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Friday, November 30, 2007

Uhhh ok

...people are gonna cough and sneeze but you need to cover your mouth homie

..if your gonna stare then speak

...yes you are a cutie....damn damn damn LOL

....I miss my fat fat and my toot can't wait to see them for Christmas

...Monday starts my new physical training I didn't hire anyone I have decided to be my own worst enemy...the scale will be my enforcer lol

....I was never really in to Jay Z before but for some odd reason I like his latest cd....hmmm would it be because HUN plays it all the time lol (I love I know what you like)

....I want another Tequila Sunrise emmmm that is sooo good

....I wanna dance so hard that my feet hurt even in flats

....I wanna be able to love you so much that you feel it when you hold me

.......nice ring, a black diamond is very different for a engagement ring

.....I was passed out on the train glad I didnt miss my stop like I did before

.....there is no need to fight over whose corner this is...well CVS entryway...I mean there are enough CVS' in dc for each of you to have one....come on now mr homeless man do you consider this a real job, I guess you do cause you're killin me with fussin homelady out for taking your spot LOL

....I'm ready for the weekend...matter fact I'm ready for every more work days LOL

....You will never get me back, even if you lost the weight and got Bill Gates just dont appeal to me any more

...I am not your love and stop callin me sexy coming from you it just sounds gross.....ehhhhhh

.....I love my new headphones...they are called skullcandy or somethin like that....the sound is great and they're even a jazzy blue color

.....I love my new handbag....I use to be into big bags but around junior year I stopped now I'm back to em LOL

....I can't wait to go shopping for my HUN I already know what I'm gettin him...although he only asked for 2 things I'm gonna get him those 2 things and 3 other things.... toot is getting so smart I talked to him yesterday and he says I'm eatin and watchin TV...I love you more wuv you he knows how to pronounce words now...aww I'm gonna cry..I still have my fat fat though :)

....ready to go home aint even the word.....I been ready since I was on my way into the office..

...yahhhh RESSIE will be working near me now!!! WOOHOOO we can do lunch now..have your people call my people and we'll talk :)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"This day, this day you feel helpless. This day makes all those other days when you fight to save a life and lose. This day makes you grateful you have a chance to do anything at all. You take it in." - Grey's Anatomy

I'm thankful for....

being able to have life, health and strength and not even in that order

my sister being ok, she is bruised but alive, hardheaded but still breathing and for that I'm thankful

her being able to spend time with me and understand that she has value...if not to herself to me and I dont wanna live life without her

the time that I spent with my family, it was so needed yet draining lol

the wonderful food that I got to eat all weekend and boy did I eat from Thurs to Sun and I have one more plate of leftovers that will get devoured tonight for dinner lol

God and his helping me understand that he's always there even when we think he isn't

the drive to get this weight lost thing going again...I am soo gonna look good at my parents wedding in May that its gonna be insane LOL

developing a new view of Beyonce that chic is on her grind lol I'm gonna be on the Beyonce grind as of....NOW LOL

seeing my mommie become ordained as a Bishop....she is an amazing woman..she might not approve of everything my sisters and I do but she lets us live our lives and make our decisions and loves us just the same

my sisters wanting to spend new years with me...hmmm I dont know if that's a good idea LOL..I might have them chicks knocked out for days

seeing my fat fat he's getting so big and still not trying to even walk lol

being able to beat Hun and his team mates in Taboo.....I'm a beast...he says I was cheating LOL

Greys Anatomy....I love that show and it seems like I always find the best quotes when I'm watching that show

each of you...your thoughts, prayers, texts and phone calls helped me more than you know

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cant think straight...

just got a call that my youngest sister is in the hospital after being thrown out of a moving I might out of the loop for a while.

Keep my in your prayers cause I tend to be very emotional when it comes to my family. I tell you if it's not one thing its another.

Have a wonderful holiday....
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Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm ready to EAT

Yes I know I sound like a 1,000 pd woman but I dont care, I dont plan on over doing it but I do plan on grubbin and since me and Hun are going to two dinners I have to keep it to a minimum anyway LOL.

This weekend was chill as I expected it to be...other than getting lost going to Bethesda and being passed out Sat night but still making it to church on time..I think I did pretty well LOL

I must add that Raheem DeVaughn is a cutie in person LOL and he wanted some of my cake but he couldnt have any lol...not that kind of cake ya nasties!!!

So yea Friday I get off work about an hour early to head home to somewhat find something to wear. Of course I had something in mind but when I was hit by the 100 mph wind while walking to the metro I decided that wearing a skirt would not be a good idea LOL. So after ransacking my closet and my clothes room (since I dont have a dresser all my crap is in boxes) I finally found something and still ended up late. I was suppose to leave my house at 840. I didn't leave till 930 LOL and then once I picked my two riders up we got lost using those dang on yahoo directions...they have now been officially banned from my usage has my homie been banned from the front seat LOL. She was eekkin and making noises talking about I was gonna hit a bus and what I know your from N.C. (the part where you kill your own turkey the week before thanksgiving) but dang LOL this is DC and when in DC you do as the DCins do LOL yes I made that word up....and on top of that I'm on the phone with roomie trying to get directions to the place and she's on the phone asking her friend how to get there with the phone on I'm only one person get off the phone and let me talk to who I wanna talk to LOL..I told her she can no longer sit in the front she fell asleep...that is a no no LOL. So we finally get there.....have a blast cause we got into VIP cause the bouncer thought me and my friend were cute..she ended up getting his number come to find out he is 48!!! WOW and she's only 24 so he can literally be her dad matter fact her dad is 47 LOL. So anywho we got in VIP and some African man harassed us all and bought us some MOET...I dont like that too much but hey I drank it LOL and gave him a lil dance for his trouble AAHAHAHAH. Too funny, we went to IHOP afterwards...then got lost heading back to the highway...once again cause I listened to the person who should have not been sitting in the front seat LOL and finally made it home after dropping everyone off around 6am.

Yep I was passed out till about 1pm, layed around most of the day..matter fact all of the day. Me and Hun headed to dinner to get our fat person on at the closet buffet place and it was sooo good. I dont eat too much at the buffet but I love going there cause you can eat more for the price of less..I guess thats the logic I dont know anywho it was good. Got home layed around again and got dressed to go meet some homies in MD to bowl and hang out. That turned into me being loose off the goose and woke up one part of the night half in the bathroom half in the hall LOL. I was told that they tried to put a rag over my head and I was like NOOOO leave me alone LOL...sounding just like a little kid...great. Ah well....woke up a lil woosy in the head and headed to church. After that headed to the movies to see Lions for Lambs, which I thought was good since I dont like Tom Cruise too much I wasn't disappointed in his acting..he is weird to me...even before he jumped on the couch LOL so I thought it was good and of course I will be telling folks to go see it and that movie that is coming out on Christmas with Denzel called the Great Debators...gotta love Denzie :)

So this weekend will be filled with food, family and friends....I didn't take wed off like I usually do cause for the first time in forever my fam is coming near me instead of me having to drive to SC. We're having thanksgiving in MD and so is Hun's family which is great....I wonder what everyone is gonna say when they meet him.....especially when they hear that we live together LOL...yep you read it right we now live the emails LOL.....

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Not as good as could be but still good

The above pic was "borrowed" from Ms. Behaving lol

1. Have you ever met a fellow blogger in person? Yep I've met quite a few and that list will expand next year when I make it my business to meet my sissy and my be prepared ladies!!! Actually everyone has been mad cool that I've met I look forward to hanging out with them more.

2. Did you ever play an innocent game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"? How old where you? I dont even recall playing that game and that's real LOL. I remember doing stuff when I was a kid, like playing house and watching a guy pee I mean I thought I was doing something when I finally went in the boys bathroom and saw that it wasn't that diff from the womens bathroom LOl of course the urinals amazed me and I tried to use them LOL

3. When did you get your first not so innocent kiss? I was at church at an afternoon service and the place was the sound room LOL...out in the hallway....he's one of my best friends now and honestly we will never go down that road again and that's fine by us :) I think we know each other too well

3a.If your partners are no longer of the opposite sex, when did you get that first kiss? Umm my partners have always been of the opposite sex but when I was little I did kiss a girl..I mean of course I didnt tounge her down we were 4 I didnt know any better LOL

4. Have you ever awoke with someone who's name you did not remember? Nope, I've always remembered names now the question would be do I call them again after they've been horrible LOL..and that answer would be no as well..that's only happened once though. I have regretted giving up the goods to someone though...regretted it so bad that I cried.

5. Have you ever let someone else wash you while you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself? Yes and it's something that turns me on. I love taking a bath or shower with the person I'm with. It's something about them taking care in soaping me up and then letting the water run over my body...umm ok enough of that LOL

Bonus (as in optional): What makes a great first date for you? Honestly, I dont like doing movies as a first date, I have been bowling on a first date that was fun and I've been to a museum which was great cause I got to see what he liked and what interested him.

Plans for the weekend: Hanging out with some of the girls tonight, tomorrow might do the homeless walk here in DC, run some errands, clean the house a little and decide on a thanksgiving outfit LOL..yes I can't just wear anything cause we will be gone all day and I dont wanna be looking a mess when I meet the rest of his family LOL. We will see if everything goes as planned

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"No matter how bad things get, it could always be worse"

I'm thankful for...

the fact that I was blessed enough to wake up this morning and go to my job, some people dont have that luxury

being able to have a family to see next week during the holiday, this is a rough time of year for many people

the semester almost being over, when I say I'm ready multiply how ready you think I am times 10 and you probably still wont know how ready I am lol

old and new friends who pop up during this time of year...even the ones that I dont care too much for

the anticipation of going christmas tree shopping with my hun....we have no clue where we are putting the tree but umm I'm sure we'll figure something out :)

putting my vacation time in for christmas and if everyone approves it I will have a week off and wont be back to work till after new years WOOOHOOO

the anticipation of the above happening I have never been out of work a whole week so I'm seriously not gonna know what to do with myself

not having my thurs class till after thanksgiving..its one of my harder classes, but I'm still getting an A, however I do need a break from it :)

thanksgiving being almost here

each of you as you read this, I pray that you enjoy the time spent with those you love

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm not sleepy but why do I wish I were at home right now..perhaps the rain outside is the cause of this feeling

I've gained 10 pds and I'm so upset with tonight I will aggressively begin attacking the treadmill...then again not so aggressively I'm not trying to pass out.

Why the heck are you trying to convince her that she meant nothing to you, if she meant nothing to you then you and homegirl wouldn't be having this convo on the train...on top of that why is she buying the B.S., ewwww kissing just so that mess for home

Why are you staring at me, I mean if your gonna say something then say something or else I will continue to look at you like you've lost your mind..thanks

I dont need you to ignore me right now, this is the time when I need you the most....I know your mad but shutting me out isn't going to help the situation

I can't wait to see my fam next week, hold my nephews, play with them, give em lots of kisses..they make me feel better

Why do I wish that tears really did wash away pain...permanently

Why do I sometimes wish I had the power to starve myself...I just can't do I guess that's a good thing

I have the end of the semester bug...not wanting to go to class, turning my work in via more month to go and it's all over...until next semester

This is getting darn right ridiculous....I mean come on man....WOW

I wish I could just up and move, leaving everything behind..I wonder who would miss me first.

If I could have a remote control like the one in the movie CLICK would I really use it, I wonder how it would change my life

I'm tired of caring.....sometimes I just wanna be mean...however as hard as I try it's just not there


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Friday, November 09, 2007

In Honor of TMI Tuesday here are my interview questions from Freaky...since he ummm rather Freaky I figured his questions would fit right in..cause this week's TMI questions SUCKED!!!

1. Swallow or spit? UMmmm when I taste something nasty I spit it out LOL

2. What are three things a man can do to insure not getting another date with you? Dress horribly, talk more than me (lol), have horrible breathe, try to grope me when I haven't made it clear that I want him to do so

3. Where's the swimsuit pics you were supposed to hook me up with? I got fat and I figured you wouldn't want to see a whale LOL

4. If you could insert yourself into any show on TV what would it be? What would your role on the show be? Law and attorney so I can say I OBJECT (funny enough though I say stuff like that in real life LOL you would think I'm in law school right now) favorite episode of that's so raven is the one where she is trying to get chelsea and her guy friend (I forgot his name) out of jail and she is dressed like a colonel lol and she says these habeous corpusals LOL

5. What was the last thing you got into a fist fight about? Hmmmm I can't even remember I'm too old for that LOL probably when I was in HS with one of my little sisters over the remote or something..yea we did that dont act like you didnt when you were younger

6. If you had to move somewhere (at least three states away) where would it be and why? GA....I love it down there and I mean who wouldn't want to be near the Coca-Cola factory and get soda for free allll day lol

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence, but you still have to mow it."

I'm ever so thankful for...

being able to realize the things around me that can be changed and the things that I can't change and keep it moving

understanding that sometimes you just have to be quiet

friends, who check up on me when they know something is wrong even when I have yet to tell them what's going on

honesty, love and friendship

my parents, even when I dont talk to them I can't help but smile at the memories they've given me

my sisters...they keep me smiling and on my toes

my nephews..especially my toot who is doing wonderfully in he says it lol and that he loves me and I should be good

the fact that I'm doing pretty good in school, I mean paying for it yourself gives you a whole different view on doing homework lol

each of you for still coming by even when I was being lasidasical (thanks Pro for that new word I love it lol..I might have spelled it wrong though)

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Interview from Epsilonicus

So I've slacking on my pimpin..not really just my writing LOL so these next couple of days will be me getting back to me :) So I realized that I could knock out a couple of posts with questions and here is another one of my favorite bloggers....EPSILONICUS. First it takes me forever to remember how to spell his name LOL and I always have to look at his page to do so. I love how he is sooo real...and I love his hair I mean how can you not love a man with locs :) Although I have seen some horrid ones LOL....he's not one of them though :)

1. What six songs sum up where you are in life right now?

a. No More Drama...I've loved that song since Mary came out with it and I try to have that around me...if you got drama go on about your business cause I can only deal with me and what's going on with me :)

b. I dont wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith. Yes I know that's not the real title but I'll call it what I want. I mean I just love living life even when I'm depressed I wouldnt want to be anywhere else maybe not in VA but you get what I'm saying LOL....I wanna take it all in

c.Wipe Me Down....ok so I love this song but I take the words and make them work for me LOL...I mean it's my year I am so on it that I'm HOT go ahead and wipe me down I'm just to fresh lol.....

d. Stand Still, by Deitrick Hadden..I love some gospel music and I listen to it most often when I'm feeling some sort of way about my life but I have gotten use to listening to it more and this song really makes me think about how you have to let God do what he needs to do, stand still and just let him handle things :)

e. This battle is not yours....of course by Yolanda Adams..the title says it all

f. Count it all joy.....BeBe & CeCe Winans....everything we go through has a reason, count it all joy even when it seems so hard to, that's when you gotta understand that yes your crying, yes your in pain but dont you know that he's preparing you for something greater by putting his precious jewel through the fire....

2. What were your career aspirations when you were a kid? Are they the same now?

I wanted to be a teacher so I could read the answer books I want to be a family attorney

3. Who was your best friend in middle school? Do you still keep in touch?

Toya..yep we've been best friends since kindergarten and I'm the godmother of her daughter..and she's pregnant now so I'll be the godmother for that one as well :)

4. What has been your favorite job you have had so far??

Working at a house for women and children transitioning from homelessness or abusive homes into the real world...I love children and I loved talking to the women and seeing their faces when they realized they could recieve a break for themselves while learning life long skills to make their lives and their childrens lives that sounded like an interview answer lol

5. How did you create your blogger name?
Well some guy told me that my skin reminded him of Honey and I'm a Libra hence HoneyLibra :)

6. What motivated you to start blogging?
One of my friends had a blog and I've always loved to write, I've even been told I should write a book one day..clearly not about my life LOL but just a fiction story so I started blogging and the rest is history.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Breathe Easy....

So these last couple of weeks if you've noticed I haven't been on top of my game when it comes to posting...partially because I've been doing homework or somewhat trying to do it and apparently my trying has paid off cause I've gotten all A's on my exams and I have one to turn in today and that will prayerfully be an A.

Hun and I have been dealing with one another and I've come to realize after talking to him...which of course came after we had a yelling discussion that we are VERY different people and if we're going to work then we have to accept that and go from there. I have my own way of doing things and so does he, we dont want to change one another but we do want to accept one another. He made a valid statement yesterday....he said be who you were when I first met you, that's what I liked about you laugh at everything how you talk too much how you give me space yet still want to see me.....and I will admit I have changed a little but I think that comes with the territory of getting to know someone better.

I told him that sometimes it bothers me when he yells about things especially when I'm not trying to yell..body language says alot and if your on the defense then that's gonna put me on the defense. So let's just say we have a lot of growing to do together and individually. He works alot and that use to bother me and I guess at certain times it still does, but it's not like he's working just his words he's working two jobs to make it better for us later...and I love that about him...which is why I try to understand how he feels when he does have to work two jobs and I'm at home chillin while he's grindin..I can't expect him to be superman although he tends to act like it lol....

So all in all I'm good I think that I just had a Honey moment where I got spoiled and wanted more time and attention and that's not necessarily a bad thing but I can't be a baby about it LOL as much as I want to be :)

The weekend was nice, saw American Gangster twice yesterday I fell asleep on it though cause we went for drinks and I was a lil too relaxed but Hun fell asleep on it on Friday night so we're even. I love when we have dinner together and just relax on the couch I wouldn't trade those moments for anything....I like to stretch out and have my legs across his lap or if I'm laying down he sometimes lays on my side....we do good when we're like that's just when the devil creeps in and trys to make the good...the bad and the ugly that I have a problem with but I've got him in check now so it's all good.

Got some sleep this weekend....put rugs and stuff down in the bathrooms, so it was relaxed and chill..which of course is always nice....I'm once again looking forward to this weekend....

Quote from the weekend: "Dont let your happenings determine your happiness" (Jo-Jo from Run's House)

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Frankness

I dont do TMI Tuesday on Tuesday I do it on Friday lol so here goes....I didn't really like these questions but oh goes

1. If they kept stats of your sex life like they do in sports, what would you lead the league in? what all time record would you hold? Hmmmm since I am not up on my sports game like I should be the first thought that came to my head when I read this question would be a tennis match where the score would be having 0 lol sike let me stop. So umm yea here's a question I dont' really have the answer to....

2. What song gets you in the mood to have sex? best music to fuck to? best music to make love to? any slow song, stripper themed songs make me want to F like when I listen to some UGK or something lol..making love is def some slow jams, some brian mcknight, some jodeci, some tamia

3. Where is your favorite place to have sex in your house/apartment? I like everywhere I try not to do it in the bedroom LOL but i keep my spot clean so you dont have to worry about where you sit lol

4. (girls) Have you sent or given your used panties to a guy? Do you know what happened to them? (guys) Have you taken/asked for a girls panties before? What did you do with them? (non-breeders) What is the protocol for this "tradition"? Umm I've had a guy ask for my panties but never given them to him

5. What makes a kiss a great to you? Time, meaning the slowness of it, how he caresses my neck or my back how he slowly pulls away them comes back how he might pull on my lips emmm I love lips haha

Bonus: Who pays for a date? If the girl asks a guy out, does she pay? If you are interested in same sex partners, how do you determine who pays? When I ask a guy out I sometimes pay unless I know that he doesn't care to which we will sorta split it meaning i'll put in like 10 if the bill is 30 and R use to do that....umm I'm not interested in same sex partners so I have no clue but you could say whoever wants to be the guy tonight lol..sike let me stop

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