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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend Plans.....

So this weekend will be spent with the best friend who will be in town....she's bringing my sister, my god daughter who is 3, my godson who is 4 months old and possibly my nephew fat fat who is one going on 4 lol. As you can see I'll have a house full of baby love :) the best if you ask me

We'll prob do the touristy thing you know zoo, museums, depending on how the weather is. But we are def getting some apt hunting out of the way. I have two that I'll prob go look at since they are waiving the app fee might as well go holla at em. With the help of my blog sisters and friends I narrowed my list down from 20 to 13 to 8 so I think I'm doing pretty good.

Most of the apts are in the same area so I already have an idea of the type of commute that I'll be looking at. The only thing I know is come Mon-Wed I'm gonna be beat after class. It wouldn't surprise me if I didnt loose about 20pds by December LOL

Hun has agreed to help me move my stuff. We're both gonna miss one another but honestly we need to do instead of later. He's def gonna be missed, from the early morning hugs to the arguments over leaving the silverware behind the faucet lol....but we've agreed that we have no hard feelings towards one another and will actually prob still hang out on the weekends of course.

He apologized for dragging me out of my element and then things not working out but I like to think of it as a lesson learned for both of's gonna be diff i know that much but I know that I'm gonna be fine..God already has it worked out.

So hopefully I'll have a place in mind to move to by the middle of next week which would mean that I'm moving out prob by the middle of Sept.

Gotta love me :)

"She got her own thing That's why I love her Miss independent Won't you come and spend a little time She got her own thing That's why I love her" (Miss Independent by Ne-yo)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power."

Writing the Vision:

I will find an apartment that I can afford that will be safe and will provide me with everything I want and need


Ya girl is embracing new things and stepping out on her own....pray for me :) Apartment hunting has never really been that fun to me but hopefully with the help of friends I can narrow my list down and have some places to visit by this weekend.


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

My guilty pleasure..Baldwin Hills and the Secret Life of the American Teenager come on tonight...of course the first in on BET which I rarely watch just cause I'm tired of seeing horrible music videos and for some odd reason I dont like 106 and park anymore...on top of that its just full of nonsense yet I find myself glued to the TV or the internet trying to catch up on the lives of Moriah and Lor'rena and the rest of the gang and of course everyonce in a while Hell Date LOL

The Secret Life of the American teenager comes on ABC Family and consists of some bad acting but hey the story got me...HS girl gets preg by the school man whore at band camp (which my children will not be attending...too much stuff occurs at those types of things LOL) and now has to deal with that and the fact that her dad is dating or was dating the school girl whore who just so happens to be the school man whores butt buddy...great. The girls boyfriend who is the heir to a sausage throne has already said he wants to marry her..yes at 15 lol so you can see why sometimes I roll my eyes but hey it's like a train wreck you can't look away.

Finished the Mary Higgins Clark book on to the next one and I even went to the library to check out somemore...I'll keep ya posted on what I've read and what I think about spoilers unless I feel like being mean LOL. I love my share of Ghetoo Urban Ficiton but sometimes I get disgusted when I read one and there are grammatical mistakes I mean dont you have an's already Ghetoo Fiction should I put on my ghetto glasses in order to read it. I picked up Black Widow by Nikki Turner who I actully can an excerpt from the first chapter online and decided that I actully might be able to get through it so we'll see how that goes.

So this weekend I will def be catching up on my reading. I'm suppose to hit up Bmore with one of my homegirls without the menfolks...we've been friends since we were younger and she just got engaged....her fiancee is actually one of the few guys that Hun likes hanging out with so it's always easy to get him to do stuff outside his box if she knows that her boo is gonna be there...

I'm leaving early on Friday and off on Monday wooohooo (no vacation just an appt and class starts on monday)

In other news: Why do homeless folk fight over corners...I mean come on there are more than enough and standing in front of the CVS aint gonna get you more change than if you stand in front of the Wachovia....great

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Monday, August 18, 2008

All Done...

Here is a website that will fill you in on the case :

Done with the first book and here's what I thought.

First the book was pretty darn near close to the movie which is called Heavens' Fall (which stars Timothy Hutton, Azura Skye and one of my baby daddies Anthony Mackie).

The book by no means a factual representation of what the whole case is about however the author stayed pretty close to the facts and even obtained real transcripts from the case and quoted them in her version of the story.

I enjoyed the book and will probably read other books by her. It's funny cause when I read a book that has a movie adaptation of course I visualize the characters and I can totally see why they chose some of the actors to play these individuals.

Here was the outcome of the real case:

In this retrial, Haywood Patterson (d. 1952) was again convicted of rape, but sentenced to 75 years in prison rather than the death penalty—the first time a black man had been sentenced to anything other than death in the rape of a white woman in Alabama. Haywood Patterson escaped in 1948 and fled to Detroit, Michigan. In 1950 he published a book called The Scottsboro Boy about his ordeal; shortly afterwards was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. However, Governor of Michigan G. Mennen Williams would not allow him to be extradited back to Alabama.

In July 1937, Clarence Norris (d. January 23, 1989) was convicted of rape and sexual assault and sentenced to death. Later, Governor of Alabama Bibb Graves reduced Clarence Norris' death sentence to life in prison. He was paroled in 1946. Norris was later pardoned by Governor George Wallace, and in 1979 he published The Last of the Scottsboro Boys, an autobiography co-written with Sybil D. Washington.

Andy Wright was convicted of rape and sentenced to 99 years. He was paroled, then violated parole and was re-imprisoned, then finally released in 1950.

Charlie Weems was convicted of rape and sentenced to 75 years in prison. He was paroled in 1943, having served 20 years in some of the worst prisons in the nation.

Ozzie Powell pleaded guilty to assaulting a sheriff (during a previous escape attempt) and was sentenced to 20 years, and the state dropped the rape charges against him in return. After Powell had assaulted the deputy with a razor (and, according to him, had surrendered), he was shot in the head, and consequently suffered permanent brain damage. He was released in 1946.

Roy Wright (d. 1959), age 12 at the time of the alleged crime had all charges against him dropped; the state said that they felt that given his age, and time served, he should now be released.

Eugene Williams, age 13 at the time of the alleged crime had all charges against him dropped, for the same reasons given for Wright.

Olen Montgomery, who was nearly blind and had been found alone in a car at the end of the train had all charges against him dropped, as the state announced that after consideration, they now believed him to be not guilty.

Willie Roberson, who was suffering acutely from syphilis and could barely walk at the time of the alleged crime, also had all charges against him dropped, for the same reasons given for Montgomery.

The four who had charges dropped had spent over 6 years in prison on death row without trial.
Governor Graves had planned to pardon all of the defendants before he left office in 1938. However, during the customary pre-pardon interview, Graves was angered by the mens' hostility towards him and refusal to admit their guilt, so he did not issue pardons.

It's sad that many of these men lead lives of crimes even after they released probably based on the traumatic experience they had just for being black. I tell ya.

Next up one of my favorite authors: Mary Higgins Clark..I discovered her in High school and have loved how she puts together a story and I can always visualize the story as I'm reading it. Her daughter also writes pretty good books as well.

Here is a brief overview: At the start of bestseller Clark's riveting new novel of suspense, Kay Lansing recalls her first visit as a six-year-old to the Carrington estate in Englewood, N.J., where her father worked as a landscaper. Twenty-two years later, she returns to ask the present owner, Peter Carrington, if she can use the mansion for a fund-raiser. The two fall madly in love, and after a whirlwind courtship, they marry despite the shadow of suspicion that hangs over Peter regarding the death of a neighbor's daughter two decades earlier and the drowning of his first wife four years before. After an idyllic honeymoon, the couple return to New Jersey, where a magazine article has caused the police to reopen the cases. The subsequent discovery of two bodies buried on the estate causes even Kay to doubt her husband's innocence.

Hmmm very very interesting, Mary Higgins also has a few of her books made into movies (like Danielle Steele) so I always enjoy watching those as well.

I'll let ya know what I think when I'm done, but she's never let me down.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Remember that Reading Is Fundamental.

Man that use to be my favorite time of the year, my lil heart use to pound and I'd wanna be the first person in line (which happened a few times since I'm a shorty and always have been). I wanted to be the first to run up the book table and see what I could grab before everyone else did. Would it be Goosebumps this week or perhaps a BabySitters Club book I sooo wanted to be Claudia even though she was Japanese lol.

Reading books is something I def want to instill in my nieces and nephews and of course my children. For each holiday/birthday and every event in between I buy books, which means my nieces and nephews will probably be like here come Auntie Honey with them dang on books LOL. I use to be able to read a book a day...still can when I have time.

With school starting in two weeks I've decided that my brain will be overloaded with legal stuff so I'm going to relieve some stress by delving back into my favorite past time....READING.

I can remember when I was in elementary school and Wed was library day. I use to even dress up lol for a long time Wed was my favorite day of the week, one because of library time and two because it was bible study night at church. Yea I was a weird child I know but I loved/love the simple things in life.

So after work yesterday I hit up the library near my my library card...listened to the lil presentation about having late fees after about 10 min of talking...or what felt like 10 min of talking I was released to the stacks. I can get so lost in there when I finally left it was like almost 830 and the library closed at 9.

Reading is one of the things that can excite me so much I get lost in my own little once I got home I couldnt' decide whether I wanted to read first or watch TV....TV won out a lil but once I realized that I had missed more than half of my Tuesday night show- Secret Life of the American Teenager--bad acting I know but I cant help but wanna know how she is going to handle being preg in HS (that is until SVU comes back on) I turned to Family Guy.

I poured over my 5 books (wanted to get more but my arms were hurting) trying to decide which one I wanted to read first and decided on SCOTTSBORO by Ellen Feldman. It must have been meant for me to read this cause I had just finished watching a depiction of this book on TV last weekend. In case you're not familiar with this story here is a brief description: The case of the Scottsboro Boys arose in Scottsboro, Alabama during the 1930s, when nine black youths, ranging in age from twelve[1] to nineteen, were falsely accused of raping two white women, Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. Although repeatedly found guilty and sentenced to death by all-white southern juries, the case garnered international attention and eventually all the men went free, the last over 20 years from the initial incident.

Very interesting movie and the book should be even better (I always think the book is better than the example the Notebook by Nicholas Stark and the follow-up book the Wedding...hands down the best LOVE story in the world)

So I'm at it again I will prob be done half these books by Sunday lol....I learned to speed read in elementary school too and I dont skim and scan I actually read and can remember various small details of what I've read.

So if you're a me some of your favorites (
I'll read em and perhaps they will become some of my favorites as well.

Happy Reading!!!!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Are you on Crack.......

So remember the story from last week about the accident well more follywag has been spoken from this persons mouth.

I promise I think she is smoking the breastmilk that she should be giving the baby. This chic took her one month old to Hershey Park on Saturday....and was talking about she put her in a bathing suit and she was in the wade pool.

Now I'm all for babies lookin cute in swimwear but I mean come on dude you can barely drive yet or have sex and you taking lil red to the amusement park...that's like 3 hours away in like 95 degree weather (in the words of B. Scott: Lord have mercy kelly clarkson eddie murphy!!!!).

On top of that supposedly the baby daddy is out of work this week cause he got you gonna go to Hershey Park and be injured....ummm great...the trip was to reward his oldest daughter who is 9 I think cause she read a book...not even an educational book just a book. Now I'm all for reading no matter what it is, but if he wanted to go so bad he could have taken her alone..a nice lil father daughter trip....since he doesn't spend time with her too much anyway and if he wanted everyone to go why not go to DC, there is the Zoo, the Spy Museum, the Smithsonian I mean all within a comfortable distance...but who am I....I dont have no kids LOL

That mess dont even tip the iceberg I have heard/seen so much nonsense that it doesn't make any sense anymore...perhaps an intervention needs to be staged. LOL

Maybe I'm overreacting........

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Friday, August 08, 2008

No Sleep!

Well the story from the other day has not been proven to be true or false...but the car is damaged (according to roomie) but of course we dont know if the persons license wasn't valid or whatever which would cause them not to file a police report. Im just gonna start laughing at folks when stuff sounds like follywag.

Anywho this morning I get on the train prepared to sleep till its my time to get off and at about the second stop after mine this lady gets on with two little girls...i'm like oh kelly clarkson please dont let this be the crying car. So I settle into my seat again after this great apprehension and start to fall back into sleep (those lil 20 min do me a lot of good). Low and behold another lady gets on this time with a lil boy. So it begins first the lil girl was crying becuase her big sister would not share whatever she had with her. The mom of course tells her to give it to her lil sister and stop being mean......on and on she crys. She quiets down but is still whimpering. The lil boy apparently took his que cause he decides that he wants to go out the metro doors even though clearly its not his stop. His mom begins to pull him into her lap, he's falling out of her lap screaming at the top of his lungs. I felt so sorry for the man sitting beside her cause I know he was like what the hell have I gotten myself into this morning.

The mother of the lil boy was trying not to spank him you could tell but inside my head I'm like pop his lil legs he will cry a lil longer but at least he will sit down and stop screaming and distrubing my sleep. He goes on and on up and down onto the floor. While all this is going on apparently an old man took this as his que to go into stories ( a what seemed like 10 metro stop story) about his grandchildren and how he was forced to beat their behinds when they tried to run game on him. I was like come on folks I'm trying to sleep...I didnt say this out loud but of course I was thinking this in my head. I mean I need that lil bit of sleep, it makes me sorta wake up for the day...these bammas destroyed it! will I be with my children...will I let them just scream and scream....knowing me I'll pop them bammas as soon as they start. Hopefully I will have the evil stare like my mom use to have on me and my sisters...boy was that lethal.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

True or False

You hear the following story from a friend:

I got into a car accident with the kids and my boyfriend (one of the kids including a less than one month old baby). We didnt' get a police report, the lady had allstate (does that mean that she aint gonna try to get you on the funds to get the car fixed).

The ambulance checked the kids out said they were ok, we didnt go to the hospital cause we didnt wanna ride in the ambulance (and yes they have insurance).

She says the car is messed up bad, the person hit the passenger side, her boyfriend says it aint that bad. No one has seen the car. After the accident they go to his moms house, take a nap then go to dinner. The next day they go to the hospital.....hmmmmmm

True or False?

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