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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Catchin the FEVA!!!!

Man oh man. First let me say I for one am glad that today in the great Nation's Capitol it's suppose to hit 70 degrees. So yea I know there will be those out there that will be wearing tank tops or those cheerleader shorts with the elastic rolled down like they got a booty (lol)..anywho. The morning has started off pretty good. I talked to my older brother who has been in jail for the last year or so and he got out about a week ago. Trying to talk him out of getting into trouble. Funny how I feel older than him at times and other times I just want him to be my big brother..I love him dearly though no matter what and that's how it should be.

Yesterday I got to work a little after 1pm..yea you read that right LOL....1pm. I was in court alllll morning for a ticket that I disputed which said that I was driving on a suspended license..what is it with blacks and police. I mean dang I wasn't doing anything in the first place for him to run my tags, but I've come to learn that everything happens for a reason and perhaps I wasn't suppose to be out and about in dc with the roomie that night..but anyway I never got a letter from the DMV or anything so I didn't know that it was suspended...for point violations. Why is it that VA cops are crazy..and everyone kept saying this in court yesterday..well not in court but outside of the courtroom. They kept comparing VA cops to MD cops and what not. I was like dang I have become so paranoid now when I see a cop cause you don't have to be breaking the law to get pulled over. And yep they can run your tags, it what they do....I was like dang I been driving in VA out of VA and all about town not knowing that I'm a criminal LOL. So the last month or so that's been on my mind cause you never know what could happen in court so I was like I'm going to jail. I don't want Bertha (why do we always call big women in jail that lol) watchin me go to the bathroom. My heart was pounding and what not, I was saying good bye to Gizmo lol.....saying that maybe I could do my jail time on the weekends...then I wouldn't be able to go home for easter or go to Kings Dominion. My roomie said I was exaggerating and over reacting, but I mean hey you never know. I was like please Lord don't let me go to jail....I think I'm too pretty to go to jail, then again there are some fine men in jail so we all know looks have nothing to do with it yea Honey was a lil bit apprehensive yesterday.

We got to court and my attorney informed me that he got the case passed which means that I plead not guilty and had to put into another pile of cases and would be called later on. I'm thinking aight we'll be outta here by 11:30 at the latest....I had the roomie with me since she was in the car when I got pulled over. She had to be to work and what not so of course I didn't want her to be there all day cause she took time to help me out. Man to make a long story short I didn't get into the court room till noon and right before we went in my attorney was like he's dropping the case, since they can't prove that you knew it was suspended (I got a speeding ticket like 2 weeks after they said it was suspended and the officer never said anything...yes I have a speeding problem...sad I know and I dont' even have a sports car lol)...I'm glad I got that ticket though cause that showed that I didn't know and wouldn't have the week after I got the ticket I got it reinstated.....had to take a driving class (8 hours..dang on it) and pay a fee....many I was heated. So I get in the court room, the attorney was like he didn't know how long it was gonna be cause I might be on the bottom of the cases called (ahhh, come on) so he goes up there to talk to the prosecutor and tells him that I have a witness and she's been here all day and has to go to work and puts me on the top......the judge calls my name and I go up there and he says dismissed and I walk out.....I was like umm ok, then it hit's over, I'm not in jail, I'm not going to jail, I don't have to pay a fine or court costs (first thing I did was pee cause I had been holding it lol)...the first thing that popped into my head was that song Jesus dropped the charges LOL....they use to sing that at my grandmothers church and in other country churches I would go to when I was small.....I felt like a criminal for real, even though I'm not. But I mean dang I could have been in jail or at least paid a fine cause the prosecutor could have still said I didn't have a valid license but he dropped everything and I was free to drive my blueberry. Needlesstosay, I am paranoid now when I see cops or when I'm driving period..not paranoid where I'm not paying attention but I pay attention too much now (lol)..I be looking for no turn on red signs and what not...looking for undercover cops, cause it's just that serious. I mean it's become border line harassment.

So as I figured Constant started sending me emails now that he's out to sea. Talking about he missed me and would be thinking of us while he was out to sea, did I miss him and he would be home when they got back or the weekend after so he would be able to see me. I told roomie see me for what a couple of hours. I'm gonna need a day or something I mean dang I'm tired of seeing you when you're tired after you've spent all your time with the many other people you find important (not saying he can't chill with his friends) but I mean come on everytime you come home to DC you chill with them and give me the after you......I'm tired of that. So I'll mention it to him and leave it at more saying things over and over. He's an intelligent brother so he can listen and comprehend I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. So I'll say it and move on. I was even gonna suggest that we go somewhere on a weekend that he's home...perhaps Ocean City now that it's nice or NY for the day...just to have that time one on one before he leaves for 6 months in July. Who knows I don't even know if I want to mention it.

I have caught the MASON FEVA!!!! To be honest I've always had it but now of course it's with good reason lol...not that it wasn't before. So I've had a Mason jersey for a couple of years now and I do wear it..especially during the summer. But I might wear my Mason Final Four t-shirt when I watch the game on Sat instead of my jersey. Havent' determined where I'll be watching the game of my girls from college is coming in town so might meet up with her somewhere in DC...dont' know yet. I'll be at happy hour tomorrow for a friends bday at this place in DC called Ozio' they have some of the best martinis. I went there when roomies job had a happy hour there and we tried everyone on the menu....I think there were like 10-15 (I can't remember) needlesstosay....her boss paid for our cab ride home. I was too through, good thing the next day was sat so I got to sleep late lol, cause I wouldn't have been no good. Yes I've been to work with a hang-over and trust me sitting at the comp with a hangover is not something that you want to do.

Gizmo is still Gizmo. I have to find something to put in his crate cause he likes playing in his water and he wets up the newspaper. He stayed in his crate last night and didn't even pee in it. I got up at like quarter to 6 to take him out and he immediately went to his favorite tree and peed then walked and played some more and proceeded to do the rest of his business LOL....I'm glad he is getting use to using the bathroom outside makes it easier when I let him out of his crate. I don't have to be worried about him peeing all over the place or steppin in his brown stones LOL.

I've decided to set little goals for the month as far as weight lose. So this month is 5 pounds. I have 4 more to go. I have some great Apple Danish yogurt this morning, it was great I think that's gonna be one of my favorites from now on. I'm making a habit unknowingly of eating yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast. I've found that I feel fuller longer especially if I drink water with it. If I eat when I first get home I can go to bed still feeling full, which is good, cause before I wasn't eating till like 9 or I would eat when I got home and eat again before I went to bed which was not cool. So I'm glad I'm maintaining self control.

I think the BC (birth control) has somehow created weird eating habits cause last night I wasn't even real hungry when I hate my turkey sandwich and pringles...I started to feel sick once I knew I was getting full and plus I was knocked out at like 930. Why is it that we (ladies of course) take BC to get regulated and sometimes it still never regulates (I know not all of us have this problem lol maybe it's just me...yea it might be just be me lol) My cramps are almost nonexistent though which is great yea that's what's been going on with me.....


Why did Gizmo bark at my other roomies boyfriend this morning..he never barks at anyone...I'm thinking it's cause he's really as bad as we think he is (that's not gonna stop her from moving in with him though, not the dog barking lol him being not good for her)

When I talk to my nephew and say uh huh, yea what else he goes on and on (It's so cute)

Do I become obsessed with shoes in the summer time?

The metro parking lot smells like stale pee..not a good look

MASON is really in the FINAL FOUR!!! I still can't believe it (let me pinch myself)

On Desperate Housewives Gabriel said "I've read the Constitution and it doesn't say anything about protecting ugly people" (they are trying to get adopt) LOL

Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary are coming to DC, so is New Edition and KC & Jo-Jo....hmmm lots going on.

Can't wait to go to Kings Dominion..haven't been in a while (Rod laughed when I said I had to buy some cute comfortable shoes....just another reason to go shopping lol)

What am I gonna wear tomorrow to Happy Hour..we might go out afterwards...hmmm

I still don't get Jamie Foxx's new video..there is no DJ so how can he play this girl a song LOL

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tagged Yet Again....

....I was gonna update but I'll do that the meantime..yep I was tagged by

Q/A Tag

1. What time did you get up this morning?7:45

2. Diamonds or pearls?Diamonds...

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Madea's Family Reunion

4. What is your favorite TV show?Law & Order

5. What did you have for breakfast?Oatmeal

6. What is your middle name? I don't like telling lol

7. What is your favorite cuisine?pasta

8. What foods do you dislike? okra

9. Your favorite Potato chip?Cheddar and Sour Cream(Lays)

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? J. Moss

11. What kind of car do you drive?Toyota Corolla

12. Favorite sandwich? Turkey and Cheese

13. What characteristics do you despise? lying

14. Favorite item of clothing? black/redadidas pants with red tank top

15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Africa

16. What color is your bathroom? Tan and Blue

17. Favorite brand of clothing? Hmm depends on what's on sale and what I like lol

18. Favorite time of day? After work

19. Where would you want to retire to? Probably Hpt surprisingly lol

20. Favorite sport to watch? basketball

21. Who do you least expect to complete the tag? who knows

22. Person you expect to complete it first? Umm don't know

23. What laundry detergent do you use?'s always on sale and I love how it smells

24. Coke or Pepsi?Neither

25. Are you a morning person or night owl? Depends

26. Do you have any pets? yes

27. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with a dog lol

28. What did you want to be when you were little? a teacher so I could read the answers

29. Favorite candy bar? 3 muskateers

30. What is your best childhood memory? When my mom use to turn on the water hose and my sisters and I would run through it and she would spray it on us lol

31. What are some of the different jobs you've had in your life? Cashier, intern, legal assistant

32. Piercings?My ears

33. Eye color?Brown

34. Ever been to Africa?No

35. Ever been toilet papering?No.

36. Ever been in love so much it made you cry?Yes

37. Been in a car accident?Yes

38. Croutons or bacon bits?bacon bits

39. Favorite day of the week?Friday

40. Favorite restaurant? dont' have one

41. Favorite flower? African violet

42. Favorite ice cream? vanilla with caramel

43. Disney or Warner brothers? I like them both

44. Favorite fast food restaurant? fries- checkers, nuggets- wendys, depends as you can tell lol

45. What color is your bedroom carpet?Beige

46. How many times did you fail your driver's test?Twice

47. Before this one, from whom did you get your last tag from? I think her too lol

48. What store would you choose to max out your credit card? Don't have one

49. What do you do most often when you are bored? Surf the net

50. Bedtime?usually 11pm

51. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire? everyone

52. What are you listening to right now?Maxwell- Reunion

53. What is your favorite color(s)? Blue, white, silver

54. Lake, Ocean or river? they're all water does it matter (lol)

55. How many tattoos do you have? 1 might get one this weekend

56. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? the chicken

57. Who are you taggin?her, him, oh yea and dont' forget about that person

58. Favorite luxury item? Hmm dont' know

59. Time finished: 4:17pm
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Health Watch

Well if you've been reading my blog since about Jan you might be wondering how the whole weight lose is going. I have lost 10 pds which is great and it's staying off which is also a good sign...that it won't be coming back anytime soon.

I've gotten into the habit of writing down what I eat and how many calories that it has in a lil notebook and you'd be surprised how hard it is to go over 1200 calories..unless you are just a hungry lil bastard LOL..sike I'm joking. But for real when I looked at how many calories I would have to continue eating in order to stay at the weight I was at...I'd have to be eating all day, and eating stuff that I know I shouldn't be eating, so needlesstosay that woke me up.

I walk everyday for about an hour during my lunch break and now that I have Giz I walk for about an hour (30 min intervals) when I'm at home.....I've also noticed that cooking dinner helps cause I take time to prepare my food and I know what's going in it and all that jazz (plus eating fast food does get tiresome after a while I mean how many times can you eat nuggets and fries LOL). I'm not a gym buff but since they keep having these Bally's commericials on I'm thinking about joining and going..then again with me trying to start class in the summer and with Gizmo being at home...that might not happen so I'll have to keep monitoring what I eat and kick it up a notch when it comes to my walking.

I try to drink more water.....and I've found that I hate going to the bathroom so much LOL....I mean dang I feel like a tsumani..every 5 min I'm up and running LOL...I know I know TMI, anywho.....I've noticed that some clothes are fitting a lil diff which is good and I've given myself a reasonable time period to get down to where I want to be and of course I'm not gonna tell ya that lol....but when I get back down there I'll make sure I let ya know.

So of course in my quest to be somewhat healthier I've found out a lot of interesting things about myself and other things:

1. Of course you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

2. If you drink 1 gallon of water that burns 300 calories which is like running 3 miles (of course I didnt' believe this but hey that's what they say.

3. You should walk at least 10,000 steps a day which burns approx. 500 calories

4. One pound of fat is 3500 calories...ewwww!! LOL

5. I can go without eating a whole bagel LOL

6. My stomach gets full before my brain knows it's full (You should stop eating once you feel full not once all your food is gone...I know Mom, sorry lol)

7. I have become obsessed with weighing myself so I'm going back to weighing myself once a week

8. It takes time to gain weight and time for it to come off

9. I sometimes eat because I'm I try to occupy my time now (if I feel hungry I snack but not I dont' over snack or I drink, it's a mind thing)

10. I'm gonna love being a size 12 again (yes!!!) nothing tastes as good as being healthy

11. Drowning my salad in ranch isnt' necessary tastes just fine with ranch drizzled on it.

12. How come others have noticed I've lost weight but I can't really see it..then again are they just trying to encourage me so I dont' get depressed.

13. Don't make it seem like you are cheating when you eat something you are craving just don't over do it....

14. Have a reasonable goal..dont' expect to lose 50 pounds in 2 months.....NOT!! LOL

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Monday, March 27, 2006

What Chu Know about that..........

The weekend was pretty chill, watched the game on Friday night at KK's house....and I noticed that his breath is a bit tart.....ewwww, talk about smelling like crap (Tash said I was being mean)..I mean at first I thought it was my breath bouncing off his skin but noooo, he was a lil too close to my nose and I concluded that it was needlesstosay he won't be talking to me in close rang no more...I hate when people who have bad breath for no reason want to be all up in your face...I mean having bad breath for a reason (food, smoking which by the way I don't do lol I was talking about other people, etc) is just as bad but dang... dog is the craziest thing. He will roll around on the floor on his back just so you play with him, but I had to lay his tail out cause he wanted to pee on my carpet and he knew he was wrong cause he ran as soon as he saw I was looking at him. I usually take him out every 5 hours or so and he pretty much holds it till I take him out, but we had a couple of accidents this weekend. He's a big baby I know that much lol...whining everytime I leave him in his lil exercise pin..but like a baby I let him whine and then he goes to sleep.

Hmm what else ohh yea........those PATRIOTS are in the FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To say that my heart was pounding was an understatement. I mean I couldn't even eat all my food while I was watching the game...every time UConn scored so did we and visa I mean back and forth back and forth. It was killin me. Then it was down to 7.9 seconds and we were up and they scored putting the game into OT.....pure insanity!!!! We won, be it by 2 points but the fact still remains that we won!!!! In the words of a UConn player...."They played better ball...point blank".....and that's enough for me (smile) It feels so good being a PATRIOT!!!!!

The bosses are out this week on client I'll be getting a much needed break from all that OT I've been doing. Back to the norm of leaving at 5:30pm, that will feel sooo good. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Preserve the Sexiness

Well it's Friday and since I don't have much to talk about I decided to do a MEME (what msnhim call's them lol) Have a great weekend

I was tagged by and lets see if I can tell the truth LOL

Sex Chronicles (has been edited since this morning after I recieved clarification lol, edits are in light blue)
1. How old were you the first time? 19

2. Name of your first- Ahmed

3. Good or Bad? Great!! LOL

4. Name of the worst and why- Woody...he thought just cause he was a "dawg" he could put it down LOL..ehhh wrong

5. Name of the Best and why- My Constant..he makes me feel bad and oh sooo good at the same time

6. Weirdest place you ever had sex? In a club (long story lol) um um um memories

7. Favorite position? Back...I got the booty why not LOL

8. Ever fake and Orgasm? Yes

9. Would you admit it if the person asked? NO

10. Favorite time of day to have sex? Depends

11. Most times you have had sex in one day? hmm I used a whole box so however many was in there lol (what can I say he was puttin it down)

12. Same person? YES

13. Ever fantasize about someone other than the one your with? Yes

14. Restrictions during sex? Not many but I don't do cum in the face and that nasty porn crap lol I ain't no white chic

15. Accessories? Still haven't ventured there yet (I'm shy LOL) other than music, incense the normal stuff lol

16. What? I'll let ya know when I start LOL

17. Done it in the rain? I wish. That’s one I’ve always wanted to do

18. Done it in a car? Yes, man was that crazy lol

19. Had a Threesome? No, but why the heck have I been asked by dudes like 50 times LOL..not literally, but I mean dang what is it with them and that...I know what it is..just an open question

20. Want to have sex now? Umm not really, I'm at work so that would be a tad bit weird and gross

10 Attributes of my Perfect Lover

1. Honesty- In the words of my mother I would rather hear you tell the truth than to lie to my face and me find about it later. I want him to be able to understant that telling the truth can only help not destroy what we have.

2. Confidence- There is something about a man that believes so much in himself that he causes you to love him even the more. He knows that ok times are hard but he can and will make things work while all the while making me feel ever so taken care of.

3. Understand Me- At times I can be cranky, when I'm sick I become a baby, sometimes I'm stubborn and can run my mouth...he should understand that's just who I am and make me think I have my way when I really don''s a mind thing LOL

4. Challenge Me- I want to be able to go beyond what my mind can comprehend when I am around him and when we converse. I want to know that after talking to or interacting with him, I am ever the more prepared for anything that comes.

5. Like things I don't like- Ok having things in common is great but what about him liking boxing and me not being able to stand it.....he has his time, I have mine, yet we can still be one.

6. Communicate- Being with someone you love challenges you to say things that you might not want to say and do things that you dont' want to as a man or as a couple we would have to be able to speak our minds without taking offense and understanding that it's for the betterment of what we are striving for. Communication is also nonverbal of course so just one look from him from across the room should tell me exactly what he's thinking (and how fast we should leave LOL)

7. Sincerity- Goes back to being honest. Even though it might hurt my feelings save me the trouble of wondering if you are trying to save my feelings by just being real.

8. Beauty-Inside that projects outward. He of course would not be Denzel but he's mine and that's what counts

9. Attentiveness- We all have hard days at work, I would love for him to enjoy helping me unwind although he might be tired as well. It's the little things that count, for example if he knows I have a favorite CD and I play it so much that it's scratched into a billion pieces..when I get in my car I see a new one with no's the thought that he puts into making my heart smile.

10. Love- Unconditional..I shouldn't have to ask why he loves me (that puts limits on it)....ride or die in every aspect of life come what may....enough said

Dang that was hard..m.uch harder than the first list, then again I can do about 5 but 10 was crucial...does that say something about me LOL

Feel free to post in my comment section or on your own page so I can read what you wrote....dont' be scurredd embrace your sexiness LOL

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Turn finally update my blog. Things have been hectic this week and it's only Wed or should I say it's almost Friday..either way it's half over...moving along

I'm so tired, I left work last night at like 10:30 cause my boss wanted help in cleaning up his office...then Young One wanted some company so I went over there and was passed the heck out..and I mean passed out...drool was coming out my mouth as soon as I hit the pillow.

Haven't talked to Constant since about Monday I think, conversation wasn't too long, he's leaving on the 28th and won't be back till the 14th of April. I'm past trying to make him talk on the I'm chilling. I probably won't talk to him till he sends me an email next week once he's out to sea, that's how it usually the days of trying to get him to understand are over, I'm just gonna go back to being nonchalant...that seemed to work surprisingly.

Spring is here and it snowed yesterday..what kind of stuff is that. In the words of Chicken Little..the Sky is falling!! LOL. Man I'm all excited about being able to wear cute shoes and no stockings...cause they make my legs itch and I always run them after wearing them like once.....I can't wait till it hits about 65...I'll be off to get the toes did (yes I know that's not correct english, humor me a bit). I've been looking at some cute casual shoes that I can wear to an amusement park and what not this summer, cause flip flops fall off on rides and I hate sitting on my shoes and of course who would wear high heeled sandals to the park..not I said Honey, I will not be laughed at unknowingly lol...then again it's probably already happened...ah well.

I'll probably hit up a couple of stores this weekend to get some of my favorite clothing item of the spring and summer....gauchos and capris..I dont' know why I love these things. Probably cause I'm still partially shy about the thickness of my legs but hey what can I say....they come in all colors and fabrics...I have like 3 black pair and they are all made different. Might try to purchase some shorts but I'm kinda funny when it comes to those.

Young One said that if I get tired of doing the legal thing (working at the law firm) I should be a stripper....LOL. Man you should have seen my face, what I look like doing that. First I'm shy, second ummm NO third....HELL NO.....then again desperate times call for desperate measures...let's just say I'd have to be real desperate. Then he said if I ever became one my name should be Triple XL...cause of my butt......LMTO....umm yea

I know me and the other roomie have like 5 months to look for another place but dang I love where I live now and I hate the whole aspect of moving. The packing, the moving, the unpacking, etc and so on. Hopefully we have the option of renewing our lease and we can just find another room mate cause that would be soo much better. I'm getting new furniture and now that I finally get to decorate like I want, why would I want to do that all over again......ERRRR. I just hate that she didn't even think to tell us when they first started "discussing it". I guess you can see it's pissing me off cause I talked about it last post and I'm talking about it now, but dang she could have provided me that courtesy as my friend and as my roomie. But I know her sister is pissed or at least upset cause this will be the first time they have lived apart..ever. We've been roomies since junior year of college so yea it's like I'm losing a family member..but ah well if that's what she wants to do. I know I'm not moving in with no man and I know he ain't got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of or even a step to sit it on. Dang on losers!! (Breathe, relax, relate, release)

So yea I'll be glad when Friday comes, so I can sleep late on Sat morning and then I'm off to baby sit my lil cousin sat night. I dont' want to think about it but I hope I get Gizmo, I was wondering what was taking them so long in responding to my email, come to find out I had the wrong email address so we'll give it another day and see if I hear something. If not I have a friend who works at PetSmart and they are keeping a look out for a cute little dog that will suit me and my personality.

In other news my alma mater (George Mason University) are a part of the Sweet Sixteen. People slept on us (I know I don't play but I love me some MASON), and now everyone and their dang on grandkids want to act like they know who we you can't see yea I know it ain't that serious. I'm so proud of them cause I remember when we played Maryland and we could have scored but the ball went between the legs of one of our players and we lost our chance at even entering the I'm screaming for you Patriots......cause once a PATRIOT, always a Patriot....GOOOOO MASON!!! aight enough of that lol

I'm kinda contemplating getting T.I's new CD....weird that I don't listen to that form of music much but I will blast some T.I. What is it about him, I think it's the beats more so, but ah well it's like that with most music and me, I'll listen to a song and only like an ad lib part of the chorus lol....I'm weird like that.....

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Madd Random

Today is the 1st day of spring..why is it 50 degrees

I want to wear sandals so bad, I'm tired of stockings

I found out yesterday that my room mate of almost 4 years is moving in with her boyfriend come August.

She didn't even think to give up a heads up that it was an option till we said something to her last night....dang

I hope I get this puppy that I want...don't want to talk about it too much cause I might not get it (sad face)

Working on a Sat in DC is not have to fight with tourist for a parking spot.

Walking 2 miles after parking in DC just to get to work....helped me get my exercise for the day

My hair is getting a lil long...but it bunches up after a day or you can't tell (smile)

This weight thing is ok but why does your weight fluctuate so much during the day (lol)

My blueberry (my car) is sooo dirty

I wonder if crate training Gizmo is gonna be hard (dang, stop thinking about him just in case you don't get him)

Are we gonna get a new room mate or just move to a smaller place

I need a vacation

I'm registering for class next week to begin my paralegal certification classes

Why does Powder (what some of the people in my office call my boss) act like I'm somewhat slow, if I'm that slow why did you hire me...are you having a power trip boo?

Out of my closest high school friends am I really the next one that's gonna end up pregnant.....there were four of us who ate lunch together and I just found out that the third member of our group is pregnant and due in Aug (I'm number four....ekkkk)

Is Christina Milian really bad mouthing Nick Cannon cause she needs the I even care?

What am I gonna do for my bday this year?

Me and the girls are going to Miami for Labor Day......looking forward to it

Kev (young one that I use to talk to) really surprised me by asking me to walk around DC with him last night just to talk.....too bad I was already in bed.

Why do people pretend to cough when they fart in the bathroom......

I had oatmeal for breakfast should I eat it again for lunch or eat a slice of pizza.....

Nothing is 100% foul proof.....not even getting your tubes tied.

I miss my family....can't wait till they come to bring my new furniture

Why is my biological womb donor such a loser....

I wonder what Constant in doing right now, what's he thinking about........

I need to spring clean..........

Should I get my own spot.....I would really miss my other roomie, not to mention the free hair appointments (smile)

I have to pee......

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Remain Calm

So as you can see from my last post I was a bit hyped cause I got bills paid and still had some money left over to get my furniture out of lay-a-way (blacks and lay-a-way, I tell ya lol). Anyway I still probably wont' get that for a couple of weeks cause my parents have to bring it up here to the meantime I'm sooo excited about finally being able to decorate my room like I want to.

The last couple of days have been hectic and I know the devil is trying to ruin my high and he almost got me! LOL...cause man my boss was in my ear about nonsense cause the day that I was all happy he was soo stressed out and my other boss came to me and asked me could I calm it down a bit (of course I was like umm ok), but I don't bother you all when you are yelling curse words into the phone, or complaining about a client or when they are talking about their Jewish holidays....ah well. Needlesstosay if he thought he could upset me that day then he had another thought coming I think I pretty much made it sickening cause I was so happy LOL

On top of that he asked me yesterday to come in over the weekend. He said I'm gonna give you the option of Sat or Sun and I said well I don't work on Sunday (it's the Lords day and a day of rest, which is what I was taught) and I said I go to church and don't get home till about 1pm, he said well you can come in after one I said no thanks I don't work on sunday period. He was like ok I can respect that (umm why wouldnt' you) then he was like well plan on it being a long night I was thinking I'm not staying on a Sat from 1 to midnight...ohhhh NO. You got me during the week but the weekend is my time. So I said what time on Sat and he said can you come in at 12 and I said is 12 definate or can I come in earlier and he said well I don't know if I'll be in earlier and then my other boss told me that she would be in so I'm gonna come in at like 10 so I can leave by like 3 or 4 and get home cause I have friends from Richmond coming to visit and I need to be at home or at least in the area in case they get lost. So I was like awww come on, then I said aight Honey you asked for help in paying bills and not that you are getting all this overtime, you're I had to stop and thank God for just allowing me to even have a job to even come to, cause homeless people are prevelant..especially in DC and anyone of them can tell you that they were right where you were and then things I'm good.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and left some encouragment and words of thanks as far as God being good. Sometimes we get kind of shy about thanking God cause we don't know how people will take it...but ah well I figured even if no one cared to hear...God was glad that I was saying it.

I have to meet with a lawyer today so I get to get off work on time. I'm meeting him to talk about a ticket that I got for driving on a suspended license which I didn't even know it was suspended..I tell ya, those people at the DMV. They could care less if you get the letter or not how am I suppose to know that it was suspended, I mean I'm Ms. Warwick. But in spite of all of that, I'm still smiling. Cause it's just so good to be alive.

Being at work last night till 11pm made me oohhh so tired this morning when I got up and of course following my morning ritual of weighing myself I found that I have lost a pound or two....and it's coming off ever so slowly which hopefully means that it will stay off for a lil longer (smile) Oh yea I bought this nice pedometer and everything spent almost an hour trying to figure out how to work it and why I put it on yesterday morning walked and did what I had to do, got to work to see how many calories I burned and the dang on thing was gone! I lost it, man was I mad I have to go get another one..this time one that doesn't talk cause I couldnt' figure out how to turn the dang on thing off.

Today will be spent trying to get a To-Do list together for tomorrow so I won't be here all day and if they try to converse with me I will let them know I'm doing my work and I need to get time for fun and games...give me my work so I can be gone. I'm also going to look at the summer class schedule so I can start trying to determine what classes I'm going to take for my paralegal certificate this summer.....what fun. I'm actually looking forward to going back to school......that must be the nerd in me lol

So have a great weekend, I know it's not going to be as beautiful outside as it was last weekend, but hey at least you have your facilites about you (my grandmother use to say that) and you may be ugly but you're here (Ceily from the color purple, lol)....till MONDAY...I'm OUT!!!!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So Blessed

So many times we go about our days never really taking into account that there is a higher power working on behalf of us. Now I'm not overly religious then again what is overly religious....I don't carry my bible everywhere (although I should read it more) and I will not bash you over the head with scriptures when you do something repulsive (who am I to judge, plus I need work myself, lol) Anyway last night something happened and it made me cry and thank God for about 30 min because he is sooo awesome.

I was blessed enough to get a job offer about 3 weeks before I graduated from college 1.5 ago, so while all of my friends were contemplating moving home, I was making plans on getting my first apartment. Needlesstosay I didn't do too much research on the area that I choose and when my roomies from college moved in with me and we decided to get a place together..I decided to break my lease and move. Yep I would be paying rent for two least until someone rented the other apartment. This was a hard lesson in first of all researching and asking around and just general life living...I will definately use it to talk to my children when it comes time for them to live on their own and I'm much more research savy and questionable when it comes to where I live (lol). So lesson learned and I moved on.

It didn't stop there though...since I was paying rent at two places alot of my bills got behind and to make a long story short I was pretty much making good money but living pay check to pay check. I worked out where I could pay on the balance (on my first apt) until I found out that the guy who handled my account got fired because he wasn't suppose to do that. I wound up in court and by only God's mercy they sent me the wrong court information and had to reschedule my court day...but I was prepared to fight. It wasn't my fault that he lead me to believe that I could pay down the balance and if they wanted to do that then that was cool, but there was no way they were gonna get money from me....I don't have money lying around like that. But anway fortunately I'm a pack rat so I had all my receipts and bank statements to show that I had been paying on it and I began to question if they had rented my apartment out because a friend of mine's who also works at a law firm called the apt complex that I use to live at and asked if they had an vacancies in the building that I use to live in and they told her no. Now anyone that knows anything about leasing and what not knows that if you break your lease ok you have to pay rent or pay a portion back until someone moves in or pay a certain amount to be let out of your lease and the leasing company has to do all they can to rent that space out again...well telling someone no there are no vacancies is not doing everything in your power to rent the space out. So they were pretty much taking my money and someone else's.

I've been praying and asking God for clarification on things and he's been real candid in letting me know what's going on with me and even the people around me. Which is why I've cut some folks off..I know they meant me no good. But I kept them around..for what I don't know, perhaps for some sort of excitement (if that's what you want to call stress lol) So while praying I also asked him to bless my finances and he began by giving me overtime. Now you know when you pray you should be careful how you pray. I never said how I wanted the money to come or anything like that, but by his grace I've been working overtime for 2 weeks. I can get my brand new bedroom furniture off of my car note up to date and pay my cell phone bill and finally have a savings accounts (which I had to clean out).

I cried last night because unlike so many of my friends who really don't know what's been going on with me, God knows. He knew that I've been dealing with my relationship with him, wanting to help my parents out, my finances weren't and still aren't great, I wanted to start school in the summer, and just be able to stop living pay check to paycheck. When I got home last night there was a check in the mail from the management company for a refund! I cried, I shouted I thanked God for just being him..because even when I don't recognize who he is and give him the credit....he's still in the wings providing for the right moment and time. You know how you have that friend who always knows the right moment to call, I mean you dont talk to them often but when you do, it's like they were never gone...that's how God is.

So even if you aren't a religious thankful for today. Be thankful that you alive and well, that you have a job and you have somewhere to lay your head and food to put in your stomach. There are so many people who dont' have that and even the little things are blessings.

Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Man, I tell ya

No more naming of the tell you the truth it was getting kind of hard to find words that matched up with the first letter of the day that made sense ah well. The weekend was cool, I def got lots of sleep which was great since I've been doing OT for two weeks and will continue to do it for another two weeks....great.

Friday: Finally got off work on time (5:30) got home chilled out and dosed off on the couch, constant decided to surprise me and drive 2 hours to spend the night with me. I love when he does that..granted this is the second time..but I love that he does it right when I least expect it and seems to know when I need to see him. We watched He got Game since he had never seen it and he left to go back to Norfolk sat morning.

Saturday: Was up kinda early since Constant had to go back watched a lil TV. It was so nice here in NOVA that I wanted to go outside but between not having money till payday (we all know how that is) and the tank being a lil close to E (lol, we all know how that is as wel) travel plans were kind of limited. Until I got a call from Wise and Young ( and we decided to hit up DC since a roadtrip was out of the question (I didn't want to go on a roadtrip with no money, that's no fun plus I was raised with some kind of manners and would like to contribute to gas expenses and what not). We ended up at Eastern Market..which is quite interesting to say the least. I loved it! I will definately be going back so I can get some fruit and what not...I loved the jewlery they had and they even had some of these colorful dish things that would look great on my new bedroom furniture..once I get it (lol). We walked around there chatting and what not, taking in the sights. He joked about how my black card needed to be recinded (taken away) because I like bike riding and chex mix (lol, I mean what can I say) He said that must be the light skin in me..I tell ya he is a trip. He was laughing at home I said that I actually liked trail mix as well..I mean I only eat the raisins and some of the fruit, then I said that I liked fried chicken as well and other "ethinically black food", LOL...ah well take me as I am or don't take me at all. After that went home and chilled out.

Sunday: Caught up on some movies..and surprisingly all the movies I watched (HBO onDemand) were pretty good and I recommed that when you have nothing to do and if you have onDemand that you watch them lol. First I watched Hearts on Atlantis with Anthony Hopkins...he's a great actor so I knew this would be I was tearing up when lil girl got beat with that Next up was the Ring Two..this was actually better than I thought it was gonna be...but all I could think about was the scenes in Scary Movie 3 that joked on this movie..that came on as well but I didn't watch it. Last but not least was Assault on Precinct 13. Man this movie was sooo good. The action kind of reminded me of Ladder 49..yep I love action movies cause they keep you involved in the movie and they are somewhat supenseful. Laurence was good in this it got me to thinking about how you should never, never, ever trust a criminal. Cause even when they help you they are just putting what business you and them on have "on pause" and after you all are safe and sound they will turn on you.

Me and Constant got into a lil "discussion" (I don't like to call them arguments cause we weren't yelling it was just annoying me). He's most of what he said and my thoughts/words are in parenthesis: I mean do we have to do this now (when else are we gonna do it), I mean I like you alot, I care about you (umm great...but I mean i'm more vocal about how I feel about you) You know I ain't no mushy type dude (yea I know and that's cool, but I like to know that you think of me as much as I think of you) Well you know I do, I do miss you..but I don't like to think about the future and get my hopes up (so I mean are you expecting this to fail is that why you do that, I'm not asking you to be a psychic but tell me something, anything) you know that I'm laid back. By this time I got annoyed and was just like nevermind and then he was like well I gotta get up in the morning so I'm going to bed....I need to not talk to him for a while. It's not that I'm asking him to be like yea we can get married in a couple of years. But dang tell me that you can at least see this lasting to the end of this year...WOW. Then again I can totally understand not wanting to be too happy for fear that things will crash and burn but I mean we've known each other 2.5 almost 3 years (known not dated) and I never pushed him or talked to him about being with me so he knows I'm not gonna push him to commit to something like marriage especially since we just got together..who does that (that's not my that I've matured lol, plus that's for the birds) he can take him time and decide that he wants to finally let go and care a lil bit more but till then I might have to chill on letting him know how I feel..not that I will love him any less, I just get tired of being so mushy mush and he's just like umm thanks or ok. LOL

Man I watched Flavor of Love as well....I was cracking up at how NY "bowed out" gracefully. Then got in the car and cried the heck out of her eyes LOL. Talking about did he just do that, why did he just do that. I can't believe he just did that. And all the time she was doing that Hoops was like I hope she crys her eyes out (she was) I hope she is drinking herself into a coma (she drank a whole bottle of whatever was in the car) then Hoops was like that's my man Biatch LOL..I was cracking up. I still have yet to see what they see in Flav, but hey there is someone for everyone. I also watched past clips from the show and they showed a clip where Goldie was asking Hottie if that was her real hair and she said yea (SILENCE) that's her real what life time cause it sure aint' this one....they were like even at the top (where it was stickin up and knotty)..she was like yea and Goldie was like she be lying and keepin that poker face on (man I was crackin up, LOL) then they showed the clips where Flav gave the girls 5 tests' (his words not mine, LOL) and NY fell off the stage and almost fell through the screen AHHHH HAHAHA, man I was dying. Then of course the episode when their parents came and they episode where Pumkin spit on NY. I saw that when it came on so I didn't want to watch it again....on VH1 they did a show containing that clip and one guy said that spit came out punchin LOL....and when they did slow it down it really did look like a fist that was punching LOL

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Facetious Friday

So yesterday was soo busy that I didn't have time to give you the word of the day (in the voice of mai ling from russ par, lol..that lady cracks me up). Well as you can see todays word is....Facetious which means comical. Today would be comical cause yesterday was so unreal and hilarious that I was cracking up and pissed of at the same time.

First yes I as at work late last night I didn't get home till like 10:15. I was pissed cause ER was a rerun....I mean how many times can they let us know that the black guy is in Iraq..dang.

I scrolled the web at work, then they had me running around here like a slave on selling block day! (LOL) good thing I had flats on cause my feet would have been killing me. Then on top of that some mail guy that has a thing for me kept coming to my desk saying ridiculous things and smiling, then I ran into him at the microwave and I happen to have something on my shirt and he was like I would like to get that off for you borderlining sexual harrassment..back off! (at first it was cute now it's getting kinda weird, i mean if you like me ok, but please stop acting like we are in elementary school).

I found out that people love to give busy work. And I don't mean real work that keeps you busy, I mean the kind of work that only makes you roll your eyes when you're trying to go home. For example I'm bout ready to head home after they brought us dinner (of course they wanted us to eat together lol) since I had nothing to that's when my boss decides she wants to organize her desk...umm boo boo you got other stuff to do and you could have done that first thing in the morning but oh well, so I'm standing there and she's handing me files to put in the cabinet and what not..about two weeks ago I cleaned off her desk and had everything in nice, neat order...well one of the folders was in disarray meaning at first things were in alphabetical order then she just started putting them in...she asked me to fix it, then she handed me stuff to put in the shred box down the hall..I'm like dang I can run up the clock but at least give me something meaningful to do. By no means am I complaining cause I have been praying and praying for some extra cash and you know they say he might not come when you want him but he's always on thank you Lord (lol)...anyyywho so I did all that and I was finally able to go home.

Hmm what else can I update you on...ohh this dude that liked me told me the other day that he thought we should start talking..umm boo I'm with someone, sorry. Sad to say you had your chance and you missed it cause you can't keep up with calling people back and what not. Then I said what brought you to this conclusion and he said well it's the effort you put into keeping in contact with me and I was like umm I do that with everyone that I pretty much know....unless they do something that I find uterally repulsive. He was like well I feel like you need to be rewarded...silence......jaw drops...silence..anger sets in...start to roll my neck....I said BOO..please believe that I dont' want to be rewarded by having the honor of talking to you on that level just because I call you once a week...he was like nooo my bad wrong choice of words I was like ya think....anywho if you can't check up on me as a friend what makes you think you can even enter the realm of talkhood or relationshipville. I mean get that right first and you'll be able to go somewhere..not with me cause I already have a suga (smile, I miss him he'll be out to sea again for 3 weeks in a week I think) so no need to even think that we can have this discussion.

I'm going to babysit my new cousin in a couple of weeks..I can't wait to see him again he's sooo cute. I'm gonna spend the night and go to church with them the next day...should be fun. I love having family close but not too close..cause sometimes family and friends can be the main ones who put your business out there..not saying I have any business to be put out there (smile)

The weather is going to be so nice this weekend so if you have a chance and your in the NOVA/DC/B-more area...take time to go outside and enjoy it.

Have a great weekend..yea this one is a short one....if I think of some more later I'll make sure to highlight it in a different color (smile)

EDIT: Aight so I'm back...why are some people so nasty. I just came from the restroom cause I've been drinking water like a hippo on a hot day and it's going right through me I know TMI but back to the matter at hand, I'm in the bathroom and I'm tryin to decide what stall to go in cause some people of the lighter skin complexion have left pee on the toilet or po-po skid marks...EWWW Gross!!! I mean dang can you at least wipe the seat off after you leave or if you know that you can't tinkle in the toilet all the way that's why you use a seat protector. I mean dang! I know you can't control leaving skid marks in the toilet but trust I don't want to see that crap (literally). Why do they leave hair on the toilet as well and I dont' mean private hair ewww I mean hair from their head, if you are shedding that bad then you need to holla at a doctor.

Do dreams really mean something cause last night's or rathers the end of it this morning was a doozy. I had a dream that I knew these prostitutes (i.e. Hoes) and their pimp wouldn't let them eat and what not and the dream happened like over some time and it showed how they tried to escape and what not..they were skinny looking things, like anorexia/crackish. Funny thing is although I wasn't one of them..I could hear their thoughts, feel their pain and all that. I woke up I was like dang....does this mean that I need to be more aware of the people around me and what they are going least that is what i took it as.

I know that you learn something new everyday adn I learned yesterday that if you drink 1 gallon of water (128 ounces) you can burn 300 calories which is like running 3 miles. Honey ain't running so drinking a gallon a water is what it's gonna be so far I have 16 ounces left and it's not even 1 yet, so I'm good. Which also means' I've been peeing since I got to work LOL...I mean as soon as I sit down I have to go again..great. Bout to go on my mile walk..let's hope that burns some fat as well..uh oh gotta pee.....lata

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wondrous Wednesday

Lets hope you all know what wondrous means....

(I was tagged by my new blogfriend

ABC.....123..All About Me (and yes I changed some of these lol)

Accent - I've heard I sound country with a lil hint of white girl (lol)
Best friends Name- Toya
Chore I hate - I would have to say cleaning the bathroom
Dog or cat - I would say dog, cause cats are sneaky
Essential make-up - Chapstick and lip gloss..hey I'm a simple girl and I've heard my lips are very soft...I can assume it's from my chapstick lip gloss regimen lol
Favorite perfume -I love curve and cool water.
Gold or Silver? - Silver
Hometown - Hampton
Insomnia - Depends
Job Title - Slave to the Massa lol sike I'm a legal assistant
Kids - I have none now but of course Honey will be having some of her own
Living Arrangement - Renting a townhouse with the roomies
Memorable Moment- All the moments of my life are memorable
Number of Sexual Partners - In my Britney Murphy voice: "I'll never tell" (lol, I agree chlte)
Overnight Hospital Stays - When I was born and before I was adopted when they took us from my mom
Phobia - Slugs
Quote - It's not who I am, but what I do that defines me (Batman Returns)
Religion - Christian- who is trying to do the right thing (smile)
Siblings - Yep 2 little sisters and an older brother
Two I'm tagging - who ever wants to try it
Unnatural hair colors I've worn - None of my hair colors have been too extreme except when I had bright red two strand twists, my ex would call me skeeter lol (you know from muppet babies)
Vegetable I refuse to eat - Okra..reminds me of snails and I hate peas but will eat them the insides of them remind me of baby poo (lol)
Worst habit - I tend not to look people in the eye when I'm talking to them..I mean I'll look at you just not the whole time lol, and it's not like I'm not listening cause I am
X-rays - Dental
Yummy foods I make - Chicken roomates love when I make it
Zodiac sign - In case ya didn't know LIBRA (An Oct baby is what I am!)

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tolerable Tuesday

If you don't know what tolerable means then I'm sure you have clearly been living in the dark ages lol...then again half the words I have begun to find since I've been on my quest for a new word a day...I dont' know so ah well (lol)...tolerable means average, enough, so-so or adequate. Yea that's how I'm feeling, not too tired, not too wide awake. Today is just plain ole tolerable. I found out that the day to register for class at NOVA is the 28th so I need to hurry and get some funds together so I can at least take one class. I'm hoping they have payment plans LOL..cause a sister like me is broke.

So I've been tagged by Onecoolsister ( to write down 6 weird things about me. After narrowing the list down (lol) I came up with these:

1. When I was a little girl I watched this horror movie one night before going to bed and although I know that nothing is going to come out of my closet to this day I can't and will not sleep with the closet door open.

2. I eat ranch on almost everything..yep, everything. Fries, chicken, fish, if it tasted good on eggs I'll probably try that too (lol)

3.I had a fish that was a beta and I named him Beta (lol) I promise that the maintenance people at my last apt complex killed me and the roomies had a funeral for him (ROFL)

4. I can speed read and remember what the book or article was about. I was once in a reading contest in middle school my team won, I remember there was a question about what color dress did someone have on in some chapter and wouldn't you know that I guessed it right (hmm, I need to work on that more)

5. I love ICE CREAM!!! and when I say love it I mean it in every sense of the word....I could eat it every night if I knew that I wouldn't gain a pound LOL

6. Sad but I have a shoe problem. I will buy the same shoe in different colors sometimes which leads to problems'll be glad to know that I am slowly going to meeting about this problem and God is helping me through it (smile)

So instead of tagging six people...I figured I would just let you tell me something weird about you in my comment section....

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Monotonous Mondays

Let's see how long I can keep this word of the day thing up (Monotonous means boring) and of course I'm talking about today not my weekend (smile). I know you're expecting a wrap up of my weekend so I'll minimize it cause in this post I'm gonna let you all read the letter I gave my god daughter for her 1st birthday.

Friday: Overtime till about 8:30. Then I went to dinner with a former room mate. We chatted and what not caught up on different things. We were really close in college and even though we live in the same area due to work and other things we don't get to see each other too often but the funny thing is that we talk on instant messenger almost every day. After dinner since it was so late we decided to hit up the wal-mart. I brought the dvd Their Eyes Were Watching God (saw it on TV and loved it)...was knocked out after about 15 min of it (lol), yea I was tired.

Saturday: Got up, packed and headed to Hampton for the rest of the weekend. It's funny how home can cause you to be so relaxed. Made it in time to chat with my dad for a few, then waited for my sis and we hit up the mall where Hechts was having a BAD sale. I mean my mom had been there about 2 times already and when I got home she was just coming back from there..she got about $200 worth of clothes for about $50..yea that's how serious it was so of course I had to go up there. I got 3 skirts and a sweater for $25 and mind you the original prices were like $35 to $ I was too excited. Then I got some cute sandals for $5..yea it's not summer but that doesn't mean I can't rake up on summer shoes...I can't wait till it gets warm so I can wear them...I tend to become obsessed with shoes (even more so) during the summer than the winter. My mom says I probably have shoes in every color, which I think I do..but that's a whole nother topic. So after that I had to run to walmart, get my "livia"..that's my goddaughter..had to get her some ballons, a card, a toy, her jewlery box and pic up her charm (I got it from things remembered and it's in the shape of a baby's face with her name on the front and love Aunt D on the back..soo I was running kind of late but I got there. The party was pretty good, she got a few gifts, we chatted and caught up with old friends and her older family members played with her, so it was pretty nice. I went home and chilled with the fam, watched the dvd then was passed out

Sunday: Went to 8am service, went home to take a nap, left to come back to Northern VA at about 11. Got home, did laundry, went to see Madea's Family Reunion which by the way is a great movie and if you haven't seen it, you should go see it. I will def buy it when it comes out on DVD. Watched some of the Oscars and then went to sleep therefore leading to me being here

Here's the letter I wrote my goddaughter Olivia:

February 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Olivia,

Today marks one year that you have been here in this world. I wanted to get you something for your birthday that you would always remember and be able to keep through the years. So I decided to get you a keepsake box. Each year I will write a letter that will go in the box and along with the letter I will give you a charm. Pretty soon you will have a bracelet to go along with the charms that you have received. The significance of the charm will be explained in the letter. For your first charm I have decided to give you a silhouette of a baby girl with your name on the front and Love, Aunt Danielle on the back. I chose this as your first one because you’re just beginning and in everything you set out to do you’ll have to go through a baby phase. Not only can you keep the letters that I give you in the keepsake box, but keep things that are most near and dear to you. When you are old enough to read and understand them I hope that you will enjoy each reading letter as much as I have and will enjoy writing them to you.

I want you to know that you are dearly loved and not just by your mother but by me. Your mother has been my best friend since we were in kindergarten together. We’ve been through a lot together and I know that no matter what she will always be there for you. You are special and I want you to know that the best is yet to come. I take my role as your godmother very seriously and I plan on being here for you whenever you need me, you are my first godchild so that of course makes you even the more special. I’m sure throughout the years your mother and father will tell you how special you are but I want you to know that you have changed your mother. She’s so much more focused because of you and you are her world. I know you will make her proud in whatever you set your mind to.

When your mother told me she was pregnant I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to hear her say that I would be your godmother. I can’t wait until you begin to fully understand who I am so that we can become closer. Right now you’re just a little thing, who doesn’t’ even have all of her teeth yet (smile). You just learned to walk and what a coincidence that you decided to do it about a month or so before your birthday. From what I hear you are into everything, but hey that’s what babies do. I know that once you start talking there will be no stopping you. I wasn’t able to be at your birth, and believe me I wanted to be there. You were born the day after I went home from being in Hampton, I would have thought you didn’t want me there (smile), then again maybe you just weren’t ready to come out yet.

Although at the present moment I live a little over 2 hours away, you have been to visit me a couple of times and I look forward when you are old enough to visit even more. I live in Northern VA which is near Washington, DC (the nation’s capitol). Hopefully when you can walk a little better I’ll be able to take you to the zoo up here, right now it’s just a little too cold and you’re still a little thing so you wouldn’t be able to understand what’s going on.
I only hope and pray that once you are old enough you are able to realize just how special you are to me. I love you and I want the best for you because you deserve it. So as the years pass and you grow into a beautiful young woman, I hope you realize that you are and will always be a blessing to those who are in your life.

In closing I’m sure you’ll soon find out that I love poetry so I found a quote that I’m sure you will understand as you get older: “Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body” (Emily Stone). When I read this I know it’s true because you are your mother’s heart, always remember that and you are mine as well.

I love you and happy birthday.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Fallacious Friday

...aight the word for today is fallacious (which means false)..funny how you can use these big words to make yourself sound like you know something about something lol...I'm gonna start using some of them and see what kind of reactions I get (It's so tempestuous outside).....

So I'm calling this fallacious friday because usually I'm all hyped up being that it's the start of the weekend and what not. I won't have to be at work for two days, but I excited..not I hype not as hype as I I have a false sense of friday hypeness (is that a word) I've been doing over time ALL this week, so I'm dead tired. I even got to work at a lil after 8 so that I could do some stuff which could be ready for my boss's review when she came in so I wouldn't be doing it later on in the day and it can be done way before I leave tonight.

Of course the good part is that once again I got dinner (free dinner that is!). I ate my dinner and sat at my comp for about 1.5 hours doing nothing till I asked one of my boss's if she had anything for me to do and she was like ohh no, you can go..great so I was just running up the clock. Not a problem for me..I'll scroll the web, message, and read misc crap on the internet for as long as you want me to..even though I would like to be sleep. Got on the metro to pick my car up from the station..why is it that when foreigners talk on the metro they talk so loud. There was this Mexican up there and he was talking to this woman and he was yelling I mean yelling and on top of that instead of coughing he was like hacking and clearing his throat like he was coughing up a hairball..and then he was diggin in his pants...I mean not trying to sound like a blondie but EWWW, Gross (lol). Have you no couth about you..there's another word I'm gonna have to use more (it means sophistication, smoothness, etc)...I was like this man is soo nasty and then he is leaning all in front of the door like he stretching when it came to a halt and everyone was lookin at him like..what the piss! I didn't even want to touch the pole cause he had been hacking in his hands and digging in the jungle down under...who knows what i would have gotten, if the train had stopped suddenly I would have just

I haven't lose another pound of fat...err why is this so hard. Then again maybe it's cause I haven't been walking like I was doing before. I've been stuck at my desk doing this work that I haven't even had time to really eat lunch....I take a working lunch. So starting Monday I'm gonna make a conscience effort to leave my desk for an effort to get my exercise back on. Cause these suckas ain't gonna take care of me if I ever get so obsese that I can't leave my house (WOW) I'm noticing appetitite changes which is a good I don't eat everything on my plate or I get smaller portions and I drink water before and throughout my meal so that I can be full and not feel like i'm stuffing my face like a fat kid on a hot day eating ice cream.

My goddaughters first bday party is tomorrow so I'll be heading out after I look at some resort presentation and then right back here at her party is over. I was gonna spend the night but my roomie is suppose to go with me and she has a date later that night so we be coming back after the party. Then again if I spend the night I could see my suga....but never knowing his schedule could mean that I don't get to see him, then again if I spend the night I could see my toot (my nephew). I have to go to things remembered and find a keepsake box for my goddaughter. I've decided I'm gonna write her a letter and of course get her a gift (two:one she can play with now and one that will go in her box) and each bday that she has up until she is 21 I'll write a letter and get her something to put in the box. I'm thinking this year it might be a bracelet or a charm of some sort. As far as her gift goes that she can play with now, I might get her some shoes and a tricycle.

My youngest sister got her first real job..she starts on Sat. I'm so proud of her, cause she's been find her way, to deal with her son's father not acting right. So I'm praying that she sticks this out and I'm beside her all the way. My middle sister got a job too soo my parents look like it might not be stuck with two grown women in their house (lol). I joke with them that they will be living with my sisters forever....of course my parents don't laugh, but hey it's funny to me...then again something could happen and I might have to move back home (AHHHH) let's hope that's doesn't happen.

Here's to hoping that I don't have to work overtime tonight, cause boy do I need to go to sleep or get a drink which ever one..probably sleep. I haven't gotten some real sleep in a lil over a I'm pretty much walking around like a corpse. Have a great weekend.....

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tempestuous Thursday

I tell ya trying to find words to go with the day of the week is causing me to think up my own make up words of use a dictionary or a thesaurus. So in case ya didn't know tempestuous means stormy..but I'm sure you all knew that (wink)

So last night I got off a lil earlier than the other day..I was here at work till about 8:30pm. The perks of working late are that you get free dinner..which a sister like me ain't even gonna pass up lol..especially since I have cooked dinner for real for real in a while. So bring it this point I'm past complaining and just thanking God that he gave me the OT cause he knows how much I need the extra cash.

With that being said why do supervisors, bosses, managers, whatever you want to call them (higher management) tend to take out their frustrations on the people who work under them. Man I was at the comp yesterday asking God to help me and venting to the girls and they were of course making me laugh and that helped me cool down. One of my boss's I guess got hung up on somethings that were overwhelming him. So the time comes for me to get lunch and I go upstairs and heat my food up on my way back to my desk I can hear a intercom going off I peak over my ledge to see if it's mine and it is. I see that it's my guy boss so I go to his office instead of sitting down and calling him, at the time it seemed easier. I said i just got back to my desk what's up..he give me the be gone motion while saying go back to your desk and call me when you get there.....WOW..needlesstosay Honey did a sidelook and rolled her eyes and walked on out. Ok he wanted me to look at his email and fax it to someone but I mean dang did you have to give me the "you are but a servant to me" hand motion. On top of that I went to the bathroom which apparently isn't suppose to occur during work hours cause he was like why did my phone go to that point I got kinda irritated..I was like I don't know and I think my tone kind of set him off cause after that he closed his door and was real nice the rest of the night lol even said thank you after he asked me to do everything.

So I got off, rode the metro to the station to get my car, got home and got on the phone with a friend who I haven't talked to in a month of sundays. He goes to school down south and we have a pretty good convo good that it lasts till a lil after 2am. I told him about Constant and all that and he told me the girls that he was kicking it with or trying to kick it with. But it kept going back to him wanting to see me when he came home and I'm like I don't think that would be a good idea. Cause I know how I would feel if constant saw someone I knew had a thing for him. I know he has female friends..he's even been on the phone with one of them (he calls her his lil sis) while he was at my house...she knew I was there cause he kept talkin to me and sayin nasty stuff lol which is why I trust him whole heartedly (spell-check). If he says he's sleep or he was at work..I never have to think or read between the lines with him. He's so chill that it scares me sometimes. He's just that laid back and I have to get use to that lol. Anyway me and SC boy were chatted and of course he's asking questions about how I am and what not....yea sexually. Why is it that after 10pm..convos held after hours tend to be risque? I didn't indulge him as much as I'm sure he would have liked cause that is saved for Constant....but he did tell me that I surprised him. By looking at me he said he wouldn't have known that I'm so open about sex.

I've posted about this before but of course growing up lil girls are taught not to do things and what not. So once I found out what I liked, how I liked it and where or when I liked it..hey what can I say it just kinda went from there. Now I'm gonna let ya in on a lil secret...then again if I tell you it wont' be a secret anymore, plus this is the internet so secrets no longer exist lol....when asked what's the wildest place i've had sex...of course I could say no where, and in actuality this place isn't all that wild..but I've had sex in a the raggae room to be exact. I'll leave it at that..needlesstosay the guy that was the second party in the situation still says to me this day that he didn't know I would do something like that...everyone got a lil freak in em. And by no means is that my definition of a freak cause there are too many to even get into....moving along

He asked me if I indulged in some self pleasure lol.....silence.....crickets....I think I'll leave that alone lol....then again if you dont' love yourself who else will (wink) that's all I got to say about that.....after that convo I was actually a lil surprised at myself....cause hearing some of those things out loud and coming out of my mouth lead me to believe that I still have a lil ways to go before I'm totally open with my sexual side..and that's cool. There is always room for improvement.

EDIT: Aight so I'm upstairs at the microwave heating up my lunch and this woman is standing beside me putting her lunch into a bag..I'm assuming to take it back to her desk. Instead of her bending down to look in the cabinet for a bag...she leans over sideways and put's her leg up in the air like she is a figure skater..on top of that she was kinda big and I could see her panty line..not a good home or at work lol especially at a firm full of "conservative" people if you know what i mean...I was like wow..never are your dress pants that tight that I can see your draws and can tell you have a wedgie....and NO I wasn't lookin that hard it's just that her butt took up half my line of vision LOL....back to work!

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wiped Out Wednesday

I was at work till 11 pm last night (and yes I got here one time...10 min before 9 to be exact) so you know a sister is tired. Times like that make me want to have another job lined up and be like I'm OUT!!! Then there are the times when I love my job and at this point I could be here for another 2 years. I don't plan on being here all my life which is why come Monday morning I'm going to turn in my paper work so I can start classes to have a paralegal certificate. This will allow for more career choices and perhaps even a move to another city or state. I have to make a chance and no one else is gonna do it for me so why put it off?

On to other things....don't you hate when someone gets in the elevator and they stand right in front of the door like they are a body guard..this lady did that this morning I wanted to laugh so bad..she looked like one of those women from Sweden or something. I hate when people come into the elevator after having smoked a cigarette and it stinks up the elevator..someone did that yesterday and everyone started coughin attorney said they should have a non-smoking elevator...ummm yea and why were they all laughin at that...losers....on top of that on the way home I was sitting waiting for the metro and anyone who lives in this area knows how metro runs after rush get a train about every ten I when I got to the platform I had 8 min to wait....this lady sits down beside me WOW..I promise instead of going to happy hour it smelled like she took a bath in happy hour!!! I was like woooohhhh chic...I had to get up cause she almost made me intoxicated just sitting next to her...I was sooo ready to go home that when I got to my station...I almost went out the wrong door....the side that wasn't even opening lol....umm great. Got home and didn't even close my eyes till after 1...I was up watching Wild N Out on MTV......that show is pretty funny.....

Someone has told me that they stopped talking to me cause I sound like a white girl when I say WOW. Now I only say WOW when something annoys me or surprises me..then again do I really care that you think I sound like a white girl...NOPE. On top of that have you noticed that I don't talk to you I guess we are even. Man I had to pull his card...he think that I'm really chasing him down nah bookie not really..not even for fake(my sister and I use to say that when we were little lol).
Backstory behind all this: This guy is from the islands and I stopped talking to him cause he showed his crazy side one night when he threw rocks at my window cause I wouldn't answer the door when he came go the heck home don't call me from my neighbor's house or try to break my window what would you have done if you had broken would have paid for it that's what.

So anyway he wants me to come over this is after I've had a convo with my suga and we've clearly come to an understanding that yes we are now's all or nothing, ryde or die...whatever you want to call I was like aight you been buggin me for a minute I'll come over and all along while I'm getting dressed talking to the roomie...I keep getting this feeling that I don't need to go over there.....and at first it was just a lil feeling then I walked out the door, down the stairs to my car and BAMN!! It was like someone was like don't go...I walked back in the house called him and said I'm not coming. Now being that I hate to hurt people's feelings I lied and said I had a flat tire..I know..I've since asked the Lord to forgive me. I should have been honest with him and said you annoy me and I have a man now so leave me alone.....I think I read on a fellow bloggers post that we as women many times stay in a situation cause we don't want to hurt someone's feelings or because we are afraid of being alone. Well she was many times I've acted like I wanted to be around someone when I clearly knew it wasn't going to go anywhere or because I didn't want to hurt someone's feelings. So no more..I've deleted numbers out my phone and since then some guy who lives in B-more has called me and I laughed cause I was about to call him back and I had deleted his number and his message with his number on...God knew I was saving myself from myself LOL

Hopefully I'll see my suga this weekend and I'll finally get to see if he has this infamous tatto that I keep hearing about. I don't believe him then again seeing sometimes is believing. So we bet that if he really does have it (he said he wanted one and has never gotten one before) I have to get something that represents him on me...I'll probably get it on my back...perhaps a symbol or something I don't know yet..then again loving is enough maybe he'll take that lol..let me stop. It's funny cause I called him on Monday night and he was already sleep (he has to be up by 5am) and he called me after work on Tuesday..which is quite unusual knowing his track record of letting a whole week go by without hearing from him....perhaps he's understanding it all now. I'll have to post a better pic of me and him together cause the other one was a lil smushed since it was taken on a camera phone.

I talked to my nephew last night..then again talking to him is gabber and sayin what the cow says mooo and what the turkey say gooooble goooble lol and no it doesn't sound like gooble gooble it sounds more like gouble gouble LOL. He is saying auntie now so that's kinda cute and he tacks on baby to everything he says. When we got off the phone he said love you baby (lol)

I feel like today should be Friday, two more days to the week and I feel like I've been working since dawn..well not literally but you get my drift. Let's see if I can be productive today....

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