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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~Jean Baptiste Massieu, translated from French

I'm grateful for.....

being able to open my eyes this morning, there are so many people who aren't able to see the sun shining.

the love of my family that I got to experience this past weekend, very rarely are all 5 of us at home at the same time, I realize when I'm around them just how fortunate I am to have them.

how little things have changed now that we are a "we". I didn't think things would and I'm not saying that I even wanted them to but I appreciate the extra attention that you give me.

being able to realize that it does take time to get someone out of your head and that you don't have to apologize for that. Love can hurt especially when you thought your feelings were being matched.

talking to you the other day and actually not caring if you even called back when you said you would...that shows progress :)

my parents wanting to meet my sweetie. I told them I'd see how things progressed and we'll see...I don't let just anyone meet them

my auntie telling me that she thinks my sweetie is a good catch....she can sense things and she says that he's a keeper LOL

the ways that you show you care, sometimes words can be hard for you to say just because men tend to not be too expressionable (is that a word lol) but when you hug, kiss and cook me dinner I know that you care

how funny I think that you talked about me to your coworker and called me your lady....whatever else that came out of your mouth after that I don't recall LOL

how I look forward to spring...funny it's just something about sunny weather that makes me feel jazzy

today being wednesday...almost to friday!!!!!

nothing to do this weekend.....I love weekends where I can just do whatever I feel :)

getting to see my new niece, I love being an auntie (I can hold off on having kids for a while LOL..sike I love kids)

my sister who is pregnant again...yep number 2. I'm not saying I'm thrilled about the life she is creating for herself but apparently this is all happening for a reason and through her I'm learning that I need to focus and do what I gotta do. I see how loving someone who means you no good and is doing you no good can lead you down a dark long lonely road. I hope this baby teaches her more than my toot did (although he is the cutest thing in the world lol)

realizing that even when I think life is hard and that no one is out there looking out for me....God is always there..watching me, caring for me, and carrying me :)


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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm back

So I was gone for a couple of days and I could have updated last night but I just didn't feel like it. Sometimes you feel like updating sometimes you dont' and I don't want it to become a pain with updating so I just chilled and decided to update just now.

Friday I went home after staying at work till 8pm and cooked dinner for me and hon. Gotta love how that just comes out LOL. While eating turkey burgers, rice and broccoli we watched Chris Rocks Never Scared (he was in DC) was somewhat funny especially when he was talking about how blacks would have money but they always wanna put rims on everything I was cracking up. After that we hit the bed cause we wanted to get an early start on car hunting.

Got up on Sat morning and looked on a few websites and hit the road after eating breakfast. He kinda knew what he wanted but just wanted to see what else was out there. So we were in Tysons mostly then headed out to Manassas then Fredricksburgh where he finally found what he wanted. He got a 2004 Honda Accord it's rather nice I like it especially since it's the same color as my car LOL. He says I can't call his car cute but it is to me. I told him I want an Acura so he can put that on my I want list LOL. So after they washed the car and all that stuff I gave him a hug and a kiss and hit the road. I must admit I was kinda sad to leave him cause he was sick and sounded so bad...but I can't be around him all the time LOL...we'll have time for that later.....don't want to be attached at the hip. So I fussed at him about taking meds, told him to drink juice and go to sleep and not play on the comp and I was on my way. Got to Hampton around 530 or 6ish and met the Bestest at the mall along with her lil cousins and my god daughter. Man her lil cousin that is 7 is a handful. He wanted a cookie and I told him that he had to work for it...where at the counter while I'm buying yet another pair of shoes (I'd have to say that this is my last pair of dress shoes before summer lol) and I say are you gonna cut my grass if I get you a cookie..this fool says don't you have a man LOL. I was like listen here buddy LOL, me and the lady at the counter were crackin up...I practically dragged him out the store. He has a mouth on him. So after that I went to go get my brother who I haven't seen in forever and who just recently had a little girl (YAYYYY I'm an auntie again). I was going to go see her but visiting hours were over so we were going to get some dinner. I was highly upset at the service I got at Ruby Tuesday home girl didn't even take our order we had to keep hunting her down so we left, I dropped my brother back off at the hospital and I headed home

Sunday got up to get ready for and the little sister (my nephews mom, who by the way is pregnant again) headed to the hospital to see my new niece before church. She is sooo cute, her name is Jonoviah Monique and she looks just like my brother except she is a lighter version of him LOL. I wanted to meet his gf so when I asked to stop by to see her she wouldn't have a problem with it and all that jazz. She seems cool, reminds me of Lil Mo LOL. Headed to church and then to dinner with the fam. My parents of course want to mee the Hon, we'll see how things progress then I'll introduce everyone. I heard it snowed up here and with the track record of that I didn't want to get caught in it but I couldn't really do anything about it so I stayed put.

Monday got up and dressed to take the bestest and the lil sis out for breakfast for their bdays. We were standing in line and some chic turns around and asks me if my hair was soft before I loced it...I said yea kinda and then she says how long did it take to loc and I told her while she proceeds to put her hand in my hair....AHHHHHHHH I was like what the heck get your hand out my and the bestest were laughing cause she was like oh girl said my hair is too soft I don't think it can do that....but she had a perm if you don't perm your hair see what happens...I tell ya freakin kids....took the bestest to do some running around and then headed home and hit the road about 2pm. Got home and the hon came over and cooked dinner around 7ish and that was that.....the only thing missing was that I didn't get to see my toot this weekend. He was visiting his other grandparents and his dad in Richmond...I missed him LOL

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Know...

that I'm a good catch you don't have to tell me over and over. Telling me that it's no surprise that I have a man now...please don't take this as me thinking that I'm too good for you. Then again in actuality I just might be. I don't need someone who keeps referring to my physical attributes more than my mental. I mean yes it's nice to hear that I have sexy lips and enticing hips but DANG man can you mention something about how my opinions awaken your mind and cause you to think outside your little "box".

I mean why are you so concerned about me being happy, you weren't before. And on top of that if I wasn't happy do you think I'd be with him...ERRR your are annoying me quickly. Don't try to entice me with asking how my fam is doing, you don't know a dang on thing about them you're only doing it so I think that you've paid attention when I use to talk about them..then again I never talked about them to you so this is just your way of trying to get in where you don't fit in.

Stop sending me your number over and over...I'm not gonna use it. I'm not even gonna attempt to act like I'd use it. Cause you have a child right now and no that doesn't mean that I don't date men with kids but ummm you lied for a second about having a girl so you might want to handle that and focus on your kid.

And you...yea you buddy...Mr. Buffalo Solider. You decided we were not talking anymore. You had a hissy fit cause I didn't involve you in my business only after you TOLD me how I felt about you. So now I guess that you've given yourself time to cool down and realize that I'm pretty darn fabulous you want to see if I'll talk to you or give you a lil action. You didn't get action from me when we were talking and you're not getting any now....I mean I'm glad you're well and everything is wonderful over there in Iraq and that you want to see me when you come home for 2 weeks but ummm why should I even entertain that.....why should I care...I was really into you....and then you got insane with telling me that you thought I was playing with your emotions and I really didn't care about you or your daughter...I dont' have time for when you took it upon yourself to tell me that I didn't care...I proceeded not to.

Funny how you want to tell me that I wont be happy. That I'll want to chill and hang out with you....ehhhhhh nuh. How about you have me confused with a woman who doesn't know a good thing and right now I'm good. Why would I want to demote myself and deal with your nonsense again. I tell ya, talking about that's why we need to be you can feel good about the fact that you're not with a chicken head, you're with someone who upgrades I shouldn't have to upgrade you. If you aint' already on my level then we have nothing to converse about.

Hmmm I don't even know how to tell you this right now, but I wish I didn't have to or need to. Funny how someone has just popped up and taken all my focus off of you and what I thought we were going to have. I realized last week that I might occupy a little space in your world but I want more than a little space I want a whole room....matter fact a few rooms. I know that ignoring you will only make it worse so I'll have to tell you that we can only be friends now and I don't mean friends with benefits I mean just friends.....I really honestly do care for you...I have cared for you for the past 3 this is soooo hard right aren't ready to be with me and you probably will never be so I stopped waiting. I guess you noticed my focus being drawn away and I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner.....

For someone that I've named Constant you sure don't live up to your name and now you wanna pop up with all these words and promises....well this time I'm done. I'm not entertaining them, I'm not soaking them up.... I'm not even gonna care (it's gonna be hard but it has to be done). I met you at a time when I didn't even think I could love someone again and that all changed and I although we are where we are in this thing I care about you and your well being cause that's who I am and I won't ever stop loving you, but I won't subject myself to being in love with someone who only tells me they love me when they are in the middle of the ocean. I'm not a priority to you and perhaps I will be later but I'm not putting my life on hold just cause you wnt to decide if I'm the one for you. It's sooo hard letting you go but I told you that one day you were gonna come around and I wasn't gonna be down and today is that day.

This just isn't to one person it's to a handful, random thoughts I've put together these last few months that I've spent getting to know HIM. Funny how I kept denying what was occuring and now when I'm finally recognizing it folks come out the wood works professing love and all that junk. I don't know the future and to be honest I don't want to know what's gonna occur..I like living in this moment right here, right now. It's also funny to me how I've known him the shortest but he's the one who has taken it upon himself to spend most of his time with me. These last 3 months have seemed like 6 didn't take him forever to realize that he wanted to be with me so why does it take others so long to come around...after I've found happiness in someone other than them......ah well

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Attitude of Gratitude

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it -- William Arthur Ward

I'm forever greatful for.....

.......the happiness that I feel right now

.......the anticipation of seeing my family this weekend

.......hearing your voice last night and you apologizing for not coming over (sleep is very important since you've been working extra hard) you want to include me in your life (car shopping is fun especially when it's not my car or my money lol) you cracked me up when you said you were chasing my car as it slide down the ice (I can see you now)

......the fact that my parents always surprise me with a lil cash LOL little sister finally getting her wings and moving out :) she deserves it

......for the sun and how it subconsiously makes everyone have a better day LOL being wednesday and having monday off woooohoooo

.....seeing my bestest this weekend and my brother (I cant wait to see my niece) car insurance is all paid I tell ya you can't trust some folks sometimes a sista is back in business LOL

......just waking up this morning able to have the strength in my body

.....looking quite snazzy today in my black and red LOL

.....God blessing us with snow and the sun to melt the snow :)

.....the onset of spring (or am I thinking too far ahead LOL)
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday Randomness

So my 4 day weekend was great......can't wait for this weekend cause I have Monday off as well..WOOHOOO. I'll be in the 757 for more than 1 day...that hasn't occurred in a while

First weekend away from the hun (lol) but he'll be with the fellas celebrating a bday so I'm sure he won't even notice that I'm gone

Yesterday as I was walking through the mall we had another convo about the whole move in together thing and I told him my concerns and he understood. I also understood that we aren't getting married next week we're good. I might move in...not this year but perhaps in the future and even if I don't move in when it comes time to move in 2 years we'll move down south.....

I'm not in a rush....if it's meant to be all things will work out. There is no need for me to make plans to move in with someone right away..I love not living with him LOL...I can blast the TV (he doesn't like that too much) I can cook what I want (he doesn't eat white creamy no more alfredo LOL), so the time that we spend apart will be great.

Funny how this all occurred when I kept saying I don't have a man LOL

Guess it all worked out when I wasn't looking

I told one of my guy friends that I'm not unavailable..he told me he'd wait for me...umm no thanks

Mind you this is confused (you know the one that I heard was gay) yea ain't no need to wait for me, cause I can't do nothing for you

Talking about I wont' be happy cause women are never satisfied...I said why would I want to go from someone who wants to be around me, is consistent, calls when he says he will, makes me someone who won't even admit to me that they like men can't even be on friend status with that right there so please stop trying to make it seem like you are some great catch.

He's going to look at cars today after he gets off work turns out his car has engine damage but he doesn't want car payments....said that he should take me with him but he gets off work at 430 and I don't get off till 530 plus he'd have to come into DC and traffic is beyond insane.....

Funny cause it was just sort of implied that we are together this weekend but yesterday he came out and said it and I was like hmmm WOW we really are together just a week ago I was like nah he ain't my man LOL and now BAMN he all must have occurred while I was sleep...or perhaps i was in denial....

I guess it would be rude to change my number so all the other fools can't reach me....why waste time telling them then again that would be mean....oh well LOL...I can be mean in fact sometimes I like being mean.

The snow is melting...yes!!!

I brought some cute Kenneth Cole wedges and I'm wearing them now...that's my problem when I get new shoes I wanna wear them right away LOL..when I was little I use to wear them out the store :)

Them suckas was on sale though....originally 89 and I got them for about a sale! I love me some Macy's

He sent me a friend request on myspace and I said I guess I'll respond LOL..he asked me would he be number 100 I said I guess I'll be 150 ahahah....he is quite hilarious

The woman at my job that I'm always talking about keeps staring at me while I walk by the copier that she is at...I mean dang you know what I look like why keep staring....she is ANNOYING...I wanna say something so bad but she's older than me

I had a nice little break from the gym this it's time to be back on the grind!!!!

I'm bout to win the bet that me and the hun made (see how his name has changed lol) so I'm looking forward to my dinner and massage..I'm trying to talk him into a lil dance but umm that aint' working LOL

back to the grind.........

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Presidents Day

I'm off today and yes I'm up before 10am LOL. I was suppose to have a dental appointment but I cancelled it cause I didn't feel like going through the snow meaning getting on the metro and the bus so great. I'll reschedule it tomorrow and if they can't get me in I'll find another dentist.

This weekend was nice, got lots of sleep and chilled with some alum from Mason. Friday night was Happy Hour at the place called Fat Tuesdays, I was done. LOL had three drinks and some bomb cheese fries. Music was suppose to come over but he was tired so before I went home me and some of the girls went to go see Daddys Little Girls. It was a cute family movie, I didn't like the way it ended but then again I don't like the way most movies end LOL. I like to have all the loose ends tied up, like did someone go to jail, did they die or get married you know all that. Mix together drinks and movies and you get us talking all loud about how the mother in the movie was ghetto looking LOL. Good thing there weren't lots of people in there I think there were 5 people in there. One of my homies went to sleep in the bathroom LOL, it was hilarious.

Saturday we slept a lil late and woke up to go to the game. Got dressed and headed out, when we got there of course parking was ridiculous so we see this open space with some snow in it...what do we do, park on top of it LOL. I told roomie to try backing up and trying again and what do you know we were stuck. So we get out the car and decide to leave it there and tackle it when we leave the game, Mason lost and we left before we found out they lost so we could get the car out. We enlist the help of one of the homies and me and homie are pushing and what not and we finally get the car out the snow with the snow hitting me in the face and one of my pants legs covered in snow LOL. Me and roomie hit the grocery store since we are almost on e for food. I cook some spagetti and meatballs(turkey) and it was SOOOO good. Music came over and we watched the rest of the allstar stuff that was on. Poor lil thing he's been on pins and needles trying to find out what is wrong with his car. He found out that it's his timing belt and he needs a new water pump. However, the guy said that he might have engine damage which would mean that he might need a new car. Great, he was just talking about getting a new keyboard and now he might have to get a new car. Isn't that always how it is, you want to buy something and then BAMN your car breaks down or you realize that another emergency has birthed it's ugly head. So he came over and was knocked out before the whole thing is over, he's been working 8 and 4 hour shifts on his night job.

Sunday we got up and cooked breakfast..we had pancakes, sausage and I had eggs since he doesn't like them. In the midst of cooking we realize that we have no syrup so we get in the car and head to Giant to get some and on the way home he says that he wants to move down south, but he doesn't know how others will feel about that. I say who others and he says well you. I'm like what....he says well we've been spending time together and I wanted to know how you felt about me moving down south and I said well if we're together when you decide to move I guess we'll talk about it then. Which moves the convo over to him buying a condo this summer. Of course the next thing out my mouth was that I could help him decorate LOL...his next thing was why don't you move in with me........SILENCE.....CRICKETS.....I'm thinking what the piss.......

So he says well you know we've been chilling and talking and what not I think you should move in with me. I'm like huh, my first thought was like is he trying to use me to get a place....NOPE not the case, then I was like I am not trying to have 3 of his babies and not have no ring LOL....then I informed him that I wouldn't leave my roomie in the cold, our lease is up in Aug and from there we can go month to month...which means that I'm not making a decision until me and him have spent more time together and I know for sure where his head is at. I mean we could get a condo, stay in it for 2 years, sell it then move down south and buy something better but the reality is alot can happen in those 2 years, I could not love him anymore we could break up, we could have kids and I need to know what I'm getting my self into. I of course ask where does he see this whole thing going and he says well I mean I'm not saying I'm going ask you to marry me tomorrow and i say I didn't say you had to do that cause I need time to find the bomb dress but my Bestest brought up a good point it doesn't take 2 or 3 years to determine if you love someone and want to be with them, but at the same token I'm not gonna have some man making promises to me and I'm left with a rack of kids and nothing to my name...meaning since I'm not his wife I have no say in anything.

I mean for all the bloggers that read my blog and you live with your significant other...what made you want to live with them, what are some pros and do you feel about getting the milk without buying the cow...all that jazz. Cause I've always said that I would never live with a man until I got married but the reality I just told my buddy like 3 weeks ago before I even knew he was thinking this that I could see myself living with him. But on the other hand I want to know if this is a business venture or are we working towards something bigger. In case you're wondering.....yes we're together LOL....sometime this weekend it was established...who knos when it happened I guess it just occurred LOL

I just don't want to make a life changing decision and regret it. The good part is that I have time to make my decision cause even if he does get a condo he'll be in it before me but the decision would be if he gets a two or one...I told him to get a one and if I decided to move in then ok we'd find something to do with my stuff but oh well. After we had this convo we decided that we would head to his house...since I never get to go over his place we figured it would be a good idea. So while we're going to his place, we go look at some condos and I must admit I like some of them and could see myself in them, but could I see myself in them with him LOL..sike let me stop...I dont' know.

I called the bestest this morning and talked to her about it. She of course knows what living with a guy who makes broken promises can do to you. She said some of the same stuff I was thinking or saying...that I should wait a second see where things go. Cause right now we're in the nice phase but we'll see during the summer where things go. I mean what if we move in together and I ask him where he's been or what not I mean do I have a right to know....then again if this is totally not about that then I shouldn't care....but you get what I'm saying.....bottom line is we need to have a couple more convos about this...such as would we ever get married (cause there is no point in me living with you), finances, kids and all that other stuff. Poor lil thing his roomies are a mess though so I can see why he wants to move out.

In other news: I get an email from Constant stating that he's sorry he didn't get to talk to me while he was out to sea but he thinks about me and I'm his life and he loves me and all this jazz HOWEVER I haven't heard hair or tail from him since he was here for new years...actions speak louder than words and his actions are just saying that hes trying to keep me around. Why keep emailing me while your out to sea and you never call talking about you have to work when I come home (how did you even remember that i was going to be home) but you think about me and all that jazz....I tell ya, will he ever quit.

Why did Major (this guy in the army) email me and ask if he could see me when he came to MD while on leave from Iraq for two you gonna tell me that you don't wanna talk to me and now you wanna see realize that you're stupid...sorry your time has come and gone.

As you can see I have lots going on in my Honeycomb (my brain)...I'm off to cook some breakfast and watch Maury LOL perhaps I'll have some clarity later on today after a nap LOL..enjoy your day off if you have it off.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

I'm at work

There is still snow on the ground

I wanna go to bed

I wanna go home

I just don't want to be here

I got candy and ballons

I got lots of sleep before he came over

We went to dinner at this Italian spot with roomie and her date

Came back home

Why do I get a text message but you didn't even to think of doing something with me for Valentines..not that I didn't have plans but dang

On top of that why would you send me a text asking about your shoes I should burn them things

From here on out I will ignore all your texts and phone calls

His car broke down this morning..I had to dig mine out the snow, he's driving it till he figures out what's wrong with his.

He is hilarious

I got to work around 10 or a lil bit before...great

I am so looking forward to this weekend...

I want new bed room furniture now I can't wait to go home and get mine so I might look for something at a store in this area

I know he'll take good car of blueberry (my car), he was on his way to put some gas in her (and I didn't even have to ask him or give him money)

He gave me hugs and kisses and thanked me over and over for letting him take my car

He asked what I was doing this weekend cause he wants to get some work done.....awwww he wanted to see if I had planned to do anything with him....I said he can get some work done I was going to Homecoming events so he could be without me LOL

I wont' see him next weekend cause I'll be at home.....

I wish I were at home...instead of out here in the snow
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowy Wednesday

I'm greatful for......

...this unexpected snow day

....the anticipation of seeing him later tonight my room and the bathroom (I hate the bathroom)

...fresh linens LOL

....seeing the fam next weekend

...sluchy mix outside whoooohooo and yes I played in it (I'll probably play in it when he comes over as well)

....waking up

......the many messages I recieved today making me feel special

.....finding out the my cuz got a job in DC.....we have to do lunch other cuz got a new job and is moving to GA (more fam to visit)

.......knowing what it's like to be loved and love others and everyday

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As you can tell I'm at home today which would explain why it's taken me so long to post hahaha. I've been on lazy today, cleaning watching movies and what not. Perhaps I'll start on my nephews hat this weekend if I don't get caught up in Homecoming festivites at Mason. If your in this area hope your enjoying the snow day if you are at home!
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I tell ya....

It's snowing here or somewhat snowing....

Why did this woman have on some open back shoes...and her heel was dirty

What is up with folks and not wearing coats

What is up with me being here at work when I should be at home since it's suppose to be so severe

Everyone got something to say about what you about you mind yours and I'll mind mine

Don't be mad cause you thought that you were my only option for snooze you lose.

Did you really think I was that into you AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...straight face (I got that from my baby LOL)

I popped up when I heard his ring tone (T.I.) he got off at 3am...gotta love that lol


So where is the freak blizzard we were suppose to get last night...oh yea it's suppose to happen today (yea right) weathermen are not my favorite people right now..stop playing with my emotions

My boss is going skiing with her fam starting wed...I'm bout to jump in her luggage lol

I kinda wanna see Daddy's Little Girls..but I might wait till this weekend to go see it

I still didn't see Hannibal Rising...anyone that knows me knows I love Silence of the Lambs....hello clarisse.....I crack up when oh boy is pushed into the pigs LOL (I know I'm sick)

I'm feeling Young Bucks new song..get it will be played every Friday from here on out...sike LOL....

When the heck is R. Kelly going to trial.....I thought about that the other day

I saw my cuz while I was at the pentagon about to get on the train..she lives in married in late oct and is expecting (she's 3 months)...her sister is pregnant too. I told her she needs to have a lil girl..she already has 3 boys..WOOOHOOO I love babies

I am still confused about what to get him for tomorrow....I forgot to hit up the store to look for a shirt so I'll have to go tonight or decide on something else...but after I come from the gym I'm focused on sleep LOL

If I can just get over this hump (or plateau rather) I'm sure everything will work out...then again I could burn my scale in effagy (is that how you spell it)...protest in my house LOL...cause a riot throwing it out into the snow while it's on fire hahahah

I hope we get to go home early....we probably won't

The lady at my job said he probably has something planned....ummm I don't know and I'm trying not to think about it

My toot will be 3 this year I remember the day he was born and how I made the drive from here to Richmond in almost less than an hour.....funny how something like that can change your life

I told my mom I'm gonna have to buy him a cell phone so he can talk to aunti whenev er he wants, cause he is always in the street lol..too much for someone who can't even see over the wheel.

I am getting so many paper cuts I'm starting to think that my fingers are gonna fall off.....I mean why can't we just box up the paper and send it to them...why must we put it in alpha order and hole punch it....I tell ya....

I'm bout to listen to my mp3 player..perhaps that will make the time go by faster

Isn't downloading music illegal what's up with bearshare and limewire...aren't they just like napster.....I thought about this last night as I looked for this song by joe LOL...that's the last thing I need someone busting in my house as I sit on my bed picking my nose or something lol or scratching my butt haha

Back to the grind................

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Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Monday and once again I'm yearning for Friday..especially since I have monday off due to Presidents Day (but I have a dental appointment..ewwww lol)

I spent every day this weekend with the babe...he came over Friday after I got off work..we or rather I watched a movie and then feel asleep a lil while after he did.

He was sooo tired working his night job 3 days out the week and he's doing 2 nights this week.

As far as I know nothing is planned for Wed, we'll see if he planned anything. I will probably go after work today to get him a shirt or something else to go with his card.

He came over last night (after he had left that morning) and cooked dinner, however me and the roomie had already eaten (she fixed sweet and sour chicken), but I brought some to work with me.

My aunt who says she sees things (and I believe her LOL) said that she can tell my love life is very interesting I said oh really (this after I hadn't even mentioned him to her) she said he's been hurt (hasn't everyone lol) and he's taken his time but he's warming up to me (I can tell this part)....she said wed should be fun, I said I'd call and tell her, fuss her out if I had a horrible time LOL..sike let me stop but I did say I was gonna call her back on wed and tell her how it went.

Music said he believes me when I say that I'm really into him, usually he just says ok or no you're not so we're making progress.

He told me that I could tell his brother about the bday dinner....I'm sure his brother will ask him who I am lol

Yesterday I was like do you talk about me when I'm not around you, he was like no and threw the dish towel at least he's being honest. Then he said I don't talk about girls period around other dudes LOL..he said his roomie does it and it annoys him....but he has mentioned me to his mommie LOL

I crack myself up, while I was sleep on Saturday morning or should I say half sleep cause I was on the verge of waking up to turn on my cartoons (yes I still watch saturday morning cartoons) I felt him caress my face. In my head I was like awww. He rubbed my cheek, then touched my lips and then played with a loc.....that's when I opened my eyes, I of course pretended I didn't know what he was doing and i was like what and then he said this line that we both saw on Reba one time and started laughing. He did it again Sunday morning...

When he came over last night we didn't have any juice in the house..we're on this water kick lol so he and I went to go get some juice he said he was tired of drinking water...why were we actin like lil kids in there...he was pushing me, I was pushing him...he wanted to look at the ice cream cake and I said no I wanted to look at the soda and he said no...acting like we didn't have no sense

He said that if we had kids they would be short LOL...I beg to differ

Roomie and I went to look for a kitchen set on sat..didn't find anything, then we headed to CiCi's pizza (Music said it reminds of him of a grown up chuck e cheese, I beg to differ lol) after we stuffed ourselves we headed to wally world and tar'get then watched some movies. We got some shoes from DSW...and I also bought some $7 ones from payless...whoohoo gotta love a sale for that amount I can find something to go with them LOL

I made the roomie and him a hat, his is black hers is like a green/tan and brown yarn.

I took the bestest bday off since it's a Monday. I told her I would be home that whole Sat I figured we'd do some shopping and maybe dinner with my bro who is expecting a lil girl (yeaaa I'm getting a niece) she's due any moment..I haven't met his baby momma yet but we'll see....then sun do church with the fam and mon take the bestest to the spa and lunch cause she has a dental appt that morning.

I can't wait to be home the whole weekend! I havent' done that in a while. I miss my toot :) Matter fact he was in my dreams last night lol

I need to get my car washed but with the snow that's been on and off what's the point?

Nurse dude apparently thought I was serious and sent me a text talking about when can we get it poppin...UMMM NEVER..I told him I was out and I'd call him later...and of course I didn't lol

I bought a cute lil jump suit to work out in (no it's not a one piece and no it's not Jane Fonda material lol)'s just a jacket and matching pants.

That's the good part about working out you can wear cute clothes LOL

He said he noticed that I was getting smaller..WOOHOOO. I didn't think he paid attention but this up 3 pds down the next is of course making me wish I'd burn my scale so tonight I'm hiding it....I'll tell roomie to hid it that way I don't know where it is.

I have so much crap to do at work....and they talking about they want a lunch meeting...great. I can't even take a real lunch....but I guess I'll be getting paid for it since I don't get to shoot the breeze for an hour....

Why my boss came by and asked me to pass the menu around for lunch..umm they are all closer to you how come you couldn't do it...great

Happy Hour on Friday with some of the alumni from Mason!!! I cant wait to see all my old friends....well those that I don't see on the regular....

Back to the grind............

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Friday, February 09, 2007

This is a Test

of the emergency broadcast system. If this were a real emergency you'd be at home right now LOL.

It's Friday

I'm ready to go home already and it's not even noon

He's gonna be my Valentine whooo hooo (why am I so stoked about that)

I haven't seen him all week :(

But I'll see him tonight :)

He called me when he got off work this morning at 315am.

If it were anyone else I would have not answered but I was about to go pee lol so I answered

I asked him what he wanted for dinner tonight....when did this lil routine begin lol

We could just eat leftovers from last night which will probably be what we do

I need to get my car washed

I think I'm gonna buy my god daughter some earrings with her birthstone in them

Thinking about taking the bestest bday off and going home for the weekend and taking her to a spa....25 is a big year

Hmmm spending Vday with him should be interesting..then again maybe not lol

I got my hair retwisted last it's all nice and clean lol

I wonder how long it will take for them to get long enough for me to put in one big ponytail instead of 4 small ones LOL

I need to call my toot (my nephew)....he's growing up so fast

Those folks at the gym are hilarious.....this woman had on a lace sports bra, this other chic had on some tights with a body suit thong (think working out with jane fonda lol) why the thong part was like half up her and roomie were dying laughing as we were doing the lateral pull....those folks in there. Working out in jeans or in spandex with a belly that looks as if you are a year pregnant (a man not a woman lol)

Why do I feel like I ate jumping beans

Last weekend when I saw him after coming back from the baby shower I was all happy and said hi baby and gave him a huge hug and he was like why are you so happy I said cause I get to see you....I think it's gonna one of those moments again later

I can't wait to tell him I got us tickets to a Wizards game...I'll probably order them next week

I need to go to get my passport papers this weekend....I don't want to be rushing at the last minute

Why some dude that I went out on one date with...ONE, talking about I should come over to his house after I leave the gym one night.....UMMMM you have no lips (and you all know how I am about no lips)

Good thing my baby has nice lips LOL

Hmmm what should I do this weekend......movies, chill, I've already done laundry LOL I just have to put it away and LadyNay you know how hard that is gonna be lol

I finished my FIRST hat!! It's sooo cute I'll have to post pics on monday with me wearing don't be emailing me your hat measurements just yet..can I perfect my skill first lol...I heard from a lil bird that LadyNay can make you you might wanna hit her up LOL

Can May come fast enough...and if it does will I still be talking about Music LOL...ok ok I'll stop thinking negative

Young One called we've been playing phone tag since he's been home...oh yea he didn't go back to school this semester..wants to work and go back in the fall...but why have I not seen this fool since December. I told him I saw him more when he lived in he lives less than 30 min away from me..I tell ya. Then again he does work nights and when he's off he has his son but goodness....then again I only notice that I haven't seen him for real for real until he calls LOL

R is of course a lil salty cause he says I don't come over anymore...I mean hey I get tired of driving to your house all the time. I know you ride dirty and you don't like coming to VA cause of that but you can metro in or a sista out.

Grey's Anatomy was off the HOOK last night me and roomie were like NOOOOOOO....sad that we talk to the TV lol, Music says I'm too animated. I can't help it, it's what I do

I need to buy some curtains for my room maybe I'll do that next week. Or perhaps after I get my furniture in March.

That lady I was talking about at my job looks a mess, it's just something about messy people that bother me. I'm not saying I'm a neat freak but dang can you have yourself together.....when I see your desk a mess I tend to think you keep your home the same way.

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Round and Around We Go....

We meaning me, myself and I. Since I don't write in my journal at home to often this blog tends to be my outlet for the good, the bad and the horrible. These last few days have been aight, between work and hitting the gym I don't feel as tired as I usually do but I just want to sleep. I just want to lay down and not have to get up, so I look forward to the weekends but my weekends until the second week in march will pretty much be full. This weekend there is nothing to do, unless something pops up...I think I want to go to the movies, next weekend is homecoming at Mason so I'll be there, the weekend after I'll be at home for my god daughters second bday (I have to order her charm next week), the weekend after that I'll be back at home again cause my middle sister is moving out finally (she's moving in with the bestest) and then nothing to do till Music's bday weekend.

I'm planning on taking him to dinner probably at the Cheesecake Factory (I don't think he's ever been there), plus it's not on the level of Ruby Tuesday (I LOVE their salad bar), or Applebees..I'm trying to take it up a lil bit LOL but it's not too expensive like McCormick and Schmit (yea I spelled it wrong but oh well)....getting him an ice cream cake and probably a shirt or something. Which brings me to another point....yesterday I sent a message to one of his roommates on myspace. He's never met me before but since I'm inviting my roomie and her friend to his dinner I figured I've invite some people that he deals with on a daily basis (plus it'd be a good time for us all to hang out, I think) so I was like this is Honey, I'm the reason he disappers during the week and on the weekends (his roomies words not mine lol) and I wanted to know if you had anything planned for his bday next month, if not I'm taking him to dinner and I wanted to know if you and your gf would like to come. He responds back sure if time permits just let me know the details. Great, so later when Music is on his way to work (he's working some nights on his other job now..which means that I haven't seen him since sunday) he calls me and places me on hold while he takes a call. I was on hold too long and hung up...he calls back a bit later and was like I just heard some news about you....I'm like oh LORD, what. He was like you hit someone's page up...I was like who..what did they say. He was like what you mean who...then he proceeds to tell me that his roomie (while Music was half sleep) was like man he can't even tell us when he has a girl and all this other stuff but he wasn't paying attention cause he was half sleep. So when he gets up his roomie was like yea some chic hit me on myspace and was like blah blah blah (what I said in the message)...I didn't know who she was talking about at first cause no one calls him what I call him (they call him by his music nickname or some other form of his first name) so he went to my page saw that I said I was in a relationship and was like awww he got a girl LOL....GREAT!

So I'm like are you mad...he was like nah, I said great now the surprise is ruined....nah he says he didn't tell me what you wanted to do, plus I already knew that you wanted to do something for my bday (I told him)....I was like you know just cause it says I'm in a relationship on my page doesn't mean I'm in one (lol) he was like I know and I don't really care about all that....then he says he told his roomie that yes he was talking to someone and if he did have a gf why is it any of his business LOL....great (I sorta feel the same way but of course we females are more open about who we are with and who we aren't with)....then he was like his room mates were like dang so that's why your not here all the time and all this and all that. But that all brings me to my recent thoughts of what in the world is going on with us.

I mean we are together 2 to 3 days out the week (unless other stuff is going on) and if he doesn't have to work we are together Sat and Sun mornings (sometimes the whole weekend depending) yet I can't help but have this lil Honey in the back of my brain screaming at me is he your boo or not. I know, I know....big Honey is like girl you are not in HS anymore, you know what you all are doing, you know it's more than just a 5 min affair, why you trippin and most of the time I listen to her..cause I'm grown I dont' have time to wonder and worry about titles...but that dang on lil Honey always pops up when I don't need her to begging for attention begging for confirmation when big Honey knows that you just evolve into what you are.....meaning we are what we are.....we know that we spend time together, we know that the other thinks of the other one during the day....him more so than me cause I send him messages saying such (I'm such a geek lol) We both want to take our time and make sure that things are right before taking that step into relationshipville, just because we're older and don't believe in dating just to big Honey gets it...why can't little Honey just shut the heck up.

On top of that the dreaded Love Day is coming up and Big Honey is like well I got him a card and maybe I'll pick him up a shirt or some love coupons (you know cash in for a kiss and all that corny stuff) and lil honey is like will he get me something...should I ask him if we're doing something...if I don't ask maybe he won't do anything cause he thinks I wont' want to do anything....while Big Honey is telling her to shut up and just don't say nothing at all....getting him a gift is just that getting him a gift cause he's special to her...point blank PERIOD....but ohhh no Lil Honey won't leave it alone....well if you get him a gift he's gonna think that your always gonna get him something and you never expect anything....he's gonna use you....

So yea you see what's going on in my head and believe you me most of the time Big Honey is winning out and telling lil Honey to stop acting like a lil girl and grow up but gosh darn it how come they both can't just shut up LOL....and no TTD I'm not answering myself....they answer each other lol. I'm trying to just be but I tell ya as my auntie would say the Devil is ever busy. I'm content, why can't I just be that....why do things have to get complicated...I mean just when I'm fine...BAMN...I get confused again. I can't quiet the voices and believe you me I'm trying. Having someone who is consistent, attentive (when he's around and when he's not around), on top of being attractive and making me laugh is so hard to find so why am I subconciously expecting something to go wrong?

Who knows? All I know is each day I realize that I don't have to worry about him calling back when he says he's gonna call back, I don't have to worry about whether or not I will end up paying for everything (I've paid for something twice and once was breakfast) I don't have to worry about who he's talking to when he's at my house...most of the time his phone is so loud or he puts it on speaker that I can hear it lol...I don't have to wonder if he only wants to spend his night time thoughts with me (got that from Their Eyes were watching God)...cause when the night passes and the sun creeps up....he's right there with his arm around me..telling me that my breathe stinks LOL..sike I'm jokin about the breath....but seriously he doesn't creep out of bed to leave.....he always gives me kisses when he's on his way home...he puts his arm around me as we walk through a store (he's funny about hand holding lol) and I'm content in that.

So as I pray for peace and patience.....peace to the voices that are causing confusion and patience to not want to rush something is sooo good right now. The slower it goes the more precious it can become and prayerfully the longer it will last.....I ask God to keep me content in the simple things in life.

Oh yea guess what I'm also getting him for his to a Wizards game...they play the Sixers the Wednesday after his bday so I figured it'd be a nice outing for the both of us.....what do you guys think...not too over the top? Being that we just are (LOL) what we are do you think it's too much.....I think he'll like it though...but getting him to wear something other than a white tee to his bday dinner is gonna take me a whole month LOL....

I found out the other day that my male best friend (I have two of them) got free tickets to go on a cruise to Puerto Rico for a week in June and guess who he thought of.........MEEEEE!!!!! WHOOOHOOOO. So he was like if your not in a serious relationship then you wanna go. Do I wanna go tan on the deck of a cruise I want to not have to bring any money other than spending I want to be in the fun and sun for a whole week for pretty much next to nothing.....HECK YEA!!!! The only thing is do I tell Music......what will he say (of course I don't know that just thinking out loud).....will be offended that I want to go on a cruise with guy...who is by the way just a friend...we've never kissed....we've never dated....we've never nothing LOL...he's been my best friend since soph year in college and yes he liked me one time before but it's nothing more than that and we both know that. He's talked to various girls and told them about me a few even tried to make him choose me or them and of course he picked me LOL....I mean dang he told me one chic busted out crying and was mad that we went to Kings Dominion together (before he met her)...I mean why be insecure....I'm not trying to take him and if I did then apparently he didn't want you anyway....I would think him having a close female friend would show that you can trust him and that he's good with women..but oh well that's another time another yea I'm going to the Dominican Republic in May and maybe PR in June...I will be tanned OUT!!!!

In other News: Constant sent me an email telling me he was out to sea..this only after I called him about a week ago and his voicemail said that he was out to once again it's a one sided friendship. His email stated that he was in a new state of mind because of the new year..he wants to do things diff with me and that he knows his actions haven't showed it but that will change....ummm yea sure if that was the case then being my friend (and not someone trying to date me) you would have informed me that you were leaving the area to go out to sea and not let me find out on my own and I wouldn't have had to send you an email asking how things were going.....I tell ya, I'm gonna start not being a good friend and see where that goes.

Aight I'm done.................

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm thankful for every moment ~Al Green

I'm thankful for......

....the snow that's on the ground cause that means that I'm able to see it :)

....being able to go home at the end of the month..I miss my family

....for the anticipation of his face when he sees what I got him for his bday next month

.....that others can see the weight loss even if I can' t I get so into the music on my mp3 that I feel like I'm singing it lol being the middle of the week

......the ability to know that you are a HOT MESS....I'm glad you're not around anymore

.....moving on to bigger and better things

.....talking to the bestest the other day, she misses me just as much as I miss her lol, we gotta do it big for her bday this year

......the growth of my locs, as I look at them each morning or play in them throughout the day I realize just how much they've added to who I've become this last year. HE allows things to come and go just when I need them to even when I think I can't do without them feelings for Him that grow each and every day, because of this I realize that it's not just a fly by night moment and if it doesn't last any longer than the next 5 min I'm greatful that I was able to experience it :)

.....learning something new (crocheting) everyone I know will be hatted out come christmas LOL he knows that I worry about him when he works too much cause he knows that I care about his well being

......true friends who listen to me vent, complain, and talk my head off about random stuff including him lol (I know they wish I would be quiet lol)

....the adventures that we always seem to get into when we least expect them to become adventures

......learning not to assume, things can get complicated when you do that

.....just being here at this moment in my life, I wouldn't change it for the world (I don't think lol)

"An attitude of gratitude creates blessings."-- Sir John Marks Templeton

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Monday, February 05, 2007


So I was out sick on Friday which would explain why I didn't post and instead of telling you what I did this weekend..since it wasn't too off the hook..although I did hit up a baby shower, hit the gym and spend time with my baby (I'm now calling him this to his face LOL) was pretty chill. Today's post will be a tag..from the one and only Madam ( shoot me I haven't figured out how to do the one word link thing and I don't feel like doing it anyway so great (and yes I'm a tad cranky I wanna go home and go to sleep lol..on top of that I can't wear my heels to work cause I bought them the other day and there were two left feet in the box..wonderful..back to the shoe store I go!)

I have to share 5 facts that you guys don't know about me (you might though so we'll see):

1: I was adopted when I was almost 3 years old. My egg donor was on drugs and running around with men (she says there are only 2 men between the 4 of us but we think there are 3). We were taken from her and of course she now tries to make it seem like it was her choice..umm no when the state comes in and rips us from your house it's not your choice...I tell ya. I just recently started talking to her because she always seems to have something to say about me behind my back like i'm too good for her and what not..truth be told I am too good for her..but I respect her because she gave me life..nothing more nothing less....I could care less if I even talk to her on the regular she has lots of demons that she needs to deal with and I don't have time for anyone fake in my life now or anytime in the future.

2. I love ranch. I can eat it on anything..and I mean anything. When I go out to eat if I ask for ranch I can't eat my food until it gets there. I dip my chicken in it..I dip my burger in it, I did my fries in it...everything but eggs LOL..then again I've never tried it so I just might add that to my list.

3. I am a hopeless romantic. When I fall in love with someone I give it 100%, which of course can come back to bit me in the tail later, but hey that's what love is about. I do little things to let them know I'm thinking of them..send texts, buy candy....all that corny stuff. I like sitting in his lap or hugging him or just holding his hand. I tend to act like a baby, but not in a bad way. I just love the feeling of having someone in that area of my life. I don't become obsessed but when I'm in love it radiates through my skin LOL

4. I have to sleep with the closet door closed. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember. I don't know what it is, but when I was little I watched Freddy and got so terrified that ever since then I have to close the closet door before I go to bed. I can be in the bed and look and see it open and try to go to sleep but it's such a habit now that I will get up and close it. I'm not scared anymore it's just a habit now.

5. When I get out the shower I never dry off completly, therefore leaving a trail of water behind me. Music complains that his socks always get wet when I'm done in the bathroom, but hey I can't help it. I don't know what it is, but I will try to dry off and it never seems to work LOL. In fact I've been known to still have soap on my back when Ive gotten out the shower.

I now have to tag three people it's gonna be BK DIVA, Know1..and ummmm Freaky LOL

So see I'm not too weird, in fact it was hard coming up with a list LOL....It's Monday yet again and here I am wishing it were Friday.

In other news LOL. My middle sis is moving in with the best friend the first weekend in march and I'm going home to help her move in. I'm also going home the end of this month for my goddaughters bday and the best friends bday (they will be 2 and 25 lol)..funny how their bdays are only a couple of days apart. The best friend said sometimes she forgets when her bday is just because her daughters is so close to hers. So it's gonna be a busy month, I got the tire fixed and an oil change so I'm good.

I found out the Music likes ice cream cake so I'll get one of those for his bday and he wants some headphone splittler so I'll probably get him a gift card to best buy along taking him to dinner or something. We're still in the we're not "together" mode but we're together LOL...each of us kinda had a moment last week where someone asked us if we had someone and we responded well kinda sorta LOL...his was a coworker mine was my mom. It's funny cause we both said the same thing when the person asked us and when he told me I laughed and when I told him he we're on the same page....he knows we're a lil more than friends cause him spending time with me on the weekend is a given now LOL...I call him baby...and when I said aww you miss me while coming home from the baby shower he was like I miss my computer first (that's how he works on his music), then you and then everything else LOL....I tell ya that man....but he makes me smile more and more everyday...even when we joke around and call one another ike and tina LOL (no we dont' fight like that) or when I'm trying to throw him on the's funny how silly we are but that's what I love about the time we spend together... I see how we're evolving and I like it :) I'm such a geek when it comes to that LOL

Aight off to catch up and to act like I'm doing some work here at work.....

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Trying Thursday


Lady at Work: Wont you shut up! I mean dang does everyone have to know about how you always pay your property tax on time and what your momma told you. I mean you are at WORK not the salon, I should not be able to hear it and I'm in a whole nother cubicle on top of that I shouldn't even be able to hear it if I'm standing in front of you desk. SHUT UP!!! I wanna to tell you that so bad, but I'm afraid that if I say anything dang on near that I will scream on you and bite your freakin head off. Yes you a grown woman and I feel some level of respect for my "elder", but you I PROMISE you make me want to forget that my momma taught me are allergic to everything...I think it's all in your head personally. On top of that maybe if you stop letting your dog kiss and lick you in the face on your open sores then maybe you wouldn't be so sick..I feel sorry for you, your parents, those who even consider you a friend and us at work cause we have to deal with you. You buy people's affection by doing nice things, boo you can do nice stuff for me all day and I still wouldn't like you. Stop walking by my desk and breathing all hard like I'm gonna turn around and ask you what's the matter...stop clearing your throat all loud like I care that you are so winded from walking one inch that it kills you.....stop saying ohhh I'm sooo tired...if you're that tired STAY HOME...better yet go live with your momma since you are 40 years old and talking about moving back in with her to save money...WHO DOES THAT!!!!

Red: Wont you leave me the piss alone!!!!! I mean dang we are over..stop sending me emails trying to gauge how I'm doing. I'm fine, thanks...doing rather well without you...glad that I took you out of my life. You trying to act like you care how I'm doing, while asking when can you come visit, is not a good look, I mean dang LEAVE ME ALONE! I hate to ignore emails but your emails are ones that I don't mind responding to for months at a time. The nerve of you, thinking that I care if you "check" on me. Please...don't do me any favors...I'm fine....THANKS

Constant: Am I mad at myself right now? You'll always have a special place in my heart, but I'm punishing myself by thinking that we could even be friends. It's clear that you have too much going on to even be concerned about friendship. How could you change your number and not even let me could you not email me and let me know you were out to sea but doing come I had to email you first to find all that out. Apparently you don't care and I'm continuing to care and that's not a good I'll stop. I have to make myself stop, it's a sick routine that I have. Acting like I don't care, when I do...forcing myself to try to move on when part of me is dwelling on the drama. I'm so finiky (sp?) that its annoying.....ERRRRRRR No more calling you, if I don't hear from you then oh well...I'm tired of being the good friend (cause that's what we are now), I'm tired of checking up on you and you not doing the same for me....I mean dang sometimes I like to recieve a call just to say hello.....believe me I won't be wasting my breath anymore.

Nurse Dude (remember him, if not go back to some posts during the summer of last year lol): are a HOT SPAMMY MESS!!!!!!!! Sending me text messages asking when can you sex me and what not. Boo I haven't talked to you or seen you since last year (I know it wasn't that long ago lol)...and if I haven't been dialing your number don't you think that means that it was what it was....we did what we did and I'm not trying to go there with you again...we both know the rules.....what we had was not a relationship....we were cut buddies.....THAT IS ALL. You do what you do, I do what I do and that's it. At first we were more than that but clearly you couldn't handle it and we just dropped down to satisfying one another for the moment....don't think that you can not see me for 3 months and then BAMN send me a hot steamy text and think that I'm gonna hop on it....UMMM NO. It don't work like that, you ain't that good LOL. On top of that your lil game you play aint' all that under cover either. Don't try to wine and dine me with your words, trying to act like you trying to be with me, I'm not STUPID. Just because I don't call you on it don't mean (and yes I used don't) that I can't see you coming from a mile away. You think you're all that cause you got pretty eyes and nice lips...ummmm boo boo I 'm not a fool and ain't nothing that good gonna make me loose my dang on mind..I can lose it on my own. On top of that it looks like you gained some weren't all that lil to begin with but now it might be getting out of me I'm not trying to be funny cause I'm not a 5 myself and actually I wouldn't want to be a 5 (don't be offended size 5's lol) I just like where I'm at but back to you LOL....your tummy looks like it might be on the verge of pregnancy....some of the weight I might have lost seems to have found you. HANDLE THAT. When you see me in the don't know me, unless I know you..meaning I will walk on by if i feel like it, if I stop to speak it will only be because I have MANNERS...not because I'm trying to BONE you....GOT IT...GOOD

Honey (yes that's me): GURL! You are a trip. You like him, so why are you worried about where this is all going, just be easy and let things happen how they happen. I mean haven't you noticed that when you over think things that's when you begin to think up things that don't even exist or stuff that ain't even an issue. Why do you do that to yourself? He likes you that's evident, I mean he spends almost every weekend with you...sometimes he comes over during the week....ok you don't go over his place alot but being realistic...traffic coming in your direction is wayyy worse than for him going back that way....and he likes going to the gym with you and he knows that you can't go to his gym which is why you all dont' go to his....your free pass is for the gym down the street from your house....why get a pass to go to his gym when you'd have to drive out there after work and you know you aint doing calm the HECK DOWN. On top of that why are you jumpin on the scale every morning...put that thing know you've lost weight stop acting like you haven't....look at pics from last year and even the year when toot was born....see how chubby your face was...look at it happy that you've come this far...STOP BEING SO DANG ON NEGATIVE. I'm so sick of hearing you complain to yourself about how fat you are and how you aren't losing weight.....put the scale away be on your grind for a month then weight yourself.....I bet you'll see progress. I'm gonna need you to chill though on wanting to think up stuff to do with him though, let him do some work....if you do everything then he will do NOTHING.....ok you can do something for him for his bday but breathe easy, you don't have to get him something everytime you're out at the store....calm down!! I know he makes you happy and you get all geeky whenyou think of him and all that stinky jazz, but fall BACK! Let things go where they go, do what you do and if he's there then ok and if not then ok. I mean your grown...let him know that you can have a life when he's not hang out when he's not with don't sit in the house the whole time waiting on him to call...i know i know you dont' do that and gurl pipe down I'm not saying you do..I'm just saying. You know I'm just looking out for you, cause it's me and you against the world...gotta be careful. I'm glad you're happy though, I'm glad that he calls you just as much as you call him...cause I hated when you felt like you were doing all the calling..feeling like you were bothering folks when they answer..ain't that some bullish. Funny how you love to be in love, you kill me with that LOL....loving to do nice things for people, just watch out. I'm here though trying to help you not blow caution to the wind...just doing my job so don't get mad when you know I'm right and you dont' wanna listen. So start paying attention to me :)

Toot: Why are you the cutest thing ever?! I love you more than life it's self. I want to shield you from hurt and take your pain away. I want you to know that I will always be here for you, Auntie will never ever be too far away that she wont' drop what she's doing to see about her Toot. You bring me joy, you light up my life and whenever I feel like I can't smile I look at your picture that sits on my desk. You are the reason that I pray God blesses me with children, you are the reason I push myself to do so much more than I even think I can do. I wish I were there each day to put you to bed, hug you when you need hugs and kiss you when you fall down. I know you have a mommie and you love her lots but I can't help but feel that you are sorta mine LOL...I mean look at's like I spit you out we won't tell anyone that your mommie sucks monkey balls LOL..I'm playing, but seriously I love you and just thinking that I could something as much as I love you doesn't surprise me it motivates me.....

Bestest: Why do I miss you so much? I have moments when of course I wonder what you're doing and where you are. How Livy is doing and how you're really, really doing. He sucks for treating you the way he did I know and believe you me if I could have him "touched" for $5 I would..maybe I can find a crack head LOL....I miss spending weekends at your house or mine..I miss when life was so simple that all we had to do was go get our nails done and we thought we were the bomb..and might I add we still are. I love how when I see you it's like we've never been apart, like we're still living a block away from one another. I wish I could see you everyday, but I can't and you know that you can call me at the drop of a dime and I'm there. I've done it before and I'll do it again. You are a strong woman and I admire you...I love you cause you're my're the twin that I wasn't born with...we're like the sun and the moon.....if I go too long without talking to start to pop up in my dreams. I cherish the day that we became friends...when you told the teacher that Leon ate my crayons....and you gave me a hug in the 6th grade cause Shauna picked me last to be on her've always subconscienly done that...been there when I've needed you even from 3 hours away....I can't wait to see you next month for her 2nd bday and your 25th....we're gonna make more memories to tell her when she grows up

Dad & Mom: Why do I get teary when I think of just how wonderful you guys are.....I mean I know it's not corny and I know you already know how much I love you....but I really love you more than life itself...I would do anything for you....knowing that I'm not there to somewhat ease the tension kills me. Dad I know your doing what you can and Mommie is such a quiet spirit but I feel like I want to bust some heads together...I mean why is she so frustrating..why can't she get with it!!! Why is she acting like she was no home training....why are you both so calm. LOL, I guess it's cause you know that patience is truly a virtue (and i have little) and that God has a plan for all of this and it will all occur in his time. I know he has it on lock LOL...but please belive give me the word and I'll come down there and do some damage :)

Sisters: Why are you guys acting like I'm your momma?! I mean dang we're not little anymore, so grow up. I can't solve all your problems with a phone call..cause believe me I would if I could...I love you guys and there is no difference in my love. However I ain't gonna lie I do like you on different levels LOL...but that doesn't mean that I wont' karate chop someone in their throat for either one you the moment you ask me to. Be good and I love you....I'm always here

Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.-- Shari R. Barr

With that being said: BRING IT ON!!!! I can take whatever your gonna dish out to me life...cause i'm a GO GETTA!!!!!

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