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Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's my Friday and I'll party if I want to

So you can read it's my Friday..dont send me not hate nasty phone messages....cause...well go ahead and send them...hate on me hater LOL...sike let me stop.

In honor of today being my Friday and me getting some BOMB love from my baby this morning (em em em...let me meditate on that for a second....umm ok back to what I was sayin lol I know i know GC TMI) I love that man LOL anywho I'm doing TMI Tuesday on Thursday this here goes

1. Who did you think you would marry in elementary school?
I'd have to say in kindergarten it was this white boy named Jonathan...he was a he looks like an addit, then it was this boy named Jamal LOL..I wonder where he is....however in 5th grade everyone had me paired up with this boy name Alex..he was nice but I didn't wanna marry him...everyone else wanted me to lol

2. Which muppet is your favorite? Why?
Ms. Piggy hands down..she is the truth. Dont do what she wants and she will hunt you down and slap you with her purse LOL. I use to have a lil ms piggy doll I wonder where that thing is. I use to do her voice too..yea I was a little extra.

3. Which politician would you most like to screw? [For pleasure or revenge]
Hmmmm does this person still have to be alive meaning can I go back in time and screw them lol. If I can I'd have to say Malcolm X...mannnnnn something about him is HOT or maybe it was just because Denzel played him. If I can't go back in time I'd have to say weird enough Al Gore he's a cute older white man to me LOL....I would say Bush for revenge and have a baby by him then extort money but umm I'll keep that little plan to myself LOL

4. How did you first find the g-spot?
To be honest, I dont think I've found it yet. I think I've almost found it well he almost found it..and I watched a show telling me where it was but I've never had an exploratory session (making a note of that)...needlesstosay practicing finding it should be loads of fun lol

5. What is the best costume you've ever worn?
Well since I dont wear them for Halloween I'd have to say the night that I showed up at R's house with a trench coat on LOL...ummm get where that went.

Bonus (as in optional):Does pornography liberate or deteriorate society?
I think if its in the privacy of your home and your not harming anyone, anything or children then it should liberate you and make you feel more comfortable's the pervs that make it nasty. And of course those folks that feel the need to video tape themselves doing animals...ewwww I mean I heard on Discovery that whales have big private parts..why would you want that up in you EWWWWWWWWW...was it whales or something else..ah well either way it's still nasty LOL

I have tomorrow off so I wont be around but feel free to shoot me an email if your bored I might answer....then again I might not. AHHAHHAHA Tomorrow night I'll be at TTD's 25th bday party..I'm taking Hun with me so this should be very very interesting :) I'm looking forward to it, we're going to get him a shirt tomorrow before the pics will be posted next week probably...

Have a great weekend!!!!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Focus less on asking the universe for this or that and more on just being grateful for whatever comes"

I'm thankful for:

being able to wake up this morning and enjoy this beautiful day.

being able to hold my composure cause I might have to fuss at the folks in the leasing office talking about I owe them money...UMM NOOOO boo boo

the anticiaption of having lunch on the boat cruise this weekend with my coworkers and my babe

being able to do my homework at work LOL that helps alot :)

being able to talk to my mom yesterday, that chic don't be answering her cell phone, I mean what's the point of having a cell phone lol

cracking up in the car at Russ Parr this morning mannnn I tell ya where do they come up with this stuff

tomorrow being my FRIDAY!

each of you and the fact that you stopped by my lil spot on the planet today :)

I kept it short and sweet today didn't I? Cause you know I can get carried away LOL

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Monday, September 24, 2007

To obtain a man's opinion of you, make him mad.

Interesting...and very true. I've always heard if you really want to find out what someone thinks of you wait till they get mad. Talk about hearing someone's true feelings I tell ya. No nothing happened that made me use this quote I just thought it was interesting.

I am looking forward to Greys Anatomy starting I wonder how they are gonna explain where homie went and how is homegirl dealing with not getting married...I must say that Private Practice does not interest me..I just didnt like how the first episode she was kissing some man..I mean dang you dont know this man but you kissing him..not a good look.

ANYWHO....what did I do this weekend, nothing at all. I chilled with Hun on Friday night, he was leaving as I was pulling up to take one of his boys home and he stopped to wave at when he got back he was like I was kinda happy to see you pull up....awwww really I said LOL. You know I got to milk it LOL cause my babe is not all that out there with his emotions. But ummm yea he worked on a lil music, and I watched TV then we chilled out......but I will say that that post from Friday got me a lil worked up LOL (I know GC TMI lol)

Sat I got up to eat breakfast with one of my homies from college, she was in town to take pics at a wedding. It's funny cause I haven't seen her since college but she's like one of my best friends lol that just goes to show that you dont have to be around someone all the time for them to be near and dear to you. She is doing big things and I'm sooo happy for her :) Gotta love being around folks that are making moves, cause it makes you step your game least it does to me. So we had breakfast and caught up on our lives then I headed back home and chilled out until me and roomie went to find her some black pumps for the bday dinner we were going to. Headed home to get dressed for the bday dinner at Sequoyias (I probably spelled that wrong but oh well). Man that food was good (I had the crabcake sandwich), it was nice to chill with the girls..some of them I knew some I didn't but we all love the bday girl so it was great. It's funny cause everytime the check comes folks get all well I had waterish LOL. So we decided to split the bill evenly (paying for the bday girls meal) and we were still short but we think its cause someone was given change and it was too we got it straight and go up out of there...of course after we ate on some coldstone ice cream cake (red velvet with strawberry ice cream). Man to say I was stuffed is an understatement I was DONE. We took pics in the restaurant and outside then headed to this lounge in Georgetown to get some drinks. Man why did roomie take a pic with this man who had on a leopard shiny silky shirt..i was dying soo hard I was crying. He thought she was sooo serious telling her to come here afterwards UMMM NO LOL.

Came home and passed the heck out, since I dont wear heels everyday my baby toe was killin me. Didnt do anything on Sunday just watched some tv, ate some food and hung around. This weekend me and hun will be going to a company outing on's a boat tour in DC. He seems excited lol which is funny to me but oh well.

I'm not going to Vegas, once I informed him that I was going to buy my ticket he was like ohhh I was planning I'll let him have this bday :) but I'm still doing something with the girls. So if you're in the area once I found out if hun needs just my bday which is a sat or the whole weekend I will be sending out an email so you can come enjoy dinner and a play with me (since I love you guys)....have a great week!!!

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Friday, September 21, 2007


Now this is the kind of martini I need this weekend LOL...of course not the feeling single part but the seeing double part :)
In honor of TMI Friday (which is really TMI Tuesday but hey I do what I want lol) here goes:
1. What is one thing a your significant other could do to you to rock your world?
Hm rock my world as in michael jacksons you rock my world you know you did and everything I want I give..umm ok I digress see how overly hyper I get on Friday any lil thing can send me into a singing, laughing or talking rage..anywho...I would have to say that I love when he smiles...I mean LOVE. It's funny cause I've always had a thing for lips but when babe smiles it just does something to me....cause I see the smile go from his lips to his makes his whole face light up. Makes me wanna pounce on him..seriously I never thought a smile could do that but his does :) Now if we're talking something else I love when he does this thing while we're umm you know lol, it's from the back but he's laying on my's like he's sooo close to me and he's whispering in my ear MANNNNNNNN..aight enough of that LOL
2. Which super power (ability to turn invisible, ability to read people's thoughts, or invulnerability) would you take and why?
Being that I am a super woman in training (currently taking notes on how BK does what she does and hasn't passed out) I would have to say invulnerability. Sometimes I think my feelings of concern about what others think or might say clouds my judgement I use to be such a sucker for caring about what folks cared about me or if they liked me..yea I'd say man I dont care but all along I'm wondering what the heck I did to them to make them not like me..I mean I'm a nice person I'm really like that. I could care less if you like me, you aint paying my bills do what you want. You liking or not liking me isn't gonna make me live longer :) On top of that if you dont like me at least I know I'm on your mind.
3. Would you rather be tied up or tie someone else up? Why?
I've been both and to be honest I would rather be tied up haha. It's just something about me not being in control that (in white girl voice) turns me on lol. Add blindfolding to that and we will be in the house all weekend I will be begging you to do it again. Hun and I have yet to enter that realm but I'm interested to see how he would react to that. We already know that I'm the more exploratory one in the relationship lol. Then again if I tied someone else up I would like that too..knowing that they couldn't do anything...but I'd probably do something crazy to em like put makeup on em LOL hmmm unless I tied them up and was dancing LOL...I'm too shy to do all that though LOL...ok next question see how I get all caught up lol
4. What is your best physical and non physical asset?
Physical I would have to say I've heard different things....I've heard my cheekbones cause they are high lol, my butt cause it's big (you dont know how many times I've heard I like big butts and I cannot lie or phatty girl lol) or my eyes...personally I'm gonna go with my lips I love putting lip gloss on them's poppin. Non physical would have to be the fact that I really am a good friend. I listen to everything, give my opinion and let it be known that whatever you decide I'm here no matter what....I remember when my best friend was pregnant and everyone was telling her to abort and I mean EVERYONE but I told her that ok I didn't believe in that however she's my sister and if that's what she wants to do, I would go with her and take care of her till she was ok....I'm glad she didn't cause my goddaughter is the best thing that's happened to her :)
5. If they were naming new Dwarves beyond the seven what would your name be and why?
Indecisive LOL. As you can tell I can never give a yes or no answer there is no black and white to me there is always gray. I dont know why I do this, I mean seriously it takes me a while to come up with a yes or no answer. I mean I have to not to say anything else to give a yes or no answer. And even when I do give an answer I'm like well I dont know...I could blah blah or blah blah. When I go shopping I very often go back to the same store and pick up and put down something that I'm looking at..sometimes even when I leave the store I'm thinking about it when I go home...sometimes I go back but most often if I dont get it at the store I wont get it ....but I'll be thinking about it lol
Bonus: What's the most embarrassing thing you ever bought?
To be honest nothing....but I am sooo embarassed to go buy a vibrator LOL. I have no clue why I wanna go to a sex shop but I'm like oh lord what if someone I know sees me in there they are gonna think I'm a freak LOL....I'm insane I know haha. I use to be embarassed to watch "movies" if you know what I mean LOL....but now I watch them...of course not all the time LOL but I'm like hmm I saw this on so and so..lets try that hahaha or I'll watch one and then it ends up watching us hahha
What to do this weekend: Nothing much one of my homies is coming into town tonight I haven't seen her in like 3 years and funny thing is I consider her one of my best friends LOL. So we'll do dinner tonight, I'm gonna run some errands tomorrow morning before heading to my girls 25th bday dinner, sunday church and then hanging out....i got monday off so if I'm not around I'm probably cleaning haha or sleeping. Have a great weekend :)
Random: Have you heard that new JayZ song..what you think about it ( dont know man I might have to take another listen to it before I can say I like it...but I ammmm soooo jammin to Kanye's Champion and Flashing Lights (which has Dwele on it..I LOVE HIM) Keyshia's new cd is on bet and so are a rack of least I have some music to get me extra hyper today lol
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"And it's not so important happy ever after, just that its happy right now." (Grey's Anatomy- Meredith Grey)

It's funny cause every week when I'm about to write this I'm always like wow what am I gonna say, what quote am I going to use where am I gonna go with this no focus this wed just what I'm thankful for....that's focus enough

for the Lord waking me up this morning, he really didn't have to do it...but he did :)

for being able to look forward to sleeping in on Monday man even if it's past 9am it will def be a good look

for the anticipation of hanging out with the girls this weekend I'm looking forward to seeing them and having some laughs

for the lady shaking that change cup at I know you need some change but I cant' help ya...sorry

for the laugh I got out of listening to Russ Parr I tell ya they are toooo funny...talking about how you trying to decide what to wear to a protest LOl talking about I'm returning them shoes tomorrow I can't wear those..then Shaqwana said you could put tape on the bottom of them LOL...great just great

for the anticipation of having my coworkers meet my babe. We're having a summer outing next weekend on a boat in the DC's like a boat tour with lunch...he's never been on one so it should be something new and I love introducing him to new things

for how he grabbed me the other day before I left telling me to give him a kiss..I love how he does that :)

for tomorrow being Thursday, even though I have class I'm still looking foward to it being the weekend...sad I know

for my bday plans falling into place...hopefully this time next week I will say that my ticket to Vegas has been bought!!!! WOOOHOOOOO

for wanting to invite my babe along on my bday trip, however it might be me and the roomie a girls weekend in Vegas during the Hoodie's goingggg DOWN!!!

for doing my homework a week early and not having to rush and do it today..gotta love getting it done early

for the new TV line up that I am sooo hyped up about LOL...the only new show I will be adding to my lineup is Pushing up Daisies or something like that it looks rather good...other than that I am sticking with my usual, Law & Order, CSI, Without a Trace, Bones, Medium, ER and of course Greys Anantomy :) Yea know it's alot but thank goodness for DVR.

for each of you going about your day..I hope and pray that it's going well :)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dating Honey

So I was doing my daily browsing of blogs while listening to Emily Kings album (which by the way is HOTTTT so get that if you dont have it..and yes I bought it LOL haven't bought a CD in a min..anywho moving on) and I came across BK's entry on dating...I decided to "borrow" here goes:

It comes from where they are having women go on 30 dates in 30 dates...interesting concept I would be tired LOL...I've always wanted to do speed dating though maybe I'll drag hun even though we're dating it would be fun to laugh at later LOL...anywho....

Presenting Honey: The Sophisticated Lady

You stand up for yourself without putting your guy down. You're making waves when necessary without causing a tsunami. Keep taking the high road and you'll never have to worry about any bad press. After all, if it doesn't work out with this guy, he may rave about you to your future husband one day.

This describes me cause I hate to air out my business i will wait till we are in the car to tell you that you are underdressed or I'll suggest somewhere to help you save face while I look fly.

Hmm funny I should ask Hun how his first date with me was and recount it to you guys.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mumbo Jumbo

I'm not sleepy but for some odd reason I want to go to sleep..or perhaps I just want to NOT be at work LOL

I'm listening to Bishop Weeks talk about what happened..all I have to say is there is more going on than what both of them are saying...I'm not God so I can't judge...they are going to have to answer for themselves....great

The alumni cookout was nice on Sat, nice weather, great food and wonderful people. I took care of the Alumni table and it was too funny cause everyone was like Honey you are still crazy LOL...great I guess that's a good thing..hopefully folks will still be saying that when I'm old and cankered haha. Man that wind was blowing I had to chase papers down a couple of time...of course I got a luggage tag and some pens LOL

After that I went home to clean and what not...headed to Huns house and hung out there. We or rather I made tacos for dinner then we went to watch his goddaughter who is 6 going on 26 LOL...I tell ya that lil girl is too funny. It's cute to watch him with her though, he calls her and I pumpkin face or apple face. He dont take no mess and she knows that. I went up there to check on her and she was like I didn't brush my teeth so I let her (I mean if she did the only harm is she has brushed them twice Hun said she probably hadn't though) and she talked my head off about wanting to watch tv but couldn't cause it was time to go to bed...good cause she has a tv in her room..she is too funny. Both of us were knocked out on the couch when her dad came back, him and Hun talked for a second then we left.

I got up and went to church on Sunday, he stayed home to work on some music. Service was nice, it's been a long time coming and I remember now why I love going. You just feel at peace when you hear certain songs, when you feel that things are going to be ok, when you know that God is always there inspite of you not recognizing it. So I am def stepping my game up in that arena too....this coming sunday I might head out to this church in woodbridge called Harvest life..I went there a year or so ago and this girl I know said she went last sunday and it was I might head out there.

Hun is too funny, he be asking me about my visitor more than I think about it. Talking about when I see you again are you gonna be fixed down there LOL I was like boy I aint broken. You should be glad she's here....the way you be asking about her. He was like I am cause I aint' ready for Ahmari yet LOL....he's so silly. When I came home from church I was all smiles when I saw his car there, cause it's sunday and you know what that means FOOTBALLLLLL....although I will watch it I can't watch it all day, so of course I had to tip on out to get home and watch my lifetime LOL. His crazy tail thought that we could flush our feminine things down the toilet...umm NO LOL..unless you wanna be calling the plumber hahaah...he's soo not in the loop then again it's kinda funny.

This week should be aight, my main boss' are gone out on client business and of course I have class, but I'm looking foward to the weekend..I mean when aren't I lol. I'm hanging out with some folks from school that are coming into town on Friday and Sat is one of girls 25th's amazing how many folks I know that are turning 25 this year...including me EEEKKKKK! (HEYYYY TTD) So I'll be partying starting this weekend all the way till the end of the year LOL...not literally but you know probably once a month cause my bday is in Oct and one of my others girls bday is also in Oct, 2 bday in Nov and one in Dec so umm yea I'll be partying like a sober rockstar LOL

Hmmm I would ask how your weekends were but I dont want you posting in my comments section so I'll just stop by and for the record LOL I didnt make up the questions from my last post LOL...I have no clue what 9/11 has to do with sex other than made me want to have more in case I die tomorrow or today LOL. Let me stop


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Friday, September 14, 2007

Ohhhhhh she nassssttteeee (lol)

1. Where was the first place you ever had sex?
Well there are two places that come to mind. The first time was in high school with my then boyfriend, we had been dating off and on since I was in elementary school. I was home with my sisters (mom out of town and dad was at work on the night shift) and my bestest came over (my best friend) and I told him, my god brother and another friend they could come over. He had created a CD and it was playing in my room and we were trying to you know get it going but I couldnt' get past the pain LOL (as you can see I've always been extra). He hadnt' even put the head all the way in and I was like AHHHHH it hurts LOL so we just laid there, tried it again and clearly it didnt work hence time two. The second time (why did I type sexend time lol clearly my mind is in the gutter so you know what I'll be doing tonight LOL sike let me stop) was in college my sophmore year....I had met this guy while out with the girls we corresponded on the phone after we met for about a month and he came over one night....gave me some downtown action (one of my girls later said he knew exactly what he was doing cause he did that first lol) and I was ripe for the picking...It was in my dorm room while End of Days was on, didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, funny thing is the next day all my girls were like you look different LOL...I will always remember that cause I was leaving in a couple of days to go home for christmas break (I even wrote about it in my journal then)

2. Does size matter? (open to interpretation boys and girls)
I mean it depends if my cooch is as deep as the atlantic something the size of a dill pickle will not do it (and I'm not talking about me personally lol) So I think that what you do with it and how you work it matters....or width LOL. Some men have mandingos (why would you even want that I mean that thang might poke your brain out, if not that it will be in your throat while he tryin to...ah well never mind lol) Whyyy did my girl say she took a bath with this dude she is getting with and she saw his thing she called it a MONSTA LOL...I was crackin up. See how I get easily distracted LOL

3. Have you ever had sex in your office or your place of employment?
I've had sex in someone else's office but not my own. The whole aspect of thinking someone will come in or hearing others around you. It was at night and he had a view of DC so it was somewhat romantic too bad I dont talk to him...if you've been reading my blog for a while that was Green Eyes..the cop that I use to talk to. Personally I'd love to do it again but not on my desk LOL...I've always laughed cause if I were a white chic (not to say others dont do this) but I would def be at a company party copying my butt LOL...then again I'd do that if no one was here anyway LOL and I knew they would NEVER find out.

4. Ever been skinny dipping?
Sure haven't and to be honest I kinda want to but I might scare the fish away so I'll stick to skinny dipping my shower.

5. Top or bottom?
Hmmm I like being on top sometimes, I love seeing his face when it's almost time and I love that he can see my face..I love looking in his eyes.....then there is this feeling that I get when he is hitting it from the back (which I'm guessing would mean I'm on the bottom) it's almost animalistic...LOL so if I had to choose (and as Hun would say I can never just say yes or no) I would say I like them both.

Bonus: Where were you September 11, 2001? What were you doing when you first heard about the twin towers? I was a sophmore in college which is about 20 min from DC so my first thought was they were gonna bomb areas around DC. I was worried about myself, my fam and friends..wondering if I knew anyone that was there or in NY...called my dad to check on my uncle, aunt and cousins....of course the lines weren't working. I pray nothing that extensive occurs again.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"It is impossible to be grateful and depressed in the same moment" (Which one will you be today?)

What I'm thankful for:

My nephew Jeremiah who i call JJ...look at him not even 6 months and already killin my lap LOL

My nephew Jai (who i call Toot) whose first day went well after he stopped crying.

My goddaughter who is getting sooo big...she's all legs just like her momma lol

My new tat which reminds me that there is always sunshine when I'm around LOL (I like to remind myself that good can be found in what seems to be bad)

My parents...they are too funny. My dad is forever the comedien.

My Hun...nothing else can be said about how much I love him :) Even though I know we drive each other insane like once a month LOL

Gotta love looking at things that remind you to smile :)

My daddy makes me laugh: Ok so I was talking to my mom and dad the other day and my dad was talking about how this man came up to him and busted out crying. My dad who isn't the crying type (unless he's in the spirit or something) was like wow what in the world, so he's like you lost someone you love and the man is like mother and my dad says well we aren't here for very long, God allows us to live and touch those who we can then we must return home you know that whole thing. So the man is like yes I know but we thought she was getting better and my dad is like oh ok and the man goes on to say she was on life support (me and my mom busted out laughing..i mean not to be mean but I thought life support meant that things weren't good) and my dad is like well it was just her time to go and he keeps talking to the man and the man says yea but I just didn't think she was gonna leave right now so my dad says well how old was she.....the man says 95 (my mom and I are DYING LAUGHING BY NOW). He looks at the man in shock and smiles but doesn't laugh and is just like well it was just her time to go. He told me and my mom he thought the man was gonna say something like 60 or something but 95 and she was on life support...homegirl been trying to check out they been keeping her around..were they waiting for her to turn 100 or something poor thing. If I'm on life support for more than a month and it dont look good please take me off...WOW. I wasn't being harsh but I was I love my daddy he is too funny....I can see them now around her bed on her bday. She done made it another year ya'll, we know she gonna see next year and home girl is slowly declining WOW....I tell ya.


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Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Rewound

Friday: Got off work in a rush since Hun and I were going on a double date of sorts with one of my girls that I grew up with who lives in the area. We went to rival high schools, the same church and the same college but hadn't seen each other in like 3 years so yea we had some catching up to do. So we decided that we should double date cause I hadn't met her hun and she hadn't met mine. The place we decided to eat at was Mikes in Springfield. Hun has never been there and I try to get him to eat at different places...he didn't like the menu, he said it was too small LOL..great. However, he found something to eat, men I tell ya. To make a long story short we were there till a lil after one. It was nice to laugh and talk and we all agreed that we should hang out again. They live in woodbridge and are looking at houses..they've been living together for 2 years so she was telling me how it was and all that. It's funny how we got so carried away talking about folks that we grew up with and who we hadn't seen....who we had seen. The guys were laughing at us cause we were getting carried away.

Saturday: Hun had to work so I slept till he got back then we ate breakfast and went running...well he ran and I walked. Actually I did run for a full sidewalk LOL. I tried to tell him that you can't break me in all hard especially since I was NEVER athletic I mean NEVER. I told him I dont run unless I'm being chased. On top of that later he was like I run like a retard..great LOL...hit me while I'm down why dont' ya. It was nice though to walk with him when he got tired of running..he was cramping and wearing some dang on rubber shirt that had him sweating buckets of water. It was gross but he said it works so whatever floats your boat. Came home and we were both passed out after taking a shower. I work up hungrier than lion in the sahara desert. So I ate some turkey loaf (you know meat loaf made with turkey lol) and some vegetables...lounged some more watched a lil tv while he worked on music. Went to sleep yet again woke up and he cooked dinner...baked chicken, broccoli and macaroni and cheese. So it was pretty much a lazy day.

Sunday: I had to run some errands so I left when he got up to go to the gym and I headed home. Showered bummed around till it was time for me to go and then came back on home, ate some dinner. I finally watched eve's bayou..everytime I watch that movie I love it more...but I wanna slap megan goode for being so weird now..well she's not weird but I mean she's so extra...I guess I should talk ah well. Went out for some drinks mannnn I had 2.5 blue electric lemondades from Fridays....yea I was a lil nice LOL..woke up soooo thirsty I could have drunk yea I said drunk...the dang on water out the bathtub....drank some water and then went back to sleep only to wake up this morning still thirsty..great

Needlesstosay I'm ready for this weekend LOL. Or am I. I have madd reading to do, two reserach projects to do but I dont have class on Wed or Thurs (the teachers gave us those days off so we could do the projects and I'm gonna do them on that day and get them done) But the black alumni cookout is this weekend at Mason so I'm excited that I get to see some folks that i went to school with and get some great food :)

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Friday, September 07, 2007

You Son....That's maddd random

It's Friday...I'm ready to go and it's only 935am

I am so ready for Alicia Key's album

KeKe Wyatt is a truly confused person..i would call her sister but she claims she isn't black.

I was going to do a post talking about her interview in Essense but ummm why should I give her a whole page..cause you know I can go on and on

Probably hit up the black family reunion this weekend on the national mall

I wanna hit up the movies but I will probably finish laundry which I started yesterday...mine you I think I have like 2 loads left

I bought Eve's Bayou the other day from walmart I love that movie

Class is going rather well....the only class that I think is going to require a lil more umph is my research class

Tomorrow I'm hitting the pavement..I hate running so we'll begin with walking..that seemed to work when I first started losing weight so we'll see how far it gets I'll have my mp3 player which always makes me forget about what I'm doing

Why do the folks of New Orleans still not have the money that was allocated to them but Bush wants to spend money on the war....umm great

I wonder if there is going to a riot when the election goes down.

I might just hit the bed some movies, eat some cereal...then again I'm saying that now but we all know what happens once we hit that home front.

I love 100 calorie packs..these are about to be my best friends :)

Aight I probably have more to say but because I'm trying to get out of here on time I have to begin my work....

Great just great (I guess you can figure out that great is kinda one of my favorite words lol)


1. What did you eat for dinner yesterday? Some hamburger helper with ground turkey

2. How much cash is in your purse/wallet right now? I think $25 holding on to that as hard as I can lol

3. What have you done to avoid being flirted with by someone you didn't like? Act like I didnt' hear it and keep it moving. From what I've heard I do this rather well haha

4. Do you believe the theory "Once a cheater always a cheater"? No I dont but I think actions should change if you were once a cheater.

5. Describe your sex life in two words. I'm trying to go home NOW!! LOL (then again he's not there so oh well)

Bonus (as in optional): Would you/have you ever paid money for sex? That would be rather sad if I had to pay for sex..I'm sure some man would help me out for free lol...And no I wouldn't pay for sex I'd just entertain myself lol

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When your smiling....

the whole world smiles with you....

I'm thankful.....

for being able to make it back home safely after a nice weekend with the fam

for the time I spent with Hun on Friday although date night didn't start off like we thought it would, it was still nice

that the horrible experience that I spent in that dang on ER lead to me leaving nice and normal LOL..more on that later :)

for realizing that I seriously need to listen to my body more..homegirl can't eat like she use to

that my toot's first day of school went rather well although he did put on a show when we were leaving (I didn't cry)

today being WEDNESDAY!!!!! Half the week down, the other half to (you know how much I love my sleep)

Friday: Got off work a lil in 5pm early which is nice I had to finish up some stuff so instead of me leaving at 430 I was there till 5..oh well early is early LOL. Headed to the store to try and decide what I was going to wear for date night. I try to look nice when we hang out, matter fact I try to look somewhat put together all the time..even if I'm just in never know where you might have to after or who you might see...not saying you arent gonna catch me slippin but if you do, know that something is wrong lol. So anyway I found a shirt and some flats..headed home to shower and change. Now mind you the whole week we've been saying that we're going to Dave and Busters in MD. He had to go to his boss' wedding at 7pm but it was only lasting an hour so he was coming over after that. After a few phone calls I was just like well we can just hang out on Saturday or whatever..I was getting frustrated...and I was trying to be calm and nice as my roomie says. I kept remembering that everything can't be my way, but I was like allll week we've been saying this and now you wanna change up plans cause you want to go to the reception now when at first you weren't going to go. Great. I didn't say a word, I told him to go ahead and make up his mind..let me know what he was going to do. He thought about it, called me back and told me he was headed over (see what happens when you let them hang themselves lol) So we're heading to MD when he's like do you really wanna go all the way up there and I'm like why do you not want to do that and he's like well I'm not feeling real gamey and I'm like well I just suggested it, we dont have to do that the focus of tonight is for us to hang out and spend time together. So we headed to Fuddruckers down the street from my house...ate dinner there, then came home and watched a movie or rather let the movie watch us.

Saturday: He had to go to work so he got up and went to work and I headed to a photo shoot with one of the girls. Grabbed some food and headed with the girls to get one of their belly buttons pierced and I got another tattoo. I'll post pics later this week once I put them on my comp. I dont like pain so of course I over did it LOL..ah well. Headed home to lay it down then went to a cookout.

Sunday: Aight so I was all set on going to meet up with BK on Sunday...going to her class first (which by the way is a good way to begin the day if your in the area) and then hang out with her for the day. Sometime between me leaving the cookout and me sleeping apparently my body was like we bout to turn this into a war cause clearly she aint listening to us when we tell her not to eat certain things....I woke up nauseous and my first thought was ohhh LORD I'm pregnant..racking my brain to remember when I had my last cycle and if Hun had used a condom (he always does but I panicked) it seemed like I could smell I'm calling the toilet bowl momma and crying asking how the heck am I gonna take care of Justice and go to school at the same time..I can't do it, what the heck is my momma gonna think..what is Hun gonna say...finally I saw well might as well head to the hospital cause it seemed like my heart was gonna come out my if that aint the worst of it I had diarrehea and indigestion as well...yea I was all torn up. To make a long story know I was in there forever.....and tired as all get out....I'm not pregnant and apparently I just had a lil bug (or a big bug from where i was lookin at it)....great. All of that for all of that...wonderful. So after I got some sleep I headed down to the parents house to chill.

I didn't tell Hun about the horrible story LOL..cause he'd be like why you didnt call need to call if it wasn't if it had been I would have called him. But anywho..I was fine and this weekend begins my new workout cause apparently my body is gonna make me lose this weight one way or another and I'd prefer not to be sitting on the toilet when I lose it.

My toot looked so cute in his uniform, he's growing up so fast. My JJ his baby brother is too cute..of course I'm biased but hey what can I say.

Now I gotta catch up with you all and what's been going on....

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