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Monday, October 31, 2005

Emotional Rollercoaster

Well let's recap the weekend. Friday I got to leave work early due to a going away/halloween party at Mason. So I leave work early, get on the metro, get on the bus, go home, change clothes, hop in the ride......hop out the ride cause I forgot my work badge since I was going back later for a Happy Hour, drive down to the end of the street...turn back around cause I forgot my cell if that was any look into the future of my weekend then I should have paid attention. Anyway the party was nice, great food and it was nice seeing some of the people that I use to work for...and I felt a lil more grownup (I guess that's what graduating does to ya)

After that was all over I called one of the roomies and told her I would meet her in front of my office building so we could go up for the Happy I leave Northern Va at almost 5 and how come I didn't get into DC till after 6pm...yea traffic was that crucial. I mean bumper to bumper for no reason. I think people see Friday in DC as a holiday and try to run to the nearest bar as fast as they can. Then since I couldn't leave my car at a meter till after 6:30 I decided to pick the roomie up from a metro station in DC....needlesstosay I spent about 10 min trying to get back to 12th street cause part of it is a one way....great

Anywho...I pick roommate up, park, chat for about 5 min till I can leave the ride and go on up to enjoy an hour or so of free drinking. There were people there with their lil kids dressed up as pumpkins, a pirate and some others who I think just put on anything with no focus, but hey their kids so it doesn't really matter. I think the cutest one I saw was a lil baby who was about I think was almost one, dressed as a pumpkin....lil fat legs and these brown suede shoes on she was sooo cute. So I drank, talked, socialized, networked whatever you would like to call it then went on home, put on some pj's and called it a night. Tash came over to get her hair done so she had me crackin' up but sometime between her sitting under the dryer and me watching the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I feel sleep on the couch.

Sat got up went to Verizon to try and this crap of a phone has a mind of it's own. It shuts off when it wants to, doesnt' charge like it's suppose to...the guy said he did a reset so we will see if that fixes the problem if it doesn't then he told me that next time they should be able to replace it. Yea aight, we'll see it took them about 2 months to give me a working phone. So after that I went home and fixed a nice lil breakfast and watched some tv till it was time for me to go pick up my phone..steel magnolias was on...I'm so mad that I always miss some of the movie. Then I dosed off, read a lil a call to say that we were going out to celebrate Nat's bday around 8ish at Tyson's Corner. So I had to pick something to wear. I pull out the brown sweater that matches the boots my roomie bought me...and what do I see..the ink theft tag still on.

Man I ammm too pissed, so I'm trying to think of ways to get it to come off when brainblast (something Jimmy Neutron says) I remember that we have a hammer. So I'm banging on the dang on thing with a hammer on the kitchen counter when it occurs to me that I might break the counter so I go downstairs to the fireplace. So I'm banging on the ink thing with the hammer on the fireplace and it finally comes but I notice that I have a hole in my sweater. Great then I have to rush and get ballons when the place closes at 9 and it's about 8ish now. Another great. So I'm flyin to get ballons, flyin to get to the restaurant.

I get there finally after a lot of headache, order my food a certain way and of course when it comes back to the table it's wrong so she sends it back to be fixed. Meanwhile everyone is eating and done by the time I get my food. So I politely ask for the manager and tell her I no longer want my food and she asks me if something else can be done so I ask for a salad and for the other meal to be taken off my ticket. I get the salad which by the way was off the chain...I do mean that. So I get a free salad out of everything although I was looking forward to eating my meal. We eat cake, converse, laugh and all that jazz then leave to go to the afterparty in DC.

We get there, people are in costumes.....drink a lil some dances, laugh at some people who we couldn't figure out what they were. Then leave cause the other girls had to drive back to as you can see the weekend was pretty eventful. Culminating the weekend with a nice chill sunday.

On top of all that of course my brain is overworking cause the new friend is working madd overtime and I haven't seen them in about 2 weeks...the old friend is going out to sea on wed which means we will be communicating via email for a second which lately seems better cause they are more open...weird. I mean why do I stress myself out so people irritate me LOL
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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Man last night's epidose of ANTM wasn't as funny as last week but the day was funny. I spent most of the morning laughing with my buddy about things people had written on their blogs and trying to convince this guy (who is from St. Croix) that I'm not interested in him. So I get off at the usual time (which is quite unusual lately) hop on the good foot to get home in time to really relax before ANTM comes on.

So I get on the metro and yes here in DC it's already winter I don't know about the rest of the world (I think you missed the memo) but we have already hit frost on the car weather. But I digress....I'm on the metro (yellow line) going home when I start to people watch. Now it's not staring if you sweep the train and keep going. So I'm people watching..looking from one person to another when I notice this Hispanic chick staring me down so I look back at her and give her this "yea, what you lookin at" anyway she looks away and I notice that she is sitting next to this guy who has the worst case of painters pants I have ever seen (pants that look like you've been painting a house or something all day). I mean they have every color in the rainbow on them and then holes and I'm like I wonder does he really paint or did he borrow those pants from anyone I mean why put on pants with paint on them. Then again if I were a painter I would do that cause why mess up a new set of pants with more paint when you can wash the paint pants with the paint on them and get more paint on them (ah well)

So anyway as I'm on the train going home which is almost coming to an end I notice how white men stare and smile at women. I mean not stare as if to say ohh you are attractive, they stare as if to say I'm a killer and I'm trying to determine your routine so I can follow you home then they give you this sinister smile in which they look like the Grinch. WOW

Aight so I'm off the train and I'm at the pentagon and I notice how all the fine black men tend to be security guards at the Pentagon. I mean can I be frisked for a bomb. WOW I'm in line to get on the bus which is a long line of mostly whites or asians...I don't know what it is about Northern va after work but you see maddd white people. Anyway so I'm in line and I see my room mate in front of me and I push her to see what she says and she turns around quick sees it's me and says hey..that's when I see him. He's about 5'8, middle age, caucasian, leather jacket, tight pants and ohh yes here it comes a dangling ear ring hanging from the left earlobe. MAANNNNN all I could do what look at roomie and crack up. So we get on the bus which by the way is driven by a cutie. I sit and start to read Express and I notice wanna be biker is smiling at this black lady across the aisle and says in the most corniest voice I have ever heard "Ha, that looks like it could be a good read, ha" The lady looks at him and say uhh yea, goes back to reading her book then she falls asleep. I then notice that the bus smells like straight crap..meaning someone stepped in dog crap or slept in it LOL I was like dang I wonder who it is...

So I get off the bus wait to cross the street and I tell my roomie about the observation I made on the bus and we laugh about wanna be biker and then she was like why was he lookin and smiling at me waving. I was like what lol maybe he wanted to get your number LOL I then proceed to go into the house and get ready for ANTM. First I turn on the comp so I can talk to Green Eyes since he is at work late again and says he needs company. That's when carribean decides to send me an IM on yahoo. Talking about can he come over, I did leave out the part that he sent me an IM at work asking me to come over and I kept ignoring him so much that he keep IM'ng me and finally buzzed me so much (which is this noise that you can do on Yahoo when you want to get some one's attention) that I signed off. LOL who does that So he's asking can he come over and I'm like I'm busy and all that jazz. So he then signs off. I talk to Green Eyes till ANTM comes on that's when drama happens. I'm sitting eating my lil cheeseburger that my roomie bought me when in comes a new friend of hers. He proceeds to come in say Happy Belated Bday, which is nice and then carry on a conversation about how his boy Young Jeezy had to go to court for a child support increase. I mean ok, I feel where the sister is coming from...first you were giving her $200 now you blowing up she deserves an increase she had you kid. WOW men blow me.

But anyway, when he sees what we are watching he says I hate this show, I hate Tyra too. I was like well I don't care I heard she was hoe as well but she ain't paying my bills then he says well you paying hers. And I'm thinking how rude of you to come in here and be like oh i hate what you are watching on TV like I'm gonna change it. Boo this is my house, I pay rent..I was two seconds from showing his tail the door. He then goes on a tangent about how a WNBA star has since admitted that she is a lesbien. I mean so what, then he was like I was listening on the radio and they asked would it be different if a man who played basketball came out. Of whole point in saying this is why are you coming in here acting like you know everything about people in the celeb spot light. Like we care, then he keeps talking about some nonsense and proceeds to get on the phone. Meanwhile I'm trying to watch ANTM which is too funny (Nik is still hangin in there, Lisa is still a weirdo man that girl has problems) I was tempted to go turn up the volume, he doesn't excuse himself he just keeps on talking like he isn't in someone's house interrupting them. WOW how hard is it to excuse yourself..not that hard.

So by then I'm sick of him and when I'm sick of people I tend to get short with them. So he gets up to go to my room mates room which by the way he didn't ask could he go in, he just grabs her and goes there. He says to me, I would give you some bday licks I was like nah you aight and I go back to watching my program thinking this man done lost his ever lasting mind. WOW

This morning I sign on to yahoo and carribean man send me an IM calling me a fraud. I mean am I fraud because I'm not interested in you. Am I a fraud because I ignored you, or because you are so focused on sex that you can't talk about anything else. I mean thanks for being real but sometimes real is too real. I said my name isn't fraud and no where in my name does it spell that so get it right.

On top of that Red (dude from Texas) sends me an IM talking about he wants me to come visit and all this crap about a threesome and I'm like boo heck no. We were together for about a year and recently parted ways at the beginning of this summer becuase he is tooo demanding and talks to people as if he runs ish. He isn't even all that and he's the one that asked me to be with him. Then I said well if I come visit we need to talk about lots of stuff and he was like well whatever you'll get your time, i want us to have a threesome....yea I know WTF??????????? Who says that?! I said boo I ain't coming down there so you can turn me into a freak hoe..dang then he said you'll get your time shut up, i was like whoaaa you know I hate that word then he says how is work boo i was like I ain't your boo and you can take that talkin to me like I'm a lil kid to some other chicken head. WOW

I'm real......I say what I feel. If you dont' like it kick rocks.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Things people say

Aight so I usually write on this thing once a day but today deserves two posts since the first one really wasn't one. I'm at work doing work for the most part and reading blogs (which by the way is slowly becoming addicting) people are too funny. I've gone from people being seriously deep on their blogs to writing about the ridiculous antics of the people in the celeb spotlight.

So needlesstosay I have been cracking up all day and I do mean all day. First I was cracking up at this blog that was talking about ANTM (America's Next Top Model). I missed last weeks show so I caught it last night. I was in tears, is it just me but isn't Lisa a crackhead. I mean who puts bubbles in the pool then takes off their clothes only to wear a swimsuit created by bubbles. Then she is making faces at the camera looking like that man in the wheelchair from Silence of the Lambs whose face was eaten by the pigs (look at his eyes next time and you will know what I mean). The Tyra talks about vices and she says she likes to drink wine and Tyra asks her if she is a wino.....and what does she say "Yea, I am a wino". Now I don't know if I would admit that on national television and ruin other potential job offers because I like to kick back some wine, but this chick doesn't sip on the wine..she drowns herself in it and takes baths in it if you know what I mean (Then she proceeds to talk to the bush outside and call it cousin IT) WTF??????

Aight so after cracking up on that and trading thoughts with my Buddy (She loves when I give her shoutouts) I started conversing on yahoo..yea I know I'm at work I should be doing work, but I was done. But anyway I was talking to a guy friend and he was talking about how he needed some and could I give it to him. I quickly reminded him that he had a baby on the way and that is why he wasn't getting any, his girl was pregnant with his big head baby (we have a twisted relationship) anyway then this other guy who I use to talk to sometime last year sent me an IM on yahoo talking about "hey, when can I come over and get some good loving". WOW I proceeded to tell my buddy this and she had me cracking up. I could see her laughing which is why I was laughin so hard especially when she does this AHHHHHH thing cause I know what her face looks like when she does it and it makes me crack up even harder. Anyway I was like ummm wow who says this and I was like not for real and he said
" I thought I was the last person you had sex with" umm bookie you were so last year which is what I'm thinking to myself. I was like "umm why would you think that" LOL (He got some nerve, acting like he got it like that)

So I ask him all these questions and was like why don't you ask the last chick you got some from to help you out in this dilemma and he doesn't respond for a while and then when he does he says ?, what you mean, so you aren't interested.....of course I'm not!!!! WOW I don't talk to you on the phone for like almost a year and you want to jump my bones and not even try to fake it lol. Mind you he's someone who threw rocks at my window when I was sleep trying to come into my apt. (Ok I wasn't really alseep I just didn't want him to come up) Then he wakes me up with his snoring so bad I went into my living room and watched TV then woke his tail up to tell him to stop before he got kicked out, then he wakes me up with his sleep talking and tells me that I'm selfish (Yea I know why do I do this to myself lol)

That's not all..when he did stay over we had this convo where he was talking about how he wanted to be with me and all this jazz when he couldn't even spend time with me outside of the time that is meant to be used for sleep...get the picture yea he thought I was stupid well I'm not. I may have my moments but I'm far from slow. So he commutes to work with me and while we are commuting (which in the DC area means bus, to metro, to work) I notice his shoes...can we say his soles were talking. I mean if there is anything that someone who knows me well knows is that I love shoes and my mom and aunts always told me to pay attention to a man's feet. I was like umm wow...nice shirt nice tie....busted up shoes. I mean it looks like he been running a marathone for like 2 years.....straight and no I'm not overreacting lol

Man men are too funny.

Random Thoughts:
I hate being someone's assistant...I'm made to be a leader not a slave (lol)

This lady next to me talks to much and digs in her pants

The new girl across from acts like she is from a trailer park and looks as if she stinks

Why does my boss seem to have no life outside of work. I mean you hear me on the phone discussing something with a client and you listen and then come to me and say "webcast problems huh I won't talkin to you" WOW
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7 Things I was scrolling the world that we call the internet and I found this interesting lil quiz. Well it's not a just lists 7 things about diff things in your life so here goes:

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1) Have a better relationship with God
2)Write a book
3) Get married and have kids
4) Own my own business
5) Speak more French so I can visit Paris (lol)
6) Learn to ride a motorcycle and buy one
7) Earn a Doctrate

7 things I can do:
1) Listen
2) I tend to research very well
3) Love like it doesn't hurt
4) Boss people around
5) Be a true friend
6) Outspoken
7) Be me

7 things I cannot do:
1) Tolerate Fake People
2) be patient
3) Figure out why we need math lol
4) Betray people I love
5) Stop learning, trying, or achieving
6) Use people
7) Understand how to create a webpage (wow)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1) Conversation
2) Old-fashioned values (it helps if we're coming from the same place!)
3) Nice smile and cologne
4) Attractive
5) How he views his future goals
6) Can deal with my sarcasm yet deal with how I tend to be sensative
7) Taller than me lol (I'm only 5'2 so that should be easy)

7 things that I say most often:
1) Who says that
2) uhhh yea sure
3) not for real
4) No
5) I dont' know
6)Nah boo
7) whatever

7 celebrity crushes:
Denzel Washington
Boris Kudjoe
I love me some Dwayne Wayne (Kadeem Hardison)
Terrell Owens (Man that uniform covers up a bangin body)
David Robinson- Players for the Spurs (I've loved him since I was 8 lol, why I don't know)
Hill Harper (he is one educated brother)
Micheal Ealy- Their Eyes were watching God (His eyes are beautiful)

7 People I want to do this:
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Get to to know Me.

Here is a neat little way for others to learn new things about me.

A - Age: 23

B - Best Friend: Toya and Ween

C - Choice of Meat: Chicken

D - Dream Date: A cruise or plane ride to Paris (see why it's a dream lol)

E - Exciting Adventure: Anytime I spend with the girls always ends up in an adventure

F - Favorite Food: my moms cooking

G - Greatest Accomplishment: Graduting college so far and obtaining a job before I graduated

H - Happiest Day of Your Life: So far graduation and the birth of my nephew

I - Interests: Reading, Shopping, expanding my new to encompass new things

J - Joke: I got em

K - Kool-Aid: Kiwi Starwberry

L - Love: Don't live here no more

M- Most Valued Possession- My Family

N - Name: Danielle

O - Outfit You Love: jeans, cute shirt blazer, nice shoes to match

P - Pizza Toppings: Cheese, Ham, Pinapples with a side of

Q - Question Asked To You the Most: "Who says that"

R - Radio Station: Any one that give me a nice song to listen to

S - Sport: Basketball/ Tennis

T - Television Show: Law and Order and Medium

U - Umbrella in the rain?: I mean yeah why not

V - Someone to Love by Ruff Endz

W - Winter: Great sleep

X - X-rays recently?: earlier this year dental apt

Y - Year Born: 1982

Z - Zodiac Sign: Libra
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Are you for real.....

Aight so last week was my 23rd birthday and let's just say that my girls did a good job of making it one to remember amongst the other bday's I've had since I've known them. On Monday night I recieved a lil dance from my favorite dancer (Outlaw), Tues I got the hair twisted (I'm in the process of getting it locked), Wed the girls treated me to a aromatherapy massage (off the chain, I recommend that everyone get one at least once a year), Thurs which was the big day we had dinner at Sweet Water (lovely place in Falls Church) I got to see Double 06, AG, and some of the girls so you know that was fun, Fri we hit the mall and I got to spend some of my birthday money (got a sweater and two blazers), Sat went to Pearl in DC with Tash, my Buddy, and two of Tash's girls. Had a blast there, it was croweded but of course it would be that way cause it was Howard's Homecoming and everyone and their mom was in town. I'd go back there when I get a chance, although it's small and you might get claustrophobic (it's kinda like a u shape...a small u lol).

So when did my weekend go into shambles..well it started Sat with the rain and my supposed date with Green Eyes (new male friend). When I say supposed I mean all week it's been discussed that we are going out so I slept late on Sat and was wondering what to wear when I get a call from Tash who wanted to go to Pearl that night. So I was like aight I haven't heard from Green Eyes yet and the week before last, when we were suppose to go out...... I didn't talk to him till around 8 or 9 pm in which I could have made other plans during this conversation he informed me that something had happened to a family member and he had to check on them. He would call me when he was done, and he never great. Since I hadn't seen him I was kinda happy about seeing him this weekend....needlesstosay I talked to him on Thursday night when he asked how was dinner and then he informed me that he had gotten called back to work (which is why he couldn't surprise me at dinner, aww how nice). So I said ok talk to you later. Saturday rolls around, I got out and about since the roomies had left for the weekend and taken my lil sis back home for me. I called him around 4ish and left a message..he calles me back to inform me that "oh, I forgot that I had my family reunion today I'll call you when I'm done". Now do you think I got a call back.....hell to the nah. Then Sun he calls talking about I'm at work been here since 11:30 am and won't be at home till about 8ish. I was like aight so you missed all the football games, he was like yea. We talked for a second then he was like I'll talk to you later, I'm thinkin yea aight. Then he was like I'll see you later on this week probably Tues or Wed and I'm thinkin I'm not counting on it cause you can't seem to get right. So I was bummed but I did get some good sleep on Sun. I was bummed because I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he was different cause that's what he said to me.

I guess being someone with common sense is hard for some people. I mean how hard would it be to call and tell me when you went into work that you were going in and that you were sorry that we couldn't see one another. Don't give me no bullish about wanting to spend time with me and all that mumbo jumbo and not follow through. So I ended being mad at him on Sun night while watching Desperate Housewives, which was actually pretty good and watching Law and Order which was good as well. So I get to work today and he send me an IM "hey boo how are you" I was like fine and am giving him one word messages. He asks me if I was upset and mad at him I tell him no that I'm mad at work cause I was away on Friday and I get back today and I have all this work to do...and everyone says they need it today. So I'm venting and he was like well I can see you need to vent so I'll talk to you later bye. I'm like dang shouldn't you listen if I'm venting (I didn't say this but this is what I'm thinking) so later after I calm down i was like how is your day going and he's like fine I was like great to hear. Then I was like I apologize for being rude earlier....I got overwhelmed. He was like whatever you was madd rude to me. I'm like how was I rude to you, I said I wasn't mad at you. I was mad at work stuff then I was like I can't make you accept my apology that's up to you. Then he was like well get at me later, I'm busy.

WOW First of all you a grown man and you actin like a baby over an IM conversation. You can't really tell how someone is feeling anyway cause it's over IM, what does that say about you. Plus I apologized so dang. But anyway I was like aight it's cool just get at me when you feel like talking. I'm not one to be rude and will be the first to apologize if I think I have been but don't make the situation worse by acting like a lil kid (you made me mad so I'm takin my toys and leaving). I mean I thought we were past that phase in our lives. GREAT!!! I guess not for some people. So I'm treading water softly with him. Meaning I ain't callin him this week and will not talk to him unless he calls me (lets see how long I stick to this lol) I'm tired of being's time to be mean again. It got me far and cut the losers out which is what I need now. I don't like being mean cause that's not the type of person I am but hey I'll do what I need to do to get some things happening.

It's just sad that I'm really glad I didn't let my guard down with him cause he's beginning to be a bit weird. But I don't know what's going on in his head and he might be having issues..people tend to do that on Mondays...we'll see how he acts the rest of the week if I talk to him.

So last week was cool......especially since an ex called me and wished me Happy Birthday (an ex who I was thinking of marrying at one time and we are still on good terms) so I was trying not to think anything about this but I can't help it..ah well life goes on.
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday

Well today marks another year of my life on this planet. I am 23 and that means closer to 25 which in turn puts me closer to 30!!!! WOW. Do I really want to think about all of that? So I'm at work today, I know my mom was surprised that I didn't take the day off. But don't fear I have taken tomorrow off and plan on sleeping late and hangin with the lil sis.

This week has been great. It's so nice to have friends who love me as much as I love me. Monday I went and got a lil dance from me it made me want to get arrested LOL. Then I got the hair twisted on Tues (i'm in the process of getting it locked) wed i got a aromatherapy massage and today on the big day....mum is the word cause no one will tell me what is going on. But my girls sure did this bday's going down in the books.

I always enjoy bdays cause even though I get older I also realize that I'm alot wiser in everything I do. Don't get me wrong I still act like a lil kid but not as much as I've ben known to. There are sometimes when I think about how I've changed....hopefully all for the better. But hey only others can tell me if I've changed for the bad cause I think I'm doing pretty good. So today my first bday wish of the day came from Z, which is an ex that I thought would be my future. We are still friends and since we are still friends we tend to talk about lots of, relationships with others, etc. But to have him call me this morning was truly weird. I mean I don't talk to him that often and I said that I was gonna diss and dismiss those that didn't call or email me happy birthday so I wasn't really expecting him to call. I guess that goes to show that we both still think of one another. Our relationship was one that ended because we both had some issues not becuase of anything bad. Don't you hate care about the person and you love them dearly it's just clear that you all need to either grow up or grow apart and that's not always a bad thing.

Second call of the day was from the roomie..she sent me a lil happy birthday message all the way from upstairs LOL, the my K Shine called. Got a text from Nat Bat which was cool cause now that she's in Richmond I don't get to see or talk to her as much. While at work I also got an email bday wish from my Buddy and a text from the other roomie who I think missed theb bus on the deadline to get the bday shoutouts in LOL sike I'm jokin. I will still be getting them on Sunday. Then my mommy called and then on my way home my dad called and sang Happy bday to me and my crazy sis called me from my house and sang her lil rendition of Happy bday. Amongst all of that my various cousins send ecards and emails giving me bday wishes and prayers. So it's been great. I can really say that God has blessed me. I hope this time next year I will be blessed enough to enjoy another year on this earth.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ready to hit the streets

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A Night in Myrtle Back, S.C.

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Ok, so I've been trying to get this thing to work for like an hour now and finally I just asked my buddy A.G. to fix me a lil place up on this here spot. I was told that this place is way better than myspace so I decided to give it a try and we will see what occurs. So as of today I'm a blogger (smile)

My name is Danielle and I'm currently a hard working alumni of GMU. I work in Washignton, DC. Yes the nations capitol at a law firm, I work hard for my money but I ain't too proud to beg (my parents that is lol). Anyway as you can see I love to laugh which means I have a sense of humor. I'm a Libra and that means my bday is coming up (Oct 20th to be exact) so all of those who know me and dont' call me on my bday that is a good way of ending up on my crappy no more friend list.

By writing this blog I hope to try to create some sort of balance within my life in understanding the daily trials and tribulations that I go through being a 22 (almost 23) year old, professional, intelligent, attractive black woman in the DC/VA area.

So have a seat, dont' put your feet up but feel free to relax and perhaps we can both learn something.
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