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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This wasn't on the TMI Tuesday blog but it's a lil TMI and it's Tuesday so courtesy of Organized I'm doing it :)

Disclosure: This is a tad long I can long winded yes but it's a me or leave me know you love me :) so you might as well turn your ringer down, make sure no one is walking past and go ahead and read this looonnnnggg list lol...

Copy this entire list to your blog/journal.
BOLD everything that is true about you.
Leave plain anything that is not true about you.
Put an asterisk next to anything you would like to be true.

1. I have had sex while wearing a blindfold.

2. I have blindfolded someone else during sex.

3. I have had sex while watching porn.

4. I have had sex while surfing porn on the Internet.

5. I sleep better after sex.

6. There are some nights I cannot sleep without sex or masturbating.

7. The bed is NOT my most favorite place to have sex.

8. I am turned on knowing someone is watching me masturbate.

9. I have had sex knowning someone else was watching.

10. I have watched a couple have sex

11. I have masturbated for someone over a web cam.

12. I have had sex over a web cam.

13. I have had a one night stand.

14. **I have been tied up during sex.

15. **I have had sex with someone who was tied up.

16. **I have dripped wax onto a lover's body.

17. I have had a lover drip wax onto my body.

18. I have a foot fetish.

19. I have a leather fetish.

20. I have a tickle fetish.

21. I like being choked during sex.

22. I have had phone sex.

23. I have erotic art on display somewhere in my residence.

24. I enjoy nudie magazines.

25. **Erotic toys are a regular part of my budget.

26. I think PLAYBOY is tame, maybe even boring.

27. I have clicked on porn links in my email.

28. I have watched more than one gay/lesbian porn video.

29. Much of what I know about sex comes from porn.

30. I have given/received a facial (is what we do called a facial LOL).

31. I think we should do more to understand the cultures of sex.

32. I would participate in sex research given the opportunity.

33. My current lover does not sufficiently meet my sexual needs.

34. I currently have a "crush" on someone of the same sex.

35. I want to have sex with someone on my blogroll

36. I have had sex at my place of employment (someone else's).

37. I am often disappointed in my sexual relationships.

38. Some people might describe me as a nymphomaniac.

39. I am difficult to live with if I'm not having sex on a regular basis.

40. I sleep better with someone snuggled up next to me.

41. I have had sex under water.

42. I have had sex in the snow.

43. I am in a polyamorous relationship.

44. I have to have music playing while having sex.

45. **I have had more than ten orgasms in one night (then again that might not be too good lol).

46. I have flashed strangers (unintentionally).

47. I have given sex as a gift.

48. I have set-up a three-way for my lover (one was set up for me).

49. **I have made a video having sex.

50. I have taken nude pictures

51. I have had more than one partner in a 24 hour period

52. **I am a member of the Mile-High Club.

53. I have taken a trip longer than an hour just for a booty call

54. **I stopped during this list to have sex (I wish lol).

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Monday, July 30, 2007

How did you know...

This weekend was pretty chill for once not too much excitement I was in woodbridge all weekend (that's where Hun's new house is). Friday I got off work to a rainy commute home in which I realized that I needed to put money on my smart trip card. Great then i realized that I get smart benefits on wed...wonderful so I only have to put on enough money to cover me till wed morning..wonderful. So I get home, walk in the door head up the stairs to pack my weekend bag....turn on the light and nothing.....I go to the bathroom..turn on the light and nothing....great the power is out. First I'm like I know I paid the bill, then I'm like I wonder if the neighbors power is out. I go ahead and pack a bag..leaving my room looking as if a level 10 hurricane/tsunami ran through it. Roomie later texts me and lets me know that the power is in fact went off before she left so she left LOL

I head up the road trying to make sure I remembered to put my cell phone charger in my bad..proceed up 95 well down cause I'm going south but you get what I'm saying and hit some traffic (errr the mixing bowl near springfield is suppose to help with all this, personally I think it's still horrible) so I get off at the Backlick exit and head up route 1 to which I run into traffic again where it meets I hop back on 95 and no traffic well a little but alot I'm like what the heck is going on between backlick and the woodbridge exit..nonsense that's what it is..probably someone pulled over and folks being nosey I tell ya. So anyway I get to the house and Hun is wrapping up some stuff and we head to Outback to get some food....laughing and talking. I've become pretty open with him and I'm like ya know I can honestly say that I look forward to marrying you and having your children..he looks at me, smiles and says I am too. Then I say I know your baby's head will be big so I'm not looking forward to that LOL....he says no you got a big head look at your nephew LOL..great. We sit down and while eating our food this lady walks by with this biggggg ring on her ring finger..I'm like babe umm that's huge..he says BALLLIINNN and I'm like can I have something that big LOL. Of course he busts out we get home after having a great dinner..I had some wings (i dont do steak too much) and he had steak....we had some drinks.....and we watch a lil tv....head to take a shower and while lathering up (man I love that shower lol) he says I was gonna tell you the other day but your black so I'm not gonna tell you (that's his excuse for me acting crazy lol..and when I say your black too he says no I'm puerto rican...yea right lol) anywho I say what tell me.....he says nah I'm not telling you so I'm like fine....of course that aint work and 2 sec later I'm like tell me plllleeeassseee LOL...he's like aight. SILENCE......and I'm like come on man what LOL....scared and wondering what the heck he has to tell me and he says I love you. SILENCE....I smile....."What"......I love you. AWWWW Babe, you do, awwwww (of course I'm on the verge of tears dont ask me why lol then again I know why cause those are some serious words lol) yes I do...i was gonna tell you the other day but I just didn't. AWWW I love you too babe....and the rest that night is TMI LOL.

The whole weekend I'm like aww he loves me, I wonder when he does he know?

I began to think about the first time I knew I loved him....hmm to be honest I can't pinpoint a moment....I just sorta knew and it just sorta came out. There were culminating events....him hugging me as he talks on the phone, him changing my tire instead of letting me call Triple A, going with me to the museum even though he hates stuff like do I know I love him.....hmm I'd have to say I just do lol....I get all touchy feely around him, I wanna be in the same room with him even if we're not talking, I melt when he kisses me....he makes me want to stay focused and make millions LOL (sike Im jokin), but seriously the man is focused and he stays on the grind...sometimes I get sad cause I cant' see him but the funny part is the first thing that pops into my head whenI think that is that song when I hustle by huey and lloyd...yea it's a weird song to think of but we all hustle whether it be legally or do what you gotta do to feed yourself and your family. We were talking about our past relationships and he mentioned that he could have gotten some girls pregnant (an ex and a white girl..I said that cause the white girl wasn't his girl..not that it makes a difference so dont say that I'm racist lol I'm just sayin lol great) and I was like well what if I said that what would you do...he says well we'd just have to prepare to have a baby your different it might not have been planned but we're together and we're gonna have a family.

He was on the phone yesterday and I overheard him asking one of his friends how long his brother had been with his girl (he's getting married apparently) and I dont know what he said but Huns response was hmm I'm gonna have to drag it out longer than that LOL...lets hope it wasnt that long or he's gonna get his feelings hurt's funny cause we get into tifts, we go our seperate ways and then we'll talk later and be fine..example yesterday after I had cooked dinner I was tasting the chicken (baked) to see how it tasted cause I cooked it in a bag in the oven....and I bit down on my tongue and I'm about to cry cause I have no tolerance for pain (I dont know how I'm gonna birth children lol...slap that needle in me NOW forget how I'm dialated just do it NOW) he's like awwww woman up and I'm like be quiet and ok I was over doing it but I can't help it I tend to be that way, I can help it but I like over doing it lol Im a baby what can I say and finally I guess it got too much for him and he was like shut the F up.....SILENCE......SILENCE....I'm staring at him, he's staring at me..I wanna say something..I wanna bust out crying cause his tone wasn't playful....I fix my food and stomp upstairs...screaming in my head I hate him, he sucks, I'm going home. I eat my food telling myself over and over in my head that I dont want him to come upstairs while all along hoping that he does....I hear him come back into the kitchen (he was in the basement, which is his studio) and I'm like dont come up here dont come up here....please come up here please come up here lol....he goes back downstairs...I dose off and hear him come into the room..I sense him staring at me..I slowly open my eyes and he's leanin over me....."Im sorry" forgive me....were you sleep....ok, alright, no i wasn't sleep. He kisses me asks me if I wanna watch a movie....I say no he asks me if i wanna talk to him...i say no i still wanna be alone. He goes downstairs..I watch a lil more TV and dose off again and then I go downstairs...I'm ready to talk....he gives me a hug pulls me onto his lap and says that he didnt mean to say it like that...I was overdoing it..i said ok. He says you dont think you had any part in it...umm no I smile. I was the one who bit my tongue I was the one that was hurt and he was like you were also the one overdoing it..I mean we could have taken you to the hospital if it hurt that bad..i said I was bleeding and he said ok well you wanna go to the emergency room...ok I'll admit i overdid it...great. I went back upstairs and proceeded to watch the rest of the movie I was watching.

He annoys me yes...I annoy him I know lol....but I love him just the same. I asked him again when did he know that he loved me and he says I dont know I didnt keep track of it.....but it doesn't matter when he knew all that matters is that he does :) Maybe one day he will tell me he says I'm trying to transform him but he's transforming on his own and I find it rather nice.

How did you know........

Random Thought: Who cares why Usher didnt' get married..I dont he not payin for future wedding..then again i wonder what was going through his head when he decided to call it off hmmmm to be a fly on that wall!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's my name...

So I'm at work, it's Thursday (WOOHOO) which means tomorrow is Friday and I get to sleep late on Saturday and I'm soo excited. Listening to MSN Pandora Radio (which is free so if you need something to listen to all you gotta do is enter an email address and you can listen for free) and Brian McKnight's what's my name is on...I love me some Brian..he is one person that I can say I have LOVED everyone of his CD's. I mean ALLL of them and even if I didnt' like every single song on the CD I could listen to it all the way through. Something about him just makes me want to light some candles, cuddle up in the bathtub, and sip on some wine or water on the rocks LOL...aight anywho.

This got me to thinking about talking during sex. You know what I mean ohh yea this is sooo good, right there.....oh my god this is soo good LOL.

What cracks me up is that Hun never really talks and I tend to. That's how I know that what I'm getting is good cause I like to talk, moan or whatever you wanna call it. I asked him why he never really said anything his response was that it feels weird...well as time has passed during the almost year that we've known one another (WOW it's almost been a year) I've noticed that occassionally he will talk.

The other night while in the midst of it he says whose is it...of course not to break the motion in the ocean I respond with what I know he wants to hear LOL it's yours hahahahahaha why did I bust out laughing while I was typing that Ok ok let me stop. So anyway even though I said that while we're still doing the do, I'm thinking I wonder what he would have done if I said it's mine mannn lol..I take it to the doctor, I clean her up, I make sure she is presentable not you LOL. On top of that what if I said it's Jake's haha he pets her, he gives her want she wants you know takes her shopping or whatever LOL.....on top of that why ask whose is it...I never did understand that. I mean because you think it's yours are you gonna do more or do something different....probably not so why ask whose is it. On top of that sometimes I laugh while particiapting..not because I think he's horrible or not but most of the time cause either his facial expressions make me laugh or it's just that good that I laugh..well not really laugh just chuckle.....

On top of that I've come to realize that I love listening to music while handling my business...something about it just turns me on even more....just like taking a shower with my Hun....something about how the water hits him makes me want to dang on jump his bones...the horrible part is in our bedroom (lol well when i move it it will be ours) we only have a stand up shower so it's kinda funny LOL..anywho I love the soapy action and all that...sometimes I wonder if he thinks I'm too sexual LOL....cause I can get a lil carried away I mean not doing it outside or nothing (although I have had sex in public before) and I would do it in my back yard if I had a fence up at night....I mean what can I say I'm an explorator....if a guy didn't need a break afterwards I could probably go all night with just taking a couple of breaks in between of course LOL..cause a sista's legs will begin to give out hahahah

But what I do like with Hun is that he takes the time to make sure I'm ok....I have a pillow beneath my head LOL, my head isn't hitting the wall and when I ask him to do it the way I like it he if he saying that it's his makes him feel better and gets the job done I'll say it's his LOL

What's the craziest thing you've heard while having sex?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them" (Grey's Anatomy)

With that being said I'm thankful for...

life and just being able to live through every moment of it.

experiencing sadness, because without it I wouldn't know what happiness feels like

experiencing rejection, for without that experience I wouldn't know what acceptance feels like

being able to let someone cant get what's coming to you with your hand closed

God and all he has given me and what is yet to come..I'm glad that I can't see it cause I might not be able to wait for it :)

everyone who has come in and out of my life...if your meant to love me then you do and if you leave it's meant for you to leave

my family....I think and pray for them everyday they keep me grounded and focused

my Hun, he surprises me everyday and just when I think I know him he does something that throws me for a loop

the budding relationship that we have....I look forward to the journey

for my nephews and neices who are growing like's so hard to believe that the oldest one my toot will start Head Start in Aug...look out world.

friends from HS that I still converse with those girls now have families yet they still find the time to check up on me :) boy that was when I thought life was hard yea right LOL

each of you :) I pray that you and your are blessed and not stressed....


EDITED!!!! I decided to do TMI Tuesday thanks to Organized Noise

1. Leather, lace or silk?

Hmm I'd have to go with silk I love how it feels against my skin

2. Do you subscribe (or regularly buy) to any "dirty" magazines? Which ones?
Umm no now if you ask me do I look at porn that's another question LOL..I did however get a playgirl for my bday a year ago and I cracked up at the pics of the "real" men who thought they deserved to be models LOL

3. Have you ever had sex in water (tub/pool/lake/ocean)?
I'd done it in the shower that's water so that should count

4. The three words that best describe you in bed are hot, sweaty, and explorator (yes I made that up lol). Three words that best describe your most recent partner in bed are adventurous, hot, and wet.

5. Did you lose your virginity as an impetuous youth, "to prove that you loved" him/her, because of a romantic gesture, a newly wed or other (please describe because I can't think of what an "other" might be)?
Nope I lost it to a guy I had known for maybe a lil over 2 or so months who I still to this day see and have to stay away from cause he could get me into some trouble, trouble, trouble (we'll just say that the day after I lost it all my girls were like you look lie that's what they said lol)

Bonus (as in optional):

Name three words that:

a) get you excited: Come here girl (said in a sexy tone lol)

b) make you squirm: Ok your only gonna feel a pinch (as in needle)

c) make you laugh: Auntie I wuv you tooo

Ok I'm done now!!
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Change is Weird...sometimes

So this weekend was pretty of my homies is getting into modeling so me and the roomie went with her and another one of our newest gal pals to Bmore on Saturday for a shoot..roomie was the hair person and I was the fashion person....probably because I have every color shoe and accessory under the sun I dont even do my own hair so great LOL

The weather was nice and we were done around 4ish, got some food and headed home. Me and the roomie headed to Loehmans (which is my new favorite store LOL) to find something to wear that night....we were only gonna be in there about 30min but umm by the time we got home it was 8 o'clock and we were headed to H2O so we said earlier that we were gonna leave the house at 830..yea right LOL...anyone that knows me and knows my roomie know we can do it but that night it just wasn't we didnt' leave till a lil after 9. R called and said he was working OT that night and if we wanted to stop by to say after we saw that the line was TOOOOO long and we wouldn't be getting in for free lol (cause that's how we like to party) we decided to head to LOVE which is right down the street from him we stop through there to see his new office and what not..he introduces us to his boss and some of his this is the funny part. R calls me sunshine...he says that with me there is no drama and he's right we agree to disagree and we have fun..we go days without talking to one another and we're fine...he assumes I've had a BF out of all this time we've known each other and apparently this works for him LOL he knows that I have someone now and we still hang out. So anywho we get to his job and he introduces me and roomie and everyone is like oh hey..pause...this is sunshine which one is sunshine...he points to me and they are like heyyyy sunshine lol im like oh goodness what has he said about me..the ladies are like yea that's her she's pretty, yea they are 10 years apart..on and on while I'm like cheesin and tryin not to give him evil eyes LOL..roomie is crackin up....and they are like we told him he needed to get it together age aint nothing but a we drive off after sayin bye and i'm like what did you say and he's like nothing I just talk about how I care about you and we have fun but I'm scared of getting hurt...all of this as I'm making plans to create a life with Hun....greeaaattt. So we take him to his bike and we head to LOVE and roomie is like what are you gonna do..I said what you mean..she was like clearly he has feelings for you.....he told everyone at his job about you...I'm like boo I'm gonna be with Hun and what will be will be....I'm just gonna have to limit or rather stop my time with R cause if things continue as they have been someone and that someone might be me is gonna get hurt. School starts in a month so great..I'll have something to distract me.

On top of that things with Hun have been getting too hilarious. Yesterday we hung out at his moms bf's house for dinner and we were taking pics with my camera and his moms bf was like awww look at young love..wait another 2 years ya'll gonna be like get out my face LOL. So we got bored and I had my MP3 player in my purse so we started watching ATL he had one headphone and I had the other it was too cute...we were all huddled together and then these folks started blarring some Keith Sweat so we couldnt watch anymore...I'm dancing and singing and he's like no please stop LOL....too funny. We ate dinner then headed home, got there and watched a lil TV, cuddled and what not..he's so funny cause I see how he's changing as time progresses..before I couldn't even get him to try nothing new but yesterday he suggested we try something...I told him I'll pass because first I didnt' want him to do it wrong and second I think we should try it a diff way before we tried it the way he wanted to do it...cause I know it's weird for him (and I'm not gonna put on blast what he wanted to do...then again I can if I want it was a 69 LOL) I forget that I can say what I want this my dang on blog LOL. So anywho I was like nah we'll head into that slowly cause although I love that downtown visitation time I didnt' want him to do it wrong and scar me for life LOL. But when we first met I couldn't even bring that up or rather I didnt' want to even bring that up....I said aww babe thank you for wanting to explore......he's so sweet. Now sometimes when we hug I catch him smiling and I ask him what and he'll be like nothing just know that it's a good smile...that's my hun I tell ya. Its sad but I wish I could mesh him and R together LOL. Cause I'd do it in a heart beat. On top of that we were playin around and I was like you dont love me and he said just cause I dont say it doesnt' mean i dont...with the most serious look on his face...that shut me up lol

I'm tired as usual on a monday....I found out late last week that my best friend's (since kindergarten) mom has cancer in her breast. It's not the "normal" kind it ususally forms in the cartilage of your leg or something so they are going to operate first taking one of her I told her to let me know when it was and I'd come home to watch my goddaughter and stay with her. She's always been the more independent one of us simply cause she is the only child and lives with her grandparents and when I didnt' want someone watching over me like my parents I'd go to her house cause there I could do what I want..and she views my mom as sorta her she's taking it hard....her mom is taking it hard and I told her that as her Bestest and her sister she needs to keep me informed so that I can be there for she starts another semester as NSU in Aug and that's a yea just when you think you have it hard you realize that someone else has it harder.

My nephew is too hilarious I talked to him the other day and I promise I felt like I was interrupting him cause his new word is nothing but he was sayin it like aww come on auntie get off the phone LOL. His brother who is like 3months weighs according to my parents scale like 15 pds I said girl what the piss are you feeding him LOL. My mom says he has big legs like me..great LOL. I love my hunnies I need to go home to see them...I'm glad that I get to be this close to them but at the same time sometimes I feel like I'm so far cause I get sooo tired of driving LOL..I wish I had a driver or a plane that would be great.

Here's to hoping that the day goes by fast......

Randomness: Why did Kells make a remix to same girl and the girl is TPains wife...nonsense I tell ya!!

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Friday, July 20, 2007


I do not need you checkin up on me

I do not need you sending emails about me leaving when you clearly came to my desk after I thought there was nothing to do

I dont need you standing over my desk asking me how long is it going to take me to do something for a lunch meeting...BOO it's 9am WOW

Clearly I know my job and I dont need your assistance..if I didnt' then I'm sure that I would have be fired

Why are you even here staring at me like a dear in headlights

I come in early and you have a problem when I leave 5 to 10 min before I usually do..WOW get over it man

I clearly have been working here longer than you and yes you might be an attorney but I know what i'm doing....please believe that

I mean do you think I'm crazy..why do you need to come to my desk and tell me that you just sent me an email...UMM WOW I think I can read

If you're going to come to my desk and you see my head is down dont just stand there say something...cause you're gonna scare the pee out of me or either I'll see you there out of the corner of my eye and see how long your going to stand there until you say something...great.

Man it's Friday and you acting like it's know my facial expressions have a mind of their own on Friday....I can't help it that what you're saying doesn't make any sense I mean what do I look like I speak Alien..great.

How hard is it for you to make a copy..I mean come on.

Why does your office look like Fred Sanfords junk house..come on man

On top of that your hand writing looks like chicken toe scratch my nephew might be able to write better than that on a bad day

Just cause someone comments on my hair doesn't mean you have to as well...and why must you always ask how long did that take..I mean how long does it take for you to get yourself together in the morniing..clearly not long enough cuase every morning you come in here looking like you got hit by a bus and a amtrak train at that same time...WOW

On top of that did the squirrels do your hair or the rats..either way it's not a good look

Umm boo no one asked for your help and if you dont get your leper hands out of here infecting the world with your wheat allergy (which I think is a lie but that's just me)

If your Dr. says its inyour head it probably is....enough about that

You always intergect yourself in our conversations we are NOT talking to you...I mean how hard is that to understand..and then you make it hard to ignore you cause you call our name out all loud..for petes sake.

If you see me with headphones on dont linger either speak louder or wait till I look like i'm listening...great

Have a great weekend!!!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just wanted to let you know

How much I adore you.

How much you make me smile.

How even though I might be mad at you I realize that I wouldn't want to be without you.

That I think of you every day, even when I'm not with're with me.

That the days seem longer when I don't see you.

How I'm content being alone but I'd much rather be in your company.

That sometimes when a song comes on I smile cause I think of you.

That even though we're together you've still let me be matter how hard that might be for you lol

How I pray each day for you and I.

How I pray that I learn to embrace what I'm experiencing and not sabatoge it with feelings of doubt and misunderstanding.

That you make me laugh cause you're just so silly

That sometimes we need space from one another and I'm fine with that

That I really do love you....and that I'm so in love with you

How I hope that our children have your's one of the things that I love about you

That sometimes I dont want to do anything but just lay with you

How special you are to me

How your smile makes me smile

That sometimes I do wake up before you and I touch your look so peaceful

That I love waking up next to you and falling asleep against your chest

That I'm so thankful for you.................

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tag Your It!!

Thanks to Ms. Tenacious I've been tagged. I haven't done one of these in forever plus I didn't know what to talk about today so great.

Rules: 1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. 2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. 4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. 5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I love ranch...if you've been reading this for like forever haha you know that I love me some RANCH...just recently I've just started liking Parmesean Ramano (who cares if I spelled that wrong lol)

2. During college my junior year I wore blue almost everyday....something I had on was blue didn't matter what shade it was just blue.

3. I love just sitting in my bed on a Saturday in my pj's and watching cartoons but I hate being bored....

4. When I'm hungry I get mean and I mean real mean....sarcasticness comes out, attitude comes out....feed me now before I eat you

5. Sometimes during that time of the month, when my tummy looks huge lol I imagine that I'm pregnant and no Tenacious I dont shudder LOL

6. I have all my children named of course it might change but their pretty much set in stone.

7. If I could get liposuction I would lol...only on my thighs though

8. I love having a booty haha....I might act like I dont like when Hun grabs it as we're walking along but secretly I do lol...dont tell him that though :)

Aight so I'm tagging the first 8 people that come by(who want to do it you lazy bums lol). Dont be shy and dont let that stop you from commenting lol it doesn't take that long and if you're like me you probably didn't have anything to talk about today anyway :)

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Monday, July 16, 2007

There's more than meets the eye

So in another life instead of coming back as Mystiq or Storm I wanna come back as a man....a man robot LOL. I wanna be Optimus...I am soooo in love with Transformers I'll probably go see it again this weekend lol. Man all that I ask is that they make it in 3D now....I would so be in love with it more.

The weekend was nice surprisingly I'm not too sleepy but I am looking forward to Friday..yes already I know..ah well. It's nice outside but I wanna be at home, not even in my bed just at home :)

Friday: I was at work a tad late so I didn't get home till a lil before 8pm I think. Hun came over cause we were getting up the next morning to head to Charlotte to meet up with some of the fam and what not. We didnt do much ate some dinner and then we were in the bed.

Saturday: I got up first at about 2:45am, showered and changed my clothes, woke him up and headed to pick my cuz and her hun up from MD. Got there and she didnt' answer her phone or the door...I'm like great this is why I call before I come. Which I had but my aunt told me to go ahead over there she'd be up...I'm like aight but of course I'm agitated cause I like to be ready to roll out when I'm ready to roll out. So I'm ringing the doorbell and calling and calling and ringing the doorbell and she is not answering. Finally my aunt is like go around to the back to her entrance of the house (my aunt doesn't live with her my aunt is her stepmother that lives in NC, my cuz lives with her aunt...not my aunts sister lol get it..good). So anywho she FINALLY comes to the door after yelling who is banging at my door lol...when she realized it was me she was like ohhhh my God my alarm didn't go off and woke her hun up, got dressed and we were on our way after realizing that I had left an amusement park ticket at home, however it was on the way home so it didn't cut too much into our time. Got the ticket and headed was an aight drive but that dang on Interstate 80 is LOOOONNNGGG. I had to stop and let someone else drive cause I was too tired..Hun drove and we got to the park a lil before noon.

He met my mom and dad couldn't come cause he had lots of work to do, so we'll probably go down in a couple of weeks so that he can meet him. My mom liked him although she didn't talk to him too much she said she liked him so far and my aunt was talking his head off about n&**&@ these days spitting poverty and sin out of their you know whats LOL...she trys to scare folks but she's a sweetie. So all in all it was a good trip. However I've noticed that I get these vibes about folks and I let that blind me from perhaps seeing past that....example: My cuz said she was paying for gas since I was driving down there and she didn't have to pay for her and her hun's tickets cause my other aunt and lil cousin weren't going...and since my dad wasn't going I bought my ticket and my hun paid for the food that we ate at the park which you know is an arm and a leg lol. So anyway during our time at that park (which by the way hun paid for parking cause I left my card at home and he wasn't expecting to pay for that) I came to believe that my cuz's bf didn't have any money which is aight cause times are hard. But when we are on the way home (we lef the park at about almost 5pm) hun pays for gas(once we got up this way meaning Northern VA) cause my cuz said she didnt' have any money..I'm like aight we fam I'll get it but then I realized I left my card at home so I asked Hun to cover it..which he did. But as I'm getting out the car her hun is like you can take $5 out of this, it was a $20. I'm like umm nah (Hun had already given me a $20) we good lol and all along I'm thinkin you didn't have no money, did she know you had that or what but it's whatever we fam and I keep it moving. On the way she asks me to make a stop down the's the liquor store...her hun goes in and gets some malt liquor from what Hun says he saw lol I didnt' see it so I dont know....but I'm like you didnt pay for food at the park but you buying alcohol WOW....some folks, I tell anyway after dropping them off me and hun headed back to my house and were passed at, it was around 1am.

Sunday: Hun woke up and was gone by 1130am cause he had to head to the bank. I woke up ate a bagel and was passed out till about 2pm LOL. I was toooo tired and my body hurt like I had been running a marathon with a sumo wrestler on my back. Talked to hun throughout the day, watched the roomie do some hair then headed to see Transformers...which once again I LOVED!!!!! After that of course went to bed.....looking forward to Friday as we speak lol. On top of that this girl at work just told me about this theater in Greenbelt MD has movies for $5 before I will def be out there come this weekend lol

I want a robot in disguise!!!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blog many of us have them

"Friends are like windows through which you see out into the world and back into yourself... If you don't have friends you see much less than you otherwise might"

Each week I take the time to think about what I'm thankful for....things that are big and small..that might not seem important in the moment that they are occuring but in the long run I find that they make life what it is....wonderful.

When I first started blogging I didn't know that it would turn into all of this...friends who I converse with via email, friends I've met in person. I use the term friend just as it means..because I do consider you each of you just know some things about me that even my friends who see me on a daily basis don't give me advice and many of you tell it like it is even when I dont' wanna hear might not have seen me cry but I'm sure you can tell when I've done just today this is for you....

MizzJJ.....You know as soon as I can get to Canada I'm there. Doesn't Mocha live there too...I miss her LOL..ok so this is suppose to be about you...I love reading about life where you live and the men that you say what you want and if others dont like it...OH WELL

BK Diva...What can I say about you, other than you know that I honestly know that if I call you, you will listen there aren't many folks who I feel that way about and dont chill with them on the regular...but you best believe that after you've fed me I ain't going no where. You are a wonderful mother, friend and woman....I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet you and that your in my circle :)

Black Butterfly...You made me want to come to ATL and have drinks with you LOL..then again maybe I'm just an alchie hahaha....I wish you all the best on this new journey your embarking on your gonna be a great teacher....make sure you get some rest though and take time to enjoy those dirty south men lol (not dirty literally)

Black Mambaa...I think I have been reading you for a while..I love how you black out people's faces with smiley faces LOL that cracks me up. It's wonderful that your there for your sister...many people dont understand that folks do I was kinda digging the snack on your page but I do love the new change should kick butt at your job and ask questions later LOL

BluJewel...I consider you my blog sister and I'm forever thankful for advice that you give through your words even when I dont know that it's for me....we have yet to meet in person but I'm sure when we do...I will be cracking up and probably crying LOL...of course not in a bad way just cause I'm emotional....I love reading your poetry and about your mini me....she's so blessed to have you as a mommie

ChocolateThoughts....Another blogger I've met in person, where have you been, then again I do talk to you on google so I'm fine. Once you calm down from traveling we need to do dinner and catch up...we can hunt for men...of course not for me LOL..for you it's all about you :) I miss you, you need to update more often..or I will come find you!!

CoolAC...You haven't updated in a while but it's funny that you were down in my neck of the woods alot (757) and you also lived up here. Through your blog I got to read another one As Berry grows...she is soooo cute....come back!! LOL

Deep....Aight another one of my sisters that I will have to meet up with before the year is out, cause we def get along like we have known each other all our lives. Please dont marry Bubba LOL..sike let me stop. Thank you for just being you, how you have opened up your secret passion to us and let us get into a peek of the you.....your wonderful, your powerful and if anyone tells you different let me know and I will meet them in a dark alley..or find a crackhead to do're gonna me a great mommie :)

Dynasty....where the heck are you!! I need to know more about Hershey and the move and the new job......I miss I'm tired of going to your page and looking at those peaches LOL and not getting to read anything new!!

Fallen...You haven't updated either lately and I'm sure its for good reason, I love reading your poetry and about your everyday life....Miss ya bunches

Freaky...The name says it all bring out the freak in me..sike nah. You are seriously hilarious..if you had a show I would watch it with my clothes on and no I wont send you a picture. You put it out there and if others dont like it they can not come to freaktopia lol

GhettoEconomics...Better known as Paula D, I love reading about work, your various thoughts and it cracks me up...the picture of the baby shower cake had me dying at work....I must say I enjoy your life even though of course I'm not living it lol

God'sChild...Your name perked my curiosity so I had to stop by...I have loved reading your blog....I will admit that I dont stop by as often as I should but when I do I always catch up.

Golden....Another blog sister who occassionally sends me emails but is always in my thoughts and prayers....we seem so much alike and as a matter of face I promise we need to do lunch in the city one weekday....I'm sure our offices wont miss us (yea right) Just when I dont think I can I stop by your page and I read those words...Stay Up and I know things will get better...thank you

MindSpace...someone who has experiences my home town and knows just how peace lies there so when I talk about going back there you know just what I mean....he was a loser for what he did but hey enough about that LOL....I love your fashion commentary although I've noticed that you haven't done it in awhile. GOOD JOB on the gym visits you make me want to drag myself back out there.

GTL...I've met you and you dont blog too much anymore then again I dont go to your page much but you are TOOOOO funny....I love hanging out with you guys, you're doing big things and I wish you all the best.

HopeintheUnseen.....I love your hair, I love how you think, I love how you've let her go but you still love are too funny. I think your in Bmore for the summer maybe we can meet up at the harbor and do lunch :) of the first blogs I read, your drew me in with just being real...about your life, the men you encounter and you just have a way with words....I mean you really need to write a book!!

Januari..I love your name as a matter of fact this is a warning that I might steal it for my little girl..I'm giving you and your mom credit now (or the individual that gave you that name lol)....I cracked up at the title of your blog one day....I be quiet but when he leave I be talkin again lol...and the random thoughts are too funny

Jus....My big sis, someone who I have to read each day....even if you dont post I read the one that's up becuase it might be what I need to hear that day. Thank you for setting me straight, thank you for telling me how I'm being spoiled, thank you for your words becuase through what you are dealing with you help will probably never know how much your appreciated

JustHerWriting...Sometimes what you write I'm like dang she is deep LOL. We aren't perfect but because of some of your things that you write I know that it's ok cause a lesson comes out of it put me on to alot of things and for that I thank you :)

KoolBreeze...I love your tribe they are soo cute.. and the food on your page makes me hungry and as soon as I have a kid you know I'm sending you an email so that you can make me something :)

LaBella....You remind me so much of me that it's crazy LOL I think we were twins in another and your hun remind me of me and my Hun LOL it's funny that we both call them Hun although youve know begun to call him D lol. I love how you talk about folks in traffic cause they are a hot mess...and the little girls in your class are seriously blessed to have someone in their life like you....they need someone they can look upto other than the people they see on a daily basis....You are gonna be a wonderful Mrs. Military :) I would go so far as to say when are the little militarys coming but I hate when folks as me that so I'll digress LOL

Luvin...I need pics at least background pics LOL. I know that you are soo happy right now that smiling has become second nature and nothing can stop you not even friends who have drama or family members that are probably feeling a tad jealous because of your blessings.....come back soon but I know your enjoying just being happy right now :)

MisUnderstood...A fellow Libra....I stop by occassionally you stop by occassionally and I will admit I need to make it up there to we can hit the streets together LOL

MrMack...where are you...that's all I can say, you went to the Chi and didn't post again I hope you survived it lol

OrganizedNoise....sometimes I go down the list and I hit your spot up other times days go by and I forget to read everyone, but despite that you always send me an IM and for that I thank you. We keep missing one another but we'll hang out one day when your in town or I decide to visit your neck of the woods... is lil sarccastik, the misses and life in the A....where have you been man lol....
you use to crack me up with your stories about the lil one and the stuff she would say...I miss that :( plus you made married life sound aight lol went private and I can't read you anymore..what's up with that LOL if anyone talks to him tell him to holler at Honey I miss reading his stories.....

Missy...HOMIE!!! I have to come to the Bean again so we can get free drinks from unsuspecting men at the have to come visit again so we can party hard!!! How are you..what are you me NOW LOL

NSane...I am horrible at coming by the blog now..I know sad..I'm on my way right after I write the rest of this post....I love how you keep it real, your raw emotion and how you feel about things that you've gone through..I wish you the best in everything..... and Caun are too cute and so is your mini-me, I love how you love him and you love life...I look forward to spending the rest of my life with Hun and enjoying it as much as you are enjoying it. You keep on ticking, you enjoy life and I will admit I love the pics LOL

Princess....You are just that, I will admit I have yet to buy a book but it's coming LOL....Your blog keeps me interested and even when I forget to stop by when I do what you've written makes me want to catch myself up

Roycee....You never stop and that I can admire. You always have something going on and how you love your Dad so much is wonderful.... many women aren't as blessed as you and I to have men as our fathers who have taught up what real love, unconditional love stay on the love loving and that's not bad..even when things dont go how you want them to you still come out knowing that a lesson has been learned.

LadyNay...what can I say about you....your another one of my blog sisters that I have yet to meet....your stories about Pooka crack me up....I wish we lived closer to one another or that gas wasn't so expensive..better yet I wish I had a driver that could drive me to visit you so we could hang out only live one state away so maybe if I save for a month for gas I can come visit LOL. You inspire me with your stories about being in class cause soon I'm gonna be on that path get stressed out but you never talk about quitting and that is commendable.

SanginDiva....This girl can SANNNNGGG LOL. I love reading about your tours, seeing your pictures and hearing about your life....I'm sure your busy which is why you havent' updated LOL....hopefully you will come to this neck of the woods so I can hear you sing face to face....

SheDoesn'tCare....Ok I dont call you that, I have your real name and your number so I guess it's safe to say that I know you LOL....your in my circle and I love hanging out with you and GTL. You guys are too funny everytime me and roomie come through we have a blast!! We def need to hang out more...Bmore isn't that far I'm just lazy LOL (hmm I should hire a driver..then again that requires funds that I dont have lol) Keep doing it big girl..ya'll makin moves..T&J promotions is taking the world by storm

CI...Ok so your townhouse is FLYYYY and I'm mad I couldn't come to your party cause I would have come if I could...but I am def gonna have to come down that way and me you and Jus are gonna sip on martinis and laugh at passerbyers LOL....I love how you use to talk about your roomie and her antics which were sooo NASTY but folks like her make living with them interesting and gross but hey great stories come out of it that you dont have to see her you wont have anything to talk about..or will you lol

Kween...HEY GIRLLLL!! Ms. Diva is what I call you everytime I see you cause you always killin em doing it big sista keep doing what you dont update too often so I just have to rely on how your doing when I see you lol..or do I just not stop by enough lol

Drama....I love reading your blog and your keep me entertained. I'm glad you and He decided to make things's clear that you have love for him too bad I wont get to hear about the bouncer anymore then again maybe he'll do something soooooo good that things will change ahhh well lol

SouthernGirl...One of the first blogs I started reading I dont know how I found you but for some odd reason when my boss was talking about going to Arkansas I was about to tell her to hit you up....umm but she's a older white lady going there on business then I thought about me hopping in her luggage so we could hang out but that might give her a heart attack. Your randomness, your thought out posts all keep me hanging on...O is tooo cute. Your opinions and your bluntness some folks might find harse but hey that's how I am so I can dig it (did I just say dig wow lol)

StreamofConscienceness....I stop by once in a while and I know that's horrible but I have so many favorites. I enjoy reading about your thoughts and feelings about EVERYTHING....cause sometimes I wonder what you wonder and I think no one else thinks that way then again I know someone else does I'm just glad that I can read about someone who does came, you saw.... you disappeared. I will admit that I miss reading your blog hopefully you're out there in the dark reading and what not...perhaps you'll come back and if you do look me up :)

Tenacious....we live probably like 10 min from each other yet we've never hung out...SAD!! So I say we head to H20 on a hot summer night get some drinks and laugh at the men who find it necessary to dance with us by poking us with their you know whats LOL. Nah but for real your randomness cracks me up man and it's funny cause I be like dang I can hear her saying that and I've never heard your voice lol....if you had a show I'd watch it would probably be on BET during the after dark hours but I'd stay up to watch it LOL..matter fact you should audition for Real World..that would be too funny LOL

Mistress....WOMAN!! What can I say about you, you went private so if you're gonna click on her link I must warn you that she's no longer there....but I get to enjoy her all the same WOOHOOO. I love how you enjoy the sexuality of being a woman and you dont care who thinks heads or tails about it. You have your opinions and you dont care if folks give a rats booty about're gonna do you...others need to be like included but I'm happy to say that I'm getting there. Plus you make AZ seem so dang on pretty even when its 130 degrees outside LOL....

G....what can I say about're words always get me...they make me want to cry sometimes they make me want to laugh and they make me want to love someone so much that I lose myself in them....I enjoy reading your words, your thoughts...and you. You get me everytime I stop by even if you haven't updated....thank you for your words and letting me read them

MsBehaving....I crack up and how you think about work and the fact that you dont wear open toe shoes that makes me laugh and when you talked about the woman who use to work with you but tried to take if I could have seen a pic of your face while she was on the phone I know it would have mirrored what I would have looked like...your gonna be a fly nanna...your children are soooo blessed went private and I still get to read you but I keep forgetting that you've gone private until I look in my email box LOL...I love how you just say what you want even it means mentioning crotch and smelly socks all the time LOL...I'm stopping by to catch up right after this.

NSearch..I always forget to link you and I stop by when I remember but congrats on the pending wedding you know I want pics LOL....I love your Hot mess posts you make me laugh..thank you

KrateDigga..Also known as Anonymous..thank you for checkin up on me everyonce in a while...keeping doing what your doing....thank you for your music and if I'm ever in your urea have to show me around :)

Sooo I know this was long but I wanted to get everyone. Too bad we all can't get together and have a big blog event lol....Some days I get to read all of you other days I only get to read a few of you but that doesn't mean that you aren't in my thoughts...thank you for allowing me to enter your lives through your words and thoughts...thank you for giving me your advice, your jokes and your thoughts...thank you for sharing a piece of you with me

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok so how come I can't title my post..not that I have a specific one in mind but dang on it..what if I now it's just gonna be nothing

My mini-vacation (from wed to sun) was GREAT!!! I got so much sleep I think sleep got tired of me..but for some odd reason I feel dead tired today..maybe cause I woke up at 230am and drove back to my house from huns yea great...interrupted sleep is not sleep.

I didnt do too much last week..cookout on Wed, me and hun were going to watch the fireworks but he was tired so I chilled out at home since I had the next couple of days off and he didn't. Woke up and just plain hung out at my pajamas all day..yea I washed my tail but I just put on another pair of pj's LOL.

Got up Friday, paid some bills, and ran some errands. I've been needing some new sneakers and I could some kswiss for $19.99 YES!! Gotta love that...I saw some other ones that I might go back and get but I need some for this weekend me and the hun are going to Carowinds in Charlotte, NC with some of the fam..we're meeting them down there. I love my fam but I hope they dont overwhelm him...especially after I talked to my mom about how I was feeling last week...she will be staring him down making sure he aint' hurtin her baby LOL. On top of that my cuz and her Hun are riding with us so hopefully they will get along nice cause 6 hours in the car aint no joke!

We didn't do too much this some more stuff for the house...talked about getting a flat screen for the living room, and about painting. I cooked dinner for him Friday...I think he was kinda surprised cause he wasn't there when I got there but he had chicken out..unknown to him I had already decided to I cooked what I had brough..we had baked ziti and salad which was rather good um um. He came home to a nice cooked dinner and we proceeded to hang out till he went out with his boys...Sat we slept a lil late, he went and got a hair cut and I bummed it...we ran a couple more errands like getting the car washed and what not....then got ice cream. He laughs at me cause now that it's hot outside I need ice cream in my life...LOL what can I say I love it!!

Sat night I got up with my MD/DC gang of friends and we had some drinks and went to see 1408...MANNNN dont go see it..if you do make sure you're tore up cause the ending kicked nuts...BAD!! Everyone was like awww but I think I was the loudest LOL. After that we chilled out and I didn't make it back to huns house till about 5pm cause I kept falling back to sleep LOL. He had fixed steak and I eat eggs (he doesn't) so I was about to eat them when we found out his moms bf (who I call his step dad even though they arent married) had cooked so we went over there and ate..went to circuit city, ate some ice cream and he worked on some music. I was soo heated cause I started to watch A Rage in Harlem and I feel asleep..woke up drenched in sweat and tired as if I had run from here to Africa LOL in 100 degree weather...great.

Hun informed me that I cant be gangsta with him and sing rap lyrics I sound corny LOL. I'll stick with R and B. On top of that when you get a second check out Algebra this chic is NICE on the mic!! She reminds me of India and Jill....she can be found on Youtube but I downloaded some of her songs and I'm jammin to them in the car....

Showered got back in the bed and Hun put me to sleep LOL..ok ok TMI but anywho...I woke up around 230am to drive back home (cause if you live up here you know how traffic is during the work week) got home and went back to sleep only to seemingly wake up 5min later (ok it was more than that cause I woke up at 7am) and come to work. It's lunch time which means that the day is half way over....closer and closer to the weekend. I'm actually looking forward to going to the amusement park on and hun havent' done that as of yet so it should be to feed the stomach (which me and hun jokingly refer to as Ahmari..our son lol..yea we're weird)....yes I know Jus we have problems LOl

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It doesn't stop.....

just cause I'm at home :) So I wasn't going to post today mainly cause I was gonna sleep till like 1pm haha but umm I got up and I've already eaten some cereal adn I'm watchin the Monk Marathon on USA Network. I got to thinking just cause I'm at home doesnt' mean that God stops blessing and it doesn't mean that I dont have things to be thankful and greatful for......soooo here goes.....

"Life is not a problem. It is a miracle, a gift, a teaching, a celebration. Thanksgiving acknowledges the miracle of life - every gift - and saying "you're welcome" is a kind of thanksgiving in itself. It acknowledges the gift of thanks. It says that we live in a world of beautifully interacting thankfulness. It affirms that we live in a world awash with treasures, with miracles and blessings, that we are blessed with an endless array of people, moments, experiences, surprises, magic, curiosities, and beautiful coincidences to which our only delighted, ecstatic, and unchanging response should be thanksgiving"

I am thankful for....

being able to have the day off today even if it is a holiday :)

having the rest of the week off..I soo needed it

the talk I had with my mommie about the situation with Hun..she provides so much insight

how I can tell that she prays for me even while I'm talking to her

the understanding that I recieved from her and God in what I need to do

her telling me that I'm not stubborn I just have standards and I shouldn't compromise them :)

friends and family who are there for me even when I dont' know that they are

the time spent with family last weekend...sometimes thats all you need to make it through

God and him allowing me to even know who he is...some people aren't as blessed as I am

for everyone today all over the world, those who are in the military, those who know loved ones and friends in the military....thank you for all that you do

Happy Holiday everyone..dont eat too much then again I probably will so do what you do :)

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transit Tuesday

What is the point of having your hair razor cut..I mean the top is short the back looks like a squirrel hacked at it...I just dont get it...and you kinda remind me of paris hilton..and that's not HOT lol

Ok so I like to catch some Z's on the train in the morning but how come everytime I open my eyes your staring at me...I mean I wasn't snoring so what the ham sandwich are you lookin at.

For the record someone and I'm not saying it's you..smelled like dookie...I mean what is that about

Long sleeves and not I repeat DO NOT go together..can you pick a season

Why the heck are you listening to get low LOL I haven't heard that song in forever I was waiting for you to bust out in the infamous white girl sway and we all know what that looks like...dont get it twisted I do know some white girls that can dance but I also know some that sway lol

I mean i'm jammin listening to my music reading my paper why are you lookin over my shoulder get your own express they pass them out all morning and you can get one from the yellow container on the side of the street

Why are you letting susie jean walk down the escalator by herself she's holding up traffic

Aight DO NOT stand in front of the escalator during rush hour home will get your feelings hurt

WALK ON THE LEFT STAND ON THE many freakin times do I have to say that

Jesse Mae dont ask your kids if it's ok that you dont watch TV when you get home..tell them fools...and when one of them said no you tried to act like you were being authorotative (spell check lol) boo you weren't. Then you yell excuse me getting off boo you ain't gotta do all that..we can tell your a tourist when you do that...just say excuse me and keep it moving

So I know that when I get excited about having a day off I might illuminate some illustious color but why are you staring at me while I'm trying to park my car...Boo you bout to get your legs taken off

Hmm that fedex man was kinda cute...can I get a hook up on sending out some packages LOL

Why are you screaming in the phone apparently Diana can't hear you....

Just because she sits down beside you doesn't mean she wants to hear your corny jokes and neither do I ....CAN IT!!!

Of course I see lots more but those are some of the things that stood out to me between last nights commute and this morning. I might blog tomorrow but being that it's a holiday I might just be sleep LOL. I dont have to be back to work till Monday so you know I'm bout to act a fool all up and through Northern VA LOL (that's my new phrase all up and through here)..feel free to cite me on it :) I wish I were gonna head to Miami but I might head to Atlantic City but I wont know till maybe thurs or so......which is fine with me.

Hun is fine...I guess...we sorta got into it. He said I was selfish and stubborn (all of which I know to a certain degree) I just didnt like how he carried some things....I'm trying so hard to understand that it's about work and if you love something then you work for it...but at the same token each person has to give and apparently I'm seemingly the problem child in this relationship so maybe I'm messing up his life.....I dont know....who knows....

We're suppose to hook up tonight after I get off....we'll see what gets talked about and what gets ignored but this can't go on for too much longer cuase he's continually pushing me away when I'm trying to make it work..I can't do it alone....and being alone is way better than being with someone who you feel doesn't want what you want out of a relationship...I'm not saying that we're done I'm just saying that last night while we were on the phone I began to tear up and I dont often do that (out of anger that is and partial sadness) all the yelling reminded me of dealing with Red...which I despised. I always told myself that I never wanted to be with someone who made me want to hang up on them...and Red was that person and now Hun is beginning to be it. I feel like he doesn't care, he says I'm being a baby. I expect him to stop what hes doing when I'm ready to hang out and that's not true. Then again maybe it is and why would you want to be with someone like that.....

It was deja vu all over again..all I kept thinking about was how Red tried to be controlling and yelling makin me feel like what I was feeling was stupid and that I was being a big baby...which is how I felt with Hun last night..and I didn't like it....all I can do is speak on it and see what occurs I can't do anymore. I'm not gonna do anymore....I dont wanna do anymore....I understand men have a way of doing things but you can't honestly tell me that you expect me to be fine with sitting up in the house and never really hanging out with you....yea should know me wayyy better than that....

Some things got to change and maybe the things that need to change are things about that's a hard thing to acknowledge.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

I will admit...

...that I'm stubborn

...that I can be selfish at times

...that I want at least a day of your time

....that I can be hard to deal with

but I mean dang!! I know patience is a virtue, but homie lover friend I was too done. All I kept thinking in my head was my Big Sis said that I shouldn't expect the negative and a good friend of mine said that I have to learn to compromise.

I have to learn to pick and choose my battles.....but this one I am gonna have to fight cause I'm not living like this

I wish it were tuesday already cause I dont have to be back to work till MONDAY!!

I WILL BE catching up on my talk shows LOL

The weekend was nice...the hair color turned out HOTTT and now I have curls :)

The wedding was sooo pretty. I loved the colors and it was nice seeing her after all this time..she said that I've grown up I could say that same about her LOL...although she is older than me

HMMMM what am I gonna do this weekend....sleep I know that much. Then again Hun says I sleep too much (I was bored at the house so I slept)

Me sleeping too much is a whole nother story...ah well

Living with him is gonna take lots of PATIENCE!!

Why am I loving the remixes to songs more than the original..example Umbrella I just love Chris Brown and her together

On top of that I am kinda feelin the please dont go remix ...IT'S THE TGT REMIXXXX LOL

If he thinks I'm gonna call him to apologize he got a nother thought coming..not this time buddy!

What's the point of living with someone and your still alone I might as well live alone...

I love this song called What happened by this chic named Algebra..they play it on WBLS every day (you can listen to WBLS online)...on top of that I get to listen to Wendy she is too funny (she comes on at 2pm)

I'm glad that I still have the option to leave and go home cause that's exactly what I did yesterday :)

I will admit that sometimes I do things to see your reaction....I mark it away for future references

I wanna get in the pool....or the ocean water which ever one comes first

I love my new digital camera....I finally uploaded the pics to facebook

Of course I'll have lots more!!

Hopefully I wont have lots to do..sad I know I'm at work and I dont wanna do work..great

I need to clean my room

Kelly Rowland and TI's (or is it TIP) cd's are on AOL..go check em out if you need something to listen to :)

I missed the Strawberry letter..DARN

Why have I been getting the baby urge lately...EKKKKKK dont give it to it LOL

I saw someone yesterday that I use to deal with (I use to call him Hustler) he's younger than me 21 to be exact...we chatted he bought me some ice cream...said that I looked as good as he remembered....and then I began to remember (um um um what that man can do with some ice) and I had to run in the other direction.....

for some odd reason the pic I posted isn't showing up so shoot me an email and I'll send it to ya (it's showing up when I preview but not when I look at the blog hmmm)....ok nevermind I got it lol

I probably have lots more to say but I'll leave it at that.....

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