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Monday, October 30, 2006


Couldn't think of a great.

Finished the rough draft of my personal statement that I'm submitting with my grad school application.

Downloaded 4 applications to fill out

Watching Nick Cannons he really come everyone is funnier than he is even that kid Andy Milanakous or whatever his name is

4 more days till I see Red...hmm how is that gonna be....

I'm ready for this week to be over

I see Young One next week...wooohoooo

Nurse dude sent me a text last weekend...talking about he wanted to see me naked..I said I don't know who you are LOL...told him to have a nice life...I ain't got time for you only dialing my number when your current booty call don't come through..PLEASE

Neyo is looking a lil "weird" these days... hmm a lil fruit baskety and like a ninja turle...LOL

Can I really deal with going to a grad school that is in a state other than VA, MD or DC LOL...

I can...we'll see....if so NC or GA here I come

He keeps trying and I keep telling him we're only friends.....what he did can't be erased

Let's hope I can keep this up when he's in front of my face LOL

Ready for thanksgiving to be here...not just for food but cause I need a dang on break from thinking about everyday nonsense.

I got my boots from DSW....I didn't get them on Friday though..Pentagon City didn't have my size

Went to see SAW III with R...had a blast although someone brought their baby to the movies (and the baby was crying)...I mean umm WOW...someone was like get that baby out of here..I was cracking up

Why this man just said if you are hungry we have vanilla bean pies LOL...he's suppose to be a member of NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People)'s a skit on Wild N Out. WOW

That just reminded me of that skit from Dave Chappelle and the Klan LOL LOL..that is my FAVORITE skit

Ok so it's a bit brisk today here in the Washington DC/NOVA area but it's not cold enough for a coat that was created in the artic by eskimos out of polar bear skin...I mean dang. You can wear the leather but not the goosed first down..geesh people LOL

Just registered for the GRE's in December...emmmm let's hope the first go round is a charm :)
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Frantic Friday

Aight so I got to work like 10 min late cause I was at the DMV thinking that I could pop in get my registration sticker and pop out. OHHHH NO. Come to find out they can't give me a new sticker until I pay a I call the court to pay the ticket over the phone...but no they don't do payments over the phone. I can fax the info in but they can't send me a receipt unless I send them a self addressed form and a bunch of nonsense. It'd be aight if I could just go down there and get it but umm the court is like 2 hours away....I got the ticket going to my parents house. Great what a way to begin a Friday.

So yea...looks like I'll be driving around at night LOL...paranoid that the cops will be pulling me over....errrr

I want these boots from DSW..I'm so going to get them after work

What am I going to eat for lunch

When will this freaking weight come off

He'll be home in a month

I see HIM in two weeks and I still smile each time I see his face pop up on my phone

He's helping me get over HIM....and that is much needed

He is still trying.....but trying ain't cutting it this time.....let's pray I stand my ground

I'm going to TX to visit Red (Kappa ex).....didn't want to go to Vegas alone..casue you know they stalk people that are alone LOL..and R couldn't go out of town next weekend he has his I will be in Sunny Dallas....let's hope it's sunny

I have a layover in the CHI...sorry I can't explore more of it cause based on Tenacious' love for her city I've been dying to see crack heads on the corner and stop some traffic LOL...sike let me stop

It's finally FRIDAY...why do I crave the weekend so

I need to go back to BK's Jazzercise class...probably before Nov ends hahaah..then again hopefully before then

I need some stuffing in my life...I can't wait to grub on thanksgiving..i'm gonna stop eating now so I can fit all that food in

He says he yearns to hear my voice sometimes (yes sometimes..cause I can be a pain and this I know lol)

I love sleep..why can't I get paid to do it.....

My dog is crazy....he trys to act like he's walking me slow the heck down

I'm going to see SAW III tonight with R....the week before last we had a talk about where this whole thing is going...ummm we've known each other for 2 years and if it hasn't gone anywhere you really think it is going anywhere

He says the type of connection he has with me..he doesnt have with anyone else...alrighty buddy, what the heck does that mean..scratch that I know what it means

He says he cares about me..even loves me..but it scared...why is this the age old excuse..I mean come on man...I ain't gonna just continue to do what I do with you..I can move the heck on...LOL

Someone sent me a text yesterday...apparently it was someone I use to talk to..but have since deleted their number...I asked who it was..they didn't respond so I said well apparently you aren't someone I need to know anymore LOL....great

I think it was nurse dude for some odd reason.....

Why do I laugh when I watch porn LOL....

Did I really just admit to watching porn....

I need to go back to sleep
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Of course there are some others but umm we can't share those LOL..sike let me stop..if you scroll down to the last two posts you can see a few as you can see I had a ball..and I've figured out how to trick Blogger so I could post them (put the pics in..then type don't try to type and then post pics LOL)...anywho hope your weekend was as eventful as mine!!!!! I'm in the MAFIA now DOGGGGG!!!!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Pics


Pics of me of course from my birthday weeknd LOL..roomie and my buddy!!
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Weekend Wrapup

Ok I've spent like an hour tryin to upload pics and what not..blogger sucks monkey nuts. So here's a run down of my bday weekend.

Friday: I had friday off from work...slept late, cooked me some breakfast, walked the dog cleaned up the bday present he left me...chilled out and talked to Young One..took a up and got dressed so I could do whatever it was that roomie had planned. I love roomie..she got us a table at Ozio's and all my favorite friends came. We did drinks, laughed at people..had people gawk at me...I had money on my shirt..a drink in my hand and a cigar in my mouth. I felt like I was in the girl bought me a cigar and I had never tried it so I did it...not saying I'm gonna do it all the was just something to do :) Partied till I was insane and was passed out when I got home.

Saturday: Got up, ate some breakfast...went shopping with the roomie. Got some shoes, a sweater or two...went home got changed and went to dinner at a lebanese restaurant. I had never been to a lebanese restaurant before so I was excited that roomie got us booked there. Aight so we get there...order food...the waiter was took him forever to bring my friends drink and even longer for us to get our I was like let's leave. The owner came over and to make a long story short we got a free meal and I got a bday kiss on the check from someone who reminds me of santa clause LOL

Sunday: Chilled out, hung up pics in my room..cause I've been meaning to do that...cleaned up the room..changed it around...did dinner again and was knocked out....

so as you can see my weekend was GREAT....ok you can't see it cause blogger suck..but you get the drift...if you want to see the pics email me and I'll forward em to you

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Happy Locaversary to MEEE!!!!!

Day 1 October 19th, 2005

One Year Later

So if you scroll down you can see that yesterday was my blogbirthday or blogaversary (whatever you wanna call it), today is my locaversary and tomorrow is my real BIRTHDAY!!! WOOOO HOOO party harty LOL

Over the years I've done so much stuff to my's been dyed, fryed and laid to that side LOL. It's been shoulder length, chin length, mushroom cut and finger tip length. I even use to go to the salon once every two weeks spending between 40-80 getting my hair did. So after I got tired of spending all that money I decided that something had to be done. I'd seen locs before or dreads as many people call them and decided to take a step out and loc my hair. First I researched...and when I say researched I looked at every website google or aol and even msn had to offer. I looked at pics of people with locs..short ones, long ones, colored ones, grayed ones...people who had locs for like 30 years LOL. I looked and whites, blacks and asians who had they went about locing their hair..the dos and don'ts of locing. I joined a couple of yahoo to my moms about it...I've always been one to take her opinion very seriously. After I think I learned what I needed to know I had to decide how I wanted to loc my hair. Did I want to freeform....comb coils..or just not comb my hair and hope for the best LOL...well I like my hair to be neat so I decided to go with the comb coil part minus the comb roomie took time out of her schedule (and she still does) to part and twist my hair...I began by getting them done every 2 weeks just because I didnt' like the messy look and believe you have to be ready for the messy look. I bought so many hats during the first months you would have thought I didn't have any hair LOL. I still wear a hat occassionally just not as much as I did before. I was so blessed to have someone who lives with me take care of my locs for me cause I tried to twist them suckas on my own it took me over 2 hours and I still had to get help my dang on arm was hurting LOL
There were times when I wanted to just untwist my hair and run and get a perm and yes there are times when I've questioned what the heck I'm doing (like when I colored my hair a week ago and I had all this buildup LOL, that scared the mess out of me thought my locs were gonna break off) but I've recieved so many compliments and I have fallen in love with my babies that cutting them off now would seriously damage me LOL. I love how I can wake up in the morning and just do a lil hand wave in my hair and walk out the door. Yea I throw oil in them, or spray them but for the most part I can wake and go...and I love that. I love finding new ways to wear them (I'm on loc websites all the time LOL..and you have any suggesstions let a sista know) I love how I notice the buds on the ends of my hair I love how they are individual...some are thinner some are getting thicker. I love finding new things to put in them like loc jewlery cause it makes them look oohhh so jazzy lol I love how I've colored them and although I colored them myself (so many people dont' recommend this) I did a great job and it goes great with my skin tone. Taking the time to become more aware about my natural hair has also made me take a look at how I take care of my body...I'm not a vegan nor am I giving up meat any time soon LOL..but I try to a lil bit more healthier cause I want my hair to be healthier. On top of that I've always liked guys with locs so now this gives me something to talk about with them LOL..and yes I have seen some ugly guys with locs so I don't run to every man i see with locs...come on LOL
As you can see they are still growing and changing and I look forward to each day that I wake and notice that they have gotten a tad bit longer. They do appear longer when they are wet and as soon as they dry LOL they shrivel up but hey it is what it is and that's just a stage in their growth..they will get to the point where even when they shrivel they will be long :) What I have learned during this year of hair discovery is that everything you read in books about locs might not be for have to know your hair and head and how it reacts to things. It's nice that folks try to help me out by offering suggestions but just because you only got yours done once every 2 months doesn't mean that it's what I'm gonna do...and save the if you twist them too much they will fall out for someone else LOL...
I'll be happy when I can pull them all into a pony tail but for right now I'm satisfied with two baby pony tails in the front :) I'm so happy with my decision and any one that is contemplating going all natural HOLLLAAAA AT ME!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006



So this very day one year ago I started this blog. It's been a year that has flown by..a year that has helped me come into my own somewhat. I love writing and reading some of my old posts and I can sometimes see how I've changed and how I still have some growing to do and that's fine with me....I don't mind learning something new and different about myself everyday it keeps me on my toes.

It's funny cause I can remember the first person to comment on my blog...Shout out to the Serial Dater LOL..he updates like once a year I think haha. I really didn't know what to expect when I started blogging..sometimes I still don't know what I want to blog about until my fingers touch the keys.

So what have I learned through this year of blogging.......

sometimes blog friends can help you realize more about life than the friends you see everyday

life is about change...good and bad

crazy men are drawn to me...or am i drawn to crazy men LOL (get back with me in a year maybe I'll figure out that one)

Constant was not so Constant...however I don't regret meeting him or having him in my life...

I sometimes choose to ignore the obvious and I need to stop doing that

Life doesn't have to be balanced in order to work's the imbalance that makes it life

I love reading blogs LOL

I love writing......

When I feel confused about something I go back and read my brings things into perspective

I use to be shy about writing what I really felt in the beginning now I don't's my blog leave if you don't wanna read what I got to say MAAANNNNN

I'm still coming into my own

I love how my mind works....even the craziness that my thoughts sometimes cause...that's what makes me me

Losing weight is a slow painstaking process LOL

I pray that this next year of blogging will lead to bigger and better things...with lots of juicy stories haha

So in closing...I wanna thank all my favorite bloggers who are listed to the left :) you all keep me help me get through the day and your comments make me smile and sometimes help me focus on what I need to do....

Take a second to go back to my first post if ya like...leave a comment or two :)

Shout out to the bloggers I've met in person: TTD, GTL BK, Anastasia (lol), ladies and guy (lol) are hilarious and I will def be hanging out with you again :)...sorry I missed the gathering but a sista was knocked out...I look forward to meeting some more of you when time and space permits....

Have a blessed wonderful day and don't forget to live today as if it's your last.......2 more days till my 24th bday :) This weekend will be all about poppin bottles..make sure you get you some

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Mumbo Jumbo

I'm using my plane ticket the first weekend in and the roomie are going to Ft. Lauderdale...if she doesn't go I might go to TX...we'll see.

I'm in a state of confusion right now...Constant has been emailing me, begging me, apologizing, asking for some time to meet and talk...he'll be back in 7 me get through this Lord.

I can't be with someone I dont' trust and right now I dont' trust him as far as I can see him and I cant see into the Middle Sea so yea you get my point.

Young one was here this weekend. Got here Thursday night, left Sunday morning..we chilled the whole weekend except fam came in town and he was with his boys. We laughed, talked, did movies, bowling, had a blast. I see him again next weekend when I got to SC. We're both trying not to rush things but I'm wondering if things are moving fast. Don't want to over think things cause that's when you mess things up.

The ex from TX (Kappa Man also known as Red) thinks I'm coming to TX to chill with him. Why this fool talking about a threesome....I mean dang can I just come to chill....he calls and leaves a message (I have erased his number and don't know it by heart) talking about this song made me think of you and he plays Sex by Jamie Foxx...umm boo that ain't sexy...freakin idiot.

My mommie and daddie came in town last mom is on her way to Houston with some of my other fam members for a convention of some I got to play with my nephew last night and he kept me up from crying and playing imaginary football LOL

I need to start working on my grad school essay...time is quickly passing...what to do, what to do.

The First (meaning my first lol) called me last week..we talk off and on...asked me what did I think about us ever moving in together..umm boo I don't even spend time with you like that..I ain't even entertaining that thought...

Green Eyes (he's the cop I use to chill with) asked me did I miss him..what is up with people asking that...I said no not really....asked me when were me and him gonna chill I said probably never being that you don't call, and I don't call you LOL

Roomie says I can be mean sometimes...yea sometimes but it's the times that I'm not mean when I need to be that worries me.

Me and R got into it because his phone was ringing off the hook when we were hangin was 2am...I told him he could get it he kept saying no....didn't bother me that his phone was ringing but that he just didn't put it on vibrate or I left..he keeps calling to make sure we good...yea I guess...perhaps I'm just in my feelings...

It's Monday my bday is Friday and I'm not even as excited as I was last year...what's wrong with me LOL

All I'm looking forward to is sleeping in late on Friday....and seeing young one next weekend of course cause I have that Friday off as well.

I saw these boots as DSW I want...they are $79...might have to cop them next week. Boots are soo hard for me to find since I have big calfs and can't wear boots with a zipper on them...great...I can thank my womb donor for that..along with the hips and bricks LOL

I'm getting the I want a boo itch...I'm trying to ignore it, by remember how Constant lied and decieved me

I'm trying to use all those thoughts to keep my heart from remembering that I love him and I'm not in love with him

I'm trying to keep from thinking about the pain I feel....the tears I cry

Hopefully all that will block out remembering how I use to feel so safe in his arms....

...wishing that I could just erase him and forget he was ever in my life....but then I would not have known what it was like to love again and that's always a nice thing...I guess

It's cold in the bosses are out till Tuesday which means I will have nothing to do..except read my book...I'm reading The Color Purple...yea I've read it I just like the book..sue me LOL....

I am constanly praying that God gives me patience and strength and a clear mind...sometimes I think I'm listening to him and I find out that I was only listening to myself...I don't want to do that

This weekend was crazy...roomie has a shot of Petrom (spell check lol) and we were in the drive thru line at McDonalds (late night) and I asked for a plain double cheeseburger they were like we only have the late night she asked for a number 3..a bacon egg and cheese biscuit...the dude was like no only 1-10..she yells that is number one through ten..she then says we're going to and my godsisters were cracking up..I was crying in the passenger seat LOL

I love good times.....sad that I missed the blogger meet and greet but umm I was kinda knocked out LOL

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm Grateful

....for one of my favorite bloggers reminding me that sometimes the people you met in blogs can show you things that people you've known your whole life can't

.....for waking up this morning

....for your smile

....for your tears

...for the skin I'm in

.....for being able to sing in the shower and off key at that LOL

....for your hugs

.....for even being able to love you

......that life does go on

..that I finally erased your mean me no good and I realize that now

......for being able to talk to my toot this morning...his innocence makes me view the world in a different light each time I hear his voice

.....for another year (oct 20th) that God allowed me to be on this earth

......for your strength...girl you my she-ro (lol)

.....for the moments that I feel you near

.....that God saw fit to even allow this moment in time to occur

......that I've loved and lost

......for the silent conversations that require no words

......that you know just how wrong you were without me even having to explain

......for each moment that I live, breathe, and grow...the good, the bad, and even the ugly

.....that I'm me.....

......that I'm finally able to say NO....cause sometimes being nice aint' where it's at

.....that I found a destination to use my free plane ticket on...ok I have to go alone but come on VEGAS.....I'm GOING TO VEGAS!!!!!!!!

.........for It's" Just Me for reminding me to be grateful

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Monday, October 09, 2006


Got a free plane ticket from my boss (round trip). All I have to do is use it by Nov 10th and fly Southwest. What to do, who to visit, where to go....hmmmmm

I have to hurry and decide...any ideas

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Truth is....

So I'm jumping from blog to blog the other day and I come across Organized Noise's blog. On there I find that he and a few other bloggers are playing truth or dare...I say hmm sounds fun...I ask for a truth question.

honey-libra . . . this will be a little tough, since we don't frequent each others blogs that often, but here goes. Go back to your post from October 26, 2005. Of the 7 things you said you wanted to do before you die, which one are you closest to doing?

Ok so I go back to that is my list:

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1) Have a better relationship with God

2)Write a book

3) Get married and have kids

4) Own my own business

5) Speak more French so I can visit Paris (lol)

6) Learn to ride a motorcycle and buy one

7) Earn a Doctrate

So the truth is if I had to pick one that I'm really close to it would be number 1. I've learned over time that life is too short for anger or trying to become upset over things you can't change. I'm not saying I don't get peeved but I pick my battles. For example a close friend of mine celebrated her bday the other week. We went out to dinner, I among some others thought it started at 7 when it started at 530. Our mistake yes, we read the evite wrong so we were late..we come in say hello and sit down..the night moves on. Later I find out that she was upset because we didn't stop to hug her...this all after she was laughing and jokin....I apologized..she pointed out that we were the ones who read the evite wrong, we could have lost our reservation...I told her once again that all I could do was apologize and leave it at that...if she wants to drag it out she can..I'm not. I love her dearly but I don't need no drama queens....she tried to say that I'm only concerned when it's convienant for me...I said perhaps I do and that's an issue I need to work and pray on....guess she thought I was getting smart cause she said perhaps make a long issue shorter LOL...I have no time to worry and fuss...I do what I can do and move it or not life goes on. I've learned all this because I realize that God allows things to happen..we might not know the method to the madness but it will all come out. Even the more reason for me not to try and kill Bill (better known as Constant)...he will get what's coming to him worse that anything I could ever imagine even if that's living a life of regret knowing that he let a wonderful woman like me go....I'll be happy he wont', I'll have love..he won't...ok, ok let me stop that might sound a little mean. So I thank God each day for waking me up, allowing me to struggle through this thing called life. Some people don't get the opportunity to wake up, be around those they love, talk to those they love on a daily basis or go to a job that pays the bills until they find something they love doing.....I've learned to sing in and out of the shower, dance around the house and laugh at my corny jokes even if it means laughing alone. I'm me and that's what it is...and I thank God for showing me that

So here goes.....ask me anything. This is my very own day of reckoning..I know some of you have been drying to ask me something...anything....and I'll be honest even if it hurts.....

Am I ready....No

Will I answer truthfully....yes

Aight.......I'm all ears

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sometimes pics tell it all.......nothing much to say today my throat hurts (not that I need my throat to type lol) so I decided to post some of my favorite pics. My best friend and god daughter, my nephew, me of course and me, my roomie and my buddy at TTD's bday party...enjoy

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Monday, October 02, 2006

No Focus

Today is Monday and I must say that I don't really wanna be here...not that I don't love where I work but I mean I wish I were in the bed or at least at home LOL.

I spent most of the weekend with Young case you didn't know I went to get him on Thursday so he could spend the weekend up here with his and the roomie dropped him back off yesterday afternoon....and yes you read correctly I drove down to SC to pick him up and then drove him back (funny thing is I know he would have done the same for me so I didn't care) me insane or taken whatever...fact of the matter is I'm grown, I do what I want, I do what I want (from South Park) LOL..sike let me stop.

He's cool folks...we have fun together...nothing more nothing less. He just broke up with his sons mother about 3 weeks before he met me and I'm not trying to be someone's jump off or rebound whatever you wanna call it so we just chill. He knows about Jack ASS (Constant's new name) and all that jazz and I told him I don't have time for drama..I am not stupid and I know when you're tryin to play me and just because I don't bring it to your attention doesn't mean that I'm not aware of it..I just might be waiting for you to hang yourself.

So anywho Friday I chilled out...was actually in the bed kinda early and I don't know why LOL...R called (R is someone I chill with off and on, have known him for 2 years, seems longer he's 30 something) he was getting off work at 6 and wanted me to come over...I haven't seen him in about 2 weeks or so..he calls me I went to bed was passed the heck out and then went over to see him....he works nights so we dont' see each other too much...I was lookin done in my pajamas LOL...we ate breakfast, watched TV and then passed out....yes that's all that happened..that's what I like about him LOL....I woke up a couple of hours later and went to get my oil changed, bought some work shirts, went home, feed the he is sooo insane it kills me sometimes. When I walk him he puts the leash in his mouth like he's walking I run this LOL..talked to Young One who was packing and what not....showered, ate, then went to pick him up...we went to Pentagon City, then we went to my company outing.

You know some people you have to worry about if they are going to embarass you or not, but not him of course. He talked, knew not to talk with food in his mouth LOL...and even made sure I had something to drink whenever he got up. The funny part is we talk everyday all day, this month we've seen each other two weekends and are in no rush to be together....I talked to his son who is 2 on the phone..he is sooo cute. Man he had me crackin up.

After the outing we went to Blockbuster got some movies, got some 99 Apples (man that stuff) and watched some movies.....let him tell it that I was toasted LOL...I say I was feeling nice..cause 99 Apples is 99 proof and I guess I was throwing it back too hard I don't know....he said I was talking too much and calling everyone in my phone...I did look in my phone saw that I had called Red (the ex from texas and told him not to call me no more lol), called Nurse dude eewww I deleted the number out my phone after I saw that...have been meaning to do that...and some of my girls...called my big brother and fussed him out for neglecting me lol...and he's moving to I'm and his lil brother use to date off and on up until my freshmen year of college so yea we gooo wayyy back. Anywho what is up with drunk dialing LOL...then he wanted to watch The Notebook which is my FAVORITE movie and I said awww you wanna watch that, I love that movie, I love that you wanna watch it, I love you for that and then I said I don't love you love you, you know like that I don't want you to think I love you LOL..he was like Light Bright just be quiet LOL...then he said I was sitting with my lip pooked out cause I said he was being more drinkin for me LOL..yea right...needlesstoday I was passed out woke up and my top cover was on the other side of my room and I was drooling on him LOL

So birthday is coming up on the 20th of this month..I have no clue what I'm doing since I'm going to Jamaica and Puerto Rico next year I have to save money so that means something in DC (I was suppose to be going to Boston)..probably Love on Friday which is my bday and H2O on Sat between all that get some much needed rest......I will be partying like it's 2099 LOL. I'm going to SC to visit Young One on the 27th and we're suppose to drive to ATL since I've been wanting to go back there. Later on this month I get to meet some fellow bloggers...lookin forward to that...which reminds me that I have to find something to wear that weekend...can't be looking torn up hmmmm LOL....hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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