called today and apparently the person who lived in my apt before me has yet to turn in the keys...get it together folks...I will be moving in on Friday even if you have to put me somewhere else...thanks

Cable is set up to come on Fri..can't be without my cable too long yes!

Going to the movies Fri night prob to see the new Tyler Perry movie or the Women dont know which one yet

Looking forward to finally moving in...although I have NOT packed...yes you read correct I have NOT packed...I'm a slacker I know

Man I've been on the brink of falling apart and its not even because of the move...I promise when you think you're getting things on the right path the devil steps in and slaps you keep me in your prayers.....

Middle sis put me on her membership to Sams Club which is great cause I'll def need that in my life LOL

Friends have offered to come and help me unpack..with little distractions this weekend and I can't be more overjoyed that folks love me enough to help me pack and unpack.

I'm blessed I know that much

Lil Sis is acting a dang on fool talkign about I need to talk to my mother...umm boo no she's momma I aint sayin crap to can't take care of your kids and she can....we'll leave it at that.

I think she's on drugs...dont know if she's just smokin the cheeba or what but she's on something.....

Had a "date" on Sat night. I use the term loosely cause it's someone that I've known for a min we just never hung out. Watched the DVD of Martin shows which was cool cause it was just chill. Dude talking about he'll wait till I'm ready to be in a relationship I said that will be a min LOL not trying to do that whole thing again just yet.

He's cool offered to help me unpack and what not....we'll see how cool he is this time next year hahhahha

Counting down the days till the whole day off to move...great

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Change is good....but it can also sting

So this weekend was spent with the fam. My sis, the nephews and her boyfriend didn't make it to my house till about 3am. She was moving out of the house where she stays with her bestfriend (you really learn about someone when you live with em lol) back home with the parents which I think is a good move with her. So they took forever getting there, I had fallen asleep and everything lol...finally they arrived my fatfat is getting sooo big, walking and talking going on 5 lol. He cracks me up. The whole weekend I was amazed by his vocabulary..he loves to tell folks to stop and let go when you're holding on to him and he wants to do his own thing....he calls my mom magdey since he can't say maggie lol (he hears my dad call her that)

Got up the next morning and took jailyn with me to look at apts since I didnt wanna take fatfat along...he would be all over the place. Found a spot and had to get the funds for a deposit. So as of next Friday I'll be a resident of Landover, MD. I love the apt, can't wait to move in.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing auntie and spoiling my nephews and goddaughter who came along. She started K-3 on Tuesday so we went and bought her some school shoes....I tell ya that girl cracked me up telling her mom and me what she didn't like I was like boo do you have a job LOL. They stayed till Monday and I just laid around and slept....having a baby in the house is NOOOO joke. I love my JayD but I promise that boy slept all day and wanted to be up at night LOL

This morning I had a breakdown..I guess it's getting to me that I'm moving out. I cried in the house, in the car and then finally called my mommie to have her pray with me. She did so and told me that I'll be fine (I know and sometimes I get tired of hearing that). She said that me feeling how I feel is a trick of the devil to get me to doubt what is occuring...God can't bless mess...and I get that I'm just gonna miss him... I miss him already. He's been gone most of the tme cause he says it feels strange and I know but dang I can't help wanting to hug him since I'll be gone in a week or so.

Dont wanna think about it too much might start crying again....crying cause I'll miss him and that I'll be living alone...I have only lived alone for like 3 months LOL and it's SOOOOO freakin quiet I didnt know what to do with myself. I mean it was nice coming home to me, shopping for me, having folks come over then leave lol but it was still SOOOOO quiet. I like the area though and it's near Captiol Blvd and the metro so I should be fine. Some of my blogsisters live near by so I'll def have a chance to visit them more which is great :) BK has also informed me that I now have no excuse not to come to her class on the weekends...and sadly she is correct LOL what have I gotten myself into :)

Thank you ladies (you know who you are) for helping narrow my list down, telling me that I'll be fine and listening to my pain......I'll def have to have you guys over for some wine and cheese :)

So I'll be packing starting tomorrow LOL...I dont wanna I dont wanna I dont wanna...and not because I dont wanna move...but because I hate packing....unpacking is gonna be worse though...roomie has already said she will help so I'm thankful for that. She's actually gonna look at the complex and she might decide to move out there since her rent is going up in Oct lol

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another." ~Anatole France
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