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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vacation Time

So I'm sitting here at my desk wishing that I had taken the day off cause I just dont wanna be here...not because I'm bored but because today is my Friday meaning after today I dont have to be back at work till next wed WOOHOOOOO

I mean after that's said what else can I say :)

This weekend was fun, two graduation parties. Both friends got masters degrees I'm sooo excited for them...I love having educated friends LOL then again the ones that aren't educated are funny too lol let me stop

Had brunch with the girls so I got to see the baby belly on roomies twin sister. It was nice to hang out with them I told them we need to do it at least once a month.

Was suppose to go to KD but it rained so we invited the couple that were suppose to go with us over for dinner and we played Uno and Taboo and just was cool. They just got a house in Triangle...gotta love those blessings.

So after today you might not hear from me till Wed unless you call and harass me lol. Hopefully I have some good stories to tell.

Be safe, drive safe and drink safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is the Remix Killa

..and I think he wants me to feel em lol (Gotta love Kells boy)

Today is Thursday tomorrow is Fri and if I get my stimulus money I'll have a great weekend.

Graduation gathering tomorrow for one of my frat and they are having crabs so I gots to be in the building....Hun might tag along...not too sure

Saturday brunch at the Carlyle with the girls celebrating the twins 26th was really on the 7th but since one of them is with child her 757 baby shower was that weekend...her baby shower for those folks up here is in June (I have a chapter meeting that day and a baby shower good thing both of them are in MD or I would be hurt lol)

Wearing blue today..I feel kinda jazzy :)

I realized my hair was getting long this morning while I was eating my cereal and I had the tip of my loc in my mouth soaked in milk lol

Had my turkey sausage and cereal..sounds like a lot but I ate before I left the house...Hun likes to cook breakfast sometimes and then when I got to work I ate a cup of Special K. So I'm set till lunch

I need some new sneakers.......

We're going to VA Beach for Memorial Day...perhaps learn to like one another again LOL sike let me stop but for real we both need some time away from the norm..

Not buying another bathing suit this year at least not until I've been confirmed to go to Cancun in November (one of my girls bday is gonna be there)

We're going to Kings Dominion on Sunday....should be fun it's not suppose to rain so it should be aight

My sis ex who is now her man again is going into the Air Force..I think it will be good for him...he's still young, needs to decide what he wants to do and that's a good place to start, plus he will gain some weight. Just dont want him to go down there and loose his mind like so many guys do with all the free women available lol you know some women could care less about the man they love those military benefits LOL

So I like Cherish's new cd I've been bumpin it since hmm Monday ish

What do you do when your LS annoys you LOL...I love her dearly but dang on it girl leave me be woman

So I like the remix of Lollipop better....Kanyezy is a BEAST Fritos I'm trying to Lay BWAHHHHHH ok enough of that and yes I really am laughing that hard (on the inside of course since I'm at work)

Hmmm I think that's about it...I wanna go to ATL before the summer is over so I'm looking into doing a lil weekend thing....plane tickets are a beast though...need I say it.....LOL no you already know what I'm gonna say

Wait for it......Wait for it...

WE'RE IN A RECESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Almost Midweek Randomness

Aight I'm at work a tad hung over...dont tell anyone lol so if this is not understandable you know why

I realized that I love John Mayer yesterday go get his CD Continuum.....good music to listen to when you're in the zone

I saw Iron Man last night and I wish they had come with that before Transformers but I LOVED it!

I tell ya if I could be a superhero it would be on and poppin!

How come when I drink I think of some of the craziest things...R says that I always say movies would be better in 3d LOL..but I mean hey they would.

On top of that why do I go in the bathroom to use it and just sit there LOL staring into space...maybe I'm not the only one that does that though lol

Robert Downey's body was HAWT or maybe that was just the liquor in my system lol

I'm ready to go home and go to sleep.

Ready for Friday actually.....or anytime that I can go back to sleep..cause I dont even remember going to sleep last night lol

How come when I'm nice I wanna listen to all my favorite songs...last night I was jammin to Marc Dorsey's Crave and the radio was blastin when I got inthe car this morning almost blew my dang on ear drums out never seems that loud when i'm listening to it the night before

I have no clue the next movie I wanna see oh yea Lakeview Terrace with Samuel L. That looks good

Nothing else to talk about other than some man harassing me about what time it was boo I'm on the phone and there are a billion and one folks on the sidewalk ask one of them....I was about to say something but I was like maybe if I ignore him he will leave me alone. I had to cross the stree in order for him to stop saying excuse me to and on top of that how do I even know your talkin to

How come the old lady at farragut west metro is always shakin her cup so we see you standing there with your walker you shaking your cup all hard does not make me wanna give you money it just makes you look angry that folks aren't givin you no money....I should be askin you for some change we both trying to eat during this RECESSION!!!!

Nothing else to say I dont think...let me go get some water since Momma BK said I can't drink so sugar water (aka Propel lol)
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Friday, May 02, 2008

Bust it Baby

So I like that song but not Plies part ( but I do like him)...I know I'm weird...I hate when he says he calls her "wet wet" it just sounds so nasty coming out lol like his breath stinks. On top of that what is a bust it baby...and do I even want someone callin me that

So the homeless man beat me to work this morning. He had his coffee in had and was placing his milk crate down while I'm still walking up the sidewalk to head into my building. Funny cause he was like he what's happening....morning and all that...I guess everybody gotta grind..need I remind you...we are in RECESSION LOL

Complaints of gas (and not the kind you pass) are ever present. I was watching a clip the other night on how folks are breaking folks gas tanks on their gas just to get the gas..WOW...and folks are taking gas through hoses...siphing I think that's the word..well that's the word I just dont know how to spell it

This summer will be the summer of babies...I tell ya. My bestest is having her boy at the end of this month, my roommates sister is due in July and my lil sis (this is boy number 3) is due in August.

I tell ya I can only shake my head when I think about my lil sister being on baby number three. I dont know who she is in a race with LOL..cause it sure as heck aint me. Jaylin will be his she's keeping with the J theme which I like cause I'll end up callin him J3 maybe LOL of just J. I have a lil time to come with with a nickname then again when I see him it will probably change. When my Toot was born I called him Cotton cause he was so soft then I just started callin him toot....I always called Jeremiah Fat fat...cause he's soooo fat we'll see where J3 fits in.

I'm ready for a vacation. I think we're going to the beach on memorial day not too sure....I was going to SC but with us being on the cusp of living in a box (we're in RECESSION) I think I need to save my lil funds for gas LOL and food hahah

I am in LOVE with BJ's wholesale store...we went in there and shopped came out with like $200 worth of stuff and I cant' wait to go back LOL..I get carried away between the numerous bars of soap you can get and how many samples they give away LOL....stuff I dont even eat on the regular I might eat just cause it's a free sample.

This weekend will be rather busy I guess. Tonight HH with some of the gang, tomorrow morning chapter meeting and hair appointment. Might hit up a step show not too sure yet and between all that study for step practice on sunday at 2. And we have to work on the front yard cause it's starting to look like a jungle. I'm embarassed to walk in the door. I'm just waiting on someone from the home owners association to leave somethin on our door lol

I will admit that I listen to the country station on pandora LOL...What can I say I love me some shania and the dixi chicks are pretty aight

Is it just me or has R. Kelly season begun....the dream, mariah and now my boo raheem have all fallen under his spell...but I will admit the remixes are HOTTTTT. I have been jammin to I gots to migrate for a min lol

Have a great weekend!!!

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